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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   An Orgasm of Shocking Proportion  

3/14/2013 04:37
Posted By:  - NEW WINDSOR, NY  
Date Posted: 3/14/2013 04:37

“What the hell is this?” I asked as I inspected the pink and silver Jack-rabbit vibrator lying on the bed. “It’s a vibrator, Babe, you said to get you one.” Ride said with a devilish grin. “I can see that. What’s with all the bells and whistles? I just want to have an orgasm not be shot into space.”
When I told Ride I needed a new Jack Rabbit I guessed he would do his homework but I had never see a gadget like this before. The silver pads on the dildo left me wondering what they were for and all the extra buttons looked seriously confusing.
“Forget about space this thing will launch you into orgasm paradise.” He proclaimed holding up the paperwork that came with the new electro stimulating vibrator.
I could tell he was scheming up something from the shit eating grin on his face. He gets this naughty boy look whenever he thinks he can heighten my sexual pleasure with some new exciting escapade and lately he’d been on a kick to see me squirt, something I have only done one other time in all my life. I can’t help but let him ramble on when he gets like this so I let him explained the new toy.

“It works likes a TENS machine. The pads on side of the shaft send an electric impulse through the Kegel muscles making them contract. The shaft expands in thickness for a perfect fit and the rabbit has three speeds for simultaneous clit stimulation.” He said with the excitement of sixteen year old salesman about to make his first sale.
“You mean you want to insert this into me and shock my vagina?”
“What? No! Not me. I want you to do it.” He said with a sheepish smile.
“Are out of your mind?” I said as I tossed the toy on the bed as if it were a grenade about to go off in her hand.
“Wait, Babe, where are you going?” He obsessed as I got up to leave.
“I’m not putting electricity in my pussy. No way! I’m out!”
"It will make you squirt." He said with a smile.
“You know you’re an idiot?” I replied.
“Come on, Babe! 4 out of 5 gynecologists recommend it for strengthening your pelvic floor!” He laughed as I headed out the bedroom door.
“Stick it up your ass maybe it will strengthen your pelvic floor." I barked over my shoulder as the bedroom door slammed shut.
"Or your brain.” I whispered to myself as I pounded down the stairs.
"I heard that." He chuckled.

The next morning after Ride left for work I felt a little bad for snapping at him the way I did. I knew he meant well but sometimes he goes too far, I mean there is no way I am going to put any kind of shock device inside myself just because he thinks it will make me squirt.
And what is his big obsession with seeing me squirt anyway? I
thought about that for a while and considered how turned on I get watching him shoot his load. I resolved to the idea watching me shoot mine would be the same for him. With all the thinking about shooting loads and being my really horny time of the month I couldn’t escape the nasty thoughts in my head which lead me to the bedroom for some self-inflicted afternoon delight.
“Shit!” I said to myself when I saw the pink and silver Jack Rabbit lying in my nightstand draw where my old rabbit used to be. I picked up the new pink toy and study it for several seconds, it looked harmless enough. After reading the
directions I found out I could work the vibrator and rabbit without having to
use the electro stimulator. I familiarized myself with the new toy it seemed pretty well designed and good quality. The expanding dildo inflated easily with the touch of the button from broom handle to baseball bat girth not that I would ever need anything that big inside of me. The rabbit had three speeds the highest seemed like it would be just about perfect for my clit.

Well strike one up for Ride, at least the thing wasn’t going to be a total waste I thought to myself as I lay down on the bed quench my inner desire. I began with my usual outer stimulation using just the rabbit and as suspected setting number three hit the mark. After reaching two strong clitoral orgasms I needed to be penetrated. I was pretty wet but I lubed the shaft anyway just to be safe.
I slowly penetrated myself until the rabbit ears rested nicely on my engorged clit the shaft felt smooth and slid snuggly into my wet pussy. I turned on the vibrator and the device began to hum pleasantly as the rabbit ears tickled my sensitive clit. I have to admit the machine worked beautifully and in few minutes I was rising to my first orgasm. I wiggled my wrist to add friction to the penetration and came in my usual drawn out contraction that lasted a good twenty seconds. I love my first O because it’s always the longest and most intense. Once I regained a normal breathing pattern I began on orgasm number two.
This time I decided to raise the stakes a bit so I inflated the shaft to about a quarter its full size. The feeling was deliciously intoxicating and as I stroked myself with my new toy I imagined the young stud from the gym that always checks me out. He is too shy to talk to me but he doesn’t mind making eye contact with my ass as I do dips. In my imagination Ride and I are working out in different parts of the gym when the Young Stud seduces me into the men’s locker room and we do it in a bathroom stall. His magical tongue makes my juices flow and his thick cock hits all the right spots so much so that I feel my wetness run down my ass.
I imagined Ride walking in on us and standing outside the stall watching me fuck the thick cocked young stud and before I know it orgasm number two is upon me. I arched my back as my ass rises up off the bed to meet Young Stud’s cock full force. He pounds into me as Ride peeks over the stall door. My eyes lock on Ride’s as he watches me and masturbates outside the bathroom stall. Young Stud and I simultaneously reach a shuddering orgasm. My second orgasm feels different than the first one which was long and drawn out, this one comes fast and furious and ends as a single explosion of sensation that is over almost as fast as it began taking the Young Gym Stud with it as I collapsed to the mattress panting, legs quivering and body wet with sweat.
I lay staring at the ceiling catching my breath thinking about the new toy between my legs. I was pissed off at Ride yesterday for expecting me to shock my pussy for his personal enjoyment yet here I lay preparing for orgasm number three with the very toy I denied him. Okay so I can be impulsive and bitchy when it comes to Ride and his kinky carnal desires and yet over the years whenever I have succumbed to his kink I always enjoy the outcome.
Note to self, try to be a little more open to Ride’s kinky side.
Okay on to orgasm number three.
I thought this a good time to add my favorite men masturbating to the party so I flicked the remote and cued the Big Loads DVD I like so much. The hunky dark haired stud jerking off in the shower being my favorite came up on the screen. I watched my hunky lover on screen soap his thick long cock and stroke it lovingly for the camera. What is it about bathrooms that turn me on so much I wondered as I simultaneously soaped myself up imagining being in the shower with him. Both our orgasms began to build together as I pushed the throttles on my
pink lover further open adding more girth to the mix. The full feeling in pussy
is sensational and my juices seemed to have no end as I squirmed with my soapy
lover in the shower. I could feel myself opening even more my vagina begging me
for thicker penetration. Feeling my orgasm begin to hesitate, I frantically strained
my wrist wiggling the shaft hard trying not to lose the orgasm wave. I need to add more girth to push myself over the edge as I begged my shower stud to “fuck me harder” in my mind.
Immersed in my shower fuck fantasy, with my orgasm taunting just beyond reach, I slid my finger to the key that inflates the shaft, knowing that would do the trick.
I didn’t recognize the sensation I felt next but it wasn’t a feeling of
being more filled up but more like a tightening of my insides. At first I
didn’t realize what I had done I thought I expanded the thickness of the shaft
but somehow it felt different then it happened again and I could feel my
inner walls grip the shaft without flexing my muscles.

The feeling of my involuntarily contraction caused me to draw in a shallow breath but when the pulse ended and released its grip the shallow breath came out as a quiet exhalation of, Aaaahmm, that felt delicious.
It was about this time that the pulse cycle again and I contracted once more. The sensation was nirvana. In my already heightened state the pulse was causing my vagina to respond the way it does when I am having an orgasm. The cycle is so arousing I feel almost euphoric from all the endorphins being released. I hold the toy between my legs and feel the rabbit ears tickling my sopping wet clit. I glance up at my shower stud as he is approaching his release which is my favorite part of the show.
I increased the intensity of the pulse and press the shaft deeper to add more pressure to my clit with the rabbit ears. The contractions feel stronger and deeper on every pulse and I feel my knees, ankles and toes bend involuntarily each time. I am so high from the endorphins pulsing through me that each pulse contraction makes me wetter and wetter to the point that I can feel the bed is wet everywhere beneath me.
I watch shower studs hips flex as I imagine his cock inside me.
“Oh fuck yeah! Fill me with that fat cock!” I moan to the bedroom as I shove the rabbit ears harder against my clit.
I look down at my abdomen amazed at what I am feeling and see my pubic muscles contract and release. My pussy is gripped so tight around the shaft I can no longer wiggle it inside me. My hips are rolling into the mattress along with my knees ankle and toes with each pulse as I urge my shower stud on.
“Oh yeah like that! Fuck me hard like that!” I beg.
As I watch him let his big load go in slow motion his balls tuck up so tight and he shoots his load with so much power it splashes back against the shower wall .
I feel my vaginal muscles tighten one last time around the shaft then the pulse
releases me. My hips rise up high off the bed as I pull the shaft from my
vagina and my insides explode from all the built up tension. I let out one long
trembling retort of.
I watch my liquid shoot across the bed and collapse like bag of quivering
jelly my body and legs shaking. My vagina continues to involuntarily contract and release for what feels like ten minutes.
“Holly shit!” I pant as I catch my breath. “Ride was right this thing is orgasm paradise.”
“I told ya Babe.”
I hear as my heart almost leaps from my chest. I look up to find Ride leaning against the bedroom doorway shit eating grin on his face.

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