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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Sneaking a Quick Visit  

5/21/2013 19:09
Posted By:  - MESA, AZ  
Date Posted: 5/21/2013 19:09

You show up at my back door and slide in to find a note on the bed.  It reads for you to put on the black dress laying next to it and meet me in the next room. 

Your body starts to tingle with anticipation as you walk in.  The room, dimly lit and music softly playing.  You notice me sitting in a chair in the corner of the room.  I’m undressing you with my eyes as you walk towards me.  I stand to great you, dressed in slacks and a dress shirt. 

As you come in to embrace me, I sweep you around and start to dance with you.  One hand on your back, the other clinching yours against my chest.  The soft music leading our steps and as you lean in you notice the sweet smell of cologne races towards you. 

We don’t say a word, we just dance and as the music plays on we get closer until our bodies touch.  I can feel the heat coming from you, and you can feel the excitement building in my pants.  My cock brushes against you and shoots a jolt of energy up your body.  You pause, then grind against me.

I look into your eyes and our lips meet.  Soft at first, but as our kisses become more aggressive so do our hands.  Your hands unbuttoning my shirt and then moving to my belt.  A slip of the finger and my manhood is your toy.  I quickly put you in the chair and lift your dress, exposing your lovely treasure.  I kiss your thighs slowly, looking up at you while I do.  Our eyes connect with every kiss I give you from one thigh to the next, stopping to feel the heat inviting me between your thighs.

I spread your lips and drag my tongue slowly over your clit, you let out a loud moan as I start to lick you slowly… My tongue navigating around your lips, darting inside of you, and then flicking your clit.  My hands holding your thighs firm, you are all in at this point.  I look up at you and you tell me, make me cum, don’t stop.  I smirk and wrap my lips around your clit and start sucking.  My fingers slide inside of you, you let out a loud moan as your hips grind against me. 

I can feel you cumming all over my fingers.  That only makes me suck your clit harder.  I’m trying to take you from one orgasm to the next, my tongue working wonders and my fingers hitting your g-spot.  Your hands are clinching my head as you cum again, your moans are practically screams. 

You push me away and stand up.  I’m sitting on the floor in front of you, my cock at full attention.  You slide the dress off so I can admire your enchanting figure.  You squat down over my cock and grab my shaft, sliding it between your pussy lips and teasing your clit with my head.  You start grinding on my shaft, slowly letting my helmet between your lips before rubbing it on your clit again.  Teasing me and teasing yourself, it doesn’t take long for you to start cumming again.

My cock, throbbing and wet from your juices, you climb up to my face and I dive into your crotch.  Tasting your cum as I slowly slide my tongue inside of you.  You grab your breasts and start licking your nipples for me as I tongue fuck you.  My tongue moving fluidly between your pussy and your clit, my hand on your thigh while the other strokes my own cock. 

You start grinding, you tell me, “I’m going to fuck your pretty face”.  I can feel your juices dripping down my chin as you get closer.  You are yelling at me… More!  I need More!  I’m stroking my cock furiously as you own my face.  Your body starts to shake and as I look up at you, you blow me a kiss and shoot your body down my chest and slide down my shaft as you are cumming. 

Your body jolting as your pussy clinches my hard cock.  It’s a snug fit as I begin to stretch you out, pre-cum leaking inside of you as you push me deeper and deeper inside of you.  You have me balls deep and your hips are full throttle.  I can feel you drip down my balls, but all I see is satisfaction coming over your face while your full breasts bounce on top of me. 

You look at me and my eyes widen, you know I can’t stop now, and put your hands on my chest, grinding deep as you feel my cock explode inside of you.  My cum covering your walls as I let out a loud moan, demanding you to, “fuck me!” while every drop spills out inside of you.

You lay on top of my and as I slowly slide out.  Your head nestled in my neck as we both try to control our breathing.  The smell of sex is fresh in the air as my cock slides out.  You give me a kiss on the cheek, grab the envelope you came for and tell me, “You’re welcome”. 

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