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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Love to Travel  

4/29/2014 22:43
Posted By:  - SAN DIEGO, CA  
Date Posted: 4/29/2014 22:43
   Just wanted to share one of my favorite travel stories:

Customer Success 

You know how most companies talk about how important customer success is? Well I live it! I am an executive at a software company and this past week I was in Denver for a customer success tour. We did our typical thing…I kicked off the meeting, product managers presented, break out sessions on various topics, and then a cocktail session. I noticed one of my favorite sexy ladies in the customer world at the cocktail session and we chatted a bit. She is 6’ tall, brunette, sexy dresser, executive style, confident, and flirty. We organize a small crew to head downtown for a dinner. There are about 8 of us. We drink a bit at the bar and find a big round table to squeeze into. My tall, sexy friend is to my left. We have a great dinner, good conversation, and more drinks and wine. As we talk throughout the night my friends puts her hand on my thigh whenever she talks with me. She squeezes it and smiles constantly. She is wearing a dress and I start the same approach with her. Only when she grabs my pants I am grabbing her naked thigh and I see her shiver every time I do. I know what is happening here so I don’t let my hand leave and keep rubbing her thigh. She places her hand back on mine and we continue chatting with the table. I start rubbing her calf, working her inner thigh and hitting all the right points. She whispers in my ear “feels so good…I would pay for that”. I responded, “you will later”. As the evening comes to a close I thought I need to know what is going to happen there so I slide my hand up her dress and feel her wetness through her panties. I slide my finger inside and watch her exhale. I whisper in her ear….”take your cell phone out…my number is xxx-xxx-xxxxx, text me yours when we leave this place” My colleague and I get in the car and we talk about how fuckable she is….I say nothing being the gentleman I am other than acknowledging what a sexy lady she is. I get back in the room, take a quick shower and put on a robe. By this time I have a text….I respond with 311 is the room number…get you sexy ass up here. When she arrives I am in my robe with it open and my hard cock sticking out. I let her in, pin her against the wall and kiss her hard. No words or spoken and I remove her clothes, move her to the bed and lick her yummy pussy till she is grinding her hips against me. She is 6’ tall, lean, tanned, sexy, not an ounce of fat on her. Love looking at her body and slide my hard cock inside her while I suck on her long hard nipples. We fuck nice and slow for a couple of hours till she has to head home. When I wake up I have a text from her letting me know she is in the shower and wishes she would have stayed. I drive her crazy with sexy texts all morning but we are both to busy to get together back in my room. I let her know I am flying out and she tells me to come see her for lunch. It’s on my way to the airport so we do. We chat over lunch about how hot last night was. How unexpected but so delicious. She was going to take me to the airport I was so prepared to just rub her clit while she drove. She drives me to an open park in a neighborhood. Tells me to move my seat back and recline. I undo my pants and pull them down…she does the same and slides the wettest pussy on my cock and rides me so hard till she just screams and explodes all over me in minutes. She comes so hard and just soaks my chest. She tells me that the idea of getting caught is such a turn on. I keep fucking her till we come together…… I flew home last night and now she is telling her sexy friend who wants a threesome…..Mile High City here I come. Such a tough job I have! 

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