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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   For my master part II  

8/31/2013 02:29
Posted By:  - INDIANAPOLIS, IN  
Date Posted: 8/31/2013 02:29
   You continue to spank me and watch as my ass turns from white to pink. You deliver all 10 spankings and my ass is on fire. You start to gently rub my ass to relieve some of the stinging and slowly work your fingers towards my pussy. You tell me that I took my punishment well and ask if I have learned my lesson and will be a good little slut. I respond, “Yes sir, I will be good.” You tell me that we will find out. Your fingers continue to lightly touch me, around my inner thighs and on the outer edge of my pussy. I start to move trying to get your fingers to touch my pussy, as I am so wet and my pussy is aching for your touch. You stop touching me and tell me that I’m not to move, that you will touch my pussy when you are good and ready, and that you know what I was trying to do. I tell you, “yes sir, I am sorry sir.” You resume your light touch, starting at my legs moving up to my inner thighs, then move up around my back to my neck and then my hair. It is so hard for me not to move, as all I want is you close to me. You continue your teasing and watch me struggle, but I do not move. You decide to reward me by finally running your fingers along my pussy, feeling exactly how wet that I am. You shove 2 fingers deep inside my pussy and I moan with pleasure, as you take them out and put your fingers to my lips. I immediately know what to do and lick them clean. I am rewarded with a “good girl” from you. Then, you tell me to look straight ahead, do not turn around. “Yes sir,” I say. You slam a vibrator deep into my pussy and I gasp at the sudden intrusion. You turn the vibrator on high and start fucking my pussy with it. I am on the brink of orgasm and as you notice this, you tell me that I better not cum until you give me permission or I will be more severely punished than earlier. I focus all my energy on not cumming, but I don’t know how much longer I can take it as you continue to fuck my pussy with the vibrator on high. You say one simple word, “Beg.” From that point, I start begging you to let me cum. “Please sir, I need to cum. I can’t handle it anymore. Please sir, please, please. Your slut needs to cum, please sir!” You reach around and grab my nipple, which is already very tender from the nipple clamps, and tell me to cum now. As soon as the words leave your lips, I can feel myself orgasming – the sensation ripping through my body, explosive, wonderful, and you never let up on fucking my pussy with the vibrator. As I start to come down from my orgasm, you remove the vibrator from my dripping wet pussy and my whole body just falls limp. I feel your hand tugging my hair as you gently pull my head backwards. I can hear you in my ear saying, “Oh my little girl, I am far from done with you.” You put your finger back into my pussy, swirling it around getting it lubed up with all my pussy juices. You shove the finger deep in my mouth and I lick it clean. You ask me, “What did that taste like?” “Pussy sir,” I say. You ask, “You like tasting pussy?” “Yes sir,” I say. And with that, you position my ass again high up in the air, and put your cock at my pussy opening and pause. You ask me if I want it. I tell you that yes sir, please give me your nice hard cock in my pussy. And with that, in one swift motion, you ram your hard cock in my pussy and I moan in delight. You tell me that I can cum as often as I would like and I thank you. You continue to fuck my pussy from behind and I enjoy it so much. You can feel me orgasm as my pussy contracts around your hard dick and waves flash through me. You slow down and untie my right hand. Immediately, I start rubbing my clit and you pick up the pace again, fucking me hard, slapping my ass and pulling my hair back, as you watch me rub my clit and see my boobs swaying. We both cum at the same time, as I can feel your pulsating cock in my pussy, filling me with your sweet cum, as my pussy contracts again around your cock coating it with my pussy juices. You remove your cock from my pussy and allow me to lick you clean and also taste the small amount of your cum that is on the tip of your penis. Then, you begin to untie the remaining ropes that are binding me. I slump down in bed, but you give me a look like there’s more in store for us. But, for now, we fall asleep tangled up together in bed.

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