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Are you seeking Beverly Hills, California swingers personal ads?
Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 

10/24/2013 07:58
Posted By:  - BEVERLY HILLS, CA  
Date Posted: 10/24/2013 07:58
   I have been working on a project in Chicago.  On Tuesday that week was able to work from the hotel room so put out a Booty Call.  I was flattered to receive a few replies and interested inquiries...then out of the blue I receive an IM.

It is the wife of a married couple who is an absolute smoking hot blonde bombshell.  Did I mention I have a weakness for blondes?  Diane tells me her husband has given her permission to play but she only has a few hours before she needs to tend to kids and Mommy duties.  So...I enjoy some playful flirting chat...then put myself on cam and show her how rock hard our naughty chat and her photo has gotten my big thick 8" cock...then I tell Diane to not waste any time and get over to my O'Hare airport hotel (with room number) so we can make the most of the situation.  

Not even 45 minutes later Diane is knocking on my door dressed in black fuck me boots, a trench coat and wild red lipstick.  Her beautiful, white milky perfect tits have to at least be 36DD busting thru her coat and she smiles then gazes at me with her stunning blue eyes..  With a very sweet but quiet voice she actually asked me if she could cummm in:-)  I graciously take her hand and escort her inside my room...greeting her with a raging hard on in my boxer briefs and nothing else...

She was very shy and asked if she could sit on the bed...and without hesitation I push her back onto the bed and throw myself on top of her...thrusting myself and cock rising thru my boxer briefs against her silky red teddy and ripping the trench coat off her delicious body to the floor. 

She wraps her hot black fuck me boots around my back and unleashes her shyness to scream "fuck me baby"...and takes both hands and slowly strokes my cock towards her pussy...telling me not to waste any time because she has been in need of a strangers big hard and thick cock for far too long.  The pain from her stiletto heels digging into my back warns me (in a very good way) that I am about to enjoy one of my best fucks ever.

Normally a gentleman who enjoys massage, sensual kissing, nibbling and lots of pampering foreplay...I obey her orders and slide her red teddy silk panties to the side...and tease her clit with the tip of my raging cock...as I fight her to not slide deep into her.  I enjoy the teasing for a few moments longer and slide my cock up and down against her shaven pussy, ass and back up to her clit...enjoying how soaking wet Diane is getting...

Neither of us being able to stand it any longer...I part her pussy lips with the head of my cock then pull out.  Then I repeat the pleasure with a couple more inches of my cock...till I can feel how amazingly wet, warm and juicy her tight pussy has become.  I reach for her face and nibble on her neck, ears then a sensual soft kiss on her lips...as I slide inch by inch of my rock hard thick cock into one of the best pussies I have ever felt.  I have never felt a woman feel so naturally perfect for my body -- cock fitting pussy like a glove, my chest pressed up against her curvy beautiful 36DD's and delicious kissing lips.  She also had stamina...as she was first in many women to make me cum 3 times in a single 2+ hour play session...

We fucked for every minute of the time we had together...and I experienced my very first soaker:-)  Diane soaked my cock, balls and ass like no other woman.  I can only hope that if I post another Booty Call...I can be so fucking lucky!   Next time I hope I get to thank her gracious husband and give Diane the attention she really deserves with a few good men:-)

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