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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Mrs Bum "thoughts on her MFM experience"  

4/13/2013 14:01
Posted By:  - SAN JOSE, CA  
Date Posted: 4/13/2013 14:01

(caution! might be a bit girly for the guy`s)

Memories of his Visit

I fixed myself up in a sexy dress with high spiked heels and no panties. Waiting anxiously as my Italian Stallion from across the world would be arriving soon. The thought of his arrival had my loins bubbling.  Finally, the knock at the door and my heart dropped, I opened the door and there he was (more handsome than I remembered).  His piercing blue eyes, long eye lashes and beautiful features made me melt right there.  I asked him in and allowed him to unwind from the two hour drive and 9 hour flight he had just endured (just to see me). He handed me a bottle of Grappa from Italy and we took a shot to loosen up. A little small talk, a couple long kisses and I could not stand it any longer, so took him to my room to begin breaking the ice, it had been almost two years since our experience in Italy!!  We began kissing again harder and faster then before I could imagine he had plunged his large engorged manly hood deep into my very wet pussy.  I purred like a kitten as he pounded my smooth swollen mound deep and hard front and back until the spasms of multiple orgasms took its toll and  we both screamed in final delight as we collapsed. A few minutes later my wonderful husband walked into the room realizing that he had missed all the fun. Not to worry he would get his share soon enough, we still had 3 nights and 3 mornings ahead of us (smiles).  

That evening we took him out on the town to celebrate, drinking, eating & listening to music, flashing my breast at the table, getting back in touch and filling in the gaps of what has been going on in each others life. When we arrived home I had more fun in store for my 2 men.  I put on sexy lingerie, turned on the music and began an erotic pole dance to tantalize my two favorite men.  Moving slowly up & down I watched their bulge`s try to stand at attention under their pants.  There sat the one on the bed and the other on the couch and I had their full and complete attention, lucky me!!! As the evening continued on I changed into a few different outfits to keep them both flustered and aroused.  Finally I changed in a red see thru nightie and red fluffy slippers, so appropriate for the gourmet dinner we sat down to, prepared by my favorite guy!!!  After the dishes, I pulled both men back to the bedroom and proceeded to seduce them.  Oh how erotic it was, listening to myself and the men's moans of pleasing satisfaction.  We stayed up on and off the whole night rolling over back and forth to cuddle or get pounded, I was in per bliss!!!! Finally we all fell fast a sleep into a dream created by the three of us. 

Next morning I got up early and woke my two handsome men up with soft music and a slow erotic pole dance.  I then crawled into bed were the two of them were waiting eagerly for what was next.  I proceeded to administer my sensual mojo skin slide to one and then the other until I had them at full attention for my final attack before breakfast.  At breakfast when my boys were recovering from what had just experience, my boys decided to set a new law in place, now they were teaming up and becoming partners in crime.  The two of them enjoy being woken up by the pole dance and mojo the new law became set in place.  

 We all took a break and visited the ocean for the day and went to a lovely lunch, we then decided to take off for home, my stallion driving I proceeded to take off my top, getting my driver a little flustered since he should be watching the road and not me LOL!!!  Then I was pulled from the front seat to the back and peeled the rest of my clothes off.  The Driver adjusted his rear view mirror to witness what was going on.  At this moment I had a back seat driver begging for mercy. The driver is totally getting turned on along with everyone driving next to us too.  We arrived home and I put on another dress up show, pole dance, and of course we again had another love session.  Then my lover from across the world had to leave for a night and a whole day, but he soon returned.  

I had on a short black dress, high heels and a cocktail in hand (chilled grappa of course), for his long voyage he had just taken.  Of course I could not wait for his arrival, I was so ready to tear his clothing off.  Instead he took charge and ended up playing under my pantyless short dress I had on and made me squirt all over the kitchen floor. All three of us realizing this would be his last night in the states, we had a great dinner prepared and while we were all eating the two men would look through the glass table top, my legs spread bearing all, the pierced clit jewelry piece glittering from the sunshine was priceless.  The men had a hard time eating they just wanted to get to desert.  We had a roaring fire, candles, soft love making music playing, I was getting so turned on that both of my favorite men were back, I put ice in my mouth, and went down on my stallion who was leaving the next day, he reared his head back while enjoying the sensation. I then took a shot of grappa to continue that sensation. We retired to the living room as we continued our sex capade. I was wet, ready and screamed in a delirium as he guided himself in and then they were locked together in that immortal embrace from which all life stemmed.  Slowly began his thrusts; steadily they increased in tempo.  Beneath him, I moaned and writhed, my hips rising ravenously up to meet him. Deeper, deeper, deeper!  Grabbing her buttocks, he raised her hips high.  In he plunged, and out again, and back in and then out!  Her quivering screams filled the room.  He could bear to hold back no more.  His own scream merged with hers and the juices of SEX spewed forth  as a fresh wave of convulsions wracked her body again. It sent shivers up his spine with thoughts of previous massages, bubble baths, squirting sessions, shower filming, picture taking took me back to another level of excitement.  We all had such a comfortable time together and ended up all having orgasms together.  Next morning I was awoken by a hard cock on my left which I took care of. Then I proceeded to my lover on the right who was about to leave this afternoon and rode him till he came deep inside my warm body.  I got up and prepared a a couple "warm water wash clothes" and cleaned both mens genitals as they lay on the bed in limp bliss. This was the best week in my lifetime, we all felt we were dreaming not believing it was real. Yet how could all three of us be dreaming the same thing and in full color? Please pinch me !

This will be hard to beat, but we will certainly try again ...

Mrs. Happy Bum :)

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