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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   BDSM - A Park  

6/4/2013 20:12
Posted By:  - AUSTIN, TX  
Date Posted: 6/4/2013 20:12
   A park.

As the darkness faded up and her brain reconnected itself enough to light up her vision, she could remember a park. And now she was facing bright sunlight once again.

Her memories slowly spun backwards, and as she dropped to her knees, she noticed that she wasn't wearing shoes. And that her skirt looked muddy. Had she been dragged somewhere?

Things came back in pieces.

First, there was a man. They brushed past each other on the sidewalk, and her heart almost pounded out of her chest as they touched. There was unexplainable spark in that contact, and she remembered turning around just as he did. They smiled, she touched his chest as they spoke, and she gave him her phone number. "Don't worry about using it, though, I'm going on vacation for a couple of weeks."

As she walked away, time stuttered and slowed down. She doesn't remember where she was looking, but she remembers immense pain from her hair being pulled, the scratches on her arms, and the dragging and kicking as she was stuffed in the back of a car. She remembers the leather against her fingers, the smell of the interior that was supposed to be "new car" but seemed more like "chemistry lab after hasty cleanup," and she remembers losing her shoes.

She went to scream, but something hard and rubber had been forced in her mouth and tied around her head. Any efforts to speak, yell, or talk only left her with spit dripping down her face.

There was a swirl of energy in the car, and she could feel her skirt lifted up. A shirtless man in a mask straddled over her, wrapping the seatbelt around each of her legs, pinning her down.

The car began to accelerate, shifting lanes, building speed as a hood was placed over her head. "Go to sleep," she heard. Was that voice one she knew?

Soon she felt his hard cock try to enter her, and she tried to squirm out of the way. 

She felt a hard slap to her face. He held her down, and spit on her. 

"Move, slut, and I'll do worse."

Soon, somehow, he was inside her. How did she get wet? Did she subconsciously want this?

His cock was huge inside her. The car swerved and it threw her body on to his cock. He fucked her deep, and very hard. Her body pinned motionless, she didn't know what to do. So she tried to escape the moment.

Which didn't work, as she could feel something firm and rubber starting to ease its way inside her ass.

He plunged his cock inside, and the toy in the ass made the blackness of the hood start to show her shapes and colors. It felt like she'd taken a drug. Endorphins and other chemicals were flooding her brain. Her body was in pure survival mode, but her mind didn't know it. 

What it did know is that she was starting to cum.

Her body shook, her muffled moans rattled the car, and if her arms weren't currently pinned down, she would have pulled the man on top of her and hugged him. 

He choked her as he fucked her, hard. Soon the gag was pulled from her mouth and he rammed his cock down her throat. She was forced to swallow his cum, and he held her nose and mouth until it was gone.

At this point, things went black.

Until now. Back in the park.

"I'll call you in a couple of weeks," said the man. "You can get your shoes back."

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