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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Cuckold Initiation - Training my cuckold husband with a young Bull  

2/26/2014 09:23
Posted By:  - SAN DIEGO, CA  
Date Posted: 2/26/2014 09:23

I checked and re-checked the numbers.  Darn, Billy was right of course, we were having the best year ever since buying our first dealership in Dallas.  That was ten years ago and Billy had worked really hard to build his little empire to six dealerships across three different brands.  ‘Billy Jones’ had become somewhat of a well known local name, helped a lot by our radio advertising and the cheap and cheerful TV ads we had started to get involved in.  Billy still wanted me to be in them but I just couldn’t convince myself to do it.  I knew exactly why he wanted me in them, because I am a smoking hot, tight bodied Southern MILF.  I say that not to brag but it’s the truth and I work very hard every day to stay like it.  I train at least two hours either in the gym doing cross fit or swimming.  I’m only 5ft 3 and 115 lbs but boy can I squat weight.  Actually I sometimes shame some of then men I train with.  They see this petite, tight little thing with big blonde hair, makeup and a big smile and probably think I can’t lift a thing.  I have gained applause from random people in the gym more times than I care to remember but I think some of it is to do with the fact they want to get me into bed.  It’s flattering but can get annoying.

The phone rang, it was Billy.

“Good morning sexy,”  I said picking it up.

“Babes, how are we looking?”  Billy got right down to business as was his way.  Billy was born and bred a Texan and he didn’t mince his words which often caused a lot of friction in our relationship but I adored him so much and he I that we managed to get through it.  There is nothing better than rough and ready ‘make up’ sex and we had a lot of it.

“Well you smart old fox, you were right.  We have cleared a net profit of over $1.5 million already.  Well done honey, I am so proud of you,” I cooed down the phone.

There was silence for a moment and I could envisage him rubbing his chin while he thought about what I had said.


“Gross profit?   $10Million.  The inventory is the biggest cost,”  I said knowing he knew this.

He took a deep breath and I wasn’t sure what that meant.

“I’m worried.” He finally said matter of fact.

“About what?”

“The business.  We are not growing as fast as we should be.  Sales are holding but we aren’t growing.  People are looking at MPG over quality and frankly our Mercedes dealership is being pulled along by the other brands.”  He paused and said something to someone in the background.  “Ok, look let’s talk about it tonight.  Don’t worry about it, love you.”

With that he hung up and I shook my head.  Don’t worry about it?  What the heck did that mean?  Of course I was worried about it.  I wanted to call him back right away but knew that would be a waste of time because when Billy had said he would talk to me tonight that is what he was going to do.  I put the phone down on the desk and looked out the window at the paddock seeing Carron and Busker playing in the dirt, rolling over in it.  I loved those horses so much.  Since our children had moved out and were in college and married the horses had become my kids.  Would we loose the house and land if the business struggled?  I pushed the thought to the back of my mind and concentrated on finishing up the table names for our dinner party the next night.  We had a great group of about thirty people coming, mainly couple friends of ours for a Hawaiian themed night that was going to be a blast.  I was really excited about it until that conversation with Billy but he would talk to me tonight and hopefully tell me the businesses were OK.

I focused on getting everything ready and actually forgot about the conversation completely.  Billy texted me to say he was going to be late home so I snuggled into bed with Mr Jasper my cute little cat and fell sleep before 10pm.

In the morning I woke to find Billy snoring next to me.  A quick look at the alarm clock showed 5:30am, normally the time he gets up but today Billy was going to work from home in the morning and then take the afternoon off.  Our friends were coming at 3pm so we needed to make sure we were ready.  I turned over and snuggled my head into his strong chest and looked up at his rugged face.  Billy was my second husband.  We actually met at a party before I had divorced my first husband but never did anything with each other until I was actually divorced, which was incredibly hard because the physical attraction between us is intense to say the least, I mean very intense to the point where I would masturbate in the car after seeing him for a drink.  We probably shouldn’t have been doing that either but my first marriage was pretty much over before any of this so I didn’t feel that bad.  Billy was just rugged and handsome, I fell for him instantly and knew I wanted to be with him.  In his 30’s he was dashingly good looking, 6ft 3, broad at the shoulders and lean, like a real cowboy.  When he smiled pretty much every woman in the room melted watching his crows feet and dimples appear.  I loved being the one that caught his attention but my single friends didn’t.  They thought I was being selfish because I already had a husband but I knew exactly what I wanted and got it.

Time had been pretty kind to Billy and at 55 he looked good but had gained some weight around the middle and was almost grey haired but I still loved him even if I had kept myself trim and he hadn’t.  I moved my hand down under the sheets to his crotch and felt for his flaccid cock.  I took it in my hand and slowly, ever so slowly started to play with it and his large balls, taking them in my hands and rolling them.  Billy stirred a little and I continued but he didn’t wake.

Inching down the bed I slipped my head under the sheet and gently wrapped my soft warm lips around his tool.  Within seconds he was hardening and his legs moved open to give me better access which I greedily took using my hands to massage both balls at the same time while sucking on his head.  Billy moaned but I still think he was asleep which was exactly what I wanted.  I sucked softly on his hard veiny cock increasing my speed and letting my saliva lubricate it while my lips went up and down.  Billy moaned again and that only encouraged me to go faster and sucked harder.  Using my spare hand I reached down and slipped two fingers into to my panties and felt for my clit which was already engorged with blood.  I started to rub it gently in a circling motion while continuing to suck on Billy’s wonderful cock.  His hips moved in time with my motion and judging by the way his balls tightened I knew he was going to cum and soon.  Just as I positioned myself better he moaned again and his balls tightened again in my hand as his first spurt of warm cum shot into the back of my mouth making me gag a little.  I held firm as Billy emptied his balls into my mouth, filling it up.  I frantically flicked my clit and started to climax in time with him, letting the sensation take hold of my body.  Once I Billy’s orgasm finished I swallowed down his warm seed and licked his cock clean, making sure I had all of it.  I moved back up and when I laid my head on his chest Billy starting laughing!

“Thanks babe, that was hot,” he said smiling from ear to ear.

“You cheeky bastard! You were awake the whole time.” I said slapping his chest and biting his nipple playfully.  He pulled away still smiling.

“Well it was pretty darn fun to be woken up like that.”

“Maybe next time you can return the favor?” I said leaning up and kissing him on the lips.  We made out for a few minutes and I thought about climbing on top of his semi hard cock but I had so much to do I really needed to get up and start.

“So, Mildred has pretty much got everything fixed and ready to go.  People are arriving at 3pm so it would be good if you can be ready by 2:30pm”

Billy rolled his eyes and smiled at me.  He might be the boss at the dealership but I was the boss in the house.

“I’ll try, I have some much to do.”

“Billy I need you ready.”

“OK, I try,” he said shaking his head and climbed out of bed, stood and stretched his arms.  I rolled over onto my front and decided I had to ask the question that had been in my mind all last night.

“So when are we going to talk about the business? I would like to know what’s going on.”

Billy walked to the dresser and pulled out some workout shorts.  Putting them on he then went to find some socks and spoke as he rummaged through the draw.

“How about tomorrow?  I don’t have time this morning and tonight we have guests.”

“OK, that’s fine but can’t we take a few minutes now to go over it?”

“Not now babe, I want to go and work out and then get on with stuff.”

“Billy I would like to know what’s going on now if that’s OK with you.  It’s my life too you know,” I heard my voice stressed and I could tell by the look on Billy’s face he was annoyed.  He looked over and managed a smile.

“Everything is fine, I promise.  Look let’s talk tomorrow and we can sit down and go through it all.”  With that he walked out the bedroom putting a T shirt on.  To say I was annoyed was an understatement.  Billy always did that to me when he didn’t want to talk about something important.  He just avoided it until I asked and asked and finally he would talk out of frustration.  Frankly I hated it because that was no way to communicate but I had learnt to deal with it.  I decided to forget about it and get on with making sure the house was ready for our guests.

The morning went quickly again and before I knew it 3pm rolled around.  People starting arriving and the party got into full swing.  As I was heading into the kitchen Cara my best friend and neighbor pulled me aside.

“Party is wonderful Hunter thank you.”

“You are welcome, how is Troy doing?” I asked.

“Oh he is fine, I mean look at him chatting up Patsy over there.  You wouldn’t know he just had testicular cancer.  Anyway, I have a question for you.  I am sorry to ask this but my nephew is coming into town this evening from LA to stay with us and I wondered if you would mind if he comes to the party?  He won’t be drinking because he is going to be our ride but I just wanted to let him meet a few people here.  He’s only 18 and I think he will be coming for the summer too, so it would be nice to introduce to our friends and maybe they would introduce him to their kids.”

“Of course Cara, you know that is fine,” I said smiling and continued into the kitchen.  Cara left me to it and I forgot all about her nephew while I opened more wine.  There were about thirty people at the party which actually seemed like a lot now they were here.  Everyone looked fantastic, dressed in Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts.  Danny and Clare as always looked incredibly hot.  Both of them are fitness instructors and they always took the opportunity to show off their toned firm abs.  I had actually made out with Clare one drunk night a few years ago and I so desperately wanted to do it again but the opportunity had never come up. I went back out to the patio where everyone was mingling and topped up their wine and margarita glasses.  Things went really well and the hula hoop competition and limbo went down really well.  Before I knew it, midnight rolled around and people started to thin out.  At 1am there was only a handful of people left including Cara and Troy.  After the other guests left we sat down with my best friend and her husband to have a nightcap.  Troy filled us in on his operation which seemed to have gone really well and he was very positive about how he felt.  As Cara was giving me the details of her new Mercedes she had just ordered the door bell went.

“Oh that must be Henry, he texted me to say he was on his way.  I’ll go let him in.”  Cara said.

“No no, that’s OK, I’ll go.  You just relax.”  I said standing and walking out to the front door.  I checked through the spy hole and saw a young man standing there looking directly at the door smiling.  I took in a short breath because he was absolutely gorgeous.  He was tall, had broad shoulders and a beautiful smile.  I pulled away from the spy hole and smiled at myself for finding Cara’s 18 year old nephew attractive.  I composed myself and then opened the door to find Henry still smiling and before I could say anything extended his hand.  I took it in mine and a little burst of excitement went through my body as I felt his soft strong hand grasp mine.

“Mrs Jones, pleasure to meet you.  I am Henry, Cara’s nephew.” He said in a sexy Texan accent.

“Hello Henry, nice to meet you too.  Please come in, we are just having a night cap,” I said trying my best not to look down and check out his torso.  He was wearing jeans and a plaid shirt tucked in which showed off his slim hips and big shoulders.  He looked every bit a cowboy right down to his boots.

“Come in Henry,” I said standing aside.  He walked past me before turning around and looking right into my eyes.  I was transfixed immediately looking at those big bright blues and flashy smile.

“What a beautiful house you have Mrs Jones.  You certainly have great taste,” he said looking around.

“Call me Hunter.  Thank you, yes I do pride myself of that.  It wasn’t all easy though, but we are pretty much happy with it as it is.”

“Well it’s certainly magnificent,” he said and his eyes seemed to sparkle brighter.  I quickly looked away aware that I might be staring at him and walked down the hall.

“This way”

He followed me into the lounge where the others were talking loudly.  Billy had poured us all a second drink which annoyed me a bit because I wanted to go to bed.  Cara and Troy stood to embrace Henry.

“Darling!  How are you?  Good to see you.  Come sit.”  She cooed at her nephew.  Henry hugged her and Troy then extended his hand to Billy.

“Mr Jones, Henry,” he said like a gentleman.

“Call me Billy,”  they shook hands and Henry sat next to his Auntie.

“So what have you been up to young man?  Do tell us?”  Cara was clearly excited at seeing her nephew.

Henry spent the next ten minutes talking about what he was doing at college and how he had been asked to try out as quarter back for the college team.  For a freshman that was quite an achievement but he certainly had the physique for it.  I watched him closely as he spoke admiring his cut jaw, toned shoulders and twinkling eyes.  I have to admit the longer I watched him the more turned on I got and many naughty thoughts ran through my mind to the point where I felt my panties getting damp and I became incredibly self conscious.  I turned away and decided to go into the kitchen to grab some water leaving the four of them talking.  Billy in particular seemed taken with Henry, asking all sorts of questions about his try out.  I think because in college Billy also played so he appreciated what this meant to a young man like Henry.

I fetched some water and drank several glasses trying to forget the images I had in my mind of sucking on Henry’s young hard cock and then him lifting me up on the counter-top with his big strong arms and fucking me hard until he came inside me.  There was laughter from the lounge and I walked back in to find Cara and Troy saying good bye to Billy.  Henry looked over and smiled before walking to me and extending his hand.

“Oh Henry, we know each other now, no need to shake hands,” I said and hugged him firmly, pulling him into me feeling his big arms.  His soft lips placed a kiss on my cheek and I have to admit it sent a tingle down my spine like I hadn’t experienced in a long time.  Our hug went on a few seconds longer than perhaps it should and as soon as I realized this I pushed him back and smiled awkwardly.  Right then I knew he was going to be trouble because he fixed my stare and just stood there smiling knowing full well we had had a little moment in front of every one.

“Darling, it was such a great party, so much fun!”  Cara said coming over and hugging me.  If she had seen anything between me and Henry she didn’t show it and we all said good bye to each other.  I showed them out the door then went back into the kitchen to put some of the dishes in the dishwasher before bed.  Billy was there pouring himself another glass of wine.  He looked at me as I walked in and something was definitely on his mind, I could tell by the small smirk on his face.

“What?”  I said rising some plates under the tap.

He took a sip of his wine and let a full smile come across his face.  “You like that boy don’t you.”

I felt my face go instantly flush.

“Admit it, you want to fuck him.”  Billy’s eyes twinkled as he spoke and his tone wasn’t accusing at all, actually he sounded more amused.

I placed the plates in the washer and looked back up.

“He’s handsome for sure, but I don’t think I want to fuck him.” I said in my most ernest tone I could muster.  Billy walked past me with that smirk on his face again.

“You sure about that babe?  Because I wouldn’t mind watching I you,”

“Really?”  I was gobsmacked and my face must have shown it because Billy actually laugh out loud.  I scowled at him and waited for the laughing to stop.

“Yes really,” he finally said.  “I’d love to see you seduce a young guy like that.  Perhaps not Henry because he is Cara’s nephew, too close to home you know?  But we could find a guy in a local bar.  I’d be up for watching that, helping him fuck you.” Billy’s tone told me he meant it.  I was really not sure what to say next, I just stood there looking at him.  He leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

“Let’s talk about it in the morning,” he said and then walked off to bed carrying his wine glass and a glass of water.

I continued to put the dishes in the dishwasher and thought about what he had said.  We hadn’t talked about anything like that for a long time, in fact since we had that threesome with a work colleague of his when Billy worked for an employer.  The guy was leaving the company and came round for a drink to say goodbye.  Well, we all got very drunk and one thing led to another and before I knew it both guys were fucking me over the sofa.  Billy told me the next day he loved it and would really love doing it again but we never did which was a shame because I loved it too.

I finished up in the kitchen, gabbed a glass of water and headed upstairs to bed.  When I opened the door Billy was standing there, cock in hand fully erect masturbating to some porn he had put in the dvd player and was playing on the TV.

“Horny are we?”  I said casually and walked past him putting my glass down and going into the bathroom.  I took a pee, washed my hands then rinsed my mouth with mouthwash.  I heard Billy groaning in the other room and walked in seeing him now lying on the bed playing.  I quickly went over and climbed on the bed then took his tool in my mouth sucking his head.

“Oh fuck yeah, like that.  I am really close to cumming,” he said.

I started to suck and move my mouth up and down in the way I know makes him cum really quickly because I wanted him to orgasm and then get hard again so he could fuck my wet pussy.  Thinking about Henry had really aroused me and I needed it.  As I was working his hard cock faster I heard the door bell ring.

“Who the hell could that be,” Billy said gently lifting my head out of the way so he could stand up.  He went over to the window and peaked between the drapes.  “It looks like Troy’s car, maybe they forgot something,”

I rolled over on the bed and wondered if Billy would be up for it once he got back.  He quickly pulled on a dressing gown and went downstairs.  I have no idea how he would hide his erection but he must have thought of a way.  I laid there on the bed and slowly started to finger myself thinking about Henry and what his young, toned body would feel like on top of mine as he slipped his big hard cock inside of me.  A few minutes went past and I was very close to cumming when Billy came back in the room looking excited like I hadn’t seen him for a while.  Before I could do anything Henry followed him in smiling from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat.  I froze.  I had no idea what to do next.  I had two fingers deep inside my pussy, legs open and my other hand was pulling hard on my nipples.  Frankly I felt like a rabbit caught in the headlights and both men seemed to be finding the whole thing funny. Billy stood aside to let Henry have a full view of my pussy which kicked me into action and I jumped up the bed and pulled the duvet around me.

“What the fu…” I was about to protest

“Darling, Henry came back for Cara’s handbag and I decided to invite him up.  Because, well frankly I know you wanted to fuck him, so here is your chance.”  Billy spoke like he was delivering a speech at work to his sales people in that controlled tone which annoyed me no end.  Anger, embarrassment and annoyance all flashed through my mind at once and I had to catch myself before I lost it with him.  But something in the back of my mind kept it down because really, deep down, I wanted to rip that boy’s clothes off and have my filthy way with him.

“Mrs Jones, I am sorry for the intrusion but your husband was persistent that I come up and say hello to you,” 

I shot Billy a sharp look.

“He said you would be happy I was here,” Henry continued in a confident cocky tone that made me blush.  I wanted this young man so badly, so completely with every cell in my body.  Finally I managed to gather my thoughts and construct a sentence.

“Henry, it was a pleasure to meet you tonight.  Thank you for showing interest but I would like you to leave right now,”

Henry took a step forward towards the bed.

“Are you absolutely sure about that Hunter?  Because as far as I am concerned what happens in here stays in here,”

If I wasn’t already completely red in the face I was now because his over the top confidence, the type that only an 18 year old can have was driving me crazy.

“Confident young man aren’t you?”  I said smiling.

“I am.  You tend to be that way when you have a huge cock,” he said completely straight faced.  My pussy tingled and without even knowing it I pulled the covers back and opened my legs showing him my wet pussy.  Billy was stood to the side the whole time, just watching, a little smile on his face and bulge in his shorts.

“Let’s see it then cocky boy,” I said slipping a finger in while pulling on my nipples with my other hand.  Henry wasted no time pulling off his shirt first to reveal a magnificent near perfect toned and tanned body.  His pecs rippled as he then slowly unbuttoned his jeans and slid the zipper down revealing tight boxer shorts.  He drop the jeans all the way down and slipped them off his feet. I moved forward to the edge of the bed, my heart thumping at the thought of getting my hands on this hot young man.  He slowly, ever so slowly reached down into his boxers and started to play with what I could already see was a huge cock.

“You like what you see so far Hunter?”

“Oh yes, now let me see it,” I replied feeling my body tense with the anticipation.

Henry smiled and then before I knew what was happening pulled out a huge stiff cock.  It’s head was large and round while the shaft thick and perfectly straight.  It pointed right at me, standing upright hard and erect.  I actually had to catch my breath at the sight of such a magnificent tool.  Henry stepped forward putting his dick about two inches from my face and I couldn’t resist any longer.  I grab his shaft and wrapped my fingers around as much of it as I could.  I placed my lips around his head and slowly inched my way down until I couldn’t go any further.  Henry placed a hand on my head and pulled it back then pushed it back down again choking me slightly.  I used my other to feel his rock hard abs and chest, indulging myself in this god body.  As I slipped my soft lips up and down his huge pole and I noticed Billy still watching, now with his smaller cock erect and playing with it.  Our eyes met and he smiled at me which I took as permission to do whatever I wanted to this young man.  What Billy didn’t know is that I wanted to do something we had talked about but never tried, and tonight I was going to do it.

“You are good at this,” Henry said placing his hand on his hips and pushing his cock forward.  I pulled my mouth off and looked up at him smiling.

“Have you ever had your butt hole licked?”

Confusion appeared on his face.

“You want to fuck me right?”

He nodded.

“Well then get on the bed and bend over,”

I could almost see the cogs in his brain turning and he slowly leant over then placed his hands on the bed pushing his butt back.  I scooted off the bed and around kneeling behind his lovely toned, hairless smooth butt.  I glanced up again at Billy and he had a huge smile on his face whilst playing with his cock.  Henry looked back at me and watched as I pulled his cock from behind, milking it slowly.  His balls hung low and I took one in my mouth sucking on it, rolling it around using my tongue.  Henry moaned as I continued to milk him from behind and suck his big balls.  With my free hand I flicked my clit and noticed just how incredibly soaking wet I was.

Henry’s clean perfect little butt hole was right in front my face and needed licking.  I sucked hard on his balls and pulled back letting them pop out of my mouth which he seemed to love.  Then I pulled his cheeks apart and buried my face between them slipping my tongue up his hole.  He lent forward on the bed moaning in pleasure as I tongued his ass and felt for his balls again squeezing them in my hand.  Just then I felt Billy next to me, playing with my nipples, pulling them with his fingers.  I pulled back and kissed him deeply, letting him suck on my tongue that had just been up this young man’s butt.  And then it happened, what I had wanted to do for many years.  I pushed on the back of Billy’s head and directed him to Henry’s cock that was hanging down ready for sucking. Billy didn’t resist and quickly moved so he could get underneath and take it in his mouth.  I watched in amazement as he sucked it in like a pro and slobbered all over it from head to shaft.  Henry slowly started pumping into Billy’s mouth which was just amazing to watch.

I stood and jumped on the bed to offer my wet pussy for Henry to eat and he wasted no time licking my clit furiously as my cuckold husband sucked on his huge cock like a slut.  Everything went blurred as my first orgasm rushed through my body making my legs shake as I yelled out cumming hard.  Henry’s soft tongue continued to flick across my love bud and I came over and over pulling his head into my pussy making sure he didn’t stop.  I wanted cock and now.

“Fuck me hard now Henry, fuck me as hard as you can,” I said between breaths.

Henry practically jumped up and got his tight little hips in between my legs.  His cock was already eager at my lips and I pulled his head down to kiss him hard, tasting my pussy on his mouth.  As I did he used a hand to guide his cock head in and I bucked hard because it was so huge.

“Slowly,” I instructed but he was so eager he just kept going and it took all my concentration to relax as first his head then the thick shaft spread my lips inch by inch.  I moaned again and pulled his hips in as the pain changed to pleasure and I accommodated that huge cock.

“Oh that feels good,” Henry said ravishing my neck with small kisses as he started to pull out again and then plunged his cock back inside me making me moan out.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum again,” I said feeling my orgasm coming.  Henry continued to plough into me over and over holding his magnificent body above me with his strong arms and I dug my nails into his tight little butt as his cock stretch me, filled me and took me to another amazing toe curling orgasm.  Henry didn’t stop and he fucked me hard for a good ten minutes, holding me down and using his weight to pin my arms.  I was in heaven and lost count of how many orgasms I had moaning out loud.

Just when I thought he would never stop Henry leant down and spoke into my ear.

“I’m going to cum,”

“Fill me up,” I said knowing that everyman loves to do that.

It spurred him on faster as he closed his eyes and banged his cock into me with everything he had.  It only took another few thrusts and I began to feel his hot seed fill up my pussy.  I bit his shoulder as his cock twitched inside, using me as his cum slut.  When he was finally done he collapse on top of me and then rolled off breathing hard.  I just laid there feeling the cum drip out of my pussy and trying to focus.  Billy had watched the whole thing up close from behind and his face was flush red, not with anger but excitement.  His eyes were transfixed on my pussy and I realized what he wanted; cum.

“Clean my pussy Billy,” I said opening my legs wider and squeezing the cum out of my pussy.  He moved forward and started to lick me, cleaning up the mess that my new 18 year old hottie stud had just made.  It was amazing to feel Billy’s tongue on my cum soaked clit that I actually came again making sure he got as much of our mixed cum as possible.  He finally finished and moved up to kiss me, sharing the love juice on our lips.  Henry laid next to us as we made out and feeling more connected than we had in a long time.  I felt for his cock and began to play with him surprised that he was already hard and nearly ready.  He watched us intently and I wanted him to fuck my ass this time but before that I had a task for Billy.

“Darling,” I said pulling my lips from his.


“Suck Henry off and have him cum in your mouth, there’s a good man.”

The end.

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