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   A True Action Flick  

9/23/2013 18:47
Posted By:  - JEFFERSON CITY, MO  
Date Posted: 9/23/2013 18:47
   A True Action Flick

It was date night. As parents we had gotten into the good habit of getting a baby sitter about every other weekend, but a bad habit of going for drinks and dinner at the same couple of places every time. We thoroughly enjoy going out, having a cocktail before dinner, and sharing a bottle of wine during dinner. It always resulted in the right amount of buzz, and we both always prayed the kids were asleep when we got home. Any babysitter that failed us in that, was destined to never return.

One weekend my wife suggested that we change it up a bit, but I don't think either of us realized quite what that would lead to. She suggested a new theatre that had just opened and it was one of those new type that allowed cocktails and served real appetizers. It was showing a Nicholas Cage movie, and my wife always got hot watching his movies, and neither of us could actually explain why. I didn't mind at all. I reaped the benefits often enough that I called it the "Nicholas Cage effect". Next to the theatre there was a bar that we used to go to before we had kids, so we decided to start there.

I wore this new pair of jeans that she really loved. They were dark blue with a slight faded effect, the material was really soft for jeans and they fit like they were custom made. The weren't tight but they gripped my crotch and ass in a way she loved. Enough so that when I first tried them on in the store I came out of the dressing room, not realizing quite how they fit, and asked her how she liked them, lifting my T-shirt and doing a 360 as I asked.

My wife was not a big PDA person, but she got a sparkle in her eye, smiled, looked around to see if the coast was clear, and walked straight over to me. She locked her eyes on mine and I thought she was going to kiss me, which would have been surprising in a clothing store. Instead, she said, "They fit great." and cupped her hand around my crotch.

My hard-on swelled at lightning speed to at least 8 inches in spite of the constraint of the now tight jeans. I'll never forget the look on her face as she exclaimed, "Oh my!" As she gave me a playful squeeze and began to move along its length we both heard, "How do they fit?".

Both our heads whipped around to see the nice grey haired clerk that had been helping us come around the corner between the racks of Dockers khakis. We must have looked so guilty she had to be thinking about calling security thinking we were stuffing Polos into some unknown bag.

I probably turned red as can be, but my wife just chuckled, looked at me and said, "Should we see what she thinks?"

I said, "No, I'll just take them home, and you too." turned around and headed toward the dressing room.

She patted my back side and said, "You'll want to wear those with the shirt tail out." Since then I always wore them that way, and to the movie tonight I wore them with one of my favorite summery Tommy Bahama shirts.

My wife wore a reasonably short black skirt that I thought showed off her legs and her gorgeous tan. She is one of those people who enjoys a perfect, sensual tan with minimal effort. It makes her skin glow and she is always getting compliments on her skin in the summer. I'm the lucky one that gets to enjoy the full effect.

She also wore a fairly thin, black cotton shirt that crossed over in front and showed excellent cleavage with the help of her new Soma bras that were well worth the money. Her natural, post-motherhood, 36 D cleavage was always very distracting and I loved it when she showed it off. She was looking sizzling tonight and most of the night I was glad to have my shirt tail out. God I love her.

As I said, we started the evening with some appetizers and drinks at the bar. She ordered one of their summer special drinks, a strong gin based drink with a splash of grapefruit juice and muddled raspberries, topped with a sprig of mint. I ordered a gin gimlet martini, up. We were enjoying the bar, the waiter, the food, as well as each other's company as we "people watched" and reminisced about our years dating and coming here with friends. Before I knew it we were ordering our third drink a piece and they were having their effect as we were a bit giddy. Fortunately, she was keeping track of the time and we paid the bill and headed next door to the theatre.

We paid for our tickets and headed to the adult snack stand where we decided to share a creme brle and my wife said, "Give us two double Bailey's on the rocks, please." One of the best decisions that has ever occurred in a theatre.

As the previews came to an end we realized that there were only three couples in the small theatre. As I said, the theatre was new and it was a Nicholas Cage action movie. We had taken seats about 2/3 of the way back and the other 2 couples were toward the front of the theatre.

Each chair had its own little table on the armrest to put our desert and drinks. It was great. As the movie started we were enjoying the creme brle and I knew my wife was a bit tipsier than usual because she kept laughing and even spoon fed me some of the desert. She is usually pretty reserved in public, so this was out of character for her. After the desert was done she stowed the little table and put up the armrest between us, moving our drinks to the outside tables on my right and her left.

We sat and watched the movie, which was an action flick which we both enjoy when apparently the "Nicholas Cage effect" kicked in. She had leaned over toward me and put her head on my shoulder a few minutes earlier and my left hand was holding her right and resting in her lap. I turned as I felt her turn her head and look up at me. Her eyes had an overpowering sensuality about them in the dim light of the theater and the flashing light of the movie. She reached across with her left hand and stroked the hair on my right arm, then pulls my right arm toward her. Before I know it, she slips my hand inside the crossover part of her shirt, under her bra and has me cupping her perfect left breast in my hand. I massage it slowly, looking around a bit to make sure nobody else can see and the coast is clear. As I turn back to her she kisses me, full tongue engaged and with a sizzling sense of urgency. I begin to knead her breast in my fingers more passionately and realize that her nipple is as hard as a marble. I ran my fingers across it, knowing that normally her nipples are very sensitive. As I do so, she surprises me and says, "Pinch it a little, will you?" I think to myself, "Who is this girl and what is the combination of drinks that have led to this so I can buy her them again next weekend?"

As I pinch her nipple she begins to moan ever so softly, aware not to distract anyone from the movie, which by now Nicholas Cage has taken off his shirt and started to blow things up so no worries there. I decide if she likes a little pinch a lot, she will like a bigger pinch and a bit of a twist even more. She does and her eyes, which are already sparkling, go super wide and I am sure she is about to climax. She takes my left hand, which she has been squeezing harder and harder and, sliding her skirt up a bit, wrenches it toward her sweet spot. Yes, she was hot but I was starting to feel like a pretzel. We are a passionate couple, but I am not a contortionist.

"Hold on." is all I can utter as I untangle myself and pray she doesn't lose this momentum. I place both her hands on her breasts and she immediately undoes her front closure bra sliding it out of the way to the sides and allowing those two beautiful marbles to protrude out of the thin black material. She isn't one to stimulate herself, and certainly not in public, but she went after those nipples like they were radio dials and she was cranking up the volume. As fast as I could, I slid my right hand under her skirt, trying not to twist myself too much incase someone got up and got popcorn or something. What I found between her silky tan thighs was an exciting lack of underwear and an extremely juicy welcome. She leans to my ear and said, "I took them off in the bathroom at the bar."

I began to stimulate her clit a bit and she said, "Too late for that, you're gonna have to get in there . . . and hurry." I inserted my middle finger inside her and immediately realized how hot she was, she needed two fingers and I obliged with an urgency that matched the sensation obviously rocking her body as I started. It wasn't 20 seconds before she grabbed the cloth napkin that had come with our desert and jammed it in her mouth to muffle her passion. Her feet were jammed into the lumbar area of the back of the seat in front of us, pushing with all her might. She has very muscular legs and her thigh muscles were popping out like a sexy olympic weight lifter. Fortunately the movie was in a full on, John Woo type explosive action segment, so it covered her passion, but I thought her eyes were going to pop right out of her head for a moment. She peaked as my fingers moved in and out matching the spasms in her vagina and my hand formed a natural little cup in the palm, which was a good thing because the cum began to flow from her like never before and if I hadn't been there her skirt would have been a mess. My palm filled with her warm juices and she began to breath deeply as the rhythm slowed to a halt. Here eyes were closed now but her eyelids were still twitching with the stimulation. She looked amazingly beautiful lying back with her hands still resting on her breasts and every muscle in her face and neck completely relaxed.

I pulled my fingers out of her carefully, which caused a satisfied sigh and found myself with a perfect hand full of warm sweetness. I love the taste of her and on a whim I grabbed my half empty glass of Baileys, poured her sweetness from my hand into the glass and wiped my palm along its edge to get every drop as she watched me through half opened eyelids.

"You want to fill up my glass now?" she said with the lazy drawl of post orgasmic muscle relaxation.

I will be honest, to make a good story she would have taken care of me too, right then and there, but in reality, I had been so excited and focused on her, that my hard-on, which was straining every thread in my jeans, hadn't even occurred to me. She would laugh at that, since she knows it is almost always on my mind. If she wasn't my best friend, it would be. Good thing the two friends get along so well.

She reached down and touched me through my jeans and I could tell that the muscles in her face and neck lost their post orgasmic relaxation and I could tell she was ready to go again. She squeezed me hard and it took both her hands to squeeze the entire thing in spite of the confining jeans.

"Lets get home as fast as we can, and if the kids are awake we are doing it in the car. I can't explode in here like you did, I'm gonna need room and I want to feel the rest of you." She refastened her bra, with a slight wince of discomfort because of her likely reddened nipples and straightened her top and skirt.

"Just a second." she winked with a smile, grabbed her remaining glass of Baileys and holding back her ice cubes she poured the remains of her drink into mine, being sure to pour it along the edge where I had wiped my hand to get every drop of her sweetness in the drink. She stuck her finger into my glass and swirled it seductively, then licked her finger, tasting it deliciously. "Cheers." She winked and wrapped her sensual lips around the edge of the glass and drank generously, obviously letting each drop roll across her tongue.

"Now drink me up, though you can finish me off later." she said, handing me the rest of the drink. I tipped the glass up and aggressively drank it down. The Baileys tasted great, but the special additive added some "stick to your tongue" sweetness that I have to admit, I enjoyed.

We've been back to the theatre since then, but it has gotten more popular, so hasn't been the same, darn it. However, anytime we drink we Baileys we do so with a wink.

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