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   The Michigan Dunes  

6/24/2013 07:32
Posted By:  - CHICAGO, IL  
Date Posted: 6/24/2013 07:32

We took a long weekend and drove up to Saugatuck, Michigan. Tom had read that there was a topless or nude beach there.  We had been dating for about six months now and Tom had come to realize that I was a bit of an exhibitionist who enjoyed sunning nude. He had already taken me to a topless beach in Key West and a resort in Jamaica with both a small, nude pool and beach situated around the corner from their much larger prude pool and beach. 



While in Key West, although having dated for only 3 months, we had our first MFM with a guy we met at the hotel’s tiki bar at midnight. It had been a bit of a decadent day.  We started with topless sun bathing, and drinks.  A couple we met there suggested the Garden of Eden as an evening activity.  When we arrived, I was amazed at the nude dancing, excitedly removed my dress and joined in.  Tom tried to talk me out of it because there were no undies underneath my dress.  But what’s the difference, other girls were wearing tiny thongs, I had none, a difference of perhaps only 2 square inches of cloth.  After dancing with Tom, who kept his pants on and various others who didn’t, we went back to the hotel and joined the last remaining few at the tiki bar for last call.  Tim was a part of group of five younger guys hitting on three young girls sitting at the end of the bar.  After we sat down, Tim came down and joined us.  Tom and I decided to head for the outdoor hot tub and Tim asked if he could join us.  A few minutes later, Tom and I were in our bathing suits Tim isn’t to be found; no one else was around either so off come our suits.  Now Tim arrives, wearing his bathing trunks and with 3 more drinks. He climbs in, “Wow, I knew you had great breasts but look at those nipples.  My nipples are large and I can get off with someone sucking or just tweaking them.  He soon notices that we are both naked and so pulls his trunks off.  Before long, I’m in the middle stroking two, hard dicks, getting my ass checks and tits played with.  It’s off to the room, wrapped in towels, carrying our suits. 



I lay down on the bed and Tim immediately goes down on me.  I begin kissing and then sucking Tom, his dick grows harder and larger than normal.  Tim is tongue fucking me now, something that turns me on immensely, and then he slides his finger up and in, pushing it against my g-spot. He’s back on my clit with his tongue, fingering me aggressively with two fingers.  Even with all of the alcohol, I’m about to cum so I move down to suck Tim’s dick.  I take his balls into my mouth, something Tom had taught me, something I that is very nasty and submissive.  Tom sees this and offers encouragement, “That’s right, be my nasty girl; suck that boy.” Tim has turned over onto his back to get maximum enjoyment and view.  Tom lifts up my hips, placing me on my knees and slides his dick into the wet pussy that Tim had prepared.  He bangs hard against me, spanks my ass a couple of times while he does and, in response, I take Tim’s dick all of the way down my throat, gurgle a bit on it and then take it down again, squeezing his balls.  Tim is releasing a lot of pre-cum, reminding me of younger boys and I’m enjoying the salty taste of every drop.  I keep massaging his balls to get more. Tom pulls out, lays on the bed next to me and I move my head over and begin sucking him while Tim climbs on top me and begins pounding his dick in and out.  Pussy girl loves it.  Tom cums in my mouth, I swallow every bit and then he steps away from the bed and begins watching.  This gives Tim more room and he begins sucking and squeezing my tits.  I get off, in the midst of my orgasm, Tim says, “I’m about to cum, where should I put it?”  I pat my tummy; he pulls out and spews cum all over it.  I move down, take his dick into my mouth and suck out the rest while I gently squeeze and then lick his balls.  At 45, I’m fucking and sucking two guys using no condoms and enjoying every minute of it.



So, with that background, we find the naked dunes just outside of Saugatuck.    For those of you not familiar with the sand dunes of northwest Indiana and Michigan along the shore of Lake Michigan, they are very tall hills of sand which start 100 or 200 feet from the water.  The tops of these hills constantly blow off due to strong breezes from the Lake, and form large, somewhat private bowls scattered atop each dune.  You can place your blanket, or beach chairs in the bowls for privacy or on lower dunes early in the year, for protection from cold breezes. The sun reflects from the sand all around you giving you a great deal of warmth.  To add to your privacy, dune grass and small shrubs may grow around the outer rim of each bowl, adding a nicely feathered privacy fence, perhaps two feet tall. Since these bowls were well used, a short path connected each to the main trail. 



This was perhaps our fifth visit to the dune.  We typically arrived earlier then most and thus were able to select our favorite bowl. It was at the top of first dune up the beach, only 10 feet or so from the main path so we could be seen by passersby. In Michigan, the beach is considered public property so you must remain dressed: no nudity, no toplessness, and no thongs.  The dunes were private property, but you had to be sure that you couldn’t be seen from the beach. One by one, we had gotten to know several of the locals and each with give us little background profiles of another.  Most often, these were guys, single or married but whose wives didn’t come to the dunes. The guys would get their own bowl, tan nude, take walks in an effort to meet or view couples or groups of single ladies in the dunes, and ideally hook up with them in one fashion or another.  They referred to one another as pervs, short for perverts.  To hear them talk, there was a great deal of sexual activity going on in the dunes.  Couples would link up and have foursomes.  Pervs would attempt to expand those groups or just link up with a couple for a nice threesome or MMFM.  Their greatest admiration seemed to be for those ladies that would allow to group into a full fledge gang bang, with three or four pervs joining a couple or two couples. There was also one older couple, Charley and Sue.  He had prostrate cancer and had become impotent.  He would bring Sue to the dunes, and take walks while she took care of her sexual needs with one or more perv. Over the weeks, we had seen Sue pair up with several of the guys but, other than that, the stories about sex just remained stories, we saw no validation and no lone really seemed to be hitting on his.



I mean, at times, there in our bowl would be Tom, me and three other guys, all of us just talking.  Yes, they could compliment my looks, my body, my boobs, my nipples, even the sparkle in my eyes but there was no direct let’s link up and fuck invitations like you might get at a sex club. To be honest, it turned me on to be naked in front of three or four guys at once, to sit or lay there looking at their half aroused dicks which would sometimes flutter as I changed positions or rub lotion on my breasts.  We heard more and more stories about all of the sexual activity but saw none. For Labor Day weekend, the end of the season, we took off a couple of extra days and arrived on Wednesday.  We didn’t expect many people to be there two days before the more official start of the holiday but ended up with four guys sitting in chairs, all gathered around our blanket, all of us naked. One of them, Jimmy, we hadn’t met before.  He was younger than the others, maybe late twenties, very tall, perhaps 6’ 5”.  I kept looking at his dick, comparing it to the others; shouldn’t a guy that tall have a much longer dick then the other guys? But he didn’t.  Charley and the guys were talking about the good old days, when Labor Day at the Dunes was a complete fuck-fest.  He said that, back then, newbies were routinely initiated. I wasn’t sure if Frank was suggesting that the guys do the same with me, or why he would.  My experience with men suffering from impotency caused by radiation treatments was that they had no desire, no interest as well as no ability to consummate the act.  Rather than being scared by this talk, my imagination focused on a scene where the guys were standing in a line, each taking a turn climbing on top of me, fucking me and then watching the others do the same.  Later, in the day, Jimmy left and Charley told us that Jimmy had been one of the top two or three basketball players in the state.  He got a scholarship to a small college, but dropped out to marry the cheerleader he had knocked up.



When leaving one day, we went across the dunes on the main trail rather then going straight down to the beach, an easier walk but we had seen several couples go down the path in that direction during the day.  At a bowl perhaps 500 feet from ours, we happened across two couples going at it, side by side, girls on bottom, guys on top, obviously fucking.  Earlier in the day, the couples had been at different bowls on either side of the main path but had obviously gotten together.  We stood and watched and then continued our journey back to the car.  Just two bowls away, we saw one of the “pervs” standing, seemingly alone.  But, as we moved further down the path, we saw the back of a woman’s head.  She was sucking the “perv” while bouncing up and down, fucking her husband who was laying on the blanked, on his back. Wow, we had been missing all of this.   These folks had all talked to us earlier in the day as they arrived and walked up the trail past our bow.   As we walked down the beach, back to the car, I visualized myself, naked on the blanket, Tom fucking me and some of our “perv” friends, standing around the blanket, watching, waiting to be next. 



The next morning after breakfast, we headed back to the dunes.  We were the first to arrive.  After a short time, Jimmy, the new guy from the day before arrived.  He was decked out in madras like shorts, a nice pink polo golf shirt and shiny white Nikes that looked just huge.  For being in the dunes, he was very nicely dressed.  He had come in the back way, up and over Mt Baldhead, a climb that included 302 stairs and a 30 minute walk across the hot sand carrying a small chair, blanket and cooler.  He was only slightly sweaty.  He stopped and talked for a while at our bowl, undressed and applied sun scream.  I did his upper back for him; he had broad shoulders and very little body fat. I watched as he applied the cream to his balls and his cock and how it swelled when he did.  After a short time, a few others arrived including 3 young ladies who were by themselves.  Jimmy gave them a few minutes and then made an exit so he could set up in the bowl aside theirs.  The morning passed, we ate the sandwiches we had bought and drank the wine.  It was a slow day, not many people in the dunes and none of our regular pervs.  In the afternoon, I had Tom apply more sun screen to my back and it turned into a petting session.  I was getting fairly excited and began sucking Tom’s dick only to look up and see Jimmy.  “Oops, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt.” he said.  “Hey, I’m not making any progress down there, would you mind if I move my stuff back down here and join you two?”  I respond,”Oh, we’re your second choice, huh.  Strikeout with the young girls so now I’ll come down and talk to Debbie and Tom. That’s ok, come on down.” I tried to be flirtatious. “Thanks, I didn’t really mean it that way.  It will probably be 15 minutes or so.”



Tom gets up from the blanket and moves to one of the short beach chairs, his dick still hard. “Oh sure, I start getting a little outdoor action and here comes junior.”  I get on my knees in front of his chair, “We’ve got a little time,” and begin sucking him again, but this time more aggressively.  Only a few minutes passed, Tom has gotten all milky eyed with occasional moans. Suddenly I hear, “Oh, oh, I think he is coming.”  I keep sucking.  “Sweetie, he has his stuff and his coming up the path.”  I take his cock deeper down my throat and suck hard. A whisper now, “He’s here. But I guess you know that.” I keep sucking. I hear Jimmy drop his stuff to the ground.  I know he is there, I know he is watching.  I can determine his movement from the movement of Tom’s eyes.  Now I see Jimmy at the edge of my vision, moving more to the front for a direct view.  I keep sucking and Tom gives in and relaxes a bit more.  I begin more back and forth motion now, and then pull back, turn to Jimmy and say this will just a few minutes longer. “Go head, don’t mind me, I enjoy watching.”  I look up at his dick; it’s in his hand, rising up just above half mast.  “Do you need help with that, honey? Can I give you a hand? Tom shouldn’t get all of the attention.”  Jimmy nods and moves his hand.  I reach up and grasp it, and give it a few, long strokes.  It’s about the length of Tom’s but slightly thicker.  I pull him further towards Tom’s chair as I go back down and suck Tom’s pulsating dick deep in my mouth.  I’m stroking and squeezing Jimmy and sucking Tom. I see Jimmy wave his hand and hear him command, “Move on!”  A perv had apparently stopped to watch. The head of Tom’s dick is swelling, I pull him out and tell him, “Someone is getting all of the attention, can I suck his.”   “Ask him,” Tom responds.  Immediately, I hear, “yes, oh yes,” from Jimmy.  He’s still standing, I’m on my knees and I take in his dick. It is larger now and once in my mouth, I feel it growing all the more.  I back off and look at it again, it’s massive and I force it down my throat. The mere sight of it turns me on.  My lips are not even half way down the shaft but its bumping against my gag reflex.  I gag, I gurgle, and I push it harder.  I move back to Tom’s and slide it deeply down my throat until my lips are against his pelvis and there is no more to take.  Jimmy has moved down to his knees and positioned behind me.  He slides his fingers deep inside; everything is moist, actually gushing wet and takes some of that wetness to my clit.  He moves his mouth down to my ass, is licking my clit and tonguing deep inside me from behind.  His tongue goes up and down my ass.  I suck Tom harder and harder and feel the gush of cum down my throat.  I continue to suck until I feel him pull up slightly on my face. 



I turn and Jimmy moves back.  He is on his knees and I bend down and take his dick in my mouth again, sucking the head and stroking that long shaft but two hands.  I cup his balls with one hand, squeeze and massage, and taste the oozing of pre cum, large amounts.  I slide my head down between his legs and take his massive balls into my mouth.  It’s a bit of a battle getting them both in but I do and then squeeze and stroke his cock while I suck.  He reaches down with his long arms slides his fingers in and out and strokes my clit until I move into climax.  “Fuck me, fuck me. Do you have a condom? Fuck me.”  He pulls out a condom, puts it on and climbs on top of me.  I’m on back, legs spread, waiting for him.  “Go easy, be gentle, you’re so big and I’m a small girl.”  “I will he says.”  He gently works it in and pushes it deeper, slowly and gently with several successive efforts; then back and forth, slowly and gently.  I’m exploding. I hook my calves over his hips and raise my body, thrusting my myself up his rod.  Its deep, it hurts but I do it again and again.  He’s on top but I’m the one doing the fucking.  Each thrust up the long shaft causes a new round of orgasm that continues as I slide back down the shaft.  Who say’s size doesn’t matter, this is ecstasy.  He’s gotten the message now, don’t be so gentle, give it to me, and rolls more on to his side taking me along for the ride until I’m on top. 



I look up at Tom and then follow his gaze over to three pervs, standing there watching.   Jimmy is thrusting his dick up into me now, with deep and hard but more slowly.  He is cumming inside me, and then I remember the condom. I move up and down just slightly and then dismount.  I sit along side him and grip his balls and dick with both hands.  It’s starting to lose some its massiveness now.  I remove the condom and milk out the last drops of cum, bend over and rub the tip of his dick around my nipple.  I hear Tom, “Move on now, shows over, you don’t get a turn.”  The pervs walk away.  Jimmy stays and talks a while. He tells us what a great couple we are and how he so much wants his wife to come out to the dunes with him but she simply won’t.  He leaves.  I ask Tom, “What do you think?”  What did you feel?”  He laughs, “How many times have you told me size doesn’t matter.  You couldn’t get enough of that thing. You were hot in Key West; you turn into quite the animal when you get a big one.”  I so wanted to deny it but couldn’t. I had never had anything quite that large before, and it was wonderful, the thought of it and the feel it. “So, you felt bad because he was so big?”  “No, no, I though it was great.  I wanted a slutty girlfriend and you’re the best. Once again, I get the best blow jobs from you when someone is sucking or fucking you.  We’re going to keep doing this.” That winter, we heard that the town has purchased the dunes and there will be no more nakedness there. We are saddened.



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