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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Orgy with the neighbors - a quick and dirty story  

2/26/2014 09:19
Posted By:  - SAN DIEGO, CA  
Date Posted: 2/26/2014 09:19

I love winter in England. Sure, it means I can’t wear my bikini and lay out in the garden.  But, the countryside looks amazing with snow on the ground and in the trees.  The pubs all have roaring warm fires; a good pint in winter is just the best.  The only problem is that people tend to stay indoors more to keep warm.  It’s way too cold to be out and about for longer than you really need.  That means a social butterfly such as myself doesn’t get the attention she needs.

My husband Bob’s company has lots of corporate parties around this time.  We were looking forward to letting our hair down from a long hard working year.  My paintings had been selling well and I had decided to focus on actually painting rather than selling for a while.  I do love my trade, but it can be really lonely in my studio all day with just a canvas and palate. I picked up the phone to call my younger hot neighbor Claire.  She and her husband Jake had moved in down the road about six months ago; we hit it off straight away. In fact, the first week they were there I had sex with Claire.  I had her over for wine and cheese and she fingered and licked my pussy to orgasm.  Seems outrageous, but that’s what we did.

The phone rang a few times and then Claire picked up.

“Hi Gill, what are you up to?” she said in her usually chirpy voice.

“Well, I am getting bored and wanted to know if you fancied some wine this afternoon?”

“Yep, what time?”


“See you at yours?”

“OK. Sounds good.”  I hung up the phone and smiled. Claire was always up for a glass of wine; I could count on her every time.  Although she was about fifteen years younger than me, we just really clicked as friends.  I think it helped that she was very cute and a total nymphomaniac.  I mean, maybe even more than me.  She has a tight little sporty body and dark eyes that you just melt into.  Don’t even get going on her little Pilates toned ass.

I finished my painting and cleaned up the studio making sure everything was washed and set to dry.  Bob wouldn’t be home for a while, so Claire and I could have a good chitchat about her latest escapades.  I showered, dressed and quickly chilled some wine in the freezer.  About five minuets later the doorbell rang and I opened the door to find Claire standing there talking on the phone.  She was arguing with Jake, by the sounds of it.  She smiled at me weakly and stepped in.  We kissed on the cheek and then she walked right on passed me into the kitchen.  Claire spent the next five minutes waving her hands, pacing up and down the kitchen, and taking big slurps of her wine that I kept topping up.  I just sat there reading the latest Elle Decoration waiting for her to finish, but couldn’t help overhearing what they were talking about.  Jake, her husband, was going to have to be in Spain for the weekend for work and I think Claire was upset because they had planned to be together.  Sounded familiar to me.  I regularly got calls from Bob like that.  As I got older I understood that if I wanted the big house, nice cars and nice things, I would have to put up with it.  

Claire hung up and sat down next to me, her face flush with anger.

“Sorry babe, I am just so annoyed right now.  We were supposed to be going away this weekend and now he tells me he is going to Spain.  Bloody company! I’m sick of it!” she leant forward and pretty much drained the large glass I had poured her.  That was three already.

“Well, I don’t mean to pry but that job Jake has allows you to have wine with me in the afternoon like this.”

Claire’s lips scrunched up for a second and then slowly softened. She breathed out hard.

“You are right.  Damn, I should call him back, shouldn’t I?”


“Ok, I’ll be right back.  Pour me another, will you?” she said over her shoulder. I opened another bottle of chilled Pinot Grigio and found some kettle chips and hummus.  After a few minutes Claire came back smiling.

“You were right, as always,” she said rolling her eyes.  “How did you get to be so smart?”  Claire raised her glass and I did the same.

“Twenty years of marriage sweetie, that’s how.”

“Yeah, well, I am learning.  Anyway, he says he will take a week off and we are going to the South of France so that’s a good trade off.”

“Absolutely!  I’ll drink to that!” I said taking a sip of my wine.

“So, what’s new with you and Bob?  I haven’t seen you guys in ages.  Did you sell that painting?”

I filled Claire in on our happenings and told her about how a very wealthy American had purchased my painting for the price advertised.  He was a fat man with a lot of money, an abrasive demeanor and I liked him immediately.

We drank some more wine and before I knew it I was tipsy.  Judging by Claire’s rosy cheeks and slightly slurred speech, she was ahead of me.

“So have you met the new neighbors?  The ones next to me?”, she asked.

“No!  I saw the van but haven’t seen them yet.  What are they like?”  I topped up our glasses.

Claire smiled and I knew she was thinking something naughty.  “Well, they are nice.  I only spoke to them briefly; hey are young. I mean maybe early thirties, and attractive.  Actually, he is just so-so but really nice and has great eyes.  She is super hot, but maybe knows it I think.  She is a tall blonde, huge fake tits,” she used her hands to signal where this woman’s breast were.

“Nothing wrong with fake tits is there?”  I said pushing mine out.

“Not at all!”  Claire laughed and put her hands on them taking a good feel.  

“I get the feeling she is a little up herself, if you know what I mean?  Nice, but stand offish.  She knows she is hot and has an attitude about it.”

“That’s never good in a young woman, very unattractive,”  I said, remembering how I used to be.

“Well, I got a little moist talking to her I have to admit,”  Claire’s cheeks blushed a little and removed her hands off my breasts.

“That’s because you are a dirty minx, Claire Rogers.”

Claire took a large gulp of her wine and smiled at me, her cheeks bright red, “Let’s have them over for dinner and seduce them.  Fuck them both.”

“You are not serious, are you?”  I couldn’t believe she was suggesting this.  I had never even met them.  Sure, Bob and I were swingers but that doesn’t meet we fuck anyone.

“Totally.  I get the feeling they might be up for it.  Besides, I haven’t had any other pussy for a while,” she grinned at me and I got instantly wet.

“Well, that’s because you are my little pussy eater Claire.  Ok, so, let’s have them over for dinner tomorrow night but I don’t think we should try anything until we know they are into swinging, ok?  Let’s just have dinner and get to know them.”

“Sure,” Claire said looking at me with sexy eyes.

“I’ll go over later tonight, introduce myself and invite them.”

“Sure,” Claire said hopping off her stool and walking over to me.  Without another word she pulled up my summer dress past my soft toned thighs and ran her hands up them to my panties.  She tugged.  Our sexy chat and the wine had my completely gone, so I straightened my legs to help her. Within seconds, she had them off and was kneeling with her face between my legs.  She was looking up at me smiling like a Cheshire cat.  I leant back as her soft lips kissed my inner thighs.  Ripples of pleasure went through me.  Claire’s tongue circled around my clit and lips teasing me, showing me how good she was.  She breathed on my pussy, hot then cold.  The sensations were driving me crazy, making me soaking wet.  Then, she plunged her tongue deep inside me circling it around, tasting me teasing me.  I looked down and our eyes met as she started to suck on my clit, taking the whole thing in her mouth gently. I gripped the bar stool to steady myself as Claire sucked, licked and tongued me.  Her eyes never leaving mine as she brought me off to a toe curling orgasm.  She lapped hard at my pussy getting as much of my juice as possible as I came on her face.  Then, when I was done, she stood and kissed me long and hard sharing it with me.  I was in heaven.  Claire pulled back with her wicked smile.

“Where’s your phone?”

“Over there.” I said wondering why she wanted my phone.  She went and found it, stood next to me smiling and took a picture of us both.

“What are you doing?”

“Sending a picture to Bob for you.  He will know what we have been up to.”  She said smiling ear to ear and sending the image.

“Oh you are a filthy bitch!” I said realizing how much it would turn Bob on.

“Thank you,” she smiled again as she texted my husband.  “Thanks for lunch Bob, your wife tasted great.”  Claire said reading back as she sent it.

We finished another bottle of wine in the lounge and I actually fell asleep.  When I work up Claire was gone but she had left a message on the table.

“Had another taste while you were sleeping.  See you tomorrow night.”

She was such a dirty bitch; I loved it.  I looked at the clock and realized I must have been asleep for a few hours because it was 7 PM already.  Claire would understand.  I had been doing the Insanity work out program and it really tired you out, but the results had been great.  I looked amazing and my abs were really toned, as were my legs.

After grabbing some food, I wrapped up in my big coat and scarf, and headed down the road past Claire’s driveway towards her neighbors on the other side.  As I neared their driveway, I saw that they were in because almost every light in the house was on.  They certainly must have some money because I know how much our electricity bill costs.

Just then a shirtless man walk past a window holding a paintbrush.  He walked past again and then again.  I froze on their driveway in the shadows next to one of the cars parked there.  He was gorgeous, kind of George Clooney looking.  He had a nice hairy chest with defined pecks, a cut jaw line and streaks of grey in his hair.  I watched as he went back and forth a few times and then stopped and looked out of the window.  It was only 20 feet from where I was standing, but I hoped the shadows would hide me.  He leant on the windowsill and smiled.

“Can I help you?”  he called out.

I took a deep breath, so embarrassing.  I walked forward confidently.

“Evening!  I’m Gill from down the road.  Next to Claire’s.  Thought I should come and introduce myself.” I said.

“Absolutely.  Give me a minute,” he said then disappeared into the house and a minute later opened the door wearing shorts, a vest covered in paint and flip flops.  His blue eyes twinkled in the porch light and I became very aware that I found him gorgeous.

“Come in, come in,” he said smiling.

“I’m Gill,” I said again, extending my hand.

“Come in first, it’s too cold to be shaking hands out on the porch.”  He was right of course and I felt even more stupid being so formal.  I walked through the door and he closed it behind me.  Suddenly he held me and kissed my cheek like an old friend.  I quivered a little feeling his strong hands and chest muscles.

“Hello Gill, I’m David.  Nice to meet you sweetheart.”

“Gill,” I said for the third time.

“I know,” he smiled again and I melted a little.  “Come let me take your coat and scarf.  Glass of wine?”

I didn’t expect it to go like this.  I had thought I would just say hello and invite them over for tomorrow night.

“Sure, that would be lovely thank you David.”

“Perfect!  Jamie is still getting dressed but she will be down in a minute, I should think.  Come into the kitchen.”  He led the way though a huge entrance hall.  Everything was super modern.  From the solid wood floor, furniture and brand-new fully kitted out kitchen.  I knew they had been doing improvements before they moved in.  I had seen the contractors working, but this was a complete renovation.

“Wow, I can’t believe how much work you have done.  It looks amazing,” I said leaning against the solid granite counter top.

“Thank you.  Actually, Jamie does all the design work.  I just do the little bit of work that I can.  I like to paint, so painted our upstairs.”  As he reached into the wine cabinet, I saw his strong arms and back muscles flex.  This guy was so hot.  Now I was up close he looked more like Gerard Butler. I wondered why Claire had said he was just “OK”.  His friendly manner had put me right at ease and I was very relaxed.  I sat down at the kitchen table and took a sip of the wine David gave me.  It was delicious and very easy to drink.

“So, how long have you guys lived here?  We only found the place by luck.”

“Oh, about fifteen years.  We used to live down in the village but liked that it was secluded off this road.  Nothing better than being able to walk around your house without worrying if you need clothes or not!”

What was I saying?  I took a quick gulp of wine and looked anywhere but at David.  He laughed so loud I thought it was fake.  But when I looked up, he was really laughing hard.

“You know that is so funny because when we were looking around this house, I said to Jamie that I am going to look forward to walking around naked.”

I smiled and looking into his blue eyes, I felt myself becoming damp between the legs.  He was totally gorgeous and I wanted to lean across and kiss him, passionately, deeply.  My naughty thoughts must have been showing on my blushing face because he quickly stopped laughing.  “Oh sorry Gill,  I have embarrassed you.”

I waved it away with my free hand.  “Please, I have seen plenty of hot naked men in my time.”  What had I just said?  I was really being a terrible flirt and I couldn’t help it.

“Ok, good to know.  So changing subjects, what’s your husband’s name?”

“It’s Bob.  He’s probably on his way back from work as we speak actually.”  I took another gulp of wine hoping I could get out of there as soon as possible.  I had already made a complete fool of myself.  That idea was shot when David leant over and filled my glass before I could say no.  Honestly, I think I wanted him to, I was enjoying this little flirting that we were both doing.

“Jamie tells me you are an artist.  What do you paint?”

How the hell did she know that?  “I paint all sorts of things.  Abstract mainly, but still life sometimes as well.  Watercolor and oils.  I prefer abstract as it’s my interpretation of what I am looking at, but sometimes still life is just so incredible to capture.”

“I know what you mean.  I’m a photographer.”

“Oh wow.  What sort of work do you do?”

“Corporate, portraits, nude mainly,” he smiled and stood up and pulled another bottle of wine out of the storage unit behind him.  I wanted to get out of there and fast, because this was becoming a little too fun.  He must have known what I was thinking.

“Oh don’t worry, this isn’t for us.  Jamie’s brother is coming later and I like to let my wine breathe.  I feel it gets better with age, don’t you agree?”

I was wet already but that made me soak my panties. He knew what he’d said.

“I think it can, yes.  Sometimes you just want to open it and enjoy.”

David smiled and I took that as he understood my double joke. Just then the kitchen door opened and in walked what I can only describe as a tall blonde fashion model.  She hardly looked at me as she kissed David on the lips and I think, squeezed his ass.

“Gill, this is Jamie my wife,” David said.

Without so much as a smile she lifted up her hand.  I took it and we shook like business people.

“Hello Gill,” she said, like it didn’t matter.

“Nice to meet you Jamie,” I said warmly.  Jamie must have been 6 feet or taller, slender with the most amazing skin I have ever seen.  Her blond hair was tied back allowing big bright and shiny blue eyes to take the focus on her face.  She was wearing leggings, a cropped top and some sort of shear scarf.  Frankly, I wouldn’t wear it but she looked amazing.  Jamie poured herself a glass of wine and that stiff look on her face didn’t go. The atmosphere in the room changed.  I didn’t need to be there anymore.

“So, I was actually just leaving but I wanted to invite you both over for cocktails and nibbles tomorrow night.”  

Right then I had made the decision not to do a full dinner.  I wasn’t too keen on this woman and sitting down to dinner didn’t seem fun.  Claire was right.  She was a young, hot thing and knew it.

“What time?” Jamie asked.

“I was thinking 7 PM,” I said smiling.

“Thank you for the invite.  We would love to come.  What can we bring?” she said smiling finally.

“Just yourselves and a smile.”

“We can do that!”  David said, his blue eyes sparkling.

“Wonderful.  See you tomorrow night.”  I stood up and gulped down the rest of my wine.  David moved around the table and lead the way, as Jamie slowly got up and waited for me to leave with David.  As soon as we were through the door David tried to lighten the mood.

“What’s the dress code for out little party tomorrow?”

“Oh casual.  Claire is coming over also.  Her husband Jake is out of town, but the five of us will have fun.”

“I’m sure,” he said and handed me my coat and scarf, then opened the door.  I put them on and went to leave.

“Thanks for the wine,” I said as David kissed me on the cheek again.  I walked out into the cold crisp night and tried not to smile too much.  I had the hots for David, that was for sure.  I walked back to my house and called Claire on my mobile.


“He’s gorgeous.”

“I know, so hot,” she said laughing.

“Why did you say he was just “OK”?”

“I wanted to see what you thought.  Nice change from the norm, huh?”

“I’ll say.  Anyway, they are coming over at 7 PM.  Be there or be square.”

“Is the ice queen coming?”


“Great.  Let’s get her drunk.”

“Claire come on, give the girl a chance.  She probably needs friends.  7 PM tomorrow.  Night,” I hung up and headed down my drive where I found Bob already home and doing something car related.

“Hi Babe, how was your day?”

Bob looked up and smiled weakly.  “Fine, bloody CEO is a pain but apart from that, good.  How are you?”

We kissed and I hugged him for a while.  Bob and I had a wonderful relationship since we were open and honest with each other about what we wanted.  It all came out a few years ago when I told Bob I wanted to fuck other men.  The funny thing was he was totally into it and really enjoyed watching me get taken by new guys. so long as he can have his fill of women.  Often we shared women and loved it.  Claire was one of the first and I masturbated with her husband’s cock in my mouth while she sucked Bob’s cock and swallowed his cum.  Then Bob went down on her.  She came so many times I lost count.

“Darling, the new neighbors are coming over tomorrow for cocktails.  Is that OK?”

“Sure.  What are they like?”

“Well, he is really nice and she is hot but seems cold.  You would like her,” I smiled.  Bob always liked a challenge with women.

“They in the lifestyle?”

“No, don’t think so.  It will just be cocktails.”

I walked into the house with Bob behind me.  He pushed me gently to the floor devouring my mouth and we fucked hard right there in the hallway. He pumped me hard and came deep inside me as we kissed filling me with his seed.  That is making love.

That night we did our own things.  I wanted to get ready for tomorrow and catch up on my TV show, and Bob needed to go over some numbers to send to his boss.

The next morning Bob was asleep when I woke.  A naughty thought crossed my mind.  I slowly crawled under the sheets and found his semi hard cock and slipped my lips around it. I gently sucked on his rod, licking the head and shaft enjoying the warmness.  He moved slightly but didn’t seem to wake.  I kept going and slowly his cock actually became fully hard in my mouth.  I sucked like crazy letting it slip in and out of my mouth trying to make him cum before he woke up.  Just as my lips were beginning to get tired, his cock twitched and his balls tightened.  I kept sucking hoping he would empty in my mouth.  Sure enough, hot creamy cum filled my greedy cheeks.  I kept my mouth clamped around his shaft so not to loose any and after almost a minute I swallowed it down.  Just then Bob laughed and I flipped back the covers to see him smiling.

“You cheeky bugger, I thought you were asleep!”

“I have been awake the whole time. Thanks, babe.”

I moved up and kissed him with my cum-tasting mouth.

“Remember we have that cocktail party tonight.”  I said.

“I do.  Actually I didn’t tell you, but I met the wife at the gym the other day.  She was working out and asked me if I was the guy who lived down the road.  I think she had seen me leave for work so knew who I was.”

“You have met her already and didn’t tell me?”

“I didn’t think about it last night.  Way too tired.  Good looking girl, really friendly.”

I lifted my head off Bob chest to see if he was smiling.  He wasn’t.

“Are you being sarcastic?”

“No.  She was really friendly.  I couldn’t stop her talking actually, it was really annoying because I was trying to beat my best time on the rowing machine.  Why do you ask?”

This was very interesting indeed!  Sounded like to me that Jamie had a little crush on older men.

“Oh, no reason.  I didn’t really get a chance to chat with her.  So they will be here at 7pm.  Do you want to do some dry Martinis?”

Bob got out of bed and I admired his manly body.  For a man of 55 he looked amazing with strong shoulder and a wonderful toned back.  Most men of 30 didn’t look as good as he did.  His little belly was a different story, but still cute.

“I’m going to do a round of golf and then I will be back to help you get ready.  Is that OK?”

I rolled onto my front and smiled at Bob.  “Unless you want to come over here and fuck me in the ass before you go?”

Bob stopped in his tracks and when he turned, his cock was already hard again.  He wasted no time in jumping me and slipping his dick inside my tight ass.  Before I knew what was happening I came hard and then felt his second cum shot fill me up.  We rolled around on the bed kissing and hugging for a while and then Bob showered and dressed for golf.

The day was beautiful.  The sun was out, it was warm and I felt in a great mood after going on a long run.  5 PM came quickly.  Bob’s dry Martini’s always went down well.  I made sure I got all the things he needed from the supermarket while picking up some nibbles.  You only needed one and you were well on your way, so it was a great drink to break the ice at parties.

I chopped some vegetables to go with the hummus and put them in the fridge.  I had already prepared the other little snacks, so really I was good to go.  Time for a glass of wine.  Bob was out in the garden watering his Rhododendrons.  I poured two glasses, left one on the side for him and took the other with me upstairs to have while I got ready.

6:45 PM came and the phone rang in the office upstairs.  I walked out of the bedroom towards the office half expecting it to be David cancelling.

“Hello?” I said.

“It’s me,” Claire sounded agitated.


“Do you know the Johnson’s down the end of the road?”

I did, but we were not really friends.

“Do you mean the ones with the Ferrari and horrible fake Georgian manner house?”

“Yes.  They are really nice people.  They both work in charity.  Anyway, I sort of invited them over tonight to yours.  Is that OK?”

That was so typical of Claire.  That’s why I love her.

“Sure, what time are they coming?”

“7:30-ish.  Is that OK?”


“Can I come over now?  I’m ready and bored.”

“Sure, come and have a glass of wine with me.”

“See you in a sec,” she said.

I put the phone down and looked in the mirror.   Damn I looked good.  David was going to love it.  I shook my head and reminded myself this was not a swingers party.

The door bell rang.  It would be Claire.

I ran down the stairs and opened it. Claire looked gorgeous as always, wearing some designer jeans that were super tight showing off a perfect butt.  Then, a little black chiffon blouse with a lacy black bra underneath.

“You look beautiful.” I said, honestly admiring her style.

“So do you!  Wow that skirt shows off your figure, babe.”

Claire came in and we headed into the kitchen.  Bob had already had his wine and was now back outside doing something I couldn’t quite see. Claire poured us two large glasses and sat herself down on one the bar stools by the island.  I pulled out the salad from the fridge and prepared a dressing of oil and balsamic vinaigrette.

“So, David is totally hot right?”  Claire said taking a gulp of wine.

“Yes.  And you didn’t tell me.  Jamie’s interesting to say the least.”

“Ice queen.”

“Give her a chance!  She might be really nervous or something,” I didn’t actually believe this based on what Bob had told me but I didn’t want to write her off before I knew her.

“I will, I will.  Anyway, where is Bob?”

Just then Bob came through the door looking and smelling fantastic as only he could. He kissed Claire on the cheek and then kissed me on the lips taking one of the celery sticks and dipping it in the hummus.

“Hi girls.  Already got the party started, huh?”

“Not without a hunky stud Bob,” Claire said flirting. I loved it.  There was no jealously between us at all.

Bob put his arm around her shoulder.

“Remember you two this is a vanilla party tonight.  David and Jamie are not in the lifestyle.” I said seriously.

“You sure about that?”  Bob asked.

“No, but we don’t know them!”

“Didn’t stop you seducing me,” Claire teased.

“That was different.”

“No, it wasn’t!  You didn’t even know me and wanted to get laid and seduced me.”

I blushed a little because she was right, of course.

“Well, maybe.”  

Bob and Claire laughed.

“Totally,” Bob said while taking out the martini ingredients.

“OK, so we will be nice.  But if she doesn’t make any effort, I’m not going to bother either.” Claire finished her wine and poured another glass.  She caught my stare.

“What?  It’s only my second!”

“Yeah and that’s all you need young lady.”  I walked over and kissed her lips softly.  She slipped her tongue in my mouth and made me instantly wet.

“Let’s try and keep it sensible tonight.”  

I looked over and noticed Bob was watching us closely while still paring a lemon.  I smiled and went back to making my salad.  We talked about other stuff for a while until the doorbell rang.  I dried my hands on a tea towel and walked into the hallway.  I could see Jan and Dan Johnson waiting on the porch.  I opened the door with a big smile.

“Hi guys, haven’t see you in ages!  Come on in.”  

Jan and Dan were social friends of ours.  I wouldn’t say they were close friends but more like people we are happy to go out with once in a while.  They are the same age as Bob and I, but we certainly look younger.  Neither of them is really fat but they are a tiny bit overweight and just seem to act their age.  Jan is actually beautiful and well put together, and she is short with a cute face and pretty shy.  She wouldn’t ever say a bad word about someone and I liked her.  Dan is normal height with a baldhead.  He is very polite and kind, and actually rather funny.  They too have teenage kids in University.  For some reason we have just never clicked more, just one of those things.

I gave both a kiss on the cheek and took their coats.

“Come in guys, Claire and Bob are already tucking into the wine.”

We walked into the kitchen and Bob and Claire greeted both Jan and Dan with hugs and kisses.  Before I knew it the party was well underway with another bottle of wine being opened and then practically finished within ten minutes.  I focused on getting the food ready as I listened in to the lighthearted conversation of the others.  Claire was already tipsy and her tongue was running wild.

“So, have you met Jamie and David yet?”

“Yes I have met them both.  They seem nice,” Jan said.

“Oh come on Jan, she’s a total Ice Queen,” Claire was on top form as always.

“Well, I suppose you are right.  Actually she was bloody rude to me.  Maybe I upset her.”

“Oh rubbish!  She is an Ice Queen plain and simple.”  The wine was clearly getting to her head.

I noticed neither of the men had said anything.

“Dan what do you think?” I asked.

He took a sip of wine and blushed a little.  Oh this was going to be good.

“Well I think they are a nice couple.  Seemed fine to me.”

“You’ve met them?”  Jan shot him a look then caught herself.

“Well, I met her.  At the gym,” Dan said looking back with a confused look on his face.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”  Jan asked.

Dan shrugged.  I looked over at Bob and wondered exactly the same thing.  He saw me looking.

“I met her also.  Seemed nice enough.  Talked a lot.”

“Really?  That is interesting.”  Claire smiled and looked at Jan and I.  She was obviously thinking what we were.  Bob changed the subject and talked about the Olympics that were currently on.  We chatted for a good ten minutes and then the doorbell went again.  Everyone stopped talking and looked at me.  You could have cut the tension with a knife.

“Oh bloody hell you lot, stop it.  Be nice!”  I walked off to answer the door.  Just as I was about to open it, I heard them talking outside and stopped to listen.  It was hard but I think I could hear David telling Jamie to try and be nice.  Now that was not something I wouldn’t have expected!  I waited until they stopped and opened the door with a huge smile.  There stood on the porch were two totally hot people.  I mean absolutely gorgeous.

David was wearing a pair of jeans, smart shoes and a fitted blue shirt that showed his toned physique perfectly.  His dark tanned skin highlighted those blue eyes and they shone out like beacons.  I wanted to kiss him right there and then and feel his hands all over my body, but then my attention was drawn to Jamie.  What can I say about Jamie?  Her long blonde hair was down and wound around her neck past her shoulders like Rapunzel, framing her soft flawless face. I think the strappy heals gave her an extra couple of inches but it was the figure hugging dress that really caught my attention.  Or rather what was in it.  She was nothing short of a ten, perfect.  Her long legs and shapely hips drawing your attention only briefly away from her large perfectly sized boobs that were just barely staying in at the top.

Jamie forced a smile and walked in.  We kissed on the cheek and I picked up her sexy scent.  As we held each other, her boobs pressed against mine and for a second I wanted to pull her in and feel her body but I resisted. David smiled at me as Jamie pulled away.

“Hi Gill, wow you look beautiful,” he said and planted a soft kiss on my cheek giving me the zings again.

“Let me take your coats.  Please go on into the kitchen.  I think you know everyone.”

I took Jamie’s little thin coat and David’s parka.  They walked in and I could hear everyone saying hello as I put their coats in the closet.  I walked into the kitchen and saw Bob getting a very warm hug from Jamie.  She seemed very different with the men than the women, that was for sure.

“So what can I get you guys? We were going to have some Martinis but do you want some wine first?”  Bob asked clearly excited at his cocktail making skills.

“I’ll have a wine please Bob,” the Ice Queen actually smiled.

“I’d love one of those Martinis,” Bob said.

Jamie sat down at a stool next to Claire and they made an effort to hug like friends.  Thankfully Jan was a social butterfly and quickly went over to Jamie making a fuss. I turned my attention back to the food as I heard her squeal with delight and ask Jamie about her outfit.  The kitchen was becoming a little busy so I looked up to Bob and he read my mind.

“Ok, so why don’t we all go out onto the patio.  The fire is lit and it’s a beautiful night.”

Slowly everyone left and I was alone in the kitchen getting the last bits of food ready.  After about ten minutes Claire came in and I think she even wobbled a bit on her heels.

“She’s a bitch Gill and you know it,” Claire’s breath was Martini soaked as she tried to whisper in my ear.  I needed to get the food finished and these little cheese bits were tricky to ensemble.

“Claire, let’s talk about this another time OK?  Right now I have to get the food ready and I would like to enjoy sometime with my guests.”

“But she is just not interested.  She is a bitch!”  At that moment Jamie walked through from the lounge and headed for the bathroom.  She looked over her shoulder without stopping and with great poise smiled.

“Well I might be Claire, but I am a hot one don’t you think?”  She continued through into the hallway without saying another thing.

“Well you have gone and done it now,” I looked up and Claire’s face was bright red.  We both cracked up laughing and I am sure Jamie could hear us.  It was such a cool thing she had done.  Claire, poured herself more wine and went back outside to the patio.  After about five minutes Jamie came back through the kitchen and acted like nothing had really happened.

“Can I help take something through for you?”

“Oh, sure.  How about you take the salad.  Thank you, Jamie.”  I smiled at her and she gave me a tiny little smile back. 

 At least that was progress.  I handed her the bowel and couldn’t help but stare at her perfect skin.  I just wanted to look at her closely and really check out every part.  She caught me staring and I blushed.

“It’s ok.  People stare at me all the time.  You can look.”

It was the weirdest thing but that didn’t come across as arrogant at all.  In fact it made her seem a little venerable to me.  I kept her gaze and started to feel myself drawn to her in a way I have never felt before with a woman.

“You are very beautiful. you know.  You don’t need to be ashamed of it.”

“I’m not.  I just get fed up of people judging me because I am.  It’s not easy.”

“Is that why you put the wall up?” I had stepped too far.  I didn’t know this woman and she was a guest in my home.  If it upset her she didn’t show it.

“I like you, Gill.  Thanks for having us over,” with that she walked off with the salad bowl and I watched her perfect buns rub side to side in that dress.

The party sounded like it was in full swing outside.  Jan and Claire were laughing like hyenas and Bob and Dan sounded like they were having fun also.  That left David and Jamie, hopefully they weren’t being left out.  I walked out of the kitchen carrying a few plates of food and found Jamie right in the middle of my husband and Dan, smiling, swishing her hair and having a great time.  So that’s why they were laughing, interesting. Jamie caught my eye and blushed while looking away.  I didn’t know if that was from embarrassment or she was flirting, but I hoped for the latter.  

“OK everyone, enjoy!” I placed the plates down and went back into the kitchen to fetch the pita bread and hummus.  It wasn’t a dinner but it was enough to keep the wine from making us blind drunk.  That was the plan anyway.  The night went really well and after the food Bob served his dry Martinis again.  By the time everyone had sipped their way through, two people were slurring words a little.  It was fun but I could feel this party getting crazy.

Bob and Jamie seemed to be getting on like a house on fire and David and Claire had been chatting all night long.  There was definitely something between them which I kind of knew when she had joked he wasn’t hot.  Jan and Dan had retreated to the loungers away from the group and I went and joined them.

“Thanks for having us over, Gilly.  We are having a great time,”  Jan said as I sat down on a lounger.  The night was beautiful, warm and balmy.  Candles lighted the patio just enough to see and the chilled music was perfect.

“I’m glad you guys could come.  It has been ages since I have seen you.”

“I know.  We should get together more often,” Jan said sincerely. Dan was lying back listening to the conversation but watching the scene in front of him.

“What do you think of our new neighbor Jamie?” He asked me.

“Are you asking me?”  I turned to look at him.


“I think she is nice.  Maybe a little misunderstood.”

“Hmm, how do you feel about her chatting your husband up?”

I shot Jan a look and she was clearly embarrassed.  She slapped Dan’s hand and he just smiled.

“What?  Come on; look at them.”

I turned and saw them laughing and touching each other’s hands and arms.  They were seriously flirting and it annoyed me a little.

“Well you know Dan, the way I see it.  I’d rather see Bob with another woman then for him to do it behind my back!”

“You mean you like to see Bob fuck other women?”

“Dan!  Will you please stop it.  You have had too much to drink.  We should go home,” Jan was clearly pissed off.

“Oh stop it babe, you know I am only joking.  Well sort of.  I like to see you get fucked you know that.”

Jan froze.  Seemingly she didn’t know what to do.  This was getting interesting and I played along pretending it was a joke.

“Oh is that right Dan?  And what in particular do you like to see?”  I smiled at Dan and he looked me up and down.  It sent a little tingle of excitement through me.

“Well, I love the thought of another man desiring her.  Wanting to touch her sexy body and getting hard thinking about it.  Jan get’s really excited and I loved seeing her cum over and over with a hot guy.”

That was a lot more than I thought he was going to say and instantly I was wet.  Right at that moment I knew where this party could go, but Bob and I had agreed it wasn’t going to be a swingers thing.  We hardly knew Jan and Dan let alone Jamie and David, but I was curious.

“Do you like to have sex with the wife?”  I asked not sure I should.

Dan looked over at me and smiled, he didn’t need to answer.  Even though he was a little over weight Dan was very handsome and I got the urge to see more of him.  Just then a little voice spoke up.

“I love seeing him fuck them with his huge cock.  Women always love it,”  Jan said.  “Actually I really love it.  Seeing women squirm and cum on it.”

I was quite literally lost for words.  I really didn’t know what to say so I just sat there looking ahead.  It takes a lot to make me speechless but Jan had done it.

“Did that surprise you, Gill?”  Jan said leaning over her husband to look at me.  Her large cleavage on show, which was quite a wonderful thing to see.

“Somewhat Jan, yes,” I felt my panties go damp was beginning to think naughty thoughts.  Which annoyed me, because we were not going to be having sex tonight.

“Oh damn, I need to check something in the kitchen,” I got up and hurried off into the kitchen and then I poured myself another glass while hiding.  Did Jan just really say that?  Dan wasn’t a straight out attractive guy but there was something about him.  He had quiet confidence that actually always turned me on.  Now I knew he had a huge cock I was really interested.  There was a lot of girlie laughing from outside.  I used the time to go to the bathroom to fix my hair and check my makeup. The same nervous thrill I get when swinging came over me and I tried to push it back down, but it was taking over. Looking in the mirror I took three deep breaths.

“Now Gill, control yourself.”

Feeling confident that I could ignore the feeling, I went back through the kitchen and out onto the patio to find Jan and Claire gyrating with each other making out.  David and Dan were watching, with huge smiles on their faces and Bob had his hand around Jamie’s shoulders whispering something in her ear. Which she was loving judging by the way she was leaning in and laughing.  What the bloody hell was going on!  I stood there for a minute just watching in amazement when Jamie caught my eye, smiled and walk straight over to me.  She looked deep into my eyes and I realized she was going to kiss me.  I shivered.  She leant in and her lips touched mine.  I melted in her scent and soft skin as Jamie’s hands wrapped around my neck pulling me in.  It was a deep long soft kiss and I was ready for anything.  She pulled away and smiled at me letting our lips slowly part.

“Bob dared me,” she said and walked back to him laughing while I watched that little ass again.  So good.

Cheeky bastard.  I went over to him and kissed him hard in the lips and felt for Jamie pulling her by the hand towards us.  I pulled away from Bob and let them lock lips right in front of me and her hand went down to Bob’s trousers immediately feeling for his cock.  She wanted to fuck and that was clear!  Over his shoulder I saw David smile as he was now in the middle of a Jan and Claire sandwich enjoying them.  Dan was stood back leaning against the wall enjoying the show and something about him seemed really hot to me now.  So confident and manly, but not arrogant at all.  I left Bob and Jamie making out, walked over past the threesome that was getting sexier by the minute then leant next to Dan.

“Quite a sight isn’t it?”  I said.

“That it is.”

“Is Jan bi?”

“Yes, she loves it.  Actually she has masturbated thinking about going down on you loads of times,” he smiled.

“As have I.”

I blushed and I caught Dan looking right at me.

“Well, what’s stopping you?”

Dan didn’t even say anything.  He just took my hand and lead me over to the loungers.  There he turned and kissed me hard his tongue darting in and out of my mouth softly.  It was such a contrast to his relaxed manner but I loved it.  I felt down to this fly and what I found took my breath away a little.  There running down his leg was a huge cock. Felt like at least ten inches easily and fat.

“I’m going to fuck you really hard Gill. I hope you are ready?”

He nibbled my neck and his hands ran over my athletic body.  Heaven.  Behind me I heard more laughter and I managed to look over Dan’s shoulder to see David with his hand up Claire’s dress and Jan with her hand down David’s jeans.  They were all kissing and laughing and moaning, having a great time.  Bob and Jamie were nowhere to be seen but I didn’t care, I was loving Dan’s wandering hands which were now closer to my hot spots.  I wanted to feel this man get excited so I unzipped his fly and felt inside for that monster, I wasn’t disappointed.  We kissed as I played with his tool and he slipped a finger inside me.  Looking over his shoulder I watched as Jan had got down on her knees and was now busy sucking on David’s good cock.   Claire was still kissing David and by the way she was moaning, I’d say he had her close to orgasm using his fingers.  Dan nibbled my ears while slipping his finger in and out of me, making my pussy wet with desire.

“Wow you are so wet, I can’t wait to be inside you,” he whispered in my ear.  I couldn’t wait either and didn’t know what he was waiting for.

“Let’s go inside to the lounge.  I like the sofas.”

We went inside and there sat astride my husband was Jamie busily making out with him.  His shirt was off and trousers unbuttoned, her dress was hitched up revealing the most amazing tanned toned legs.  They were kissing hard and didn’t even notice us on the other sofa next to them.

“How do you want to do it?”  Dan asked me politely.

“From behind.  I can take big cock like that.”

I unzipped my skirt and kicked it off.  Dan took out his cock and I have to say I almost yelped now that it was fully hard.  It was so beautiful, long and thick with a big head on it.  I leant over the sofa and reached back with my hands to play with my already swollen clit.  Dan rolled on a condom he had in his pocket and placed one hand on my ass.  He inched the head of his cock to my lips and I gasped as he slid his head into me slowly.  I pushed back a little and gasped again.  My biggest dildo was ten inches and about three inches wide so I was used to the size, but this felt incredible.  Dan gripped my hips and pulled me back as inch by inch he filled me up.  I flicked my clitoris hard enjoying every moment of it.

I looked over at Bob who was already inside Jamie and she was rocking back and forth like a mad woman making all sort of crazy squeals and moans.  This was the real her for sure and it turned me on so much watching that tight smooth body move on Bob’s cock.  Dan pushed my head down into the cushions as he started to fuck me hard from behind thrusting hard making his large low hanging balls slap against my ass.  I played with my clit faster and faster as Dan banged into me over and over.  I looked over at Bob and our eye’s met.  Here I was being fucked by a huge cock and Bob had a young hot nymph bouncing up and down on his cock having the time of her life.  We smiled and I gasped again as Dan stuffed me.  Bob laughed and I decided once everyone was gone home I was going to give him the fucking of his life.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of this fat cock spreading my lips and filling me up like I had never felt before.  Dan leant forward and kissed my back and neck, letting his tongue trail along my skin.  I turned as best I could and kissed him sucking on his tongue then he flipped me around and got on his knees.  If I thought he was fucking me hard before I was mistaken!  Now he really pushed hard with each pump of his big cock and I squealed each time not able to control myself, as the first huge orgasm reached it’s peak.  By the time it came I was screaming out loud not knowing what was going on.  When it subsided Bob and Jamie were still fucking but now looking over at me.

“Sorry,” I said smiling out of breath.

They both smiled and then Jamie leant down and French kissed Bob while keeping eye contact with me.  She was a dirty bitch and once Dan was finished with me I wanted her.  Bob’s hands were all over Jamie’s body enjoying every inch of it and I wanted to feel it, too.  I looked into Dan’s eyes and pulled him close kissing him hard as he pumped harder sending me onto another huge toe curling orgasm.

“I’m cumming,” Dan said with his head buried in my shoulder.  Although he was wearing a condom I felt every spurt as his cock pumped into cum deep inside.

“Oh fuck yeah!” he yelled.

I ran my nails down Dan’s back watching him cum while inside me and feeling his large cock throb with each spurt.  I looked over at Bob and saw him leaning back as he came with Jamie on top moaning like a wild thing.

Dan fell next to me exhausted smiling from ear to hear.  We were both sweating and out of breath.  It was wonderful.  After a few minutes I got up and went over to Jamie who was still sat on top Bob him kissing and sucking his neck.  I lent down and kissed Bob tasting her on his lips.

“Bob you look like you are having fun, babe,” I said.

“I am.  She is fucking hot,” he said referring to Jamie.

I looked up and she had a dirty look in her eye.

“Kiss me,” Jamie said to me.

I stood up, grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard letting her warm tongue explore my mouth.  Her hands wandered over my body, feeling my boobs and then running down to my wet lips.  She slipped a finger in and played with my clit then pulled her finger out and put it to her lips licking my taste.

“I want to taste you.  Sit on the top of the sofa above Bob.”

“Bossy little bitch, aren’t you?” I said smiling.

“You don’t even know,” Jamie said and kissed Bob again.

I climbed up onto the sofa with my butt just above Bob’s face.  Jamie leant forward and licked me slowly like she was licking a lollipop.  I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was going to cum again.

“Lick her ass hole Bob.”  Jamie instructed.  She was my kinda girl!

Bob used his hand to part my ass cheeks and then licked my little tight hole.  At the same time Jamie buried her face into my wet pussy and licked and sucked my lips.  I was in absolute heaven.  I looked over at Dan and he was hard again stroking his cock watching us.

“Fuck her ass Dan,” I said taking back a little control over her.  Anything she could do I could do better.  Dan leapt of the sofa with his big cock pointing right towards Jamie.

“I don’t know Gill,” Jamie said looking up from my pussy.

“Take it Jamie,” I said and pushed her head down making her suck on my lips again.

Dan moved around the back of her and slipped on a condom.  He eased the head to her hole and she moaned as he slipped in.

“Oh fuck it’s huge,” Jamie said squealing again.

Dan didn’t go slow.  Bob licked like a pro at my little ass hole and Jamie sucked my clit making me orgasm hard.  I looked down into Jamie’s eyes and she was in a different world.  She licked and sucked me like mad while taking Dan’s cock.

“I’m going to cum.  Keep going keep going!”  she shouted out.

Dan went faster and faster.  Bob licked me and I came right there on Jamie’s face again.  We withered and wiggled while both of us came.  Dan leaned back and groaned.  He was cumming inside her ass hole.  I slipped down off the sofa next to Bob completely spent and leant over to kiss him.

“Come in her, Bob,” I said.

“Yeah, you want me to fill her up again?”

“Fuck me, Bob,” Jamie said leaning down kissing him.

Bob thrust his hips up fasted pushing his cock into her.  Jamie squealed again as Bob came inside her and I played with her hard nipples watching her cum on my husband’s cock.  It was just wonderful.

Dan had sat next to me and was rubbing my leg gently.  What a surprise he had been!  Just then Claire, Jan and David come into the room half dressed kissing and groping each other.  Claire pushed David down onto the other sofa, unzipped his fly, pulled out his hard cock and promptly sat on it.  Jan climbed up on his face and they rode him like wild horses.  I watched and couldn’t help but start to play with myself again as the three got into it. Jan was really grinding into David’s face and I could see how wet she was.  Claire, as always. was going like a mad thing making herself cum quickly pulling at her nipples.  I looked up and Jamie had been watching me.  She walked over and put a hand out pulling me up.  We kissed deeply and her fingers slipped inside me so I opened my thighs for her and kept kissing those soft lips.  She pulled away and whispered in my ear.

“I want you to eat me.”

“I’d love to.”

Jamie got on the sofa and opened her long toned legs up for me.  I knelt down and gently kissed her soft thighs working my way up to her shaved perfect pussy.  As I got closer she started to pull my head in wanting me to just lick her.  I didn’t let her take control this time.  I kept licking her thighs, teasing her, making her wait.  I licked just outside her lips and slowly inserted a finger up her tight little ass, then let my tongue searched her hole.  It tasted so fresh and fantastic I couldn’t help myself.  I rammed my tongue in and out while pushing my finger deeper up her ass.  It was amazing.

“Suck my clit please, please suck my clit. I’m going to cum,” she begged me.

I sucked on her clit and pushed another finger up her ass.  She moaned hard and before I could breath she started to cum on my face.  It was so sweet and I couldn’t get enough.

Jamie grabbed my head, sat up and kissed me taking the cum in her mouth.  She leant back smiling, got up and sat next to Bob again.  I started to play with his cock while we all enjoyed seeing David empty his balls deep into Claire.

I looked around and felt ready for some more.

“Who wants to fuck my ass?”

The end!

Want more?  Enjoy more great kinky stories. 

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