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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Valentines Memories of My fFrst Girl/Girl  

5/7/2013 21:05
Posted By:  - AUSTIN, TX  
Date Posted: 5/7/2013 21:05

My Hot Valentines Weekend-Chapter 2


I caught breath for a few minutes, my feet still propped up
on my desk and my recovering beautiful pussy, still gripping the fabulous
replica of Jeff Stryker’s cock. I regretfully slowly extracted it and my love
juice streamed down the split between my puffy pink lips and across my ass hole
to the towel I had placed below me. “OH, MY” I thought as the slippery fluid
bathed my crack and pooled on the towel. I was so hot and so wet---what waste, I
thought, “Dave would love to lick me clean right now if he were here”. We are
not into anal sex but he knows that I enjoy light touches of my asshole as I
begin to come and even a slight probing of his little finger around and
slightly inside my anus once in a while.


Once I had recovered, I licked and sucked my remaining
juices from my Boy, Jeff and thought to myself how right David was, that my
pussy tasted so good. My juices were sweet and tasted so good. I begin to
reflect on time when I experienced this sort of pleasure and I remember my
first girl-on-girl experience:


Actually, until I met Angela in Cabo I had never tasted the
juices of another woman and never gave it much thought. I thought women who did
that were all lesbians and I knew I could never be one.  I love men and adore and fantasize about a
hunk of a man driving his raging large-headed cock into my hungry pussy, but I
have to say I have often wondered what fascination women had with having sex
with another women. It is offensive to me to see homosexual men having sex, but
watching women sucking each others breasts and eating each other’s pussies
always made me extremely horny. 


In Cabo, once, we spent much of the evening in the hot tub
with another couple. A girl was young, about 27 years old, blonde, tall and very
sexual and her husband joined Dave and me to drink tequila and enjoy the
evening. Unbeknownst to her husband and David, Angela, as the night wore on
slowly snuck her foot up between my legs and had been slowly stroking my clit
with her toes in the warm bubbly water of the hot tub. We had quite a bit of
tequila by then and my normal shyness and inhibitions disappeared and I loved
that sensation. I had a very hard time not squirming while she titillated my
clit. Her eyes met mine and we sensuously smirked at each other knowing where
this was heading.


A little later, when we ran out of booze Angela asked me if
I would come to her room; I never even hesitated. The men were a bit surprised
but were at a swinger’s resort so “what the hell”.  When we entered their room the setting was
perfect. We lit some candles, slipped out of our wet bikini bottoms dried off
and we all got on the king sized bed to watch a porn movie. It was not long
until that became boring.


Angela was the aggressor as she began sucking my hardening
nipples and fingering my more than ready pussy. I was so hot I could not hold
still. I leaned over to David to tell him that he was going to need to fuck me
soon. Angela overheard that and warned me to get Dave’s cock out of my mind for
now, that I could have that later and that she was going to give me a licking
that I would remember for the rest of my life. 


She slithered down from my erect nipples and my perfect 34
DD breast that Dave was so proud of, to my tanned firm belly,  while pinching my rubbery, sensitive nipples
with between her fingers and thumbs. I was squirming as her tongue teased me by
licking all around my puffy swollen pussy lips, not touching the prized inner
parts of me. I was ready to explode. I took her head in my hands and positioned
her mouth over my pussy lips as she smiled and lashed out with her tongue to
lightly flick my clit. OHHHHH! I groaned wanting an all-out tongue lashing of
my fiery swollen parts. I could feel my pussy muscles throb and tighten as
though they expected a veiny cock to fill me. But tonight no cock was allowed
until Angela had taught me a badly needed lesson. 


She began to lick more aggressively all around my engorged
begging pussy as I ground my hips seeking more of her fabulous lips and tongue.
She then spread my thighs widely apart and with her fingers separated my outer
pussy lips and started her assault on my swollen oozing inner lips and vagina,
inserting her tongue into my vagina then licking all the way to my clit. I
thought I could stand no more pleasure when she expertly begin to massage my
g-spot with two long fingers of one hand, thumbing my clit with the other and
sucking my swollen inner lips into her mouth forcefully, making them fill even
more than before. I was literally in heaven. I did not need a cock, just more
of this wonderful mouth fucking she was giving me. I slowly ascended to a
rolling multi-orgasm that intensified every time she strummed my g-spot with
her firm fingertips. I began to buck and thrust uncontrollably as I had never
before experienced this level of stimulation. I could not control myself. I
grabbed the headboard above my head to leverage my thrusts. She held on to me
clinging tightly to me sucking my pussy, massaging my clit and strumming my
g-spot until I erupted into a massive, earth-shaking orgasm.


I never am very verbal but I groaned and screamed loudly of
how much I loved what she was doing. I literally had to drag her mouth off of
my swollen pussy as the post-orgasm sensitivity was far too intense to tolerate.
She deeply kissed me and I kissed her back thanking her for my introduction into
the world of girl sex. The men just sat there in quiet wonderment and enjoyment,
glad to have been in the bleachers for this one.  



I return the favor



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