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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 

4/24/2013 10:23
Posted By:  - SANTA MONICA, CA  
Date Posted: 4/24/2013 10:23
I had just moved
to Boston...a big city for a guy who grew up as a small town kid. It
was my second week on the job and a few new colleagues invited me out
for happy hour drinks and evening fun.

A couple hours into the night we opted to bar hop over to one of the
hottest night clubs in Haymarket. The place was packed,
primarily filled with "sausage" and we could sense lots of sword/cock
fights about to break out over the slim pickings of women.

My new colleagues displayed their immaturity by "crashing and burning"
with a few very attractive married "cougars" at the bar.

As they
continued on with cheap one liners and far fetched stories, I spotted a
very sexy blonde woman across the room. We exchanged a few flirtatious
smiles and sensual stares (come hither -- fuck me in nature)...but she
soon disappeared into the crowd.

As I leaned over to the bartender to inquire what she was drinking...I
felt a hand slide along my ass...followed by a pinch and a laugh. Much
to my amazement she had bought me a drink and asked if I would like to
join her on the dance floor. I quickly accepted and took her by the
hand to lead the way.

Without another spoken word, we put down our drinks and began to show
our affection for each other with our feet, hips and hands. An hour or
more of dirty dancing ensued...becoming hot, sweaty and very wet and
rock hard for each other...before I realized my colleagues were all
watching in amazement from the sidelines. They gave me the thumbs up
and exited the club.

As the music slowed our hips grinded into each other...feeling my
hardness against her short white skirt barely covering her pantyless wet
pussy and firm ass. Her nipples became erect as I slid my hands across
every inch of her incredible body. I started to ask a few simple
questions (name, etc.) and she put her fingers over my mouth and
whispered in my ear "we will have plenty of time to get aquainted

Just as we started to fuck with our clothes on (I could feel the precum
in my boxers)...the music stopped and she motioned for me to follow her
off the dance floor.  She led me up two flights of stairs as I viewed
her naked ass and tease of her pantyless moist pussy from behind.

felt my cock pulsate with anticipation of taking her home...but she had
other plans.

As we both took a seat at the quiet secluded upstairs lounge another man
pulled her to the side and began kissing her passionately. What???
Was I being played like a fool...Was this some kind of sick joke from my
new co-workers? Hardly...

She told me she was heading to the restroom and her HUSBAND John would
buy me a drink and explain everything. Feeling very disturbed and
uncomfortable, I sat down next to John and kept an open mind. John
jumped to the point of informing me that it was Mary's 40th birthday and
she wanted a very special gift to celebrate this special occasion...and
that wrapped up gift (minus the bow) was ME!

Before I could comment to decline/accept this invitation...I felt Mary's
hands again on my ass...then sliding around to grab my cock and balls
in her other hand asking me if I please would come home with her and
make this an evening for us to remember...

Thankfully, I put my emotions asside...and took her hand as John showed
us the way to their truck. John opened the door for us and I helped
Mary up into the middle seat of the truck. Only a few minutes of small
talk and introduction led to Mary asking me if she could get to see part
of her birthday gift...as she unzipped my jeans to begin teasing and
playing with my rock hard and thick cock...

Mary alternated sucking my cock...then Johns as we sped thru town
enroute to their house. John and I both took turns fingering Mary's
exposed clit and very wet pussy lips...she had obviously shaved her lips
in preperation for this special evening and the feeling of her bare
pussy made my cock throb in excitement of soon being in their bedroom
where I could have my way with her...

We finally arrived at the house...half naked and so very ready to be
inside when Mary jumped out then quickly bent over on the front bumper
of the truck and begged for us to each take turns eating her
pussy...without hesitation we fell to our knees and began fingering and
eating her ass and pussy lips...until she came very hard on my tongue
and fell to her knees to return the favor sucking our cocks...one by one
then both in her mouth at the same time...a few firsts for me.

John noticed a few neighbor lights turn on and urged us to head inside.
I took Mary into my arms and led her thru the front door as John
escaped to the kitchen to make us some drinks...

Mary took my hand and brought me to their hot tub...where everything was
in place -- lube, toys, condoms and more for an evening of endless
play. We slowly undressed each other as we entered the hot soothing
water and without warning she began sliding her clit and shaved pussy
against my raging hard cock...teasing the head of my cock and balls with
her lips on occasion...then kissing me passionately. Damn...our
sensual kisses alone almost made me explode with anticipation of being
deep inside of her.

As John returned she began sucking his cock and positioning herself on
her knees so I could began fucking her doggy style and deep from behind.
Her ass was a piece of art and her pussy was magical. I slowly slid
in every inch of myself until I could feel all of her pussy around my
thick shaft...all three of us moaned in pleasure from a well
orchestrated 3some. I got very excited from seeing Mary deep throat
John and take all of me...then she asked for me to take the butt plug
from the toy collection to fill all of her "thirsty holes".

She was insatiable...and it was very clear she wanted more. She led
each of us to the bedroom where she straddled me and asked John to begin
fucking her in the ass...she begged to enjoy her first "real double
penetration"...and wanted "us all to explode with hot cummmm" all
connected thru her tight pussy and ass.

After a few minutes we had perfected the double penetration and all
began quivering from the amazing pulsating feeling of a woman with a
magical pussy filled with two rock hard and excited cocks...until we all
errupted in an earth shattering orgasm...one that ended with each of us
cummmming so hard and filled with pure satisfaction...until we awoke
the next morning and many other evenings to follow.

I do not know about you...but some birthday surprises should last a
lifetime! It does not have to be a birthday to enjoy this unbelievable

It was my first...and fortunately NOT my last pleasant surprise with an amazing couple!  Want to help me make another story?  :-)

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