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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   A 3some with a twist....  

9/11/2013 15:59
Posted By:  - GLEN ELLYN, IL  
Date Posted: 9/11/2013 15:59
So, Tom is in town & I'm excited to met up with him again.  Not sure what he has planned, but always a fun time.  He sends me a text asking if I would like to join him when he meets a CD tonight, though I will be watching, not playing.  I immediately answer yes! 

This time when we meet we aren't the ones hosting (which is different for us), We're going to the her hotel room. Tom & I agreed to meet at the hotel as the designated time & let him know I'm ok to watch.  I then find out that the she (do not know her name) says it's ok if I play too.  How exciting to wait for time to pass and then you finally get the text that says "come on up, I'm in room...".

We go knock on the door & are greeted by a fit "woman" dressed in a black leather/spandex corset, thigh-high boots with black nylons held on by the thinnest garters.  Did I mention she's also wearing a red & black flowered thong & a string pearls to complete her ensemble.   She also has a French accent, real or not, nobody cares....but it does make it a little more exotic.  Tom leaves me to meet & warm up his girl for the night so he can change into something more comfortable.  She has the nicest ass complimented by those garters forming her over her ass & disappearing into her boots.   At this point we are kissing & touching and some "happy sounds" are coming from our girl.  I reach down to touch her thong to admire her flowers & find her ladystick tucked nicely away. She moans when I touch her.

Tom emerges from the bathroom dressed in the bodysock I absolutely love to see him in.  She is standing with me kissing me when Tom sits on the bed.  He comes to kiss me & then both of them are sucking on my breasts.  That itself was a great picture that I won't soon forget.  What woman wouldn't enjoy this???? HELLO!

The next thing I see is Tom making out with her.  The image of the both of them kissing & feeling and stroking each other is incredibly hot since they are both dressed sexy and are very much into the fun at hand.  She lays down on the bed, I am laying next to her & then she starts sucking Tom's cock.  Tom asks me to hold her head down so she can take in every inch of him.  She's hesitates for just a second but then lets me keep pushing her head, not letting her up.  She does such a great job of sucking him that I'm getting turned-on even more! Tom is enjoying this as well!  Since she is on her back I start kissing her & letting Tom stroke her & suck her cock. Tom asks me to get her ass ready for him.  I am more than willing to help in that respect. I start playing and massaging her boy kitty....she's ready & Tom is hard & ready for her. I am kissing or rubbing someone. I'm watching Tom slide right into her luscious ass and just keep fucking her.. She is moaning as I'm watching her take him in hard & deep.   I ask her a few times is she likes Tom's cock & if she's enjoying this fucking she's getting.  She always said yes & told us she was our toy to play with, to do what we wanted with her. That was sexy to her and us.  She turns over & now Tom is able to fuck her so all 3 of us can watch the action.  Tom is fucking her balls deep & just going for it!   Her legs are straight in the air against Tom's shoulders.  An incredibly hot scene to be watching. After some time has passed, it was time to shuffle the players.  Tom took a minute, sitting beside me while I was laying on the bed, making sure he was always touching me or kissing me while she was having her way with me.

When we all had our fill of the night's fun, it was time to say good-night.  And what a good night is was!

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