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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   A Valentine's Story  

5/4/2013 17:06
Posted By:  - AUSTIN, TX  
Date Posted: 5/4/2013 17:06

My Hot Valentines Weekend

This past Valentines weekend turned
in the most erotic exciting stimulating sexual experience. First off my husband
prepared me for the weekend all week by emailing me explicit photographs
gorgeous, most handsome men with the most amazing and beautiful cocks I have
ever seen.

He was working out of town and had
been away for about two weeks leaving him obviously as horny as I was. He began
“preparing” me by sending emails talking about my luscious gorgeous breasts, my
beautiful large suckable nipples and my slippery swollen clit and lips. He
knows that his writings always make me blush, not to mention that they
leave me breathless and aching with lust and desire.  I read them
thoroughly and eagerly and he turns on the fantasy-vision in my brain in such
away that I fully appreciate what does to me. He has an incredible talent to
re-create from his and my fantasies, seemingly realistic erotic experiences for
me; I actually feel as though I am going through the passion of stimulation and
orgasm as I read. I feel the lips and the tongues that he speaks on my nipples
and I feel the fingers and cock heads he describes pleasuring my precious

I invariably become so aroused and
moist that I have to put towel under me on the chair so that I don't stain
fabric on the chair. As I read his seductive posts I blush uncontrollably and
my nipples are so hard that they tingle deliciously.  They harden and they
protrude through the Lycra of my running top. I can't resist reaching with my
thumb and forefinger and pinching my very sensitive nipples as they send
exquisite pleasure bolts to down deep inside my sex. Dave somehow re-creates in
my mind beautiful ten-inch large thick and gorgeous cocks, wielded by the most
amazing men I have ever seen. He creates realist images in my mind of their
fabulous hard swollen cocks gently nudging against my moist begging vagina. The
men are usually extremely handsome young men in their 30s or 40s with dark
tans, dark-hair, well muscled and beautifully “hung”, either Caucasian or

I've told him that these are the men
of my fantasies. Thus uses his enormous talent to re-create a virtual fantasy
for me with these imaginary men. With these gorgeous hunks splayed across the
wide high-definition screen of my computer I read his email and I begin to feel
the warm and gnawing of sexual passion deep within my womb. My wonderful
gorgeous husband creates these erotic images for me as images of men appear in
front of me.   The nude well-muscled and extremely well endowed hunks
are going to stimulate me beyond my ability to tolerate. As I squeeze my
nipples and I can squeeze my thighs together to try to slow the obvious flow
coming from my pussy, I can hardly stand it. He of course knows exactly what he
is doing for me, with this newly created image and narrative. He knows very
well that I very much look forward to these messages and his incredibly
explicit photographs of beautiful men large cocks. My screen images show cocks
that are so large so beautiful so hard that is beyond my belief that such a
beautiful creature exists.

He usually instructs me that two days
prior to his coming home, to begin increasing the amount of testosterone cream
that I use my pussy so that my pussy parts become engorged hypersensitive and
throb. He also asks me to keep my pussy shaved extremely smoothly and to apply
abundant amounts of lubricant to the inner parts of my pussy during the day so
that as I walk around doing my work, exercising and doing yoga my pussy lips
are constant sliding against one another creating most amazing incredible
sensation I've ever experienced. At first, when he suggested this I thought it
was ridiculous. I asked myself has he lost his mind? I'm not going to do this.
Then one day I thought that he is usually right about sexual things. He certainly
understands my pleasure and what it takes to give me the utmost sexual
experience. He is an expert and is incredible sexual athlete. I decided this
very week to follow his advice and began using the testosterone cream
abundantly around my clit, my lips and inside of my vagina. I also carefully
shaved my pussy so that it was smooth like a little girl. Sometimes I even
shave twice a day so that there's no stubble.  

Usually, as I do this, I become
extremely aroused and begin secreting lubrication from my pussy. The shaving
cream that I use is extremely slippery, smells wonderful and has some
stimulating menthol in it. The shaving process is sometimes the most
stimulating parts of my day. Of course when I'm done with my pussy, smooth like
little girl, I must moisturize it with very fine moisturizing cream.  I
have to admit I apply it abundantly and sometimes cum in the process. Today I
did that before I sat down to read his wonderful email, knowing that I was going
to be very very hot. I so much look forward to my reading time with his vivid internet
pornography. Today was no exception and after several days of using his
fantastic arousal formula of testosterone and lubricant on my shaved and smooth
pussy I was very much eager to read. I actually sat my computer in a different
chair than usual. I moved an armchair near my desk replacing the swivel chair
so that I could be more stable. Of course, as per his instructions I wore no
panties under my sheer teeshirt. I position my oversized computer screen close
to the front edge of the desk and I reclined back in the armchair with both of
my feet on my desk on either side of the screen So I would have full access to
my very sensitive slippery and eager pussy. He told me that to be extremely
ready for a very enjoyable time that I should prepare by taking our variously
sized dildo's to my desk. He also reminded me to have my favorite stimulating
lube so that would maximize pleasure of these massive didlos.

As I scrolled through two or three of
David's images I selected one that I really felt just had to fuck. He began the
process of assisting me to visualize this wonderful man. I “felt” him “squeeze”
my breast and I “smelled” the fragrance that was on his body. As my husband led
me through this fantasy with his Internet message I begin to feel as though I
were with this man. I began to feel beautiful to feel his penis as it nudged gently
against my pussy, then as it spread my lips, as he lowered me down on top of
him. He led me through the sensation of this man sucking and tonguing extremely
exquisitely sensitive nipples.  The sensations traveling to my pussy were
amazing. He told me to select the dildo in front of me that most resembled a
handsome cock I was fantasizing about. I was now totally hypnotized into this
fantasy vision, truly felt like I was making love this beautiful man. I warmed
this beautiful warm huge cock by placing my mouth and my hands around it to
bring it my body temperature. I carefully lubricated the cock-head and shaft of
this 10 -inch monster. The depths of my groin now begging for this cock to
enter me.

As though it was automated, my hands
drew the cock toward my pussy spreading my willing pussy. The amazing broad
soft head began to spread my spasming cunt. I gasped in pleasure as he cleared
the tight part of the opening of my pussy and started reaching the depths of my
vagina. The white-hot sensation of erotic and ecstatic pleasure spread from my
pussy, to my nipples, my brain, to my vision all I wanted was this beautiful
dick fucking me deeply, striking all my most sensitive parts until I rose up to
the point of no return.  I would have the most amazing white-hot, brain
scorching orgasm of my life. My feet were firmly planted on the desk, my
throbbing pussy impaled by this wonderful dildo and had both of my hands on the
balls of this dildo thrusting if over and over into the depths of my sex. My
wonderful beautiful pussy was so full with this cock.  Somehow, I was able
to swallow ten inches of this thick beauty so deep into my body that none of
the shaft remained outside.  I had the most incredible series of rolling
huge orgasms every time I thrust huge cock, filling my womb and striking my
cervix with the wonderful head, setting off sparks of pleasure with every
thrust. I collapsed in exhaustion and wondered, “Wow this was only the
preparation for my Valentine's weekend, I thought how could anything get better?”

Knowing that this was getting of
probably the most erotic weekend of my life I can hardly wait what is next.


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