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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   A Beginning  

6/3/2013 09:11
Posted By:  - AUSTIN, TX  
Date Posted: 6/3/2013 09:11
   Nerves. She felt nerves. But why? She was a logical, rational girl. But as the electrical impulses pulsed from synapses to nerves to her finger, past it to a jumble of wires that rang the doorbell as she pressed the button, she was doubting her logic.

He greeted her with a kiss, familiar but somehow different. What was happening this time?

He immediately ordered her clothes off, which was somewhat of a switch for her. Normally at this point, she was relaxing in a cloud of smoke, not being pressured to disrobe. Her adventurous nature tempted her towards the curiosity which had landed her here in the first place, and soon her clothes were on the floor. 

It was time for an inspection. Would this be a regular occurrence? 

He told her to step against the wall, and soon she could feel eyes on her. Hands through her hair, the new and strange sensation of a leather riding crop against her thighs, and his lips against hers. "A kiss," he said. "To loosen the tension." 

After she had spread herself open, turned around, reached out her arms to the side, and let him inspect her nails, she was led to the next room.

She felt leather cuffs wrap around her wrists, and buckle behind her. She also soon saw the room go dark as a blindfold was placed over her head. 

She was told to get on her knees, and after a lengthy delay, she was allowed to move forward. 

"Every inch," he told her. "Your mouth, your tongue. It is your only goal to make me feel pleasure. Everything your lips touch will be very important to you in the time to come."

She started with a few hesitant kisses.

A slight sting against her ass. 

"That's not going to do it," he said. 

She had gotten to his stomach, her tongue tracing small kisses against the muscles of his abdomen when her arms behind her knocked her off balance, and she fell on top of him and the chair.

A HARD sting this time.

"Again," he said. 

And so she started again. But as her mouth traced and retraced his body, she started to remember the details. The salt on his lips. The way his arms felt as her mouth moved up and down against them. The way his cock would bounce as she kissed her way towards the tip of it. 

She knew that this was only the beginning, but as he took off the blindfold and pulled her towards the bed, she couldn't wait to see what was to come next...

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