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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   A story from the past  

11/30/2013 09:50
Posted By:  - BRAINERD, MN  
Date Posted: 11/30/2013 09:50

Our stories may be fantasy, they may be fact, they may be a combination, but it will forever and always remain our secret.  That being said – here are the continuing adventures of Booty and the Boss.


Adventure 421-433 (a story from the past)


This was the third time in three weekends we were sneaking in to 422’s house.  The previous two times with 421 were simply sexual magic and I couldn’t wait for round three.  The door to the house was unlocked, as usual, so 421 and I slipped inside, down the short hallway and in the first room on the right.  We didn’t need to turn on any lights, because the window facing directly to the street let in just enough light from the street lamp that we could easily find our way around.


I didn’t even ask if 422 was coming home, the last two times 421 had it arranged our alone time, so it didn’t even cross my mind.  He slipped the door shut, sat me down on the edge of the super tall bed and immediately took off all my clothes – everything, and being stark naked this time did nothing to bother me.


421 quickly pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his immense and muscular upper body.  All those football drills this year had chiseled his frame to a god like form.  From the light coming in the window I could easily see the white color of his boxer briefs as he whipped off his pants and deftly lowered his drawers and stood naked in front of me.


Not only was his body perfect, over 6 foot tall, easily 250 pounds of solid muscle, but his cock was amazing!  Looking down toward it, hanging down exactly half way between his knee and his abdomen, I just couldn’t believe I ever got that thing inside me; and twice in the past two weeks!  Granted he was already starting to get a bit hard, but damn he was big!


421 did not stand there for long; he jumped on the bed next to me, scooped me in his arms, rolled me on to my back, sat over top of me and straddled my stomach.  I could feel his cock getting harder and harder and it actually stood out straight and above my chest.   Laying on my back gave me the perfect view and I enjoyed every second of it.


His hands moved up and down my sides, pushed my legs out while rubbing and massaging my thighs; and his mouth moved up and down my body covering it with wet warm kisses.  We didn’t need much foreplay, I could already feel myself getting really really wet and he was soon starting to rub the head of his cock against my pussy opening.  His cock was so hard and so warm I just couldn’t wait for him to slide in.


For a moment I remembered his words the first time we were here, “I am not good at many things, but I AM good at fucking.”  My guess now is that with a cock this big he had to learn finesse and technique so he wouldn’t simply hurt girls.  The first time he fucked me it must have taken him at least 5 minutes, or maybe more, the first time he pushed inside me.  It felt like my body was being penetrated by a telephone pole, but I was so amped up that DAMN it just felt so so good!


He already had my legs out wide this time at this point, not like the first AND the second time we fucked when he waited until we already had a rhythm before he spread me open, but tonight he could sense I didn’t need to delay.  Both of the previous two times he gradually increased his tempo from super super slow to a rapid pound pound pounding of me.  I would never in a million years believed I could have taken it, but my body just adapted to his abilities and his monster cock.  And remembering back I don’t think any bed was ever so soaked in my experiences as it was during our two fuck sessions.  He must have made me cum AND squirt, and I simply could not wait to go for it again tonight.


Now that we were naked, wet hard and ready 421 started to move his cock up and down, it seemed like about 50 times, tease tease teasing me; and I was getting so wet we could hear the noise from my pussy as his cock slipped up and down up and down up and down.  He eventually slowed to a stop, and I looked down to see if he was ready.  I couldn’t help noticing that his entire cock was super wet and shiny from being covered by my pussy lube and he told me with his eyes that it was time.


As he pressed in I dropped my head back to the pillow, arched my back and felt that penetrating feeling as his cock head eased inside me, and it was with a slippery ease that was just perfect.  He started to push in and I could feel him going in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in; he seemed to be savoring every inch of me as his cock buried deeper deeper deeper and deeper.  There seemed to be no end to how far he was going in.


Then I felt the head of his cock press hard against my insides and he groaned aloud, “mmmmmmmm, all the way in!  I barely heard what he said as I was already cumming.  I couldn’t help but let a scream escape, but since nobody was home I just unleashed an orgasmic howl.  This was the first time I really made noise when he penetrated; and I’m not sure why.  Maybe it was the spread leg method he used to push in, maybe because nobody was home, maybe because he went so slow … I just don’t have any idea why but I really screamed.


421’s eyes got really big, and he said, “fuck, I’m already close, … but I think I can hold back.”  I went as still as I could and so did he.  “Whew, okay I’m alright” he said after about 30 seconds.  “But I’m not sure I will last long.”  “It’s fine,”  I said.  “I don’t have anything to do tomorrow so we can just go twice, or three time … if you are willing and able” I grinned back at him.  He did not say another word, but slowly pulled out and pushed back in, a little quicker this time.  And I exploded AGAIN!  Holy fuck!  I remember thinking “Am I gonna cum every time he goes in tonight?”   


The third time he pulled out and went back in he didn’t push all the way in, only about half way.  It was so erotic, feeling and seeing his super thick cock parry it’s way in and out of my pussy, without our bodies actually connecting.  What an awesome technique this was.  He was so right, fucking was a super power of his.


And I started to cum again, for the third, then the fourth and fifth times.  My orgasms were running together as he half penetrated me, faster, faster and faster.  His thrusts were getting wetter and louder and I could feel each of his pushes was splashing in and out of me; we were soaking the bed AGAIN!


His tempo slowed a bit but then got deeper and deeper, soon he was hitting bottom again.  And my next wave of orgasms washed over me – six, seven, eight, nine, ten – I was losing track.  Then in an instant his eyes got big and his voice got deeper, oh!  Ohh!! OHHHH!   OOHHHHH!  It was his turn and I had no choice whatsoever to lay back and feel the control and power of his body, his thrusts and his climax.


His cock pushed all the way in and through my pussy, I could feel the veins expanding and the length and girth seemed to simultaneously push in and outward; then liquid hot waves of cum splashed and smashed in to me.  Once! Twice! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Massive bursts of cum hit the back of my pussy.  And then more beyond that, ripple after ripple of his orgasm burst inside me. 


For an instant I may have blacked out, I’m not totally sure.  I remember my head arched back and my mouth gaped open unable to make a sound.  And finally after his 4th or 5th burst an extended 30-45 second scream escaped my throat and our voices were in harmony as we simultaneously reached our best climaxes ever.


Our hearts were racing, our bodies still pulsing, and sweat dripping from both of us as he looked down at me, both of us quivering from the unexpected level of ecstasy.  We lay there staring for a couple minutes then we rolled to the left, his long cock slowly exiting my pussy.  As it did I could feel the stream of his cum follow it out … on to my legs and down on the bed.  Not a small drip, but a steady flow for about 3-5 seconds.  Wow.


We lay there with the light from the street shining in on us and I moved my hands up and down his chest.  No words were spoke for a long while.  But I did notice that his cock was NOT getting soft.  And my pussy was not yet satisfied.  Finally he looked at me and said, “ I have been saving up for tonight, and didn’t think I would cum so fast, but don’t worry, if you like I will be able to go again in just a minute.”  I didn’t say a word but raised my eyebrows twice quickly to tell him “yes!”


We relaxed in to the moment a little bit, but before we could even begin to resume our play a cacophony of voices blasted in to the hallway.  Not only was 422 home, but it sounded like he brought home half the bar crowd.  “Oh fuck!” I scream whispered.  “Don’t worry, 422 is cool, just relax, he knows we are here and he doesn’t mind a bit.”  “But what about the others?” I stammered.  “How am I going to sneak out without them seeing me?” 421 looked at me confidently and said “don’t worry we will figure it out, maybe we just wait until they all pass out, ha ha ha!”


Just about then there was a tap on the door and it slowly swung open.  422 peaked his head in, as I simultaneously whipped a big pillow in front of my body.  He said, “sorry I had no choice, the other party got busted and these guys needed to blow off some steam, we won’t bother you, I promise.”  But he did not close the door right away, instead he peaked over at me and said, “so you are the one who soaked my bed so much!”  I was mortified, but he laughed out loud and added, “don’t worry it was really hot to think about it, I jerked off twice that night with your image in my mind.”


Wow this was more than I could ever have imagined.  Two friends, I thought, one fucking me, and one masturbating while thinking about me.  I felt an instant twinge between my legs and quickly remembered I was still really amped up down below.  422 walked my way and said, “excuse me but I need to grab my bottle opener, is that cool?”  But he didn’t leave right away, instead he sat down on the bed next to me and said “wow you have such amazing skin, could I feel?”  I must have had a strange look in my eyes because he jumped up and said “I’m sorry, I’m a bit drunk and not thinking straight.”  I felt kind of bad for reacting like I did and so I said, “no its fine.”


He smiled a really big grin and sat down and put his hand across the top of my foot and moved it up my shin, then circled around my calf and slowly moved his hand down to my foot again.  “whoa,” he whispered as his eyes grew big and then added, “softest skin ever.”  421 was still next to me of course, lying on his side watching, and when I looked over his cock was even harder than before.  “He looked at me and said, this is kind of hot, don’t mind me.’


422 said, “nah you guys don’t want me in the way here, do you?”  It was kind of a question/statement and I didn’t really answer.  Then he added, “I’m not as large as Big Meat over there but I am getting hard just looking at you, maybe it’s the fact that you are hiding behind the pillow or something, but wow, I am seriously turned on right now.”  I couldn’t really think of what to say other than, “aren’t your friends going to miss you?”  422 replied, “nah they are entertaining themselves, but I will go if you want me to.”


It was his room so I could not really say yes.  So I replied, “no stay and visit for a bit, it’s your room after all.”  He reached out and touched my foot again, moving his hand up and down my leg again, this time going further above my knee and under the pillow a little bit.  He was very obviously turned on as I could see his cock starting to stick out of his shorts.  No underwear even, just his shorts, and a bulge peaking out from the leg.


His touch only increased my arousal.  He proceeded to rub my legs for a few minutes while I could see his cock sticking our further and further.  He must have seen me looking because he asked in a pleading kind of voice “do you think you could touch my cock, maybe give it a squeeze or something? That would be just awesome!”  It was a bit surreal but 421 simply shrugged and it just seemed like the right thing to do at the moment, so I reached out, slide my hands up and down his legs a couple times and slowly ran my finger nails then my fingers up and down the shaft of his protruding cock.  “Oh my god that’s awesome,” he whisper screamed.


Real quickly he pulled down his shorts and freed his cock completely.  “That feels SO much better, maybe a little more before I go” he added.  And soon I was stroking his cock, up and down slow and teasingly.  Before I knew it 421 put his hand on my back and guided me back down on to the bed and he and 422 kneeled up on either side of me and started to rub my legs up and down with their hands.  I soon had both of their cocks in my hands as they kneeled along side of me.  The pillow disappeared and there were now three naked bodies on the bed.


They both had good hard cocks, 421 was still bigger, but 422 was plenty good in the size department.  In a couple minutes 422 eased his hands down between my legs and softly teased my clitoris and then moved his fingers up and down my opening.  I could not believe what was happening.  I was being pleasured by two of the sexiest men I had ever seen, at the same time!


422 looked down at me and said “you are SO wet, my god!”  He then started to cover his cock with the all the lube still leaking from my pussy.  His cock was glistening and glowing from all the wetness he had pulled up with his fingers as he added it to the job I was doing with my hand.  421 was kissing me now and rubbing his hands up and down my sides, I could feel his firm cock in my hand and it was also very heavy with hardness. 


422 whispered to me as 421 kissed my lips again and again “may I have some more of that wetness on my cock?”  I simply nodded and without knowing exactly what he meant I felt him crawl between my legs.  Then he was rubbing his super super hard cock up and down to opening of my pussy, making the same wet sounds that 421 made when we first started playing earlier.  I was not too sure what was going to happen but I decided to enjoy the moment.  Maybe he would cum while we played, who knows, and I thought “it would be pretty cool making two guys cum in one night.”


At about that time I became aware that all my long hair was trapped under me and it was pulling on my head.  So I absent-mindedly shifted my body up and then back down, freeing up my hair. At the exact moment I did that, 422 was moving upward on one of his squishy cock rubs and his cock totally slid inside me.  Not just a little bit, but ALL THE WAY in.  And I started to cum - instantly!  There was nothing I could do about it, it was too late to tell him to pull out and he reached under me grabbing both of my ass cheeks and squeezed and pushed. 


I really doubt that he minded and maybe we both kind of wanted it to happen, but he just froze and said “should I pull out?! Oh my god! I didn’t mean to slip in!’  “No NO NO!” was my reply, “You are making me cum, …. Hard ….again!”  422 wasted no time and he quickly started to move in and out in and out in and out.  He slipped his knees up and around my sides, straddle fucking me while also rubbing my breasts.  He had a look of total surprise on his face, and I probably did too.  But it felt SO SO good, we just both went for it.  421 stepped off the bed, watched and stroked his giant cock, catching my eye every so often and smiling at me. 


422 fucked me kind of quietly at first, then started to go faster, harder and his voice got louder.  He was holding nothing back.  Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!  Over and over and I was cumming over and over three four five more times while he pounded in and out of my soaked pussy.  Then he arched his back, put his hands under my back and unleashed a screaming orgasm inside me.  For the second time in only minutes I could feel liquid hot waves of cum splashing and smashing in to me.  Once! Twice! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Massive bursts of cum hitting the back of my pussy again.  Soon I was a sloppy mess, but wow it was fun!


421 was standing right behind 422 and he smacked him on the shoulder.  422 just gave me a crooked smile and climbed off.  I could feel more cum drain out of me on to the bed when 421 grabbed my feet and dragged me toward him where he was standing at the foot of the bed.  I could feel all the cum and wetness rub against and on my ass as he forced me his way, but it did not bother me in the least.  He swiftly put his hands under my arms lifted me up in the air and lowered me with no effort on to his rock hard cock which was totally standing at attention. 


As I was impaled again on to his monster, another wave of orgasms washed over me.  I could feel his hands under my ass and thighs and soon he was lifting me up and down up and down up and down.  Splat when my body lowered on to his cock and slurp when by body raised up off his cock.  He was actually lifting me all the way up and allowing his cock to exit, then slamming me back down on to his cock penetrating me as deep as he could each and every time. Splat slurp Splat slurp Splat slurp!


421 did this for about 2-3 minutes straight and I probably orgasmed 10-20 more times, I have no idea.  But I could feel he was getting close again and he held me out in front, looked me in the eye and exploded into me.  Again I could feel the veins pop, the length grow and the girth expand as his bursts plastered the back of my pussy.  My mouth was agape with noiseless screams as we both finished.  I collapsed forward wrapping my arms around his wide shoulders and he just held me there.


It wasn’t until that moment I look toward the bedroom door, which was completely open and filled with the sillhouetes of 10 more guys.  Each and every one had that V-shape of a football player; wide shoulders, narrow waist and tight abs.  I was in such a state, all I could stutter was “whoa …. okay, what’s this guys?”  It did not take long to notice that all of them were in some form of undress and most had their cocks out, stroking them to varying degrees of hardness.


I was still wrapped around 421.  I could still feel his hard cock inside me.  Hell I think I was still cumming, but I had to say it “if I fuck all you guys my reputation will be over.”  The nearest of the guys to me, 423, shook his head and told me “baby we all like you a lot, nobody is going to say anything about what happened, or happens here.”  “Hell the school year ends in a couple of weeks and most of us will be gone and graduated anyways,” he continued, “you can have whatever you want, and your secret will be safe with us.”


I looked at 421, maybe for permission, maybe for advice, I don’t know what.  But he gently placed me on the bed, laid me back and said “you can enjoy all these guys right now if you like, or we can simply let you drift off to sleep.”  I wasn’t really sure how to respond so I asked “do you really think they would all want me?”  There was universal laughter and 424 said “Just look at all these hard cocks, baby, you are the center of attention right now!”  I was kind of half laying and half sitting up and I shrugged my shoulders a bit and thought out loud “I could definitely play some more!”


421 and 422 moved away and through the door, and offered to bring me a beer, which I readily nodded and agreed to.  As they slipped out of the bedroom 423 moved up on the bed next to me, squeezed my shoulders and said “here baby roll on to your tummy.”   As I did so he climbed up on to my ass and started to rub his hard cock up and down between my ass cheeks.  Then 424 and 425 slipped up along side me and positioned themselves so I could play with their cocks using my hands.


All that wetness was still spread across my ass cheeks so when 423 slid his cock down between my legs and up toward my pussy it was already soaked and ready to go inside.  He went in fast and easy making me cum instantly.  His rhythm was medium tempo and he made me cum three more times quickly.  Then I could feel him speed up, faster faster and faster.  I was screaming in to the pillow now finishing up another set of orgasms when I felt him pull out and spray his cum all over my back, one, two, three, four, five, six long full streams of cum between my shoulder blades and a bunch more in the small of my lower back.


Now I was full of cum and covered with cum.  It made me laugh a little bit, but before I knew it 424 was taking his place and fucking me exactly the same way.  Three Four Five more orgasms for me and he too pulled out and sprayed more cum on to my back.  His was hot and it mixed in with the cum that was already there, making an odd mixture of cool and hot wetness on my back.


As 424 moved away 425 crawled on top and repeated the process.  His cock was roughly the size of 421 and I felt SO very full and the orgasms were getting more and more intense.  He too pulled out and sprayed cum all over my back, his cum shot reaching all the way up to the top of my shoulders and hitting the pillow next to my head!


There was about a 30 second break while everybody laughed about the cum shot.  I moved back and up on to my hands and knees, then lifted my upper body just enough that all that cum that had pooled up on my back ran down and between my ass cheeks.  My body down below and the bed were soaked and there was a chorus of ooos and aaahhhs as I sat there on my knees covered and dripping with cum.


426 crawled up on the bed behind me next, and I looked back and said “I have never done these positions before, but oh GOD this is good.”  I had the feeling he was going to fuck me doggy style and I kind of wanted him to so I made that comment just hoping he would get the hint.  He did. 


426 put me squarely on my hands and knees, pushed my knees out really wide sinking my ass a little lower, and crawled between my legs and pushed his way in.  His cock was about the size of 422, but this angle and this position made his penetration feel even deeper than 421 could reach.  He started slow, then went slower and deeper, and then slowed down to almost stopping, all the while forcing his penetrations deeper and deeper in to my cavity.  “OH MY GAWD!” I exclaimed as he put my over the edge another half dozen times. And it was probably that comment that put him over the edge as well.  Again I could feel the liquid hot waves of cum splashing and smashing in to me.  Once! Twice! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Massive bursts of cum hitting the back of my pussy again.  I was even more of a sloppy cummy mess now!


When 426 pulled out not as much cum ran out of me, I was apparently getting a little swollen and the cum stayed inside.  427 moved up behind and I could see him lick his hands and smear his saliva all over his cock.  He also moved between my legs and penetrated me doggy style.  His tempo was a bit subdued and it was just right, I was a bit in recovery mode and he let me get my second wind. 


As he was grinding his hard cock in to my soaking wet pussy we could all hear the noises, squish, squish, squish, squish.  Each push made the same noise and there was now a puddle forming between my legs.  I surveyed the scene a bit and there was still a few guys in the doorway all  of them naked and all with their cocks in their hands.  I knew everyone of them to some degree and this level of comfort made me all the more aroused.  I felt like I could go all night.  FUCK!


About that time 428 and 429 moved up on to the bed and positioned themselves in front of me.  While 427 fucked away, increasing his tempo as he went.  I was able to play with 428 then 429 alternately with my hands, but being up on my knees made it hard to do both.  They asked me if I would put my lips on one of their cocks while I played with my hand with the other.  I had never been comfortable with the idea of giving a blow job but this did not seem to be the same thing so I was okay with it.


I could feel 427 getting closer to orgasm in my pussy and he was making me cum over and over again like the other guys had.  My attention was now going in multiple directions but I was able to keep up with it.  My eyes were alternating between the two guys in front of me and the guys in the doorway waiting their turn.  My hands were switching from one cock to the next alternately kissing and even now licking the other cock.  My pussy was convulsing from one orgasm to the next, I’m sure I had cum over 50 times so far and I could feel my stomach muscles getting tighter with each orgasm.  My legs and pussy lips were being spread wider and wider as 427 penetrated me deeper and deeper faster and faster.  And my skin was electric with all the sensations of cocks inside me, hands on me and cum all over me.


It was at this heightened moment that I again felt the sensation of a cock exploding inside me; but this time my screams took on a bit of a surreal sound. Once! Twice! Three! Four! Five! Massive bursts of cum were hitting the back of my pussy again.  But this time, as 427’s orgasm rolled over me, and into me, I became aware that I now had 428s cock buried all the way in to the back of my throat.  THAT’s why my voice sounded different.  I have no idea how and when I swallowed his cock in to my mouth, but not only was his cock buried in my mouth I could also feel his cock exploding in to my throat. 


I was paralyzed with two cocks in me. 427 was pushing as hard as he could forward and in to my pussy, filling me with more hot liquid.  While at the same time 428 was pushing his cock forward in to my mouth and down my throat - PAST my gag reflex. Once! Twice! Three! Four! Five! Massive bursts of cum were gushing down my throat at the same time as burst of cum were gushing in to my pussy!  After four or five pulses in to my mouth 428 pulled back and I gasped for air.  Looking down I could see him aim four or five more shots of cum down between my hands.  Now I was covered inside and outside with cum and my stomach was also full of cum.  There was a chorus of cheers from the crowd still waiting their turn. 


I was stunned that I could pull it off, wow!  429 stayed right where he was while 430 crawled up on to the bed.  As I glanced back I could see his cock was a normal length but extraordinarily thick.  Probably the size of a beer bottle, I made a quick glance over at a bottle on the night stand, and yeah, his cock was bigger.  430 then pushed my legs back down and straddled my ass, allowing my legs to come together.  He slid in, fairly easy in spite of his girth.  I could hear him exclaim “wow you are so so wet, its NEVER this easy for me to get inside a girl!”


He quickly started fucking my pussy and 429 was now aggressively fucking my mouth.  I didn’t care about the blow job thing anymore, I was simply intent on pleasing everybody in the room, no matter what it took.  I was aware that 429 and 430 were talking back and forth, as they drilled and filled me.  I think I knew what they were planning but I just let my mind wander to the orgasms I was having and resigned myself to a repeat of what had just happened with the other two guys. 


YUP, I was right. They both exploded simultaneously; one in my mouth and one in my pussy.  It was actually easy this time. Once! Twice! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Massive bursts of cum hitting the back of my pussy and the back of my throat at the same time AGAIN!  I had so much cum in me nothing really mattered.  I had hit a high, like a runner’s high, and I could fuck and suck forever.


I was quickly flopped over on to my back, this time it was by 431.  He simply crawled up between my legs, spread em wide and pushed his cock in to me.  He was plenty big, nearly the size of 421, but I took it all with ease.  My pussy was so lubed, so wet, so opened I could fuck just about anything.  He had real wide hips to go with his big cock and he was intent on pounding me in to submission I think.  But all he could accomplish was making me cum over and over again.  He didn’t last too long, maybe about 4-5 minutes, but I got another half dozen orgasms out of it before he pulled out and unloaded the largest quantity of cum anybody had ever seen.  As he was cumming he screamed “I haven’t cum in months!”  And it showed!  His cum covered both my breasts, was pooling up at my neck and there were 6-8 streams of it rolling off my stomach on both sides.  WOW!


I hadn’t quite noticed until he was just finishing up, but 422, 423, 424 and 425 were on both sides of me jerking their cocks furiously.  It looked like they were gonna try and cum on me too.  432 sneaked up on to the bed and somehow got behind and underneath me, he then lifted me up in the air and slid totally under me.  As he lifted me up the rest of 431’s cum all ran down my stomach and over my pussy at exactly the same time he positioned his cock to push inside me from below.  I was in reverse cowgirl cum all over me and another hard super soaked cock ready to start fucking up and in to my pussy.


The night’s activities were going to come to a super climax, any minute now. I could just feel it.   Then I noticed 433 climb up between my legs and position his cock against my pussy, all the while 432 was pumping up and in to me.  433 rubbed his cock up and down, caressing my clitoris, and rubbing against his friends cock as it pumped in and out of me.  The four guys on either side of me started to complete their masturbation task and all four of them unloaded on to my stomach, pretty much at the same time.  More cum was rolling down my stomach and around my pussy and around 432 and 433’s cocks. 


Then I felt 433 push his way in along side 432, they were double penetrating my pussy!  I thought I felt filled up when 421 fucked me but this was even better! If that was even possible.  I was nearing exhaustion from the orgasms and the fucking so I lay back against 432’s chest and looked up at 433 as they both, in tandem, pumped their rigid cocks in to me.  I could feel AND hear all that cum that had pooled up around my pussy and my stomach as the two guys fucking me started to increase their tempo. Splat Splat Splat Splat.


I looked up at 433, he was looking past me at 433 nodding his head and then it happened.  I recall a three way gutteral scream emanating from the three of us as they simultaneously pumped their cum in to my pussy and filled it even more past the brim.  One! One!  Two! Two! Three! Three!  Four! Four! Five! Five!  Six! Six! And more more more.!  I likely passed out at that point, as I vaguely remember the room being fuzzy and hearing cheers as the two who were in me, slowly slipped out.  I rolled to the side, and lay me over on to my front.


I was totally relaxed and satisfied.  Not that I was completely finished, because 428 wanted a turn with my pussy also.  He climbed on, straddled my ass, pushed his way in to the liquid filled cavity that was my pussy and deposited his own second cum shot in to me.  429 followed suit, also climbing on top and fucking me for 2-3 minutes before unloading another cum shot in to my pussy.  That was Five or Six more orgasms for me; I really felt like I could fuck forever.


421 and 422 each took another turn, but did not penetrate, they simply rubbed their hardening cocks between my ass cheeks and sprayed their next loads on to the small of my back.  Each of them made me cum twice, simply rubbing their cocks against my ass cheeks.  Everything was making me cum.


426 and 427 then crawled up in front of me and asked if they could use my mouth.  I propped up on a pillow and they took turns sliding their hard cocks in to and out of my mouth, switching back and forth with each other, finally spraying their cum on to my tongue and the pillow in front of me.  While they fucked my mouth I was aware of a set of hands beginning to rub my ass cheeks and then another set of fingers pushing in to my pussy.  Just about the time 426 and 427 were cumming at my mouth 421 was finding my g-spot with four fingers, fisting me to another screaming, squirting, pussy emptying orgasm.


We were all spent and I got my nightcap; a cold beer. Laying back on the bed, we were all happily laughing about the nights activities, all the while I was admiring the hard bodies and exceptional cocks that I got to enjoy that night.  Everyone finally left the bedroom except 421, who sat me on the edge of the bed and opened another cold beer for me.  He then proceeded to have me take a drink of beer, and then put his cock as far in my mouth as he could, then another drink of beer, then another entry to my cold cold mouth.  About half way through the bottle he sprayed the last cum shot of the night all over my chest and down my stomach. 




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