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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   In the beginning  

4/23/2013 14:29
Posted By:  - REDDING, CA  
Date Posted: 4/23/2013 14:29
   10 years won't cloud my memory. Not 1 detail, not 1 emotion or feeling has been washed away or diminished. If anything, it has only served to fuel more breath on a fire of passion.

It happened as a chance encounter, one you would not seek out or expect, as I surely didn't. On a typical weeknight, contemplating what to have for dinner often times would bring me to the supermarket and take me wandering aimlessly through the aisles. As with any public place during my formative sexual revolutionary years, I would notice even the slightest hint of a beautiful woman in my general vicinity. The unmistakable clip clop sound of high heels striking tile, a waft of coconut or vanilla skin creme, the sparkle of sunshine glistening off wavy blonde hair poking out the top of a convertible in the wind. What normally would be a perfect opportunity for star-gazing at the most popular section (produce) of the most popular store at the most popular time (6:00 pm).... 'produced' NOTHING. This typical weeknight was going to end up just like the last, and the one before it, and the one before that! Not to complain, but the ordinary was nothing extraordinary, and I was hoping for a little spontaneity. You know the old saying if you watch a pot it will never boil. As soon as I let my mind wander elsewhere and the frustration of a non-arousal subsided, that unmistakable feeling came over me. It was as if a 6th sense pulled me to the next aisle. Ethnic food and condiments.
Before turning the corner I already felt goosepimples on the back of my neck,... a premonition. Eyes on the floor, I scanned from low to high. First noticing the casual look of open toed sandals, and perfectly manicured toes.

Side note - Personally, I think nothing might give you greater insight to a woman's care as the upkeep of her feet. - Annnnnd back to the show -

Golden tanned, smooth skin, toned calves made their way up to a peek of muscular thighs just before the bottom of her hemmed tight white shorts began. Nothing says summer quite like the see-thru quality of tight white shorts showcasing a black thong. Its a perfect blend of tease to go with your warm weather, and she pulled it off swimmingly. By now, what seemed like an eternity of perving her lower region took place in only a fraction of a second in real time, she barely noticed me approaching from her right. There was an item on the top shelf she was stretching for that her 5'5" height couldn't reach. I let her struggle just for a moment before offering to help, so that I could get a better look at the rest of her sculpted frame. As she leaned forward and stretched as far up as she could, the tight, light green tank top pulled up just enough to show off another telling attribute...... a flat stomach with skin that looked as soft as velvet. It was clear this woman needed the help of a sportsbra as to not create a frenzy everywhere she went, because the obvious gems she was carrying on her chest are the envy of every man (and woman for that matter). It wasn't until that very moment that I made eye contact from about 5 feet away, and the welcoming smile I received in return was one that pushed a shiver up and down my spine.

After helping reach things from way up high, I think she purposely began to shop for only top shelf items. I followed her around the store like a puppy dog, engaging in playful banter each step of the way. She was clearly older than I, but by how much I couldn't tell. It surely could not have been the first time a young male flirted with her, as I noticed just about every male eye doing the same head to toe I did. Satisfied with my arousal, I gave her a wink and went on my way. A couple more glances before leaving with groceries, it sent me on a fantasy the rest of the evening. What to give for another chance at seeing her in the same situation. What to say? How to go about it differently for a more pleasurable outcome?.......

As good 'ol Blue Eyes sang, "The Best is Yet to Come"

Back at home, less than a week later & sitting in my apartment complex in between studying and writing a term paper on the computer in the late hours of the night, my mind began to go to other places. Day dreaming at night seems like an oxymoron, but its an accurate description. Looking out my window into a small courtyard, which happened to be surrounded by about 4 other bedroom windows, I saw there was another light on and shades open. I was always a bit of a voyeur, but nothing ever happened when I wanted it to!
The apartment light I knew belonged to some guy, so I wasn't too excited, or interested in looking. But I was getting a similar feeling to the one I had felt in the market a few days earlier. Eerie. Lights went off. Ahhh back to studying I guess.
But then a clip clop, clip clop. My heart jumped. I heard a knock knock knock, which I could have sworn was at my front door it was so loud. (I did go check, but no one there). Back to my window, peering out...... lights across the yard were back on. I saw some movement inside, and finally..... wavy blond hair. Perfect! The proper release of my tension might soon be approaching. After all, school work can be completed at any time. I sat back in my chair and turned all of my lights off.

Part 2 ?

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