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Are you seeking San Diego, California swingers personal ads?
Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   My Craigslist Fuck fest!  

2/26/2014 10:32
Posted By:  - SAN DIEGO, CA  
Date Posted: 2/26/2014 10:32

“So then I walk in and there he is on top of her, pounding away like nothing I have ever seen.  I saw everything Sarah, I mean I saw him going into her and coming out, it was terrible.”  I wiped away the tears trying not to smudge my mascara.  Sarah screwed up her face showing some sort of understanding and held my hand.

“Babe, I am so sorry; that is awful.  He is such a dick seriously, I mean what a bastard,” she said looking at me with soft eyes.

I pulled away and grabbed some tissues off the table dabbing them under my eyes.  The pain in my stomach hurt so much it felt like I was seriously ill.  I can only describe it as a real life pain.  Every thirty seconds or so the image of his cock slipping in and out of that slut flashed across my eyes.  And there was nothing I could do about it.  Before I could stop them, more tears flowed down my face and I threw the tissues to the floor knowing they weren’t doing much. Sarah had come over last night the moment I called her.  She had been amazing of course, just sitting and listening to me, saying the same thing over and over and helping me dry my face.

James had tried his best to tell me it meant nothing, that he was just feeling the stress about our engagement and that it wouldn’t ever happen again.  Almost like a last ‘hurrah’ before he took the plunge and married me.  He spoke to me downstairs with the slut still upstairs, wrapped only in a towel around his waist; I could feel his bullshit washing over me.  I knew that wasn’t the first time they had sex, I could just tell.  He was kissing her deeply, her legs were wrapped around his toned torso and she was saying his name over and over.  That, frankly, didn’t seem like a one off sex session.  No, James had been cheating for awhile and the worst thing is, he couldn’t admit it to me.  That really hurt, like a dagger to the guts, a rusty blunt one.  I also couldn’t stop thinking about how he looked at her when he saw me, the look of confusion on his face.  Not knowing which of us he should comfort for a split second.  Obviously he jumped up off her, but I caught his look long enough to know how much he felt for her.  Even though it was only last night that this all happened, it felt like ages ago; I don’t know why really.  Perhaps because as soon as something like this happens you process so many thoughts that each minute feels like an hour.  Sarah touched my back, rubbing it gently bringing me back to the present moment.

“Do you want a glass of wine babes? She asked.

“Sure, don’t know if I will drink any though; my stomach hurts so much.”

Sarah went into my kitchen and opened a new bottle of wine, watching me through the shelving that separated the kitchen and living area.  I moved over to the shelves and laid a picture of James and I face down so I didn’t have to look at his stupid, cheating face.  It was of our trip to China last year, when he had proposed to me on the Great Wall.  My body sighed and a wave of sadness washed over me, pulling my soul down.  I sat on the sofa and buried my face in a pillow letting the tears flow.  Sarah sat down next to me and rubbed my back again, trying somehow to pull me out of this deep, cold trench of despair.

“You know what?  Maybe this is a good thing, maybe it was meant to be like this,” she said gently.  It took pretty much all my strength not to burst into another uncontrollable fit.  Instead I looked up with red eyes and Sarah immediately frowned, knowing her suggestion wasn’t what I needed to hear.

“He had been fucking for a while you know Sarah, this wasn’t a one off thing.  He had been cheating on me while we while engaged, while I talked to him about having children, our own children.  And all the while, he was thinking about getting his dick in that slut, I just can’t believe it.”

I swigged down the wine almost finishing the glass.  Sarah topped me up and checked her phone because someone had texted her.  I drank more wine and laid down hoping somehow that would stop the pain.

“So Dan is taking me out for dinner tonight, is it OK if he comes here to pick me up?”  Sarah asked.  I couldn’t say no, but I really didn’t like Dan much.  He was a player, for sure. Hot yes, but a player and I don’t think Sarah saw it at all.  She might have been tall, hot and sexy herself, but man she didn’t know much about men.  Then again, based on my choices clearly neither did I.

“Sure, say hi for me” I said sitting up and deciding that I did actually want to get drunk.  I pulled the bottle over and filled my glass to the rim. Sarah raised her eyes brows at me but said nothing.  Just then there was a knock at the door and I knew exactly who it was; Dan, her boyfriend.  Sarah jumped up and answer the door.  I continued to face the other way hoping he would stay by the door and not come in.  Fat luck.

“Hi Heidi, sorry to hear about what happened,” he said walking in and sitting down on the chair opposite the sofa; he did actually look sincere for once in his life.

“Thanks,” I managed to eek out.

“So Sarah said you walked in on them having at it?”

I shot Sarah a wicked look and she turned away to close the door, her face red already.

“Yes Dan, they were fucking,” I replied bluntly.

Dan shook his head and looked away like he was thinking on something, remembering something.  “You know, the pain will go in time; it just takes a while.  I promise it will,” he said with a completely straight face.  I just stared at his gorgeous eyes for a second not really computing what he had said.  Kind words didn’t match with the Dan I knew.

“Thanks,” I managed again.

“Did Sarah ever tell you what happened to me a few years ago,” he asked now beginning to actually annoy me.  The last thing I wanted was him trying to comfort me in some stupid male way. I glanced up at Sarah who smiled weakly.

“No, no she didn’t.”

“Well, I know what you are going through because it pretty much also happened to me.”

“What do you mean ‘pretty much’?” 

“I mean I found out my girlfriend of six years was banging the neighbor.  The very same guy who we had over for parties loads of times.  I always knew he liked Apple, but I had no idea she liked him.”  I think I could see Dan’s eyes moisten a little as he spoke.

“Her name was Apple?”  I blurted out.

Dan took a deep breath, seemingly to calm himself a little.  “Yes, beautiful name isn’t it?”

I didn’t say anything; I just sat there waiting for him to speak.

“Well, so I come home from work early one day, go into our apartment and immediately hear John next door going at it with some chick.  I was even smiling to myself thinking what a good guy he was.  They were really going at it and I could pretty much hear everything.  It wasn’t the first time I had heard him fucking so I didn’t think anything of it.  I changed to go for a run and then just as I am leaving I recognize one of the moans.  I mean it sounded like Apple.  Then I heard her say, “Oh fuck yes, fuck my ass hard.”

By now Dan looked like he was reliving the whole thing and his eyes were very damp.  I sat forward, waiting for him to continue.

“So I went next door and found the door open.  Well, you can guess what I found?  John and Apple doing it doggy style with his cock all the way up to his balls in her ass.”  Dan’s face tightened as he spoke and I could see he was very upset.

“Oh Dan I am so sorry, that is awful,” I said, but really only thinking about myself.

He glanced up at me, breaking his stare at his hands.  “Yes it was.  She didn’t want to do anal with me much so that really hurt.  Anyway the point is Heidi, it really fucking hurt for a long time.  But, if it hadn’t happened I would never had met Sarah.  So as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, right?”  His smile had returned and so had his confidence.  I sat back holding my wine glass a little annoyed that was all he had.  He didn’t have some magical words that would take all my pain away right now?  Did I really have to wait?

“Well, thanks for sharing that Dan, I appreciate it but I still feel like shit,” I said and took a huge gulp of wine finishing my glass.

Dan smiled at me.  

“What?” I asked sharply.

“Do you know what really helped me get over it?”

“You just said, Sarah.” I replied.

“Before I met her?”


“I fucked a lot of women; I didn’t discriminate at all.  If they were interested, I fucked them.  At my place, in hotels, outside bars, in train bathrooms, in the office.  Wherever I got interest, I did it.” Dan surprisingly didn’t seem to be boasting about this.  It is exactly the type of behavior that I thought he would be proud of.  He was desperately good looking and I knew women threw themselves at him, so it really was no surprise he got a lot of action.

“OK, good for you Dan, what does that have to do with me?”  I was actually beginning to think about asking them to leave because he was far from helping me feel better; he was getting on my nerves.

“Well, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone,” he said smiling, like an idiot.  That was enough; I wanted to them both to get out now so I could get on with just wallowing in my self pity.  However, Dan was on a mission.

“Actually, one of the best places for hookups is Craigslist.  Weird, huh?  I met a lot of women there.”

I had no idea how Sarah was OK with this, but clearly she was.  Whatever; hearing this wasn’t helping me at all.

“Thanks guys, I appreciate you trying to help.  Would it be OK if you left me alone now?  I really just want to be alone.”

Sarah walked over to Dan and grabbed his hand. “Come on babe, let’s leave her.”  Dan stood and Sarah came over to me giving me a big hug and a kiss.  “Think about it Heidi, maybe Dan is right.” She walked off and they went out the door.  As soon as it was closed I burst into tears again and cried for the next hour.  All I could think about was seeing James’ cock slide in and out of her pussy.  Then, the look on his face when he saw me with my mouth open.  Eventually I managed to calm my breathing and got up to open the second bottle of wine.  Dan’s words were ringing around in my head.  I wasn’t interested in having casual sex at all; my heart was broken and the last thing I needed was men.  But then again, something intrigued me about it.  I can’t say what, but I wanted to know more.  Since college I had been in a relationship and had never really experimented outside of typical monogamous sex.  Well, I had fooled around with a friend once in the girls’ bathroom at a bar when drunk, but that was about it.  She tasted so amazing through, that since then I had always wanted to have sex with a girl.  Maybe this was my chance?

I poured another glass of wine then went over to the coffee table to get out my Macbook.  Quickly I found Craigslist and clicked on the ‘Casual encounters’ link in the personals section. I had never ever even thought about looking in this section of Craigslist so I had no idea what to expect.  After clicking on the initial link there was a lot more to select from.  “Mw4mw, mw4w, mw4m, w4mw, m4mw,” and other combinations that I didn’t really understand.  I clicked on the first one, “mw4mw” and couldn’t believe what I found!  There under this heading were couples looking to hook up with other couples right here in San Diego!  I had no idea there were so many people into this sort of thing and always thought it was kind of an urban fantasy.  I clicked on some that had pictures attached and the more I saw, the more interested I became.  There were old couples, fat couples, really hot couples, men with tiny dicks, guys with huge great looking ones, everything you could think of was here laid out on the page.  Next I clicked on the “mw4w” section and found more of the same, assuming this mean “Man Woman for Woman.”  Actually there were some really cute couples on there and I have to admit I was tempted to email a few of them.  The next section was the “m4w” and, as I had expected, was full of horny guys looking to fuck.  Most were not that good looking but a few really caught my eye.  In particular, a surfer who sounded really friendly.  I closed the site and sat back confused and feeling like my head might explode.  There was no way I could do a random hookup with a couple or woman, was there?

I sipped my wine looking out the window at the beautiful sunset as it winked out over the horizon, then I noticed I was actually really horny. Looking at all those photos had turned me on and this felt strange to me.  Could I be turned on by this?  I had never thought about it, but something about the carefree way these people wanted to have sex really made me tingle with excitement.  I put the thought to the back of my mind and watched TV for the rest of the night.  The next day Sarah called and we went for lunch at our usual cafe ‘To the Point’ in Point Loma.  Even though I felt like crap, I had a Mimosa and that cheered me up so I had another,  Sarah joined me and by our third we were rather tipsy sitting out in the beautiful San Diego sunshine.

“So, how did your night go?” I asked trying to take my mind off everything.

“Yeah, it was good.  Dan is such a great guy, you know.  He took me out for dinner, made me laugh so much; he is really funny.  Then when we got back to my place he basically fucked me like I have never had before.  I mean seriously, that guy has skills.”  Sarah was smiling ear to ear.  But when she saw the lack of excitement on my face, she quickly frowned.  “Oh shit, sorry.”

“It’s OK Sarah, really.  Just because I am mopping doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life.”

“Are you OK, really?”

“Getting better.  I went on Craigslist like you said last night,” I said making sure the people near us didn’t hear.

Sarah immediately lent forward, face all smiles again.  “Oh yeah…and?”

“Well, it was pretty interesting to say the least!”  I filled her in on what I had seen and I could tell she was loving it.  When I had finished, she sat back and seemed to be mulling it all over.  She began laying with her glass.

“So, what are you going to do?”  She finally asked.

“Oh, nothing!  I am not that type of girl, you know that.”  I said waving it off.

“Sure about that Heidi?  I mean come on, you could have a lot of fun with it.”

“I could yes, but I am not going to.  OK, what if you could do it, what would you do?”  I thought that would throw her off.

“Well, I would make a list of everything I have ever fantasized about.  Anything and everything, and one by one I would go through and do them.”

“I could never do that,” I said sternly.

“Really, why?”

I didn’t have an answer to that so I just sat there.  Sarah went to the bathroom and when she got back we changed the subject, drinking another Mimosa and then heading home on our beach cruisers.  Although she didn’t bring it up again I couldn’t stop thinking about her idea of making a list of things I wanted to do.  It sounded so sordid, so naughty.  But, so much fun.  I took a nap and woke feeling really refreshed and actually incredibly horny.  Craigslist was calling to me.  I pulled up the site and went into the section ‘m4w’ and started looking through the listings.  About half way down I found one that had a great looking picture of a guy naked, head blacked out as well as his cock.  The ad read: 

Sophisticated?  Educated? Horny?



I am a 39-year-old divorced guy living in La Jolla and hoping that I find someone real and honest on this site.  I am not desperate in anyway, but looking for something erotic, fun and discrete.  I am not looking to get into a relationship, but at the same time I do want to connect with someone.

Ideally we could go out for a drink, chat, see if there is a connection and then go back to your’s or mine and have mind blowing sex.  In terms of sex, I like to be passionate, lots of kissing, touching and oral before we get into the fucking side of it.

I am 5’11”, 180 lbs, fit, healthy and very clean.  Hoping you to be clean, healthy, with a good body and someone who takes care of herself.

Sound like fun?  Contact me.


His picture looked hot, not cover model hot, but he was athletic and not fat which I liked.  I read the ad over and over and noticed that my nipples were rock hard and my pussy was wet.   I clicked on the reply button and then hesitated as it brought up a new email from my Gmail account.  What if this was fake?  He would see my email and my name, and could easily find me on Linkedin or Facebook.  So I create a fake account in the name of “Tasha R”, and replied to his email.

Dear Mike,

I am very new to all this and don’t really know how to reply, but here goes.  I am a smart, hard working, educated women living not too far from you.  I have just recently come out of a long term relationship so really don’t want anything serious, but I do need the touch of a man and like the idea of FWB.  Is this something you are looking for?



I hit send, closed my laptop and went about doing some chores.  I actually forgot all about the email I had sent.  I had a bit of a low-key evening, thinking about James.  Sarah had texted me also, asking if I wanted to go out.  I really didn’t feel like it so I told her I was going to stay in and make it an early night.  I opened a bottle of Chardonnay and settled into a movie from Amazon Prime.  Just as the movie was starting I had this urge to check my inbox and there I found a message from Mike, in fact two!  I clicked on the first one: -


Hello Tasha,


Thanks for your email, it would be nice to know a little more about you.  You sound really nice but I do need to know there is going to be attraction.  Can you send a pic?  Perhaps describe yourself?



That was it!  He wanted to know what I looked like.  I have to admit that shocked me a bit, the way he was so straight to the point but I guess it made sense, this was about sex after all.  I replied: - 


Hi Mike,


Well that was to the point! :-)  I am 5’4” (shorty!) and 125 lbs.  Dirty blonde hair with nice full boobs.  I guess I look athletic although I am short.  Does that answer your question?




Within one minute he had replied.




That does sound intriguing yes :-).  Why don’t you send a pic, easier than trying to imagine you.  Have a look at the one I sent you.


Ps.  When you say “To the Point” do you know the cafe in Ocean Beach called that?


I sat there not sure what to do.  On the one hand, I was really excited and wanted to send him something.  But I also didn’t want to send a stranger a nude picture of myself, especially not with my face in it.  I got up and poured myself more wine, contemplating what to do and nearly forgot he had sent a pic of himself.  I jumped back to the laptop and clicked the email.  There before my eyes was a good-looking guy smiling right at me.  He had wonderful blue twinkling eyes, long brown hair and a beautiful smile.  He looked like a pretty normal, nice enough guy.  That was all I needed to convince myself to send him something, nothing with a face in it but I would show him my body.  I ran to the bathroom, undressed to my panties and bra and took a series of pictures posing as sexily as I could.  A couple of them looked really good and you couldn’t tell it was me so I emailed them to myself and then ran back to the laptop.  Before I knew what I was doing, I emailed them to Mike.  I waited and waited, but he didn’t send anything back.  Damn, wasn’t he interested?  An hour went by and I tried to ignore the fact he hadn’t emailed, but I couldn’t help myself and emailed him again.




What did you think of my pics?  I hope you liked them? :-)




Within a second of me doing that he had replied.


Oh I liked them alright, but they are fake.  Thanks anyway.



What the heck was he talking about?  I bashed out a reply.



They are not fake, they are me.  I just took them for you in my bathroom using my phone.  Why wouldn’t you believe me?


He replied right away.


Ok, well I showed you my face, why didn’t you show me yours?


He was beginning to annoy me now, but I wanted to prove to him that I was real also. But there was no way I was going to show him my face.  I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote his name on it, then went into the bathroom and took another pic making sure the paper was in shot.  Then I went back to the laptop and sent him the pic with this message.


Mike (AKA Mr. Doubtful),


Here is proof…I just took this for you.




I waited, and waited.  Ten minutes went past and still he sent nothing.  I stood up and started to fix some food in the kitchen hoping I would hear the unmistakable ‘ping’ of a new email but nothing came.  After half and hour I sort of gave up hope that he was actually real and wondered if every ad on Craigslist was like that.  Just then my computer pinged and I have to admit I pretty much ran over to it.  He had replied.




Thank you for doing that, I really appreciate it.  There are so many fakes and flakes on here that I have got a little fatigued with the whole process.  It’s nice to meet an attractive woman who isn’t afraid to show herself :-).  So at the risk of seeming very forward, I think we live pretty close…..why don’t we go to Raglan bar down the road and grab a drink?




I read and reread his email because it was making me so wet.  He wanted to actually meet!  I wasn’t in any state to meet at all but the thought of meeting a complete stranger, a good looking one was very exciting to me.  I replied.


Hi Mike,


Great to hear from you!  I am really new to this so don’t know about the fakes and flakes as you put it but can imagine there are a lot.  I could meet you for JUST a drink but would need about an hour.  Maybe 9 PM?  But I am shy and really don’t want you to think there will be anything more than just a drink tonight.




Just then on the side of my screen a message popped up.


Hi Tasha, it’s Mike.


He instant messaged me!  Oh no!  I hesitated.  Then I saw him typing again.


Sorry if this is a little forward, but it’s quicker than email.  Sure 9 PM sounds good.  I will be at the bar. I’m 6ft tall dark hair.  Well actually, you have already seen my pic so you know what I look like!


The cursor blinked back at me, in time with my beating heart, fast and excited.  I replied.


Mike, hi.  Ok, sounds good.  I really just need to have one drink though as I have an early start tomorrow.


Ok, sounds good.  See you in an hour.  Mike.


Then he logged off.  What had I done?  I was totally torn between going and not going, but I found myself going to the bedroom and getting changed into a cute top and my nice jeans.  I fixed my makeup and hair, then grabbed a jacket.  Before I knew it I was out the door and walking down the road to the bar.  As I walked, I really noticed how erect my nipples were and damp I was between the legs.  This felt so sordid and dirty, but  so exciting at the same time.  I knew Mike was only interested in having sex and in a way it made it a lot easier than a date.  Or, what I think going on a date would be like.  I arrived at the bar and took a couple of deep breaths before going in.  As usual on a Sunday night it was pretty busy with the cool crowd from Ocean Beach.  I scanned everyone like I was the terminator looking for my mark, carefully taking in each small detail.  My heartbeat was pounding in my ears as I went from guy to guy to guy until I saw a tall, lean looking one ordering a drink with his back to me.  He was wearing a pair of jeans, fitted long sleeve shirt and a pair of cool looking sneakers.  He had swept back hair and judging from his defined back muscles he worked out.  Not like a big muscle bound guy but more like a surfer.  I slowly walked up and then had the realization I had no idea what I would say.  Before I could think of anything he turned around, drink in hand and found me staring up at him like an idiot.  I smiled, and quickly shot out my hand.

“Hi, Tasha…Mike?” I said like I was meeting a business associate. He cocked his head and smiled cracking crows feet by his sexy crystal blue eyes.

“Hi Tasha,” he said like he had known me for years and ignored my hand, giving me a gentle hug instead.  “Can I get you a drink?”

“Sure, I’ll have a gin and tonic please.”

He smiled and turned back around to order giving me a great view of his tight ass.  I turned around to check out if I knew anyone in the bar, as I was often here however all the faces were unfamiliar.  Perfect.  Once the bartender poured my drink Mike turned back around and handed it to me.  As I took it our hands touched briefly and we both smiled awkwardly at each other.  I looked around and saw a free table.

“Shall we sit?”

“Sure,” he said already going to it.  I followed and we sat down on other sides of the small table.

“So, are you nervous?  You don’t seem it,” he said smiling showing off his lovely teeth.  He really was very handsome indeed, manly and weather worn but also not old looking.  He was swarthy and sexy, but in a playful boyish way.

I smiled and began to feel more relaxed with him.  “Thanks, I am not that nervous no.  Maybe a little curious about the whole thing but not really nervous.”

“That’s good.  Nothing to be nervous about.  Just two consenting adults.”

“I guess so,” I said not totally comfortable with being so direct about it.

“So, you have never done this before?” he asked smiling at me again.  I felt myself looking into his eyes a little longer than I would have liked and immediately knew I would have sex with this guy sometime; he was just so sexy.

“Like I said in my email, never.  This is really new to me.  Actually, I have just come out of a long term relationship and I am exploring a bit but in no rush to do anything.” I hoped that would make it clear nothing was going to happen tonight, even though I was thinking about it.

“OK, well you seem very cool, Tasha.  I am going to be straight with you because it’s better than playing the guessing game.  I am looking to have sex, lots of it.  Great, toe curling sex, with a fun woman who is into it like I am.  No drama, no strings, but friendship.  I want someone I can share my fantasies with and play them out.  What about you?”  He looked at me straight in the face and all I could think about was whether the people at the table next to us heard him.  I glanced over and none of them were looking over at us so I guessed not.  I took a sip of my drink and gathered my thoughts while Mike waited.

“So here is the thing Mike, I love sex. I have always loved it but I haven’t had many sexual partners, so I am not that experienced.  Sounds like you are, which is great but I might not be what you are looking for.”

He smiled and seemed to be mulling my comment over in his mind.

“Oh you are exactly what I am looking for, Tasha,” he said.

I felt my cheeks redden and looked away hoping he hadn’t see.

“It’s OK, you don’t need to be embarrassed about finding me attractive.  I think you are really sexy,” he said with no sarcasm in his voice.  I looked back and held his stare for a moment trying not to think about how hard my nipples were and damp I was between the legs.

“I’m not embarrassed,” I said knowing he knew I really was.

“Ha!  Yes you are.”

“No I am not!” I said frowning at him but quickly smiling because he had this silly look on his face.

“Fine, fine!  I am a little yes,” I said laughing.  Mike started laughing too and I felt so comfortable with this guy.  We had another drink and I was a little tipsy with the wine I had earlier.

“So, do you want to come back to my place?’ I said completely surprising myself and feeling a little slutty.

“Yep,” he simply said as he downed his beer.

Wow, this was really going to happen.  I finished my drink and slowly walked out of the bar, not really sure if I should hold his hand or not.  We walked up the road, him talking about his cross fit training and me getting more and more nervous as we got closer and closer to my apartment.  Just a few steps before the little path that leads to my door he touched my hand and I turned.

“Look Tasha, you seem like a really nice girl.  We don’t need to do this now if you don’t want to.  I am not looking for a quick ‘wham bam’ so happy to meet again if you would prefer.”

I looked into his eyes and flicked my hair back across my face, knowing that I at least wanted to kiss him.

“Ok, thanks Mike, I really appreciate you not being pushy.  Maybe we can just make out and that’s it?”

“Sure Tasha, that would be fine,” he said smiling ear to ear.  My heart beat faster as I turned and headed down the path, then up the steps to my apartment.  I found my keys, opened the door and walked in.  Mike followed and asked if he should take his shoes off.

“No no, that’s fine,” I said no wondering what I had gotten into.  He removed his jacket and I marveled at the large bicep muscles he had.  He smiled at me and slowly moved forward, taking me in his arms.  I was so turned on, it was crazy; Mike leant down and pressed his lips against mine softly then pulling me into him.  I went limp and allowed him to manhandle me, holding my arms as his soft lips caressed mine and his strong body held me.  I kissed him back, using my tongue to gently search for his and when they flicked across each other it sent little sparks of excitement through my body.  He was an amazing kisser and with each passing second I knew this was going to be more than a kiss.  It was like nothing James has ever done to me.  Mike’s warm mouth and strong hands had me completely in his control and I loved it.  I reached up his arms feeling those biceps and then hooked my arms around his neck, pulling him in closer as our kiss went deeper.  His body pushed against my breasts and they smashed right into him.  Just then he bent down and cleanly picked me up causing a squeal with delight.  We continued to kiss as Mike walked over to the sofa and gently laid me down.  He knelt in front of me and started to slowly caress my neck and shoulders, sending those little sensations throughout my body again.  I ran my hands in his messy hair as he kissed my bare skin and ran his tongue down my collarbone.  Then, before I really even noticed, Mike lifted my top and started to lick and kiss my stomach.  I hesitated for a moment, not really sure if I should let him or not.  It felt so good, so sensual and I found myself pushing my hips to his face, clearly indicating I wanted more.  Mike then began to ever so slowly unbutton by jeans and as he went to pull them off, I grabbed his hand.  He looked up.

“Too much?”  he said.

“I guess, I guess I didn’t think we would…,” Mike cut me off.

“That’s OK, we don’t have to.”

“Take them off,” I said smiling.

Mike took no time in doing just that and before I knew it, there I was with only my little panties to cover me as this stranger licked me very close to my clit.  Mike circled my belly button and then slowly, very slowly, dragged his tongue along the line of the top of my panties.  He did it over and over but never actually went any further which drove me wild; I was desperate for him to lick my wet pussy.  Mike looked up and smiled at me.

“You are smoking hot.”

“Go down on me,” I ordered.  Mike leant back and looked me in the eyes while pulling  his top over his head revealing a magnificent toned body.  He was a little hairy but only in a manly sexy way, not too much and trimmed.  His pecks were indeed defined and he had a tight torso with a soft six pack, just how I liked it.  The body of a man who is very active, but not overly so.  He slowly made his way down my stomach, kissing and licking all the way down, making my nipples even harder than they already were.  I arched my back offering my wet pussy to his mouth but Mike was in no rush.  He expertly licked around the edge of my lips driving me wild while craving his tongue.  I pushed my hips again towards him but Mike ignored me and nibbled the inside of my leg, biting a little and making me beg for it.

“Please,” I gasped not having had a man do this for a very long time.  James never did like to eat pussy.

Slowly Mike breathed on my clit and my heart skipped as I pushed myself to his mouth and gently licked me all the way from the bottom up.  I moaned and he did it again, taking his time, soft and firm and warm.  I couldn’t take it any longer and pulled his head in to me making him devour my pussy.  He flicked his tongue sideways across my clit while slipping two fingers inside me, pushing up on my G spot.  It was amazing and I closed my eyes as he continued to flick my clit with his wet warm tongue and slip his manly fingers in and out of me.  I started to move in time with his fingering and it wasn’t long before I felt a wonderful, deep orgasm coming, taking over my body, causing me to lean back in absolute pleasure.  I clamped my thighs around his head as wave after wave of orgasm went through me.  Mike was moaning too because I was soaking his face in my cum.

After a minute, I released his head and opened my eyes breathing hard.  Mike leant back on his hands and looked at me with his face covered in my cum.  I smiled at him and knew exactly what I wanted to do next, suck his cock until he came in my mouth.

“Get on the sofa,” I said almost pulling him up before he could react.  Mike jumped up and as he sat down I quickly undid his jeans and pulled them off.  They got stuck at his shoes but I didn’t have time to take them off, I just wanted his hard cock in my mouth.  I moved between his legs and sunk my soft lips down on him, first taking it down around the head and then sucking hard coming back up.  Mike moaned as I went back down again making sure my lips were soft as my tongue tickled his head.  I wrapped my hands around the lower part of his shaft and went to town sucking, licking and deep throating it.

Mike pulled my head down and thrusted his hips forward, creating a pleasurable gag.  I had never had a man do this before and I felt slutty, but also so sexy.  He pushed harder and harder and while doing so I began to finger myself at the same time.

“Oh shit, this is amazing,” Mike said looking down at me.  I pulled away and slowly pulled on his cock while getting my breath back.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth?”

“Fuck yes,” he quickly blurted out.

“Do you want to shoot your hot cum deep in my mouth?”

“Yes Tasha, I want to fill your mouth with my cum.”

That was all I needed.  I went straight back down on his twitching cock and went up and down as fast as I could, sucking it hard.  It wasn’t long before I felt his balls tighten and I knew he was going to empty them soon.  That only drove me on faster until he moaned and I felt his warm hot seed shoot into my mouth.

“Oh fuck, I am cumming,” he moaned while holding my head down on his dick.  I gagged as my mouth filled up with his thick load.  I swallowed as much as I could but some still dribbled back down his cock.  Once I thought he was done I licked up the rest and sucked on his balls.

“Oh wow, that was amazing,” he said laughing.

I got up off the floor and kissed him hard, letting him taste his own cum.  He pushed me away gently and looked at me in a quizzed way.

“What are you doing?” Mike asked.

“Kissing you,” I said smiling.

“I’m not into that,” he said getting up.

“Oh,” I said innocently.  Before I could say something to apologize, Mike put his jeans and shirt back on then walked towards the door and left.  I don’t know why but I started to laugh, a hard belly laugh.  I had just done something that freaked a guy out, which had never happened before. I mean like I said, I love sex but it has always been relatively ‘vanilla’ and normal and nothing on the kinky side.  James just liked to fuck and that was about it.  I laid down on the sofa and smiled at how much of a slut I had just been.  Mike was hot but I didn’t care he had walked out, in fact it really turned me on to know I had done something that was too much for him.  He was the guy advertising for a FWB after all and I just completely ‘out sexed’ him!  After a few minutes I began to have a crazy idea.  Something Heidi had said the other day really clicked with me and I grabbed my laptop and started to make a list.  I typed out my top three fantasies, things that I really had never told anyone I wanted to d


1. Have a guy with a huge cock fuck me really hard.

2. Seduce and older sexy couple at a hotel bar and go to their room for sex.

3. Have two guys fuck me.


I looked at the list and even just reading it back turned me on.  I was actually going to do this!  It was getting late and I had work tomorrow, so I decided to go to bed and work on it tomorrow night.


The guy with the huge cock


All day at work I could think of nothing else but getting home and trying to find a guy on Craigslist with a huge cock.  It was so distracting that I actually told my boss I wasn’t feeling well and left to work from home.  Once back at my apartment, I fired up my laptop and posted an ad to craigslist with the same pic that I had already sent Mike.


Looking for a real, very large cock for a fantasy


Good looking blonde looking for a good looking guy with a VERY large cock.  I do mean large gentleman, at least 9 inches and thick.  This is for MY fantasy and I would like to have the biggest I have ever had.  I am clean, sexy and REAL.  Please be a gentleman.  I do require some pics and a little about you.  Basically I want to meet up, feel comfortable with you, fuck and never see you again.  But you MUST have a big cock and be able to fuck me for at least half an hour without cumming.

PLEASE do not email me if you don’t have at least 9 inches and can’t last.


That was about as specific as I could get!  I logged off and started to focus more on my work but kept checking my phone for any emails.  Nothing came for a while and then when I looked again there were about twenty!  I couldn’t wait so I started to open them and was pretty disappointed at what I saw.  There were mainly guys with horrible pics and certainly not big cocks.  One old guy, older than my Dad, had a huge cock and I made him a favorite just in case no others came along.  I went back to my work and didn’t check again for a while.  After about an hour I looked again and there were another handful but one in particular really grabbed my attention.  This guy had sent three pics all showing his body and erect cock, which I must say was huge.  His body was just so-so, his face was OK and he was a little overweight but not gross.  His cock however was magnificent and so thick.  It pointed up to attention and had a really nice head on it.  I immediately started to fantasize about sucking him off and how it would feel deep in my pussy.  His name was Grant and he said his cock was ten and half inches; he was 45 and a MD no less.  He also said that sometimes it takes him ages to cum, so we might be going at it for an hour before he orgasms.  I replied right away and asked if he could meet tonight at one of the little bars near me.  In about ten seconds he replied and I laughed out loud I was that excited.  Now, I had to go through with this.  I replied and told him to meet me in an hour and not to be late.  The next thirty minutes went by so fast as I showered and tidied my apartment because if I was going to do this then he was going to come back to my place.  There was no way I would go back to his.

I showered and dressed pretty casually, nothing too fancy, just a nice pair of jeans and I little top that showed off my boobs well.  My hair was tied back to look neat but also still sexy.  At the bar I got a drink and quickly realized how nervous I was because my hands were actually shaking.  I don’t know why this was any different but I guess because I was the one that had placed the ad this time it felt different.  I was the one instigating everything; I was the one making this happen and trying to fulfill one of my fantasies.  After about ten minutes I couldn’t see him in the bar and checked my email again.  Nothing.  Great, a flake; he wasn’t coming and I had just wasted my evening.  I got up and left just as he walked into the bar smiling at me.

“Hello, I’m Grant,” he said extending his hand very politely.

“Heidi,” I said a little taken back and now very nervous.

“Shall we sit over there,” Grant pointed to a table.

I just nodded and headed over.  We sat down and I couldn’t but notice he was a lot more handsome in the flesh than his pic.  Yes, he was still a little chubby but he was certainly good looking and had really nice hair and teeth.

“So, what are you a doctor of?”

“Love!” he smiled and it made me laugh.

“Very funny,” I replied.

“I’m a GP, nothing too fancy.  What about you?”

“Oh I work in marketing.”

“I can tell, your ad was very appealing.”

“So were your pics,” I replied quickly, blushing.

We smiled at each other for a bit and then it became uncomfortable but I really couldn’t think of anything to say to him because my mind was wandering to those pics of his huge cock.  Thankfully Grant did it for me.

“So, not to be too forward, but do we need to chat more?  I’m rather interested to get to it.  That is, if you are.” 

On one hand, I wanted this more than anything, but just to be a slut and not worry about the fact I was meeting this guy because he had a huge cock was another.  As my moral side kicked in for a second I felt incredibly embarrassed I was even here talking to him.  I took a deep breath.

“Let’s go.”

We stood up and for some reason I just couldn’t make eye contact with him at all as we walked back along the street to my apartment.  I think Grant felt the same because he didn’t say anything and just walked besides me.  What was really weird was that I actually wanted to say something to him, talk to him and get to know him but I just couldn’t find the words.  We got closer to my place and my heart was literally beating out of my chest, but I was more excited than nervous now.  Something in me changed and I no longer cared about what people might think, maybe because I was in control.  I fumbled with my keys, opened the door and walked in heading straight for the kitchen.  Grant followed and awkwardly stood waiting for the action to start I think, because he seemed nervous.  I poured some wine.  He sipped it slowly watching me and then taking his eyes away when mine met his as we sat on the sofa opposite from each other.  It was super awkward but somehow erotic.  I really just wanted to get down to it, so much so that I stood, walked straight up to him and kissed his lips.  That was all Grant needed for the green light.  He put his wine down and grabbed me roughly, pushing his tongue into my mouth with so much passion I nearly melted.  His kisses were deep and perfect, and the longer we kissed the more wet I became.  My hand wondered down to his jeans and I gasped at the size of his cock, which was already erect and ready.

“So, are you going to fuck me or what Grant?” I said looking up at him.

“Yes, where is your bedroom?”

We went in and I turned, pulling my top over my head and unbuttoning my bra.  Watching him watching me as I unbuttoned my jeans was hot and I slowly slipped them off standing there in just my panties.  Grant walked forward and before I knew what he was doing, he  got down onto his knees, pulled my panties down and started licking my wet pussy expertly, teasing and circling his tongue around.  I moaned in pleasure and ran my hands through his long hair pulling his mouth into me.

This complete stranger slipped one finger inside and gently rubbed my G spot sending waves of pleasure though my body.  My legs were turning to Jell-O so I fell back onto the bed and opened my legs wider for him, allowing him to do anything he wanted.  He knew exactly what he was doing and licked me perfectly while fingering me in the way that I loved, using the right amount of pressure on my G Spot.  I felt my first orgasm coming and pulled his head tighter into me, which made Grant slip his tongue deeper inside.

“Oh fuck, that’s it, I’m cumming,” I cried out as a huge first orgasm took my body, making my toes curl and eyes roll.  Grant didn’t stop and the sensations went on and on as my body convulsed over and over.  Eventually he stopped and I caught my breath as I watched him stand and drop his jeans.  Under tight boxers I could see the huge outline of his cock, running way down his leg, longer than I have ever seen on any man. He had the cock of a porn star and I had to have it in my mouth right then.

I sat up and quickly pulled those boxers down to release it.  Grant watched as I slowly cupped his balls and then grabbed his shaft, feeling it in my hand and noticing that my fingers were not even half the way around it.

“That is so big,” I said not even realizing I was saying it.

“Wait till I slide it inside of you,” he said looking down at me.

I spent the next five minutes giving him an amazing sloppy wet blowjob, sucking and licking with everything I had while flicking my own clit, almost bringing me close again.  His cock was so amazing in my mouth, filling it up with his soft skin and warmth.  I couldn’t take it any more and layback on the bed opening my legs and looking him in the eye, willing him to fuck me.  Grant leant down to his jeans, pulled out a condom and stretched it over his penis, really having to roll it slowly because it was so big.  Then he got on the bed and pushed his head up against my slit, working it up and down, making sure it was wet and ready for him.  I gasped as he slowly, very slowly slid inside, stretching me like never before.  My breath quickened as it went in further and I gasped as he then pushed in hard for the first three inches.

“Oh fuck,” I said involuntary as he pulled back out and then slipped back inside me again, while holding my legs wide open at the ankles.  For the next ten minutes Grant pummeled me like a porn star, pushing that big stick in and out, fast and hard then soft and slow.  I just laid back and enjoyed the feeling of being filled by a big fat cock deep inside me.  Grant started to ride up high on me and grind into my clit, which just took me way over the edge and I came hard on his cock.  I really don’t even remember how many times.  Grant leant down and kissed me as I felt his cock swell inside indicating he was going to cum.  He looked me straight in the eyes as his face contorted and he emptied his balls into the condom.  I held his stare and pulled his ass into me making sure I could feel every little contraction.  After a minute he rolled off and we just lay there panting, catching our breath.  Eventually he spoke, “That was amazing, you are so tight Heidi,” he said looking over.

“Thanks,” I said not really sure how to react to that comment.  My body was still alive with tingles from so many orgasms and I really hoped he was going to be able to get it up again soon because I wanted to cum again.

“I’ve never really felt anything like that before.  Most women find it painful,”

“Well, it was a little uncomfortable to start with but after a while it was amazing,” I said leaning over and gently playing with his cock.  Grant jumped and pulled away from me.

“Hey!  Careful, it’s really sensitive.”

“Oh sorry.  So does that mean you can’t go again?”

“Well, not for a few hours.”

I turned away and got up off the bed.  If he wasn’t going to be ready for a few hours then we were done and I didn’t need to do small talk.  I started to dress and felt his eyes on me, burning.

“Are we done then?”

I turned around and walked to the kitchen to fetch some water and could still feel his eyes on me.

“Well, if you need a few hours, yeah we are.  Don’t you think?” I said giving him the chance to leave gracefully.

He smiled ruefully and got up, pulling his jeans on.  I watched him and wondered if I was being a bitch but didn’t say anything.  Once he was ready he walked over and gave me a really sweet kiss on my cheek, which actually sent little shivers down my body.  That was weird because I didn’t think I liked him but he certainly was cute in a boyish way.

“Call me if you want round two, Heidi,” he said and left.  I stood there for a moment and smiled at what I had done.  He had by far the biggest penis I had ever enjoyed; it was exactly what I wanted.

That night I slept well and woke early to go for a run.  Grant had already texted me, “Hey Heidi, great fun last night.  Let me know if you want to meet again.  Grant”

I didn’t bother replying; what was the point in that?  It would only encourage him to text more and really I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to see him again.  I forgot all about it and went to work, focusing on a project that was almost ready to deliver.  While I waited for one of my designers to finish some work for me I went outside for a quick walk.  While walking I pulled out my iPhone to look at my fantasy list.  Next on the list was number two.  


Seduce an older sexy couple at a hotel bar and go to their room for sex.


This one incorporated two fantasies really, one to have sex with a woman and two to have sex with a hot older man.  I had always fantasized about doing that after one of my childhood friends said she slept with an older neighbor.  She was 18 at the time and he was over 30, which back them seemed really old.  Anyway, she said it was so hot and he really knew what he was doing and made her cum loads of times.  Since that day I have always wanted to do it and now I was able to.  I opened Google maps on my phone and checked out all the five star hotels in downtown San Diego.  There were quite a few so I picked the Marriott in the Gaslamp District, because it has the well-known Altitude bar on the roof.  Apparently it’s a really cool place to hang out.  I checked some reviews and then decided because it was Thursday that tonight would be a good night to go.  The rest of the day went pretty quickly and I finished before six and headed home.  After showering and getting something to eat I put on my little blue dress and heels, standard downtown attire, and then I headed out.  It was really busy and I only managed to find a parking space because some guy said he was actually waiting for a friend and could circle around.  That, and I think he liked me.  Why didn’t he ask for my number?  He was cute, but I guess a little young.  Young guys were not on my list.

I went into the hotel and then rode the elevator to the top.  Once up I gasped a little at how cool it was, the good music and all the good-looking people milling about.  I headed that way and grabbed a cocktail from a particularly handsome bartender who took no notice of me whatsoever, his loss.  I hung out by the other end of the bar by the fire-pits and scanned the crowd.  Although they were really attractive there wasn’t anyone old enough for what I was looking for, mainly everyone was late twenties or early thirties.  A thought crossed my mind that maybe I should just find any couple, even the same age as me, but that would just be selling myself short.  This whole process was one of personal discovery and selling out with a younger couple wasn’t acceptable for me.  I ordered another drink from a waitress and tried to look like I wasn’t checking everyone out, which of course I was.  After forty-five minutes I became pretty self conscious that I was on my own, so I finished my drink and slinked out.  I felt annoyed that there was no one here who fit my ideal couple, after all the excitement and getting myself confidant enough to do it.  I was going to walk away empty handed.  Feeling pretty pissed I took the elevator and at the lobby looked for the bathroom, which I found next to the bar.  As I walked past the bar my eye caught a gorgeous looking tall blonde in a very tight black dress and high heels.  She was drinking Champagne and her long legs looked amazing as she sipped from the glass and watched me checking out her body.  Just as I was about to go into the bathroom she put her glass down and smiled at me, a really big welcoming smile.  My heart skipped a beat and I almost missed the door I was so flustered!  Washing my hands I looked in the mirror and noticed my cheeks were bright red.  That blonde was amazingly hot, probably early fifties but she looked in great shape and very sophisticated and classy.

I walked out and tried not to look over, but I couldn’t help it and as soon as I did she caught my eye and said something.  I stopped and smiled back as she waved me over.  My heart at this point was beating so fast I could hear it, pounding away as she smiled again.  I walked over to her slowly, wondering why I was and also why she even wanted to talk to me.  As I reached her, she extended her hand.

“Hi, I’m Leslie; how are you?”

“Good, thanks.  Do I know you?” I said, shaking her hand and looking around because I was so nervous.

“I don’t think so.  What’s your name?”


“I don’t know you Heidi, but why don’t you have a drink so that I can,”  she laughed gently.  Her warm blue eyes stared into me and her energy softened my awkwardness.

“Can I get your some Champagne?”  And before I could even answer she was ordering another glass from the bartender.  It then became clear she was with someone because there was another glass next to hers.

“Sure,” I said and sat down on a stool.

She noticed me looking at the glass as a little smile crept across her soft, perfectly flawless face.  “My husband is taking a phone call outside.  His investment partner is trying to close a deal and wanted to talk though details.”

  As she finished her sentence the bartender placed a glass down and poured some bubbly into it.  Leslie passed it to me, chinking her glass to mine as she eyed me.  She was so lovely to look at, obviously older than me.  She was in great shape with a toned Pilates-body and perky breasts that sat up out the top of her dress.  Her hair was flowing, silky-smooth  and blonde, and she stood a little taller than me, model tall, like maybe 5’10”. 

“So, what are you doing downtown all dressed up on your own, Heidi?”

“I just wanted to come for a drink or two.  Just needed to get out of the house,” I said knowing she wouldn’t believe me.  I mean, why would I dress up like this and come all the way downtown to this fancy hotel just for a couple of drinks?  I could just have easily gone to a dive bar and I wouldn’t have needed to dress up or do my hair.

“I see,” she said looking over her shoulder to a dashingly good-looking guy who was walking our way.  He was tall, broad shouldered, with grey swept back hair and a lovely big smile on his face.  His eyes twinkled in the dim hotel bar light and I felt myself get a little wet as he got closer.  He was tone, wore suit pants and a dress shirt tucked in with no tie.  He came over and kissed Leslie on the cheek while looking at me.

“Who have we here?” He said in a lively Texan drawl.  Think Matthew McConaughey and you have it, but only older.  I extended my hand but before I could say anything Leslie cut in.

“This is Heidi, darling.  She was on her own so I invited her over for a drink.”

“Oh fine, just fine.  I’m Henry.”

“Hello Henry, pleasure to meet you,” I said shaking his hand.

“The pleasure my dear is all mine, “ Henry said as he kissed the back of my hand.  For some reason it didn’t seem weird because it suited him.  Leslie just sat there looking and smiling at me.

For the next hour we chatted freely about this and that, his work, her international design business, and me.  I didn’t feel embarrassed at all that they were very wealthy and I wasn’t.  They were older; it was a bit like talking to your friends’ parents except that they were really sexy and there was a lot of flirting.  After three glasses of champagne I was starting to feel tipsy and my inhibitions were dissipating, so much so that I started to think about how they would both look naked.  I envisioned him fucking me and her sat on my face, offering me her wet, shaved and perfect pussy.  I don’t know what happened next but before my eyes they started making out right there at the bar, really passionately.  It was quite embarrassing for a moment and then I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them as he groped her ass and she felt for his cock.  I knew people were looking but they didn’t seem to care and nor did I as I watched intently.  My nipples were getting hard and I was blushing and it was so hot to watch them, not knowing if they were putting on a show for me or simply just doing what they always did.  Either way, I was getting so hot and wet it was driving me crazy and I had to actually look away because I was starting to too aroused.  My eyes darted away and I found myself looking at the attractive bartender who was smiling at me like a Cheshire cat.  I blushed and looked down at the floor only to see Leslie’s feet appear by my stool.  I looked up and she was there, standing right in front of me smiling her sexy little smile.  She cocked her head to one side and took my chin with her hand, pulling my face up slowly.  My heart was beating fast as she leaned in and ever so gently kissed my lips.  I closed my eyes and pushed forward hoping she would slip her tongue in, but she pulled back and kissed me softly on the cheek.

“Do you want to come up to our room for a drink, Heidi?”

I opened my eyes and nodded at her, blushing like crazy.  “I’d love to,” I said quietly.

“Well then, let’s go!” she squealed before turning around and telling the bartender to have another bottle of Champagne sent to the room.  Before I knew what was happening, Leslie grabbed my hand and we headed to the elevators followed by Henry.  It was all so intoxicating and scary.  I didn’t know these people at all, but their easy manner helped to get over the nerves.  In the elevator nothing was said as others got on and off the elevator.  When it was our floor I let Leslie lead and Henry waited for me to follow as we walked down the hall to their room.  Leslie had a sexy little wiggle and I watched as she swung her handbag while walking.  By now I was absolutely horny as hell and so excited; it was really supposed to be me seducing them but I was in such a turned on state I didn’t care!

Leslie took out a room key card and slid it through the scanner, looking back at me and smiling almost as if she knew I was really nervous.

“Just a drink Heidi, that’s all,” she said and walked in.

I followed and gasped at the size of the room; it was huge.  Easily, it was three times the size of my apartment with a sweeping view of downtown San Diego, the Coronado Bridge and the bay.  I kept walking and entered into the living area, then noticed the huge island that separated us from the beautiful kitchen.  Leslie walked into the seating area made up of three of the biggest sofas I have ever seen.  In the middle of those was a large low coffee table and probably the coolest light fixture I have ever seen.  She slung her handbag down on one of the sofas and walked towards the windows looking out over downtown, rubbing her neck.

“Can I fix you a drink, Heidi?”  Henry asked walking past me and into the kitchen.

“Sure, I might wait for that Champagne.”

He looked up from the kitchen and smiled.  “We already have a fridge full, sweetheart.  We just wanted to ask that young man up.”

I smiled back and immediately knew they were going to fuck me.  I guess I hadn’t really thought that was the goal until he said that.  I know they probably gave clues but I was still pretty naive.  The realization of this totally froze me to the spot.  I could hardly breath, let alone move or say anything smart, witty or even close to sexy.  Lucky for me Leslie was on hand to help and she came over smiling.  She kissed me on the lips, this time using full tongue.  After a minute she pulled back and looked at me.  “This will be fun, Heidi.  Just go with it.  That nice young man is going to come up in a minute and I am going to fuck his brains out.  You can too if you like.  But look after Henry also, he’s amazing in bed but can get jealous if he doesn’t get any action.  Especially from a hottie like you.”

With that she took the drink from Henry who had walked up and was holding both of ours.  I looked at him and realized I was going to have sex with this man and right now!  My nipples were already erect.

“Shall we dance a bit?”  Henry asked.  Leslie was already swaying like the music was on and I admit I was up to a little dance.  The booze was kicked in and I thought it would help chill me out a bit.  I really wanted to be confident in all this, rather than be a bag of nerves.  Henry went over to the iPod dock and put on ‘West end Girls’ by the Pet Shop Boys and we started to dance.  Quickly Leslie moved closer to me as we were both singing the lyrics.  She was dancing like mad and we were both singing at the top of our voices as the doorbell rang and Henry left us.  Leslie and I were face to face gyrating and singing as loud as we could and she kissed me on the lips again.  Immediately we were embraced, kissing each other passionately, running our hands all over each other’s bodies.  Her nipples were hard through her dress and I wanted to pull it down and take each one in my mouth.  Leslie’s hand had already found my wetness below and was tracing the outline of my lips with the back of her hand.  I gasped as she slipped a finger under my damp panties and went inside me.

“Oh fuck, I want to taste you,” I said between kissing.

“You want me to sit on your face?”


Leslie pulled me over to the sofa and literally slung me down, kicked off her heels and got up on the sofa pulling her dress up.  She lowered herself down onto my face for the first time I saw her perfectly pink and waxed pussy.  My heart was racing as her lips touched mine and I wasted no time in lapping at her clit, which caused her to moan and push down further on my face.  As I was licking and sucking her clit someone was between my legs, gently running their hands up my thighs.  It must have been Henry and I opened them wider to give him access.  He pulled my panties down and then off completely.  For a moment I hesitated because I was still nervous, but Leslie’s moaning just took me into fantasy land and I opened my legs wider, inviting him in.  He got right to it and started to lick my soft inner thigh, getting closer to my pussy as I slipped my tongue inside Leslie’s sweet tasting pussy.

“Oh yes, that’s it, like that baby,” she said grinding down more.

It was hard to breathe with her on my face, but I was loving it and Henry’s fingers were delving deep inside me working magic, bringing me off perfectly.  I felt my orgasm coming quickly and leant back away from Leslie’s lovely pussy to gasp as the waves of pleasure flowed through my body.

“Oh fuck,” I said as his fingers worked faster and faster into me, really tickling my G spot, which always got me off so hard.  Just then, Leslie moved down and kissed me on the lips, tasting herself on me and that really turned me on so much so that I came and I squirted all over Henry’s face as he continued to lap at my clit and finger my wet hole.  My nipples were rock hard and it was as if electricity was shooting around my soft skin, making them super sensitive to touch.  I was in sexual heaven and eventually started to become aware of who was around me.  Looking down between my legs, to my astonishment, I saw the sexy bartender smiling up at me.  His lovely sparking blue eyes were staring straight up at me.

“That was hot,” he said leaning back on his knees still looking at me.

At first I didn’t know what to say, I just looked up at Henry who was standing back taking pictures and smiling at me.  A million feelings ran through my body, but I was interrupted by Leslie.

“Oh fuck yes that was hot.  Why don’t you fuck us both?”  she said to the bartender.

By the look in his eye he had already thought about it and didn’t need to be offered twice.  He looked at Leslie.  “You want to go first?”

“Oh yes!” she said bouncing down off the sofa, placing herself with her butt in the air offering it to him.  I watched in absolutely turned on joy as the bartender pulled his shirt off revealing and amazing chiseled body complete with six pack abs.  Next came off his trousers and he had a lovely toned butt. His cock was clearly already hard and as he pulled his boxers down it sprang out.  It was not huge but not small either; it looked perfect and I wanted to reach over and put my lips around it right then.  He moved behind Leslie and wetted the head of his cock. Henry appeared next to him holding a condom.

“You will need this, young man.”

The bartender took the condom, smiled at Henry and put it on as quickly as he could.  Leslie was looking back watching the whole thing getting excited and wiggling her butt tempting him.  Not that he needed tempting.  He was already fully hard and ready to go and wasted no time slipping his stiff cock inside Leslie’s warm wet pussy.  She breathed out hard as he went deeper into her and gripped the pillows while looking him in the eye.

“You fuck me hard, really hard,” she demanded.

He started to get into a rhythm and held her hips firmly while going in and out of her like a porn star.  Henry walked over to me with his cock fully erect and I was surprised at the size of it.  It was bigger than the bartender’s and perfectly straight, maybe nine inches and pretty thick.  He stood there right in front of me and for a moment I wasn’t sure what he wanted then it struck me!  So I leant forward and put it in my mouth, working his large head with my tongue and lips while feeling his low hanging balls in my hands.  He held my head with his hand and normally I hate that but something about this older man taking charge was so hot.  I loved his cock in my mouth and his rough hand on my face, it felt wrong but so right.  I circled my tongue around and around his hard cock over and over while squeezing his balls in my hand, pulling down on them slightly.  Henry was definitely into it because he started to thrust in and out of my mouth, gagging me slightly with each rough stroke.

I looked over with my mouth full of cock and watched as the bartender really gave it to Leslie, pounding away at her like nothing I have ever seen in real life.  Henry was really pumping into my mouth now and watching Leslie get fucked made me desire a cock inside me, so I pulled Henry’s out and got on the sofa pulling him onto me.  He kissed me passionately, holding my tits and pulling on my hard nipples.  His rock hard cock was brushing my pussy and it took all my will power not to pull him in and stuff that cock deep inside me.  I know Henry was struggling with it too because he was whispering in my ear how much he wanted to fuck me.  Eventually he stood up and reach into his jeans for a condom.  I watched as he rolled it on and then got down on his knees again.  He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my lips and then plunged it in fast and deep.  I wrapped my arms around his neck as he started to fuck me hard and fast, no build up, just fucking.  It was pure and animalistic.  I loved it and knew he would make me come really quickly if he could hold on himself.  Henry did just that and pushed that cock in and out of me for all he was worth.  My orgasm was so close I just needed to play with my clit and then my toes were curling as I gasped and I came right there on his cock, pulling him in closer and grabbing his ass.  He kissed my lips and greedily feasted on my neck as his balls and cock tightened and Henry emptied every last drop of his man juice inside me.  I could feel it even through the condom and it made me cum hard with each spurt he gave me.

I looked over and saw that the bartender was still going, moaning that he was going to cum.  “I am going to cum, oh shit,” he said.

“On my face,” Leslie demanded and just as she said that he pulled out, whipped off the condom and covered her lips and tits with his hot creamy cum.  I leant over and started licking it off and kissing her, sharing his cum with her.  For some reason I found it all so funny and couldn’t help smiling and laughing at the situation.  Leslie caught my laughing bug and joined in with me, licking the cum off my lips as she laughed.  After a minute or so I stood up and went over to the Champagne and filled my glass while I watched Leslie kiss the bartender.  She then started playing with his cock again, trying to make him hard.  Henry joined me and kissed my neck as I drank, which turned me on like crazy once again.  He certainly knew how to love a woman!

I felt back for his cock and to my surprise it was semi hard again.  Henry continued to kiss me as I watched Leslie get the other guy very hard again.  I started to play with my clit and instantly found myself soaking wet , especially since Henry was now reaching my pussy slipping a couple of fingers in.  Leslie looked up with a very wicked look in her eye, “Henry, I want you to DP me right now,” she said.

Henry slowly led me over to her while still fingering my pussy until we reached the sofa.  At that point he pushed me gently up onto the sofa so that I was standing above Leslie.  Then he told the bartender to go underneath Leslie and have her sit on his cock reverse cowgirl.  We jostled for position and eventually Leslie slid down on the bartender’s rock hard cock, I stood over her face and Henry filled her pussy with his cock.  I looked down and saw the pure ecstasy in Leslie’s face created by having two cocks in her.  She smiled at me and licked her voluptuous lips as I lowed my wet pussy down on her face.  Immediately Leslie slipped her tongue inside me as Henry leant forward and started to lick my tight little ass hole.  I looked back and as best I could and tried to see those cocks going in and out of her because it was such a turn on. For the next few minutes we fucked liked this with Leslie moaning louder and louder as she licked faster and faster at my pussy.

Henry was really plunging his cock in her hard and fast and licking my butt hole like a crazy man, which was one of the sexiest things I have ever felt.

“I’m ready to cum,” Henry moaned.

“Do it baby, do it.  Fill me up!”  Leslie shouted.

Henry grunted and moaned as he filled his wife’s soaking wet pussy.  I turned around and kissed him deeply while he drained his balls, looking at him straight in the eyes.  Once he was done he pulled out, I leant down and sucked the wonderful mix of his and Leslie’s cum off his cock, licking every last drop off his dick.  Leslie was breathing hard as she continued to move up on down on the bartender’s cock, watching me watching her.  Again her face was a picture of complete lust and joy as she milked him for everything he was worth.  It was only a few more seconds and then the bartender said he was cumming too.  I pushed Henry out the way, got down on my knees in front of her pussy and sucked hard on her clit sending Leslie over the top and onto a huge screaming, toe curling orgasm.  She was so wet as I sucked hard and delved my tongue in and out of her hole that my face was covered.  It was the hottest, dirtiest thing I had ever done.  After she came hard on my face a few times we all slumped down onto the floor in one big pile thoroughly exhausted and contempt.  My body was so alive with sexual energy it was crazy but I was done, I couldn’t possibly do anything else.  All I wanted to do was lie there for a few minutes, then get another drink and go home to bed.  I think Leslie and Henry felt the same because they cuddled up with each other and just kissed gently while looking out the window.  The bartender got up and dressed, then said good ye and was out the door.  I slowly stood, dressed and poured myself another glass of champagne while watching how in love Henry and Leslie were.  I could just see it in every little kiss he was giving her, every little stroke of his arm and how closely they were connected.  At that very moment I knew that’s what I wanted.  I wanted someone to love me, unconditionally, without any question, all my faults and quirks included.  I gulped down the bubbles and smiled at them.  Leslie stood and hugged me.

“We should keep in touch, Heidi,” she said genuinely.

“Yes, we should.  Do you want to call my number?”

We swapped numbers then hugged again.  Henry came over and hugged us both with his big arms.

“Well, that was a lot of fun,” he said smiling.

“Yes, it was.  Thank you.”

“No thank you, Heidi.  You should come out on our boat sometime, it’s fantastic.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea,” I said smiling.

We hugged again and I walked out the room not knowing if I would actually ever see them again.  My pussy still tingled from all the sex we had just had, but my mind was full of thoughts of love and why I could never seem to find it.  I headed home in a cab, showered and fell asleep very tired.

The next day I woke up with a pretty big hangover, which sucked but I still managed to crawl out of bed and get myself down to the coffee shop. I ordered my little hangover special, a big soy latte and a bagel with hummus and avocado.  After that I was beginning to feel somewhat normal again and started to think about how hot last night had been.  It was so liberating being with people who were open about sex and didn’t see it as weird or wrong.   I felt a sense of change in my thought process about myself and sex.  Something was feeling so much better, more right.  It was a feeling I had never ever had before, to feel OK that I loved sex.

I paid the bill and slowly walked back home appreciating the gardens of the homes I lived near on the way.  Just then my phone beeped telling me someone had sent me a text message.  I pulled my phone out and Grant’s name came up.  I didn’t read his message straight away because really I wasn’t that interested in him, not emotionally anyway but he did have a great cock.  Getting home I sat down on the sofa and pulled up the list on my laptop.  Next was…


Have two guys fuck me


Out of all the fantasies I had written down this was perhaps the one that made me the most nervous.  Why?  Well, I wanted the guys to be hot and that put added pressure on me to perform well.  I wanted them to have a good time, too.  The previous evening had helped me greatly to know that I could go through with it, but I think also it just added to the feeling I wanted to do a good job.  My phone beeped again; it was Grant.  I read both his messages.

‘Hey Heidi, just thinking of you.  Want to hang out again?’  And his second text read, 

‘I’m free now if you are :-)’


I pondered for a moment.  Kate, one of my friends, had asked me out to dinner with her boyfriend that night but not until 8 PM.  It was only early in the afternoon still so I could maybe get some fun in before and still make dinner.  I hesitated and then texted Grant back.


‘Hello, big boy.  Yes ,I am free.  Do you have a good looking friend who could join?’


He replied right away.




‘I am wondering if you have a fun, good-looking friend who might like to join us?’

‘Oh, well I would rather have you to myself…’

‘Well Grant, you are hot with a wonderful cock but I would love to have a threesome…’


There was a pause for a few minutes and I am sure he was either calling someone or contemplating what to do.  Then my phone beeped.


‘Okay, Heidi.  I have someone who is interested.  But, I want to make a deal with you.’

“Go on’

‘If I do this for you, I want you to get a girl for me.  I want to have two girls suck me off.  I want to fuck you while another is sat on my face’


I didn’t need a minute to think about it.






Just then he called.


“Hi, Grant.”

“Are you really up for that if I bring a guy over?’ he asked without so much as a hello.

“Yeah, why not?  So, we have a deal?  Because frankly Grant, I am so horny right now if it’s not you and your friend I am going to go out and find someone!” 

“We can be over in an hour.  His name is Tom; he is really a good guy.  He is not a best friend, but he and I have done things like this before.”

“Frankly Grant, I just want you two to fuck me so I don’t need to talk to him,” I turned on the slut in me big time!  He paused and laughed nervously.

“Your wish is my command.  See you in an hour, be ready for us.” He said and hung up.  I spent the next thirty minutes showering, making myself look good and was then unable to decide what to wear.  Finally I went with a little light off the shoulder top, jeans and heels.  Taking one final look in the mirror I put my hair up and headed to the kitchen to have a quick glass of Pinot to steady myself.  Although I had acted all confident to Grant on the phone, I was a bag of nerves.  I would be lying if I said my pussy wasn’t wet already thinking about what I was going to do with these boys.  8 PM rolled around and still no sign of them.  8:15 PM came and went and still they hadn’t come.  I was starting to think I had been dumped when the doorbell went.  I took three deep breaths, checked myself in the mirror one last time and opened the door to find Grant stood there smiling and a smaller but very handsome blonde guy behind him.  He looked a little like Daniel Craig and my interest level piqued instantly!

“Why don’t you come in boys?” I said resisting the urge to ask them why they were late.  Nothing is more unattractive than a woman who complains, that’s what my Mother always told me.  She said if you want to change a man don’t complain, give him the problem and let him think he is solving it for you, just another one of her wonderful pieces of advice.  My poor Dad, I don’t think he ever knew what he got himself into when they met.

Grant walked in followed by ‘007’ who leant down and kissed me softly on the cheek.  It mase me tingle a little as I took in his cologne.  He was just taller than me but with wide, strong shoulders and what looked like a lovely toned chest and torso.  He wore a very tight t-shirt that showed all this off.  He had long enough hair to be able to push it back in a swept back style, which I actually really liked.

“Heidi,” I said extending my hand.

“Danny,” he replied smiling again and I almost feel into his deep soft blue eyes.

“Well, how about a drink first?” Grant said interrupting our beautiful moment.  I shut the door, turned and poured three glasses of Pinot without asking if that’s what they wanted.  As the wine flowed out the bottle I noticed how incredibly nervous I had become.  My hand was trembling a little now, I think because I felt a real attraction to Danny.  He was just gorgeous and oozed that quiet confidence like a film star does.  I took the drinks over to the boys and when I gave Danny his he blatantly looked me up and down and checked out my body and then smiled.  I felt myself blush terribly and turned away.  Normally a guy looking at me like that would be annoying but Danny had me in his grip already and I was feeling rather submissive to him before we had even taken our clothes off.

“So, how do you want to do this?”  Grant said bluntly.

“Well, let’s just relax for a bit shall we?” I said quickly back, not really sure how we should do this at all.

“I think that’s a great idea,” Danny said sitting down.  Grant and I followed his lead and we all waited for the other to speak.  The sexual tension in the room was incredibly thick and I felt the men’s testosterone levels through the air as I sipped my wine.

“So, what do you do?”  Danny finally asked.

I spent the next ten minutes babbling like crazy and wondering if I was turning the men off, but actually the longer I talked the more relaxed I felt.  Grant said nothing but looked pretty disinterested which was the opposite of Danny.  He was engaging, interested and chipped in fun lighthearted comments from time to time, which was endearing.  I was becoming much more interested in him and felt like he and I had a lot in common.  That’s when he just leant over and kissed me on the lips, taking my face in his hands and very softly caressing my skin.  I melted immediately and let myself be taken by him as his lips pressed against mine and his tongue delved into my mouth causing mine to respond by doing the same.  I felt for the table and placed my wine glass done then literally pushed him back and sat astride his legs while he pulled my face for a deeper kiss.  I wasn’t even aware of what Grant was doing at this point because we were off and nothing was going to stop me now!  Danny and I made out for a few minutes as I ground down on his lap and kissed his neck and lips.  He kept my stare the whole time and it was very erotic indeed.  My nipples were rock hard and I felt his cock standing to attention though his jeans as his hands wandered over my body, going from my neck to my back and then my butt.  I couldn’t wait anymore and pulled my top off and then undid my bra letting my boobs fall right onto his face.  Danny wasted no time taking one of them in his mouth gently sucking on my nipple as he hands pushed my jeans down indicating I should take them off.  I stood up and very seductively removed them, shaking my hips and then got back on Danny.  Grant had now come up behind me and was cupping my boobs while kissing my neck.  I could feel his large cock pushing into me so I felt around and as best as possible unzipped his pants.  He was hard indeed!  Danny pushed me up and stood, quickly removing his clothing revealing a lovely toned body and a pretty decent sized cock.  I watched Danny as Grant began to slip his hand down to my panties and then under to my wet waiting pussy.  I arched back in pleasure as his fingers found my hole, searching inside, gently playing.

“Which one of you boys is going to fuck me first?”  I blurted out surprising myself!

By the look in Danny’s eye he so wanted to, but Grant had already started pushing me over and before I knew what was happening he slid the head of his cock up and down my lips waiting for the moment to plunge himself into me.  Danny moved forward so that his cock was right by my face and I literally grab it then wrapped my lips around it.  Grant pushed forward and his cock slid inside causing me to gasp as he filled me up.  I sucked Danny’s cock as Grant slide out of me and in again while grasping my hips pulling me back with each stroke.  I was in sexual heaven and knew Grant would make me cum because I was already really close.  Danny held my head as he fucked my face using me like a filthy slut, choking me.

“You are a naughty little slut aren’t you, Heidi,” Grant said banging me as hard as he could.  I wasn’t able to reply because I had Danny’s lovely tasting dick in my mouth.

“OK, my turn Grant,” Danny said pulling his cock out and walking behind me almost pushing Grant out the way.  Danny slipped his cock inside me and although it was smaller than Grant’s, it felt amazing and was really hitting my G spot perfectly while sending waves of pleasure through my body.  His hands held my shoulders as he pounded me hard and Grant placed his cock in front of my face.  I greedily sucked on his large cock focusing on the head, wrapping my lips tightly around it while playing with his balls.  Just then I felt Danny reach around and play with my clit, which sent me off the orgasm land for the next minute.  I came so many times on his lovely cock I lost count, as he kept banging me.  Grant moaned and pulled his cock out just before he splashed my face with his warm cum.  He put his cock back in my mouth and I swallowed down as much of his juice as I could, enjoying in the flavor.  Danny pulled hard on my shoulders and then pulled his cock out, slipped the condom off and covered my pussy and ass with his cum.  The feeling of it on my lips sent me into another head spinning, toe-curling orgasm.  I collapsed on the sofa seeing colors in front of my eyes as my head settled and my breathing slowed.  Grant and Danny sat next to me and we said nothing for a while until Danny leaned over and kissed my lips tasting Grant’s cum.  He really kissed me deeply and didn’t shy away from some of the cum that was still on my chin, licking it up and smiling at me. It was so hot that I wanted to be fucked again right then.

“So, who can get hard first and fuck me up the ass?”  I said to both boys.  They looked at each other and started playing with their cocks.


The End.


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