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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The Magic of Mexico  

3/5/2013 17:05
Posted By:  - LAGUNA HILLS, CA  
Date Posted: 3/5/2013 17:05

It's been years since I have written anything new to post here in the Erotic Stories section of LL.  Needless to say, I found a little "inspiration", and here is the final product.  It is a long read, but in my opinion, it is a fun ride.  So grab a drink, a cup of coffee, settle in and enjoy! ~ Mr.

The Magic of Mexico: In Chains


It's a funny place this rag tag Mexico shack of ours. A structure that began life as a trailer and morphed into something more. Seemingly with each birthday in the 70's the trailer received a new wing made of cinder block and wood as a gift. Before long, the trailer was barely noticeable, other than the rusted tongue hidden in the ice plant acting on nature’s behalf to reclaim the bluff. A funny place because it's more than the sum of its parts, and, in many ways holds more magic and romance than any number of stars assigned to the highest end resort. You don't notice it right away, but before long the ocean breeze, the simplicity of amenities, and the rustic surrounding start to seduce you. Before long you notice the full view of the ocean and the perpetual sound of waves reminding you that the ocean never sleeps; in this you find comfort. Before long you forget what you don't have with you and embrace what is before you. Before long you have settled in, relaxed, and fallen prey to a simpler place that enhances human connection rather than detracting from it. Before long you realize the magic of simplicity when you're with the right person. Everyone should experience this rapid transformation from face paced unlimited choices to focus and peace. I know this, in fact, I'm the first to fight it, and the first to embrace it. This little rag tag place at 40.6K, right off the till road, is a funny place where magical things happen, things that could happen anywhere at any time, but don't; here, they do. To say something is "magical" is to be pretty vague, if not overstated. Magic reveals itself in many ways, after all it's magic. Illusive and unpredictable can be scary, but they can also be exciting and enticing. It's the exciting and enticing sort of magic, when mixed with passion and sensuality that can cause you to crave this place and the spell that it casts.

It is easy to find a place that is enchanting, but far more unlikely to find the elusive person who enchants you. I found her, and am amazed daily that lightening can indeed strike twice. She looks different than the women you see in magazines, she is beautiful in her differences, beautiful in her own right. Not many of the girls in magazine have her amazing curly hair where I like to get lost. Few have the precise bodily dimensions that could be the blueprints to my own "Weird Science" adventure in perfection. Little is the hope that a single still in the magazine could rival her intoxicating smile, a smile that drew me in and has yet to release me. Magazines glorify the beauty of the female form, yet they cannot touch the reality of a touch, an embrace, or a kiss; moreover, they'll never capture this woman in my life nor her real life touch, her never ending embrace, and her kiss that dances as long as it makes love.

It's always a struggle to escape life and unplug. Planning to get away, followed by planning to return, and sandwiched in the middle is planning to enjoy. So much effort goes into escaping, but often it is exactly what we need. I remember such an escape sans the elaborate planning. Our weekend included sunglasses, 2 bathing suits, a sweatshirt, food, music, a "goodie bag", and not much more. The only plan was to escape to the funny rag tag Mexico shack, and all its magic, with this enchanting woman. The plan to escape, unplug, and enjoy selfishly the time together without another thought in the world. It was a good plan. It was an exceptional weekend.

We arrived just after dark on a Friday night. The drive was easy and uneventful. The time together let us catch up on the loose ends that always seem to be dangling out there when your conversations are ongoing and often interrupted. We were also able to broach new subjects, and have some playful banter about the weekend in front of us. One thing for certain, our playful banter laid the groundwork for exploration we had never attempted. Lingering were nervous thoughts of just how much of our conversation was banter, and how much might be actual consent. The lingering thought quickly fell to the background as we arrived and began the process of settling in for the weekend. Shortly the chores were done, and the customary shot was poured, and the simple salute' "to the weekend" was executed.

After a momentary regrouping, and a bite of orange to mask the tequila bite, we finally realized we were away, far away. There were quick pecks here and there, and a fun grope or two as we were finishing our chores, but this moment was different, this moment was real. Within seconds I pulled her body to mine, my hand slowly making its way from her waist to her neck, our lips close but not touching, enjoying the drumroll of the moment before the big cymbal crash. With little fanfare our lips touched gently, and we lingered to catch our collective breath. From gentle pause to artful aggression, our kiss grew. The kiss was soft and yet promised more, it was wet yet not at all sloppy, sexy but laced with passion and sensuality that reflected exactly what our minds were thinking, and revealing what might come next.

Before too long we separated, took deep breaths, and I moved to change the music. A bit off kilter from the kiss, I struggled to make small talk as I fumbled with the iPod. Eventually I landed on something appropriate, something selfish, something decadent. Within seconds she recognized these very things and smiled as she moved into the living room. We met at the foot of the blue overstuffed chase, a sorry looking piece of furniture with the single utilitarian feature of accommodating two cozy and willing bodies. There at the foot of the chase we kissed again, and again it was the kiss we both know so well that dances and lingers, teases and taunts. A kiss that says it is NEVER a tease, rather, is a prelude to physical passion that goes beyond words. If there is one thing you should know about she and I, it is that I love love love to kiss this woman! Believe me, there is plenty more to know about she and I, but this is a great place to start your schooling; our kiss.

As we kissed there at the foot of the chase the music surrounded us, adding to the moment. Casually dressed, her hands were already in my shirt, her palm flat on my chest covering my left nipple. One of my hands was on her face, holding her as she kissed me. The other hand was meandering between her left ribcage and left breast, skating across the fabric of her sundress. Not moving fast, but definitely moving purposefully, we enjoyed the time until the lyrics broke the spell and launched us forward.

“The way you move
Has got me yearning
The way you move
Has left me burning”

As if scripted, she placed the other hand on my chest and pushed me backward onto the chase lounge. In that moment we both locked eyes and smiled. I settled in, never breaking the stare, getting comfortable and awaiting her next move. For now, she was in charge. For now, she called the shots. For now. Exercising her position of power, she lifted her dress over her head and removed it. What was left standing before me was pure exquisite beauty with a healthy dose of lust. Her curves were perfect, her skin so smooth, her waist thin with abs flat enough to true a level, her breasts perky with the most amazing dark nipples, and her hips and ass made her completely and utterly fuckable.

Her first move after removing her dress was to place her hands on the foot of the chase, on either side of my bare feet. From there she looked me in the eyes, and began to move towards me. Hand over hand she walked herself towards me. As her hands approached my waist her knees rested on the chase on the outside of my legs. Slowly she unbuttoned my shirt, and continued her seduction, moving up my body, and then back down as she pressed against me, letting me feel her nipples against my bare skin. She moved like this for a bit, but needed to progress if she were to reach her goal. Sliding down my body she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, but did not remove them. She kissed my stomach, then she kissed me a bit lower, eventually reaching in and releasing my semi-hard cock. There was an audible breath as she saw and felt it, one breath from her, and a deep sigh from me. My shirt came off as she

moved up my body to kiss me once again. The upper half of our bodies were naked and against each other, the kisses getting a little less controlled, and the music continued to move us.

“I know you know what you’re doing to me
I know you know my hands will never be free
I know what it’s like to be in chains”

In fact, my hands were not free, she had them held. She held them next to my ears as she began to grind on my half clothed body. Trying to remain focused, I would still slip into her spell and close my eyes for a moment, letting my other senses take control. The sense of touch was driving me crazy. She continued to move her smooth skin across my body, teasing me, teasing my cock, and enjoying every minute of it. My cock could feel the warmth of her skin and then the gentle roughness of her lace panties. I was getting hard, and liking it. She continued to grind, playfully nibbling at my neck, but mostly breathing seductively into my ear, until she decided to move on.

She slid down my body, boldly grabbing my cock in her hand and gently stroking it, not to arouse but to tease. One hand gently brushed my balls, while the other moved across my cock, barely touching it. Such a tease, such a light touch, such a lie because we both knew this tease wouldn’t last. Before long she removed my jeans, leaving me naked and her in only a thong. She stood up and walked around to the back of the chase where she leaned over and put both hands on my chest. Her left hand landed on my left nipple as if it was guided by a laser. Without a hint of warning she locked onto my nipple and pinched until I thought I was going to scream. I am certain I let out a sound, because she seemed to chuckle and enjoy the moment she caused. Not content, she twisted and pulled her hand away quickly causing intense yet brief pain. She smiled and seemed pleased with herself as she made her way back around to the foot of the chase and climbed on top of me.


“The way you move
Is meant to haunt me
The way you move
To tempt and taunt me”


She had tempted and taunted me long enough. The dance, the tease, the fun had been nice, but now it was clear that playful was giving way to desire. My recovering nipple was aided by her amazing body forcefully landing on me. Her arms thrown around my neck, her knees tucked under her as she straddled my body and her perfect ass rested on my naked cock. She felt good, she always does. We began making out with intensity and purpose. The intensity is almost always just below the surface with us. It seems it is there to remind us that we are fucking and enjoying it, but there is a bit more to it than fun and games. The “purpose” was clear, we wanted each other, and it wouldn’t be long before desire would give way to the dance.

My hands couldn’t find a resting place. Sometimes they were on her waist, others holding her face, and yet others making their way down to her butt and holding one perfect cheek in each hand. Enough was enough, I had played along and enjoyed it. She had taken us from zero to sixty and it was time I moved us into and past triple digits. Each of my hands released her ass and a thumb hooked either side of her panties. As if having just received a mandatory order, she lifted her ass off of me, allowing me to slide her panties down her legs and freeing them from her entirely. She collapsed back down into me, as I

waded up the panties in my hand and then stealthily brought them to my face for a brief moment to breatheinherscentbeforetossingthemtothefloor. SheknewexactlywhatIhaddone,anditpleased her. She loved being with someone who was so into every bit of her, every nook, every curve, every scent. She loved that I couldn’t resist her, and resisting her was the last thing I had on my mind.


“You've got me dying for you
It's you that I'm living through
You've got me praying to you
Saying to you anything you want me to”


Without hesitation I turned the tables. It was now her who would be begging for more before too long. With one motion I lifted her, moved from beneath her, and pinned her to the chase so I was now free and on top. Swiftly and decisively, the control shifted, and I was in the lead. I asked her if she had any requests, anything she wanted, anything she wanted to say or do. Eyes locked with mine, she bit her lip, and shook her head subtly side to side, declining my solicitation but silently condoning anything that might happen next.

My lips touched hers and we enjoyed one last kiss that teased. The kiss teased then released without ever having touched tongues, distracting her as my hands held her neck and shoulder. My right hand made the first move but sliding down from her shoulder to land firmly on her left breast, squeezing and pressing just the right amount to solicit a sigh. Much like her first approach to my body, I was now returning the favor. I suspected she was guarded against possible retaliation, a possible nipple assault that would convey the exact thrill she had provided. I wanted her to continue to anticipate that move, to worry she had let go, and that I might take liberty. I would take liberty, but not with her nipple, though she never knew that.

I moved down her body enjoying every inch. Down, down, slowly down. I stopped at her thighs and pressed pause, and then the rewind button. I could not continue without tasting her, but tasting her was the last thing I wanted her to anticipate. I moved to the inside of her leg, her inner mid-thigh to be exact. From there I began to trace my tongue across her tender skin and towards her sweet pussy. When I ran out of leg, I skipped across to the other leg and repeated the very same journey from thigh to her tender wetness, but again I would stop short. I brushed my cheeks against the hair just concealing her lips, kissed her thigh, and breathed her in once again. Alas, it wasn’t time to give her what she wanted. What she wanted was made clear by the slow movement of her hips, but the barely noticeable arch in her back, and most notably by her hands grabbing my hair in two fistfuls and trying to guide me. Try as she might, it wasn’t time and I was the one making the decisions. As a prelude of what was to come, my left hand slid up her thigh, and my right hand back to her left nipple. From there I let my left fingers explore her outer lips, only briefly parting them to brush against her clit. My tongue had begun to make its way down her leg, my hands now tracing behind the path of my tongue, stopping to tease the back of her knee. In unison my hands and tongue continued until I reached her left foot. Retreating back to her knee to massage her calf, I lifted myself up and securely pressed her foot against my chest. Caressing and massaging, I moved from calf to foot, and massaged her foot for a moment, moving it to rest on my shoulder near my neck. From her I could see her pussy directly. I could see her lips had begun to part, the short hair near her opening was wet, and a hint of glistening tender skin was visible. I knew she was enjoying herself, and new she didn’t mind the dance as much as she just wanted to fuck. We would get there, but I had a task or two to address first.

Next was something I don’t think she expected as we had never ventured nor discussed it. Next I wanted to surprise and please her. Next I wanted to shock and arouse her. Next I turned my head toward her foot and kissed it ever so gently. I turned briefly to smile at her, and then back to her foot and another kiss. I crawled backward and slid off the chase lounge, holding her foot and calf in my hand the entire time. As I lay her leg down to rest, I positioned my body between her spread lower legs, and focused again on just her left foot. This time I kissed her shin, caressed her whole lower leg, and ended my tongue just on the outside of her big toe with both hands holding her foot like a treasured keepsake. With one abrupt movement I kissed her foot, taking her first two toes into my mouth, forcefully pulling them deep to the back of my throat. My tongue dancing back and forth along the bottom of her two toes while suction was keeping them firmly in place. Slowly I would release them from the suction until they were nearly free, then I would draw them back into my mouth, and repeat the motion once again. Then again. From long deliberate motions, to another decisive move, I abandoned her left foot, and took the right foot hostage. One quick kiss, one deep suck, and I began more predictable movements along her inner calf, then her inner thigh. Once out of real estate, she knew the sensation would be all encompassing.


“You've got me reaching for you
My soul's beseeching me too 
You've got me singing to you
Bringing to you anything you ask me to”


In anticipation her back arched in a pronounced fashion, and her head pressed hard into the pillow beneath her. She wasn’t asking for anything with words, but she was screaming it with body language. Her eyes were closed and her body was mostly rigid; it was apparent she was wanting more. Out of real estate my tongue skated just a hint above the surface of her skin, stopping just above her clit. My right hand slid inside her left thigh. In one motion my tongue parted her lips and gently rubbed against her clit while my middle finger slide deep inside her. Wet doesn’t begin to describe the sensation I felt. Her legs were parted, welcoming me inside, her lips relaxed, and just inside the walls of her pussy gripped me and pulled my finger in deeper. With my finger inside her, I began to gently massage her clit with my tongue, drawing it into my mouth on occasion. My finger had found one of the many pleasure buttons hidden deep inside her, and began a familiar stroking motion that caused a loud gasp, one that said subtlety was over. In a “come hither” motion, my finger pressed deep inside her, then curled and gently massaged back to a shallower spot. It was as if I was sucking her clit from the outside, and yet massaging the back side of it through her wet wet walls. Another pronounced suck, and my index finger slipped inside to accompany my middle finger, mimicking the same come hither motion. A slight twist of the wrist, and my fingers scooped back inside, pressed the right spot, then lingered as they withdrew. She was now proverbial and physical puddle in my hand, lost in the moment, dying for more, but begging not to have less.

“I know I crumble when you are around
Start to mumble a bit of a false sound
Straggle, stumble, shackled and bound in chains I'm in chains”

While my fingers never stopped, my tongue left her clit and explored a bit more. First to join my fingers, licking the opening of her pussy, trying to slip inside with my fingers to enjoy the wetness. Occasionally and briefly replacing my fingers with a deep thrust, reaching into her as far I my tongue could reach, tasting her sweet cunt and drinking in her wetness. I let her enjoy this for a bit, and enjoy she did. I let

her enjoy it until her hips began to gyrate. I let her enjoy it even as her hips would levitate as to guide my efforts and control the pleasure. I let her enjoy it to the point that she began to speak up with verbal cues told me she was on her way to orgasm. The pace picked up a bit, and her words were more poignant. It was clear that she was on her way, and my tongue and fingers were working their magic. Orgasm was imminent, or so she thought. Just as I sensed we may cross that line my fingers withdrew and my lips tasted the last of her sweetness. I moved away, both hands pressing on her hip bones as I pulled myself up and between her legs. My hands made it to her nipples briefly as an apology for abandoning the orgasm effort, though there was no real apology intended.

As my face brushed her neck she sighed. As my hands cupped either side of her face she managed a sideways simple. As my eyes locked on hers, she whimpered; and as my mouth met hers my hard cock slid deep inside her until it had disappeared. Her wetness made entry effortless, she was dripping and relaxed ready to take whatever I gave her, and yet it was her offering up herself for the taking.


“You've got me reaching for you
My soul's beseeching me too
You've got me singing to you
Bringing to you anything you ask me to”


We had reached the point where we were both lost. Who was giving and who was taking was a blurry line we didn’t have time to sort out. What was clear is that my rock hard cock was deep inside her wet pussy, and we were both regrouping as we tried to cope with the wave of everything that hit us. The pleasure, the passion, the desire, and the emotion all hit at once; overwhelming us both. As we caught ourselves, we kissed and moved every so slightly. With me inside her the kiss grew, and the movement slowly grew as well. It was a gentle motion, a wave of movement that probably didn’t travel more than an inch or two. With each movement, the final push inside her was always met with a gasp of pleasure. I was fully on top of her, and her legs were spread wide, knees up, and arms around me hanging on for dear life. In a move to regain control, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deeper. Our movement escalated, and she began bucking to get my cock to push just the right buttons. For me, her pussy was providing all the pleasure I could imagine. She wraps around me like shrinkwrap, and her wetness provides a slippery feeling of pleasure like no other. Snug and wet, yet wide open and begging for all of my cock, her pussy is perfect.

Enough time had passed where I let her believe she was in control. I had my thoughts, and I would share them with her in action, not words. Kissing and fucking, I let her move, and we were both lost in the movement, lost in the pleasure. In a brief moment of clarity I made my statement. I leaned back, breaking her grasp around my neck. I moved my hips forward so her butt rested on the chase once again. I placed my elbows on her shoulders, and my hands on either side of her face. We locked eyes but did not speak. In this position, in this moment, I withdrew all but the tip of my cock then thrust it back into her full. I pulled out half way, then pushed back in hard and deep. It was the third movement, a move that came nearly all of the way out of her followed by the slapping of our skin as the tip of my cock hit the back of her pussy and we began to fuck, really fuck, hard and deep. Not too fast, and not too slow, but with a pace set by our bodies and a raging desire we share for one another. The sounds of our bodies were loud. The pace of our movement was growing. My balls began to tighten, and my cock to swell even a tiny bit more. She was now asking for it, she wanted it, and lost in the passion she was taking it all in and enjoying being used, and using in return. We tried to kiss, but could no longer hold a kiss, all we could do was pant in each other’s mouth amidst a chorus of “yes” and “oh god”.

The words to the song echoed “Bringing to you anything you ask me to”, and she was asking me to fuck her. With seamless movement she began to rock her hips a bit, rubbing her clit along my stiff shaft as it plunged deep inside her over and over. I adjusted so she could quit moving, but provided the same stimulation to her clit she sought. The combination was overwhelming and uncontrollable. My cock buried deep inside her, my ball tight, and the head being more and more sensitive to the sensation of reaching her deepest spots. Her pussy surrounding me, her legs now on either side of the chase, and my body fully atop her holding her down. We needed to release the kiss for a moment, but only to give way to the rapidly escalating moment. There is no way to describe what was happening at this point other than to say I was pounding her hard and deep, and she was in an altered stated soaking it all in, taking it all, and wanting it to continue forever. It was clear I was in the position of power, it was clear I was in control; until I wasn’t. The physical proximity didn’t change, but all control was lost when she started to gasp “Oh yes, oh yes baby, I’m gonna cum, baby I’m gonna cum, make me cum!”. The words combined with her pulsating pussy pushed me past the point of no return. Yes, she was gonna cum, yes, she was wanting it and asking for it, and yes I was going to cum with her. As her body went stiff, and her words shifted from “gonna cum” to “OH YES BABY I’M CUMMING, I’m cumming, I am cumming” I lost the last hint of control. I had reached the height of pleasure, and with each thrust came a stream of cum that filled her pussy and added to her wetness. She was cumming, I was cumming, our bodies were out of control, and the wetness was pronounced in sounds and in sensation. In an intense rush, we hit the pinnacle of our orgasm, and body movement was involuntary. In a death grip we embraced each other and collapsed into each other’s arms. We rolled slightly to our sides, and without every exiting her, we embraced.

Hours later we awoke. I was no longer inside her, but it was clear we had not moved. The chase had a wet spot that was a darker blue than the dry denim and about the size of a dinner plate. Laying in the wetness didn’t matter, it was a wetness we created, a product of the passion, and a reminder of the amazing things we have together. The music was gone, and the night was dark and silent. We could havebeenanywhere,thetropics,theCaribbean,Cancun,St.Maarten,anywhere. Wherewewerewas lost in the self-made paradise of this little rag tag trailer sitting on an abandoned bluff just 40.6 miles from the Tijuana border. A magical little place that enhances the passion any two people might share. A place where fucking and making love are readily interchangeable, both leaving the same connection and satisfaction. A place where you realized it isn’t the place, it’s the person you are sharing it with that makes it magical. 

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