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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   This is what your LL playmate does for you  

8/7/2013 19:07
Posted By:  - GLEN ELLYN, IL  
Date Posted: 8/7/2013 19:07
I have playmate that when he comes to town we try to get together.  Little did I know that this playdate was going to be different.

We'll call my playmate "Tom".  He had a dinner meeting this particular night, so we wouldn't be getting together until around 9.  I was told to come to his hotel room & text him when I was settled.  I changed into something more appropriate for play & then texted him.  My instructions were, "open the door, get on all 4's on the edge of the bed & ass in the air"  He was sending someone up.  A few minutes later I heard a voice & felt some hands on my ass.  I never saw his face until after he did what Tom instructed him to do....fuck my ass, leave a load, & take some pics.  This guy had a very nice suckable cock, which I gladly took.  He definately did a great job at following his instructions.  I was filled up!  He got dressed, I thanked him & then he left. I found out later he was a friend of Tom's.  I texted Tom when he left and gave him some details as to what happened.  He then asked if I was ready for another one.  I quickly answered yes!

Same instructions, open door, on all 4's, and ass in the air.  Lucky man #2 came in.  Heard his voice in awe of what he had waiting for him on the bed.  A woman's ass filled with the last guys cum.  After he rubbed my ass like it was a crystal ball he immediately thrust his nice hard, thick cock in my ass & kept going until he was ready to unload.  He found his way in & on my ass, and my back.  Now this guy was really hot & he had a nice thick cock!  He got dressed, told me I had a great friend to do this for me, I thanked him & he left.  Texted Tom & said he was great & he just left.  He asked if I was ready for another..Again, I said YES!

Again, same instructions as the first 2. Luckier man #3 came in.  Now I'm really full.  This guy had a lot of stamina & was a little rough, which was ok.  He dove right in & took the creampie that was overflowing from me. He pulled my hair with every thrust & grabbed my breasts. He was enjoying this fuckfest as much as I was.  When he finished he turned me over & started making out with me.  OMG!  This was one young, good-looking guy.  I rode him like the horse he was.  He'd never been with an older woman & loved every minute of it.  I will admit to enjoying him to the fullest. He was 22. He got dressed, said thanks & then left.  I texted Tom when he left & said this guy was amazing & I played with him the longest.  Tom asked if I was ready for another one. Duh!!! Send him in.

Following the instructions I was given earlier in the evening, I waited...door open, on all 4's, ass in the air.   Heard him walk in & gasp at the site of me on the bed with my ass in the air.  He had the same instructions as all the rest.  By this time I've had 3 full cocks fucking my tight ass & loving every minute of it.  Heard him get undressed & get right down to business. After he rubbed my ass a bit & gave me some spankings he fucked me.  Told me I was sooo tight he had to cum now. Cum now, cum later, I didn't care.  I was enjoying it regardless.  Yes he came & filled me good.  Got dressed, said thanks & then left.  Texted Tom & gave the deatails.  He said he'd be up there shortly.

I waited under the covers for Tom to return to the room........

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