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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Horny While Away Day 1 and 2  

10/28/2013 23:01
Posted By:  - EXCELSIOR, MN  
Date Posted: 10/28/2013 23:01
   Sorry for the long follow-up to day one.  I've included it since it's been a while.   Enjoy!

Horny While Away


So there she was finishing up her drinks with her coworkers in some downtown bar in Denver.  Chris was there on business leading her team trying to get this brokerage account online with her company.  It had been a hard day with this group as they just didn’t get it, and to make things worse they were all a bunch of partiers, many of whom didn’t take their careers seriously.  To that point on the official itinerary it called for “drinks at the bar” from 6pm to ???.  This was only day 1 of the 3 day trip.


It was around midnight when she got back to her hotel and she decided to order a glass of wine at the bar and take it up to her room and sip it while taking a hot bath.  She was cursing the new airport security because in the past Chris would always take a waterproof vibe for her bath-time relaxation.  She was especially horny this trip as the day before she and her husband were supposed to have half the day to lay around naked and have sporadic sex.  That was the one of the benefits of working from home on holidays.


When Chris entered into the hotel bar she was surprised that there were quite a few people here at midnight, especially since it was only a Wednesday.  As she was picking out a glass of cab from the list she hears a male voice say: “Try the J. Lohr, it’s one of my favorites.”  Chris looked to her left and found a tall blond man sitting next to her.  He stood another inch or two taller then her husband with a similar build.  “J. Lohr is one of my favorites but I don’t see it by the glass.” She said.  Hearing that the blond called for the bartender to order a bottle of the wine and proceeded to pour them each a glass.  “My name is Aden.” he proceeded.  “I’m Christine” (she has used her formal name since college when meeting new people or in business). 


They made some small-talk and Chris discovered that Aden was an amateur skier and he and his club where here to compete in a race this coming weekend.  This hotel was to be the headquarters for the event which explained the crowd.  Aden couldn’t keep his eyes off of Chris’s full C-cups as she was wearing one of her cleavage shirts.  She smiled every time she caught him and cursed a little that she was married.  She was horny and needed to have a release, but it felt so good to be hit on by a complete stranger.  After a little while her hearts pace started to quicken a bit and she could feel that she was getting a little wet at the thought of this guy and what she wished they could do.


As the first glass gave way to the second one of Aden’s friends came over and introduced himself “Hi, I’m Donavan, the guy that’s going to be kicking Aden’s ass all over the slopes this weekend” grinning wildly as he ripped on his friend.  Donavan was around the same height at Aden, but more built with a darker completion.  After that comment, five minutes of name calling, manliness challenging, and questioning of each others sexuality ensued.  Finally they both turned their attention to Chris.


Donavan turned out to be a bit drunk and quite the flirt.  Seeing his friend trying to move in on Chris, Aden suggested that they retire to his room with the rest of the bottle of wine.  Chris who was horny even before coming into the bar was trying to be strong, yet enjoy this little taste of being wanted a little while longer.


“Tell you what, you can walk me up to my room and if you’re a gentleman I’ll let you give me a goodnight kiss.”  Jumping at the chance he took the remaining bottle, gave his buddy a wink and quickly escorted Chris to the elevator.  “What am I thinking” Chris was thinking as they were walking to the elevator.  “It’s all in fun and I can probably tease Shawn about it when I get home.”


As soon as the doors of the elevator closed, Aden made his move.  He bent down and gave Chris a passionate kiss.  Chris, surprised at first started to slow it down, but eventually Aden’s persistence paid off and she totally gave in to him.  The bell rang in what seemed like an eternity of tongue twisting and the two of them walked to her door and she took out her card key and opened it.


“Well, since you already kissed me in the elevator we both know that you’re no gentleman.”  Aden didn’t listen and went in for another round.  Chris again tried to stop it but he was such a good kisser and she was so horny that she just went with it. 


After about 5 minutes or so they broke their embrace.  Chris’s heart was fluttering with what she had done and the excitement of being with a total stranger without her husbands knowledge out in the hallway where any member of her team could come across them.  As they looked into each others eyes, Chris heard Donavan crack a wise remark: “you two should get a room.”  Aden looked over his shoulder with an annoyed look only to see Donavan leaning against the wall about 20 feet away. 


“Maybe you should just join us in mine if you think you’re such the stud.”  Chris blurted out.  “Where in the hell did that come from?” she thought.  “Ok I think I will.” He retorted.


Seeing how things have totally changed in a matter of seconds Chris was in a panic of what to do.  “First you have to prove yourself worthy.”  Thinking she could just shoot him down and regain control of the situation. 


Not being one to pass on a challenge, Donavan came over to Chris and began slowly, first at her neck planting kisses all the way to her lips.  Chris shuttered and could feel her pussy start to flow like she couldn’t remember.  After a couple minutes Aden broke it up saying: “I think that’s good there lover boy.” 


At this point Chris knew she was past the point of what her body would allow her to stop.  She looked at Aden and took his hand.  She then took Donavan’s hand and led them into the room and shut the door.  She was shaking with excitement and terror by the time she led them to the end of the bed.


“Ok, if we’re going to do this I have rules.”  “First: no cumming in me.” “Second: this is a one time thing.  No phone numbers and if we see each other after this we don’t know each other.”  “And third: I am in control tonight and you’ll do what I say and stop if I say stop.  Agreed?”  They both nod and as if on cue Aden bent down to start kissing Chris. 


As they embraced, Donavan started caressing Chris’s breasts from behind.  Slowly he started to pull her blouse up and over her head.  While their embrace was broken, Chris unfastened her pink lace bra and let it drop on the floor.  Aden immediately got down on his knees and started to suck on her breasts only leaving one for the other once her nipple was at complete attention.  Chris has always had sensitive nipples and even has been known to orgasm from straight nipple play.


She couldn’t believe how incredible this felt and she could feel a tiny drip of wetness escape her thong and start running down the inside of her pants.  Seeing how Aden was busy, Donavan quickly took his place and started passionately kissing Chris.  Chris stroked the outline of what appeared to be a very large cock through Donavan’s pants as he proceeded to have his tongue entwined with Chris’s 


Aden’s free hand had worked their way to the outside of Chris’s pants where just 2 small pieces of fabric were the only barrier between his fingers and Chris’s wet pussy.  The combination of Aden flicking her nipples with his tongue and stroking her pussy up and down through her pants she could feel herself coming to organism.  She broke her kiss off with Donavan and almost completely fell on top of Aden as waves of pleasure washed over her.  “Oh God yes, YES, YES !!!!!” she said as she lost all strength in her legs.  Aden held her up and after a moment Chris came to breathing heavily.


“Wow that was so hot.” She said with a sultry smile.  Aden stood-up and his buddy came next to his side.  “Now I think it’s our turn don’t you think?” Donavan smiled.


Chris gave a devilish smile and simply went to her knees, unzipped Aden’s pants and watched is semi-hard cock flop out.  He was around 8” and of an average girth, eerily similar to her husbands cock.  She took the whole thing into her mouth in one motion.  Aden immediately let out a sigh of pleaser and began to grow in her mouth.  Chris always loved doing this to men and found it so hot to feel it grow against her tongue. 


Seeing his friend get a blowjob in front of him, Donavan unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor.  At first he started to stroke his cock watching his buddy enjoy his blowjob.  Chris took this cue without missing a beat began to stroke Donavan’s cock.  “Holy Shit that’s big!” She thought to herself.  It was, she thought all of 10” and as big around as she’s every seen.  After stroking him until he was hard she said to him “you get on the bed, my knees are hurting.”  Aden was a little relieved of this as she had brought him to the brink of cumming and even had a little precum drip into her mouth.


Donavan pulled his shirt off and thru the comforter onto the floor at the foot of the bed exposing his toned muscular body.  Chris couldn’t help but admire his core and stroked it as she went down on his enormous cock. 


Aden immediately came in behind her and started to take her pants off as she was on all fours sucking Donavan’s cock.  When he got down to her panties he was amazed!  They were literally dripping from her wetness unlike anything he had ever seen.  He had always had almost a fetish for giving oral and immediately started to lick her pussy from behind.  She was so wet he thought that he could almost drink from her pussy.  He plunged is tongue deep into her pussy and could hear a sigh of a pent-up need to be penetrated. 


Donavan was in heaven.  Chris was one of the few women who actually knew how to suck cock.  She even knew about the “men’s clit” on the underside of his cock.  She would furiously stimulate that area with her tongue and when he couldn’t take anymore she would plunge his cock all the way down her throat.  It was almost too much at times where he actually grabbed the headboard at to keep himself from pushing her off.  She did this over and over again and it was all Donavan could do to stay in control.


When Aden pushed his tongue into Chris’s cunt she just felt a huge relief.  She had needed that sooooo bad that her body was literally craving to be penetrated.   He worked his tongue in and out of her dripping pussy and then stopped.  She felt completely empty when his tongue left her.  She was about to look back to see what he was doing when she felt him lift her up and lie on his back and start licking her clit.  She sighed and stopped sucking Donavan’s cock to enjoy the new sensation of her clit FINALLY being paid attention to.  She had wanted to touch herself there for the past hour or so and she almost came from the first contact. 


As Aden flicked her clit with the accuracy and lethality of a sniper, he then inserted a finger into her pussy.  Chris was so wet and so open from all the excitement that on the second thrust he inserted another and upon the 5th thrust there was 3.  It felt so good to be filled that Chris started to push against his hand harder and harder.  When he inserted a finger into her ass as well Chris was in total heaven. 


Then something unexpected happened; Aden withdrew the finger from her ass and one that was in her pussy.  He curled the remaining two and began to vigorously rub her G-spot while penetrating her even deeper.  “Oooohhhhhhh.” Was all Chris could say with Donavan’s cock in her mouth as Aden began to create pressure deep inside.  She knew what he was trying to do and was trying to keep herself composed since this was a hotel room.  Harder, faster, deeper his fingers worked her pussy until the pressure was too much to bare!  She pulled herself up to get his fingers out of her and she let go and squirted all over him.  With that release she came HARD and started to quiver uncontrollably only to be held by Aden’s strong arms.


Aden knew exactly what we wanted out of Chris and getting her to squirt was the first step in his plan.  He loved it as she squirted all over him and immediately went back to work on her pussy as soon as she finished squirting all over the bed, comforter and floor.  He continued to work her pussy until he could sense that she was building towards another eruption when he quit.


Chris was thankful that Aden quit when he did as she was about to squirt again.  It’s a very enjoyable feeling but this was her home for the next few days and she didn’t want it to smell of sex.  Especially if any of her coworkers stopped by!  The break in the action was short lived as she felt Aden position himself behind her with his cock teasing the outside of her drenched pussy.  Up and down he teased her until finally she let go of Donavan’s cock and slammed herself onto Aden’s cock.  “Relief” she thought again to finally have a cock inside of her.    


Aden started slow but soon he was pounding her wet pussy from behind with all he had.  “Aden knows what he’s doing” Chris thought as with every thrust he hit her G-spot and she could feel the pressure start to build again.  Chris tried to slow down the rhythm down and adjust his cock angle but eventually gave into the pleasure of him fucking her pussy with reckless abandon.  “AAAAAHhhhhhhhhh” Chris screamed as she pulled him out of her and she let out an even larger squirt then the first time.  While she was letting go Aden positioned his cock to stroke her clit which made the stream that much more powerful drenching his cock with her juices.  This was one of the most erotic sensations Aden had ever experienced and could feel that he was close to losing his load. 


“OMG” Aden though as Chris let go with a huge volume of fluid on his cock.  He then plunged himself back into her on the edge of coming.  He starts to fuck her again and Chris starts pushing back in rhythm.  At this time Chris stopped giving her attention to Donavan and just let her body go on autopilot to give itself what it craved.   It didn’t take long before he said “I’m about to cum” and started to slow down. 


Chris, being in a total trance of pleasure just wanted Aden to pump her pussy harder and harder.  She heard him say he was about to cum and she didn’t care.  She just pushed harder and harder until she could feel a molten hot wetness shoot her from the inside over and over again.  She didn’t let up until Aden finally was limp and took himself out of her. 


Donavan seeing that his friend had just filled Chris with cum smiled and thought “It’s about fucking time.”  He didn’t wait but 2 seconds of Aden exiting Chris’s pussy before he started to pull her up to him.  Chris wanted to take a breather and go to the bathroom but he knew that would probably be the end of the night, especially since she had instructed them NOT to cum inside her.  He leaned up grabbing her ass and pulled her on top of him.  She was so wet from her squirting and Aden’s cum that was slowly dripping from her cunt that he sunk his entire 10” in one thrust.


“Oh no” Chris thought as her body came to a little bit as she realized Aden had cum inside her.  As she started to get off the bed to go and rinse off, Donavan grabbed her, pulling her on top of him and slamming his monster cock inside her.  “Ohhhhhh” Chris signed out and her body gave into the pleasure that only an extra large cock filling her could do.  He held her in a bear hug as he pumped her pussy with his massive cock.  He was so big it felt like he was touching every part of her insides at once.  She immediately felt the pressure start to build again and was completely powerless to stop it even if she had the will to.  It only took 20 more thrusts before Chris let out a scream and pulled him out of her and let go an even larger squirt that completely drenched the him and the bed.  Donavan didn’t like the cold air on his cock and immediately plunged back in.  This time he let Chris up to fuck his cock at her will.


Aden while already cumming once immediately started to get a new erection watching his friends cock cause Chris to squirt again.  She didn’t even seem to be aware of her surroundings anymore, just intend on satisfying her bodies need to be filled.  So taking advantage of the situation and moved around to the head of the bed and started to kiss Chris again.  After a minute he stood up and presented his cock to her and she immediately engulfed it.


Chris couldn’t believe the sensations she was feeling and her whole body seemed like it was acting on its own.  All she could do was enjoy the ride and when Aden came back up and presented his cock to her, it recharged her already sex-starved body.  She took his cock into her mouth without a thought that even though it was just inside her.  She would never taste her husbands cock once it had been inside her much less after he CAME inside her. The taste of both of their sex as she road Donavan’s cock just added to her nirvana.  She leaned up bouncing up and down on Donavan’s cock all the while giving everything she could to cleaning Adan’s.  She could feel Donavan start to work in rhythm with her thrusts and before she knew it he was filling her up with his cum.  There was so much and he was so big that it immediately began to find it’s way out of her pussy onto Donavan and the sheets.  His cumming inside her didn’t stop her thrusts, in-fact it only made her slam up and down even harder.  While she pumped his surprisingly still hard cock she stopped paying attention to Aden.


Aden’s a smart guy and he could tell that Chris would be up for anything at this point.  So once her attention got distracted from his cock he went behind her and slowly started to play with her ass.  He could tell that she was receptive and there wasn’t any hesitation when he inserted a finger.  He knew that he had the green light and he slowly inserted his himself into her ass.


“OMG I’m so full!!!!” was all Chris could think of as Aden buried his cock in her ass.  She had talked about her fantasy to have DP (double penetration) with 2 men but never had the courage to act on it the few times they were at the bar and her husband suggested it.  She couldn’t believe how full it made her feel.  She immediately stop pumping Donavan to both get her body accustom to the anal intruder, but to enjoy the first few moments of her deepest, darkest fantasy coming to life.  She then slowly at first started to rock back and forth enjoying the filling and the emptying of her most sensitive places.  It was a little painful, but it was the best kind of pain/pleasure she had ever remembered experiencing.  As her ass became accustom to being filled she picked up her pace.  More and more, harder and harder until Chris had both holes being pounded in the most pleasurable moment of her life.  It didn’t take long before she came so hard Donavan winced as her pussy contracted on his cock.


“There’s nothing sexier then having a woman cum on your cock” is all Donavan could think as Chris collapsed on top of him with a cock in her pussy and one in her ass.  He could tell that she was about spent, but he was on his second wind and there was no way he was going to finish now.  He started to pump her pussy from the bottom and Aden took his cue to proceed to pump Chris’s ass.  They were both on one mission and that was to cum deep inside of her. 


Chris’s body was completely spent as Donavan and Aden started to pump her furiously.  She was riding a complete sex high and just savored every thrust and every erotic touch these to men were performing to her.  She could feel the pressure building again and just let it go all over Donavan as she couldn’t move from being pinned by these two studs.  She came again, and again, and again, in this erotic high not even in control of her body at all.  It was the most blissful yet intense feeling she’d ever had.  When Aden started to cum in her ass it was as if all of her insides became warm and when Donavan followed suit a moment later all Chris felt was the deepest satisfaction her body has ever felt.  As they both pulled out of her she could feel their cum dripping out of her but it didn’t matter.  She was at peace and she slowly drifted away to sleep.


She didn’t wake-up until she heard a small scream from the cleaning lady.  As she came to, the events of the last night were foggy coming back to her.  What she did know is that she was sprawled naked on the bed in front of the Mexican cleaning lady in a room that smelled of sex with cum still dripping out of her pussy and ass. The scream and immediate exit of the cleaning lady brought the attention to a couple who rushed into the room.  Embarrassed at what they saw the man apologized and ran out of the room.  His wife however looked everything over while taking a deep breath to take in scent of sex.  She looked at Chris and with a “cat that ate the canary” smile gave her a sexy wink and turned out of the room.


“Oh shit, what did I do last night?”  Was all Chris could think?  She got up and went to the shower, a little sore and proceeded to wash the previous night’s events away while trying to figure out what she would tell her husband.


To be continued…




Horny While Away

Day II


Chris felt like she was in agony as Thursday crawled along, almost feeling like time was going in reverse at times.  Last nights sights and sensations continually played through her thoughts making staying on task with her client nearly impossible.  On more then one occasion she was called out for having “too much fun last night” from the rest of the bar crew who were in a post binge drinking haze. 


“If only you knew” was all she thought with a smile.  If that wasn’t bad enough, her pussy was still dripping from the two men cumming in her last night as well as her own wetness from replaying her fun with Aden and Donavan over and over in her mind. 


Finally there was a conference call that she didn’t need to be a part of so Christine excused herself to go to the restroom and hopefully compose herself.  “Chris, take my key for the executive restroom” said the Steven the owner of the company.  She gladly took it and went on her way.


Entering the huge room she could hardly believe that a company now days could get away with spending so much money on luxuries like this.  Custom marble, cherry wood stalls and cabinets completed the room that was nicer than her own house!  She jumped into the furthest stall from the door and immediately sent her hand down the front of her pants to relieve some of her tension.  Chris didn’t rub her clit more than a couple times and she felt her pussy start to contract with a small orgasm.  Giving out a small pouty moan was the only thing that she let out.  “OMG, that’s the fastest I’ve ever cum.” Was all she thought.


Gaining her wits, Chris peeked under the stall to the one right beside her to be sure that she was alone.  After being satisfied that she was alone, Chris unbuttoned her pant suit and in one motion took off her pants and panties leaving them on the fine marble floor.  Looking down at her glistening pussy she gently slid her middle finger up and down the length of it.  Her pussy was still sensitive from her first orgasm but her hunger was beginning to grow again.  Up and down she stroked her pussy getting her fingers wet until she plunged one in.  “Mmmmmmmmmmm” she sighed as she closed her eyes and focused on last night.  Chris was taken back to when Aden first sunk his cock into her pussy while she sucked Donavan’s cock.  Just thinking about being fucked like that got her to add another finger filling her pussy.  Christine took her other hand and started rubbing her clit at the same time took her fingers out and put them in her mouth tasting herself like she did on Aden’s cock last night and started having a new fantasy.


Chris closed her eyes and imagined Eden was in there fucking her pussy right there in the stall, pumping her wet sex that was hungry for his cock.  After a minute of fucking, he took his cock out of her and pressed it up against her lips.  Taking his cock in her mouth she could taste cum that he left in her and her juices mixed together in some sexy cocktail.  She sucked until all the taste was gone and pushed it down back into her pussy.  Over and over she did this as she imagined Donavan taking her in the stall with his huge cock.  Chris moaned as he filled her up and she worked her hips harder and harder on his cock.


Steven walked into the executive bathroom mainly to take a break from the boring meeting that he was stuck in.  He was only there because it was his company, but he didn’t have any part in this new roll-out.  He was surprised immediately by the sound and smell of sex coming from the area of the stalls.  Quietly he peered over only to find Christine masturbating with the stall door wide open.  Over and over he watched as Chris would finger her pussy and then switch hands and suck her wet fingers.  It didn’t take long before Steven had a raging hard-on that he instinctively started to stroke in his pants.  Releasing his cock, he came up with an idea.


With her eyes shut, Christine continued to pump her pussy to the images of last night.  At this point her body was taking over again and her pussy just needed to be satisfied.  At once, she noticed the lights went out and was about to open her eyes when she felt a hand gently grab the fingers she had been sucking, pull them out and then felt what she thought was a cock gliding along her lips.  Instinctively she opened her mouth to take this mystery cock in, grabbed its base and started bobbing up and down on it running her tongue along the underside of the head.  She heard a low moan coming from the owner of the mystery cock and doubled her speed while continuing to finger-fuck her pussy in rhythm to her own strokes.


Steven was amazed that Chris didn’t protest his advance and was in bliss as this younger woman was ferociously sucking his cock.  The last time that any woman was this forward with him was a few years back when his personal assistant used to stay late for their “strategic planning sessions.”  His wife had all but dried up and if it wasn’t for the fact that she would get half his company, would have left her years ago.


Gathering more courage, he pulled is cock out of her mouth and grabbed the hand she had been using to stroke him with.  He gently pulled her up and led her to the vanity.  In one smooth motion he grabbed her ass cheeks, lifted her onto the vanity and lined his cock up to her pussy.  He felt Christine grab his ass and forcefully pull him towards her sinking his cock to full depth in one stroke. 


“Ahhhhhhh” was all Chris could muster as her pussy was finally being filled up with a real cock.  The fact that the lights were out and there was someone still with her did nothing to stop her fantasy from the night before.  As this cock started to methodically pound away on her pussy, she started sucking on her wet fingers imagining that the two studs from last night were having a go at round 2 with her. While his cock wasn’t as big as Donavan’s or as skilled as Aden’s her pussy was grateful for it none the less.  As the taste of her pussy left her fingers, she pushed the mystery cock away.  Getting down on her knees she started sucking this mystery cock, first teasing the head and then taking the full length into her mouth swirling her tongue around it.  She could taste a hint of precum on the tip and decided to slow tease it lest it goes off too early.  At the same time, Chris reached down between her legs letting her fingers glide over her wetness a couple of times before burying 3 fingers in her pussy. 


After a couple of minutes Chris had totally cleaned this cock she stood up and leaned over the vanity.  Reaching behind her, she grabbed the mystery cock and guided it into her pussy.  As he pushed into her, Chris pivoted her hips so his every thrust would hit her g-spot. With one hand she started to furiously rub her clit and with her other she began sucking her pussy juices off her fingers.


Steven was about to lose his load when Christine pulled him out and started sucking his cock.  The way that she kept him right on the verge of cumming was absolutely mind-blowing!  After teasing his cock for a minute she got up and leaned over the vanity and guided him in from behind.  She was so wet that he knew this party wasn’t going to last long.  With that, he increased both his rhythm and force pounding her pussy with everything he had. “Fuck me Aden!  FUCK ME!” was all Christine cried out and with that albeit strange encouragement was all it took to start pumping his cum into her.


Christine was just imagining Aden fucking her from behind just like last night and let out a cry.  Shortly after she felt her mystery cock let go of it’s load and start filling her pussy with cum.   After she felt it’s spasms stop, she pulled him out and got down to taste their fun on his cock.  It tasted so good that she didn’t want to stop, but the owner of the mystery cock slowly pulled away.  He pulled her up and gave her an incredibly sensual kiss and walked out of the room, turning on the lights on the way out.  The lights blinded her and she was never able to see who her mystery lover was.


After collecting herself she was in a predicament: She had cum dripping down her legs and totally smelled like sex.  In a panic Christine went over and locked the door and began her clean-up.  Whomever her lover was, he must not have gotten off in a while because she kept on dripped from the creampie he left her.  It was then that she noticed an executive shower they must have put in for the owner who liked to bike into work most summer day.  She quickly jumped in and freshened herself up and quietly made her exit back into the office.  “That sure beat sitting around for that conference call.”  Was her thought as she walked back to the conference room with a devilish smile.



“Don’t you agree Christine?”  She snapped out of her daydream of her episode in the executive restroom.  “Absolutely!” she retorted to her boss and they ended up in consensus.  With that the last meeting of the day was over.


Leaving the meeting her boss approached her saying “I can’t believe you didn’t even challenge me on that last point.”  “I figured you’d want to go home for the weekend before having to come back here to hold their hands all next week.” 


“Damn it!!!!” was all she could think.  “Although after last night it may not be a terrible thing.  It’ll give me an opportunity to clear my head, relax and figure out what I’m going to tell Shawn…if anything.” 


The rest of the day went smoothly and after excusing herself early from after dinner drinks Chris was looking forward to going back to her room, getting a bottle of wine from the bar and relaxing in the oversized tub in her room.  She called her husband telling him that she had to stay over the weekend to make sure the conversion went out without incident.  She promised some “special treatment” for him when she got home to compensate for taking care of the kiddo’s this weekend.  Chris tried the best she could to act normal, but Shawn asked her two times if everything was all right.  She just responded that it was a late night and she just needed to grab a drink and relax.


At the bar she was relieved to find that the rowdy group of skiers from last night wasn’t there yet.  It was only about 7pm so she figured they wouldn’t be back for another hour or two.   Since it was pretty slow Chris decided to have a drink at the bar and relax while listening to the live music in the corner. 


The bartender got her a bottle of J.Lohr Cabernet, poured her a glass and walked away with just a little twinkle in his eye.  Chris was wondering if he knew what happened last night or was just trying to smooth her over a little.  “No matter” she thought, she won’t be here long anyway.


With that her mind drifted back to last night.  The though of being double penetrated and having 2 men cumming in her at the same time quickened her pulse and started to get her juices flowing yet again today.  The feeling of excitement was like after the first time she had sex in high school.  She could feel herself getting wet again and was looking forward to going upstairs to give her pussy the relief it hadn’t been able to get all day. 


She enjoyed the band and noticed that the bar wasn’t getting any busier then it had when she first got there.  There were just a couple tables of business men and a blond woman towards the far side of the bar.  All day it had been snowing and it being Denver and her being from Minnesota, she really didn’t think too much about it.  It came to her as the TV’s flashed a snow warning that she figured it out: good snow meant skiers skied until they exhausted.  Relieved that she wasn’t going to run into Aden, Donavan or any of their buddies (whom they’ve probably been bragging to all day) she poured herself another glass. 


“Ok Jason, I’ll see you tonight if you make it, but don’t worry about getting back if it’s not safe.”  Stephanie, the girl at the end of the bar said to her husband on her cell.  “I’m sure I can find some way to amuse myself.”  Right as Stephanie said that she looked over and saw that the woman that just came into the bar was the one in the room this morning where the cleaning lady was running out of.  “Yes, I’m sure I can find something to do tonight.  Love you.”  With that Steph hung up and walked over to the blond at the other end of the bar. 


It was then that Chris heard a voice ask “is that wine any good?”  She turned to see the lone blond at the end of the bar in the seat next to her. “I was thinking of getting a bottle to bring upstairs with me but I wanted to try a taste first.” 


“Sure” and Chris poured her a glass as much out of habit as the request.  It was then that she recognized the woman as the one who came into the room this morning after the cleaning lady ran out screaming.  “Great, this is going to be fun…” Chris thought sarcastically and blushed a little bit.


“I’m Stephanie by the way.” She said and then took a sip of the wine.  Chris introduced herself and they made some small talk.  Stephanie as it turned out was married to one of the guys in the ski races. 


They hit it off real well and Stephanie never let on to that she saw Chris that morning.  As it turned out they had a lot in common and if anyone didn’t know better they would think these two were life-long friends.  In another 30 minutes they had finished off that bottle and ordered a second.  Chris was hesitant to keep drinking since her pussy was screaming with the need to be satisfied, but she was having a great time and just went with it.


“I have an idea, let’s bring this bottle up to our hot tub suite.” offered Steph.  “Jason and the rest of the guys aren’t going to be back tonight because of the snow so I’ve got that whole place to myself.”


“A nice soak in a hot tube and wine is just want I need right now!  I was just going to go up to my room and soak in the tub with a glass of wine and go to bed anyway.”  said Chris.  With that they grabbed the bottle and one more “just in case” and made their way to the elevator.  Chris thought this is how it all started last night and memory of the passionate kisses from Aden came flooding back making her wet again.


On their way up to the room they were giggling and laughing like a couple of high school girls.  The altitude gave Chris a bigger buzz then she normally experienced and she was having fun with it.  Steph gave her a sultry smile and said “too bad there aren’t any boys around, I’m in the mood to be naughty!”  “Too bad you don’t have a cock or I’d have to take a run at you” said Steph in a sexy suggestive voice.  She started laughing after that but still kept eye contact with Chris hoping to get a good read on her.


Chris started to blush a little and started laughing a little nervously once Steph did.  She played along “well if I did you’d already be laid and I’d be sleeping by now.”  That got both women laughing all the way up to their stop. Steph grabbed Chris’s hand and lead her to their suite. 


Steph opened the door, kicked off her shoes and plopped down on the bed.  Chris came in behind and was surprised how nice the suite was.  This is a vast improvement over the room her company shelled out for.  She quick slid into the bathroom to find that it was about as big as her entire room, with a tub, huge shower and TV.  While she was in there she hear Stephanie yell for her to bring a couple towels and she’d meet her in the hot tub outside. 


Christine took this time to primp a little bit and let her mind drift back to this afternoon’s adventure in the executive bathroom.  She slid her hand down to her clit and lightly played with it, just long enough to hear Stephany yell at her to get her ass out to the hot tub.


When Christine got to the hot tub, the snow coming down in huge flakes that were melting moments before they hit the steaming cauldron where Stephanie was sitting and smiling.  “What took you so long?  I’d thought you bailed on me” teased Steph as she took another sip of her wine.  “Get your hot little ass in here!”


It was then that it dawned on Christine that she didn’t have a suit.  “I forgot that don’t have anything to wear.”  “Then don’t wear anything.” Responded Steph as she stood up revealing her naked body.  “It feels soooooooo much better in the nude.”  Chris blushed and was hesitating.  She thought that maybe she’d just go back to her room.  It was then that a wall of water hit Chris and she was soaked.


Stephanie could see that her night’s entertainment was getting cold feet and quickly went into action.  She threw as big of a splash as she could at Christine soaking her from head to toe.  “There you go, you’re already wet so come on in.”  “Leave your underwear on if you want, but you’re missing out.”


With that Chris said fuck it and started stripping.  “Whhhhhooooooo!!!!” cried Steph “Take it off!!!”  With that Chris decided to have a little fun with it and did a slow strip tease.  When she got down to her panties Steph could see that they were soaked, and she didn’t think it was from the splashing.  Chris slowly pulled them down; first a little on the left and then a little on the right before she turned around and bent down at the waist to take them off completely. 


This gave Steph a great view of her nice ass and …wet pussy?!?!”  She grinned and hooted at Chris.  With this last round of encouragement, Christine twirled her panties around one finger over her head and threw them to Steph.  When Steph caught them she could feel the wetness of them and could completely smell the scent of her sex.  She just grinned and said “come over here sexy.”  With that Chris slowly walked down the steps into the hot tub to sit next to Stephanie.


Stephanie looked into Christine’s beautiful hazel eyes for a long while, stroking her long blond hair for what seemed like an eternity.  The trance they were both in was broken when Steph slowly went in for a kiss.


After she sat down next to Steph, she just looked into her deep blue eyes that reminded her of her husbands.  She just locked onto them for who knows how long.  It was only when Steph went in for a kiss that she broke out of their mesmerizing spell.  Chris had never passionately kisses another woman before.  Even in Delta Zeta when the other girls would “experiment” she just never felt comfortable with it.  This on the other hand was the most natural kiss she could ever remember having.  The softness of her lips and gentleness of her tongue was unlike anything she’d ever known.  Her whole body went numb and her head felt like it was swimming as their soft tongues twirled together.


Stephanie was the first to break the kiss.  She sat back and gave Chris a sultry smile and said “that’s a little different then those two brutes last night I’d imagine.”  With that Chris woke-up a little and started to panic.  “Don’t worry sweetheart, your secret is safe with me.” she said as she stroked her cheek and moving the hair from her face.   With that Christine visibly relaxed and came in to initiate a long slow kiss with Stephanie.


Chris’s heart dropped when Stephanie let on that she knew about last night.  She had told Steph all about her family, work, where they lived and had even exchanged email addresses and phone numbers earlier at the bar.  She was about to stand up and leave when Steph looked at her with those deep blue eyes, gently stroked her cheek and reassured her everything would be all right.  Chris felt so safe with her and moved in to kiss her. 


As their lips were locked, Stephanie gently caressed Chris’s breasts and slightly twisted her nipples.  Even in the temperature of the hot tub, they immediately hardened up and a Chris gave up a small moan.  She continued to give attention to her nipples and then slowly, gently, worked her way down to Chris’s pussy.


“Mmmmmmmm” was all Christine could muster as Steph played with her nipples.  Her hands were so soft and she knew just how much pressure she could squeeze them to maximize her pleasure while not hurting them like most men do.  Chris’s nipples were so sensitive it was almost as if they were directly wired to her clit.  It wasn’t long before Steph’s hands left her nipples down her body to her pussy.  That first touch felt as if electricity had passed through her fingertips into her pussy.  “Mmmmmmmmmmm” again was all she could muster.  Faster, Steph’s fingers went to work on Chris’s clit and it wasn’t long at all before she stiffened up and had one of the longest orgasms of her life.  She gently bit Steph’s lower lip as wave after wave after wave of pleasure radiated through her body.


Stephanie could tell that Chris was getting very close to cumming as her breath and tongue quickened in pace.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmm” was the only cry that Christine let out and doing so, gently bit Steph’s lip.  Steph just looked at this blissful angel in front of her as her body shot bolts of pleasure through her body. 


After her body went limp, Christine opened her eyes to see Stephanie looking right into them into her sole.  “So how was that?” Steph asked softly.  Christine was at total peace and looked into her lovers eyes “That was incredible.”  “I’ve never been with a woman before.  I dream about it all the time, but I’ve always been too afraid to do anything like this.” With that Chris leaned in and started to give Steph some soft, slow kisses.


Stephanie was the first to pull away from the kissing.  “Let’s go inside.”  With that she stood up and took Chris’s hand and led her out of the hot tub. 


Stephanie stopped and slowly dried Christine off; starting with her slender legs, working up to her smooth pussy.   She lingered there giving it special attention.  She came up to her breasts and started sucking one breast and then to the other.  Only after her nipples were at full attention did she continue up to her shoulders and neck trailing the towel with gentle kisses.


The feeling of having someone give Chris the regal treatment was divine.  When Steph started sucking on her nipples it got her sex raring to go again.  As soon as Steph came all the way up with her gently kisses Chris grabbed her face with both hands and ramming her tongue into her mouth with a forceful kiss. 


Chris broke off her kiss first and grabbed Stephanie’s hand and let her inside straight to the king sized bed.  Chris threw her back onto the bed and immediately jumped on Steph and began her continued assault of forceful kisses.


Stephanie was completely taken aback by Chris’s newfound passions and was enjoying her take charge attitude.  Chris’s kisses were full of a forceful passion and Stephanie could tell that even though it was her first time with a woman, there would be no hesitation living out her fantasies tonight. 


Christine was completely letting go with her need to dominate Stephanie.  Chris pushed Steph down on the bed as she locked her lips with Steph’s and in their entwined tongues. Chris slid her hand down to her pussy and immediately found her clit.  As Chris started rubbing her clit it caused Steph to tense up from her unexpected aggression.  This tenseness only encouraged Christine and she inserted first one finger and then two into Steph’s drenched pussy. 


Stephanie could only let out a moan of pleasure as Christine started to finger her pussy.  After a few seconds she relaxed her pussy and allowed Chris to start pumping her fingers in and out of her.  Before long Chris was moving up and down fingering her as if her fingers were a cock, all the while their lips never parted.  Just as her body was tensing up, Christine stopped, broke their embrace with a smile and pulled her fingers out.


Chris could tell that Steph was getting close to cumming and wanted to keep her wanting.  She pulled her fingers out and gave Steph a loving look.  She brought her fingers up to her mouth and gave them slow lick teasing Steph.  Chris had never tasted anyone but herself before and found it much better then she had expected.  Upon finishing her tease she traced her fingers around Stephanie’s lips and let her have a taste of her own wetness.


Stephanie was wrapped up in the moment of sucking her wetness off of Chris’s finger.  She started slow and then increased her pace as if she was giving a blowjob.  After about 10 bobs on her fingers Chris would remove them and insert them back into Stephanie getting them fill of her wetness and then giving them back for her to suck on.  This went on 3-4 times before Chris stopped.  “It’s time you tasted my pussy.”  With that Christine came up and straddled Stephanie’s head and pushed her pussy down on her mouth.


Christine normally wasn’t a fan of being on top for oral, but tonight it was more then that, it was about having this beautiful woman pleasure her.  She sat straight up on Steph’s face and could feel her tongue start to explore the folds of her pussy.  Steph’s tongue found its way up into Chris and all she could do is let out a sigh from the penetration.


Stephanie’s face was instantly soaked when Chris mashed her pussy on it.  Chris smelled and tasted soooooo good Stephanie just had to explore it all.  Finally she found the source of her wetness and started to tongue fuck Chris’s hole.  She couldn’t believe how good she tasted and before long she could taste something else.  It seemed that there was still a little left over from her 3-some with Aden and Donavan last night and Steph got a little of their treat as well.  This made her tongue work harder and faster causing Chris to moan her approval.


Chris could hardly contain her pleasure and was forced to get down on all fours as Stephanie’s tongue licked her pussy inside and out.  Once she positioned herself, Stephanie started in on Chris’s clit.  “Aawwwwwwwwwww…” was all Chris could muster as her clit finally got the attention it had been demanding.  She couldn’t believe how fast Steph could get to the right spot with the perfect tempo and pressure.  Steph would bring her up and sensing Chris’s impending orgasm she would get off of her clit and stick her tongue up into Chris.  This back and forth was the most amazing feeling Chris had ever had.  Back and forth this went until Steph inserted two fingers into her and then a third.  She curled them up into her pussy and started to hit her G-spot with and ever increasing force.


With Stephanie’s fingers working Chris’s pussy, Chris started rocking back and forth.  With each thrust she forced Steph in deeper and ran her tongue over her clit.  This by far was the most intensely erotic feeling she had ever experienced and it wasn’t long until she could feel the pressure building in her pussy.  Chris started to slow down because the pressure was building too strong, but Stephanie just made up for it and finger fucked her pussy even harder and glued her tongue to Chris’s clit.


Stephanie could tell Chris was getting close and forcefully bore down on her clit and worked her pussy as hard as she could.  Chris couldn’t take it for even 30 seconds.  She pulled up, taking Steph’s fingers out of her and squirted all over her cumming with violent convulsions letting squirt after squirt go all over.  Steph smiled a little and slowly and ever so gently licked her entire pussy over the next several minutes sending mini orgasms through Chris’s body.


 Chris couldn’t believe how intense the feeling Steph was able to bring out of her.  She just rocked back on her fingers harder and harder with a more intense pleasure coming from each successive stroke.  She was on autopilot now with her body taking control with the sole purpose of raw, animalistic pleasure.  She could feel the pressure building in her until she had to pull up.  As soon as Stephanie’s fingers had come out of her pussy she let go and squirted all over her face.  The sensation of the release and Steph’s ability to stay on her clit caused and immediate orgasm unlike any she had felt before.  At this point she continued to squirt as her body convulsed to the point where she could no longer hold herself up.  Over and over she came and over and over she let go on Stephanie until she just lay there with Steph slowly and passionately massaging her pussy with her tongue.


Gently, Stephanie got out from under Christine and rolled her over to face her.  Chris had the most blissfully, sultry smile on her face as she looked up with those hazel eyes.  Steph slowly crawled on top of her and gave her a slow, entwining kiss.  She sent her tongue into Chris’s mouth so they could both taste what was the most intense orgasm she had ever had.  Chris plunged her tongue into Stephanie’s mouth exploring the taste of her orgasm on her lips.  After a few minutes of this, Chris broke off.  She looked into Steph’s deep blue eyes “I want to taste you now.”


With that, Stephanie rolled over and opened her legs giving Chris a better view of her soaked pussy. 



Jason couldn’t believe his night: 4 hours trying to drive what would typically take about 45 minutes.  Sliding his key card into the door he almost fell asleep on the way into the hotel room.  Before he could say anything he heard the familiar sound of his wife Stephanie as she’s being pleasured. 


Instantly he woke up and was about to start screaming what the fuck was going on when he got a better view of his wife’s pussy being consumed by another woman!  They had always had an “understanding” from early on in their relationship: Steph was bi and she needed her “girl time.”  For years Jason would turn the other way as she would go out with her girlfriends by herself and then come home later to fuck the living shit out of him.  She would never let him come along, nor would she bring any of her girlfriends home.  While it did hurt him a little that she would go outside their marriage for sex, he dealt with it because it was something that was a part of her…not to mention the crazy sex they’d have when she got home was enough to convince him. 


The thought of his wife being pleased by another woman was one of the things he’d jerked off to on more nights then he could remember!  He instantly got an erection watching his wife squirming on her back, grabbing her tits and twisting her nipples over and over.  It didn’t take long before his hand was down his pants giving his cock a good stroking while watching the show. 


Just then, Steph’s eyes met his own.  For what felt like an eternity they looked into each others eyes as they experienced their shared pleasure.  The only thing that ended their stare was when Stephanie mouthed the words “fuck her.”


Christine couldn’t get over how much she loved the taste of Stephanie’s pussy.  Before her trip to Denver, she had always thought the taste of her own was kind of gross, but for whatever the reason now she couldn’t get enough.  She started off focusing on her clit and soon added a finger and then another.  She was focusing her tongue on Steph’s clit and slowly finger fucking her pussy when she moaned “more.”  Chris slid in a third finger and then a forth working in and out in a methodical rhythm that kept Steph moaning in pure pleasure.  It was then that Steph wrapped her legs around Chris’s head completely immobilizing her from their current position.  Chris just kept her tongue going and slipped a finger up Steph’s ass which made her clamp down even harder.  Chris could feel Steph’s pussy start to clamp down on her fingers over and over as her hands drove Chris’s head down onto her pussy.  She was totally turned on and mesmerized with how her pussy squeezed her as she came and wondered if hers acted the same way.


Stephanie opened her eyes to see her husband standing there watching her pussy being eaten out and for a second she froze being caught in the act.  She never would let him come with her for her “girl time.”  It was just something that she needed and felt a little bit ashamed of it deep down not including him in her love making sessions.  Her eyes just kept a lock on his as Chris was devouring her pussy.  She saw Jason stroking himself and it just got her hotter and hotter. 


“More” she said to Chris and she filled her pussy up with another finger.  “More” she said again and Chris put in another completely filling her up.  She was so turned on that she looked at Jason and mouthed the words: “Fuck her.”  She was so turned on by the thought of him fucking Chris while she was down on her that when she put her final finger up her ass she came immediately.


As she was coming down from her orgasm she looked up to see Jason mounting her from behind with Chris looking up at him pushing back and forth on his cock.  She knew how Chris felt right now with his fat cock inside her and just let out a satisfied purr enjoying the show.  Chris then turned her attentions back to Steph and began finger fucking her in the same rhythm that they were fucking to.  She could feel Chris’s strokes getting faster and harder, but before she could tell they were going to cum she pulled away from Chris stopping the action.  Steph had one more fantasy she wanted to live out before the night was over.


Chris was completely focused on Steph’s pussy pulsating on her hand when she felt something touching her pussy from behind.  She was a bit alarmed at first as something slid up and down her pussy, first at her opening and down to her clit and back up again.  It stopped at her ultra wet hole and easily plunged all the way in on one stroke and stayed there.


“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” was all she could let out as her pussy was finally being filled by the huge mystery cock.  She could feel that its girth was defiantly above average, it didn’t hurt or need to be worked into her with the wetness she had from being turned on from Steph’s pussy.  Slowly she started grinding on the invader, forgetting about Steph for the time being.  As she rocked back and forth, Steph released her headlock and Chris was able to look behind her to see who she assumed was Steph’s husband fucking her from behind.


Jason couldn’t believe how wet this woman’s pussy was.  He just traced his cock up and down her pussy a couple times and it was more then wet enough to sink his large cock right in.  He saw this hot little thing turn her head to look at him and then down at where they were joined.  Then she turned back to his wife’s pussy and started to pump her fingers in and out in the same rhythm as they were fucking.


Stephanie loved watching her husband fuck her new girl toy, but felt the need for his cock NOW.  With that she pulled stopped Chris and got up.  She slowly came around Chris softly dragging her fingernails over her back as her husbands cock continued to pound this little pussy she had been enjoying all night.  Steph got down on her knees and pulled him out and proceeded to suck his cock clean then went to Chris and ran her tongue into her a few times and insert his cock back into her.  She guided it back into Chris and watched him fuck her a little more and repeated the prior oral on them each.  Over and over she did this until her pussy couldn’t be neglected anymore.  She then took her husbands cock out of her girl toy, got down on all fours next to Chris and proceeded to guide his cock into her.  .


Jason couldn’t believe what was happening.  The sight of his wife sucking his cock after he fucking another women was almost too much to handle.  In fact it was a good thing she kept taking him out or else he would have probably cum much earlier.  He wasn’t sure how his wife would take that, but at this point it wasn’t going to worry too much about that.  It wasn’t long before his wife moved Chris out of the way to get his cock all to himself.


Chris felt so empty when Steph would pull him out but would moan the second her tongue started exploring her pussy.  Again and again she teased them like this before taking up Chris’s position next to her and began getting fucked by her husband.  Chris watched as Jason slid his cock into Steph and she started playing with her pussy as he quickened his pace.  It was then that she got an idea.


Steph could feel Jason’s pace start to quicken and she knew that he’d be cumming soon.  She wanted to fuck for hours at this point but knew that he had been over-stimulated from the whole experience.  It was right before she expected him to blow that Chris stopped everything.    She pulled Jason out of her and slid under her into a 69 position.  Chris then took his cock sucked it a few times and guided it back into her pussy.  Jason quickly picked up where he left off and that pleasure was only magnified when Chris found her clit and worked it unmercifully.


Jason was so close to cumming when Chris stopped him and slid under his wife.  When she guided him back into her he knew it wasn’t going to take long.  As this mystery woman was eating his wife’s pussy she also coddled his balls giving them just a slight tug on each stroke.  He didn’t last for 30 more seconds of this before he let out a moan and came deep inside his wife.


Chris could tell that Steph’s husband was about to cum as she fondled his balls.  It didn’t take too long before she felt them draw up and he let out a wonderful moan.  She always like the site of a cock as it came, but from this perspective it was incredible!  As he slowed his pace down she could see his cock spasm in her pussy and then she saw a little bit of his cum start to find it’s way out.  She took her attention away from Steph’s clit and started to trace the area where his cock entered her pussy tasting their combined cum.  The site, smell of their sex, taste and Steph still working her clit quickly brought Chris to one more orgasm as wave after wave swept over her spent body.  She pushed her husband away and plunged her tongue into Steph’s pussy as she came licking up every drop that was there.


Stephanie heard her husband let out a long moan and immediately felt his cock shoot is seed inside of her with a force she’d never felt before.  Between this feeling and Chris working her clit Steph could feel herself right on the verge of cumming.  Once she felt Chris’s tongue start to trace her pussy where she and were joined she was pushed over the edge and came.  Just then Jason pulled out of her and she felt Chris stick her tongue up inside her and her orgasm just continued on and on.


After Stephanie’s orgasm subsided they all three sat up on the bed and Stephanie gave Chris a deep, slow kiss tasting herself and Jason on her lips.  When they finally pulled away Stephanie said “Chris, this is my husband Jason.”  I’m sorry I didn’t introduce him earlier…but it didn’t really seem like the time.”  With that she slid over and gave her husband a long kiss and put her hand on his cock to give it a little squeeze.  “I think it’s time we got some rest.”  And with that she took Chris’s hand and brought her up to the head of the bed when they slowly kissed each other with small, soft kisses while Jason came up spooning behind Chris.

As Chris started to fall asleep, content and physically exhausted she asked herself “what is happening to me?”

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