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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   For my master  

8/26/2013 21:10
Posted By:  - INDIANAPOLIS, IN  
Date Posted: 8/26/2013 21:10
   It is Saturday. You worked all day and my instructions were simple – you wanted the house to be clean when you got home. You get home from work and I am sitting in the bedroom on the floor with my knees spread open, palms up on my thighs wearing only panties and heels like you told me. I can hear you come in the house and you take your time inspecting my work. The house is clean but you note some dust here and there and you are glad so that you can punish me later for it. You slowly walk down the hallway, knowing that I’m waiting for you and that it’s killing me with how long you are taking to get to me. You smile as you walk slowly into the room seeing me there on the floor like you commanded. You walk around me to the nightstand where several of our toys are laid out. I start to move towards you and you swiftly grab my hair, pulling tightly, telling me, “Do not move. This will be your one and only warning.” I say “yes sir” knowing that this is going to be a fun and exciting night. You grab the nipple clamps. You come back over to me and tell me to place my arms behind my back as if they are handcuffed. You tell me that tonight will not only be a night where you tie me up and restrain me but where I will also learn self-control. You tell me that I am not to move my hands and act as if they were bound behind me and I was not to any other part of my body no matter what you decide to do to me. I say yes sir and immediately place my arms Behind my back. You start working on my nipples – pulling, squeezing, twisting, pinching them. I moan as you make me even more wet than I already am, but I am very careful not to move. You continue to play with my nipples until you are happy with how hard they are and place the nipple clamps on me. You leave and go turn on the shower. When you come back you're naked in front of me with your hard cock right in my face. I lean forward to put my mouth around your hard cock. You immediately grab my hair and pull my head up so that I'm looking directly into your eyes. You say “I told you not to move bitch.” I tell you that “I am so sorry sir, but I can’t help it. I am so horny and just want to touch you and to suck on your hard dick. I beg you. I want your hard cock so badly. Please sir please let your slut taste your hard cock, please sir please. I beg for your hard cock and you oblige me telling me to make sure that I cannot move my hands from behind my back. I quickly devour your cock, bobbing my head up and down, loving every second of it. You place your hands on my head and force your cock down the back of my throat. I am gagging, but you don’t care. It is so difficult for me to leave me hands behind my back like this, but I am trying. You let me up for to catch my breath but only for a moment, as you slam your cock again into the back of my throat. By now, my pussy is dripping wet and I am aching for you to touch it, and give it some sort of attention…any attention. You put a blindfold on me and tell me to lay all the way back on the carpet. You smack my pussy hard and I scream from the sudden pain and pleasure I feel. And then, nothing. I can’t hear you. You aren’t touching me and it’s driving me crazy. The next thing I know you have put an ice cube in my pussy and tell me to make sure it stays in until it is completely melted or I will be severely punished. You run another ice cube over my aching nipples and the sensation is overwhelming. You tell me to be a good little slut and you leave to shower. You leave me laying on the floor in my panties with an ice cube in my pussy and nipple clamps blindfolded, waiting for your return. By the time you finish your shower, my body is aching and I will do anything for you to touch me. You have me stand and take off my soaking wet panties and hand them to you. You tell me that I am going to be punished. I ask you why sir, I have done everything you told me to. You remind me that I am your slut and that you will punish me whenever you want to and besides you saw areas of dust in the house and that is clearly unacceptable. You also will punish me more for questioning you. You tell me that you are going to spank me 5 times for the dust and paddle me 5 times for questioning you. You ask me if I can handle this without the neighbors hearing or if you need to put my dripping wet panties in my mouth to keep me quiet. I tell you that I can handle it sir. You have me get on the bed with my stomach over a large pile of pillows in the center. You tie my arms and legs to each corner of the bed and my ass is high up in the air ready to be spanked. You tell me to count each one. I am waiting, tensely, nervously for the first strike. You realize this and wait long enough for me to relax slightly and then SMACK! I scream from the surprise and the pain that is now turning into pleasure and say “One!”
To be continued…

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