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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Dark fantasy  

2/18/2014 22:09
Posted By:  - MINNEAPOLIS, MN  
Date Posted: 2/18/2014 22:09
   You and I are in a room, forbidding, dark, candle lit shadows undulate, hiding then revealing what lies before us. I am dressed simply, dark tee shirt, black jeans holding a leash. You are covered by a cloak, no other clothing, no shoes. The cloak is white, sheer, light bouncing from it, your body revealed yet hidden. You are collared, my leash attached at your throat. You walk behind me, responding to the tug of the leash, always stopping in unison with me as we enter and take in this provocation that lies before us. "Come." I say and with a gentle tug we begin our journey. 

There are people sitting and standing in a large loosely formed circle. People of all descriptions. First is a man, large with a shaved head, shirtless, tribal tattoos cover his upper body. I stop in front of him and he leans in and speaks into my ear, you cannot hear what he is saying. I step behind you pulling the cloak away from you, revealing you naked before him. I keep your arms at your sides knowing you will want to cover yourself. He takes you in with piercing almost glowing eyes. It is obvious even in this dark flickering light that you are affecting him. 

Now in front of you with my palm open towards you at eye level. You understand and are still. I step away from you and he and I talk. After a few moments I am back. Your cloak is restored and you are covered. I pick up the leash and we resume our walk. 

Next we are in front of a couple. A man and a woman. She is seated on a kitchen chair. Arms at her side, legs slightly spread and her head is tilted back. She has long black hair and he is standing behind her brushing it. Both are naked. As he brushes her hair she lazily reaches back and strokes his cock. Transfixed we watch as it plays out. Brushing, stroking, until finally he erupts on her hair. His face reveals the ecstasy he is experiencing, hers but a smile both knowing and lecherous at the same time. My pull on the leash brings you back to consciousness. As we walk away he is bending towards her. We leave them to their kiss. 

We walk past a man chained to a post. Further along a man wearing a tuxedo is seated at a bar smoking a cigarette. He and I engage each other and you are left standing nearby. The bartender, a woman with Kool Aid red hair brings me a drink. She then pours some wine in a crystal bowl. I bring it to you holding it in both of my hands. As I extend it towards you our eyes meet. Without words you know what I want. I want you to show this tuxedo clad stranger and the bartender with flames for hair that you will kneel before me and drink this. I place the bowl on the floor and return to the bar. I do not look back, I don't have to for I know that you will do this, you will serve me. 

After several minutes I am arm in arm with the man and the bartender. Stopping at your side you hand me the end of the leash and we are leaving.  

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