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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   I didn't know she was a voyeur  

6/29/2014 21:38
Posted By:  - RANCHO SANTA MAR, CA  
Date Posted: 6/29/2014 21:38
   When I got out of the Army back in '97, my older sister introduced me to a couple of her friends, Dave and Linda. My sister and her husband (my brother-in-law) had met Dave and Linda a few months earlier, when they had seats next to each other at a Goo Goo Dolls concert. 

I had just been home for about 2 weeks when I first met Dave and Linda at my Nephew's birthday party. The three of us hit it off immediately. I spent most of the time at the party talking and laughing with them like we were old friends. By the end of that day, I was refereeing to them, fondly, as Baby Huey and the Babe (Linda being the babe).

Dave and Linda had been married for five years. They were both were a couple of years older than me. Oddly, I seemed to be a perfect fit right between the two of them. What he liked and she didn't (Cars, guitars and sports) I liked. What she liked and he didn't (cooking, musicals and poetry) I liked. 

I have always found red heads to be smolderingly sexy. Linda was exactly that! Her hair was a mass of fiery red curls cascading down the middle of her back. She had big doe brown eyes and a laugh that can only be described as loud and contagious. Linda is by no means a small woman. She stands about 5'9", and she has full hips and long muscular legs. "I love my squats," she always would say when I commented on her shapely calves and toned thighs. 

In size, Dave easily surpassed most people I know. At 6'4", he was a bear of guy. Not a big hairy bear type of guy. In fact, just the opposite, the guy was hairless! I teased him incessantly about it. However, given that he had about 5" and 60 pounds on me (mostly in muscle) I made sure it was always good-hearted teasing. 

Dave and Linda lived about 45 minutes away from me, near LAX. However, I seemed to talk with one or the other every couple of days, just to say hello and see what was happening. 

A few weeks after I met them, they invited me to a party they were having at their home the following weekend. Dave told me if I wanted to crash at their place afterwards it would be cool with them, since they had a spare bedroom and the couch folded out into a sofa bed. This would allow me to drink freely and have a relaxed time, knowing I didn't have to drive anywhere. 

The party was a blast. My sister and brother-in-law showed up for a couple of hours and I was introduced to a many of Dave and Linda's friends. Dave and I played our guitars to enthusiastic applause of the guests. 

As the evening wore on, the party raged on. Drinks flowed freely and I even caught the hint of some herb being smoked somewhere nearby. Early in the day, Linda introduced me to one of her girl friends, Marty. I have always been a sucker for beautiful eyes, and Marty had the most dazzling green eyes I had ever seen. The more she and I spoke, the more entranced I became. Marty was about ten years older than I, and had known Dave and Linda for years. In fact, it was Marty whom Linda had been out with the night she and Dave had first met.

Marty was not the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She did however, have a very sweet smile, a nice figure, long brown hair, and of course, those amazing green eyes of hers. Her brown hair was not only long, but it was also thick. Her legs were tanned and toned. She showed three quarters of her legs due to the short mini skirt she wore. A couple of times I caught a glimpse of her black panties peeking out between her thighs when she sat across from me.

Slowly, but surely the guests went home until finally it was down to just Dave, Linda, Marty and myself. We were all a little drunk by now and Dave started to fall asleep. When Linda announced it was time for her to go to bed, Dave groaned and tried, unsuccessfully to raise himself up from the lounge chair he'd been dozing in. 

Both women laughed as I tried to lift Dave up and get him to his bed. It was a struggle, but I finally managed to half carry, half-drag him into his bed. 

I told Marty she could go ahead and take the spare bedroom and I'd sleep in the pull out sofa. I may have imagined it, but she seemed a little disappointed as she retired to the spare room. 

As I pulled out the sofa sleeper, Linda wobbled in unsteadily carrying sheets, a blanket and pillow for me. In silence we made up the bed, and I sat down on the bed to remove my shoes. Linda walked around to where I sat and stood in front of me looking down. My gaze lifted to meet hers and I could feel something, unexplainable pass between us. I stood and wrapped my arms around her waist and softly gave her a kiss goodnight and thanked for a great time. Linda, I had come to realize is very affectionate and our kiss lingered just a bit longer than it probably should have. It was shorter than the kiss of a lover but longer than the kiss of a sister.

She giggled then, her right hand resting against my chest. 

"I'm going to go and suck my husband's cock and see if I can wake him up." 

She turned then and walked, still a bit unsteady, down the hall toward their bedroom. I watched her enter the room and close the door behind her. I chuckled to myself silently, remembering a phone call with Dave I had a couple of days before. 

I'd rung him to see if there was anything I could bring to the party and he'd told me there wasn't. I began to talk about the Dodgers/Angels Interleague game from the night before. Dave and I are both huge baseballs fans. He's a Dodgers fan and I root for the Angels. As I spoke, I heard his breathing and it seemed ragged. When I mention a particular play from the game, Dave let out a groan. 

"What the fuck are you doing man?" I asked. 

Suddenly Linda's voice was on the line. "He's not doing anything but sitting here getting his cock sucked. So shut up and listen to me suck his cock or hang up and call later," she demanded, and then added sweetly, "....Love you." I pulled my phone from my ear as Linda dropped her phone to the floor with a loud clank!

"Come on baby," I heard her say, "fuck my mouth." 

Dave let an audible groan and I could her Linda happily slurping away on his cock. 

"Oh fuck yeah, baby. Suck that cock. Suck it all you dirty little bitch," Dave growled at his wife. I had hung up then. 

I lay down on the sofa bed and started to turn the light off when I saw Marty walking up to where I lay. She extended her hand to shake mine and said, somewhat shyly, "It was nice to meet you." 

I shook her hand and found the action odd. "It was nice to meet you, too," I replied, somewhat confused. As she walked back to the bedroom I said to myself, quietly, "what the hell was that?" 

For a moment or two I lay there pondering her actions and decided to take a chance. I got up and walked as quietly as I could to the doorway to the spare bedroom. The door was still a bit ajar. Slowly I pushed it open. I could see Marty lying there on top of the cover in just her panties and a t-shirt borrowed from Linda. 

She sat up slightly and I said "Uh, Marty, what was that?" 

She replied to my query, softly, "What?" 

"The handshake? What the hell was that?" I said it softly, but I have to admit I was confused. After all, she'd been giving me certain sexual signs all night. She'd been giving me sexy looks, standing close to me as we spoke, touching me on the arm, and laying her hand upon my chest as she laughed at a joke. These all seemed like positive signs to me however, admittedly, we were both a little drunk. 

Through the darkness, I could almost see her blush slightly. Quietly, she spoke. 

"Well, that was just my shy way of..." she left it there. 

Leaning against the doorframe I looked at her, lying on the bed. The hem of the t-shirt she wore was short enough to reveal just a hint of her panties. It aroused me that she'd made no effort to cover herself. Slowly, I walked towards her and sat down on the edge of the bed. As I sat she rolled from her position on her side to her back and gazed up at me. 

Gently taking her by the arms, I pulled Marty into a sitting position. Her face just inches from mine. I could feel her breath against my shirtless chest. I lifted her arms above her head and my hands found the hem of her T-shirt. Slowly I pulled it up and over her head, off her arms and dropped it on the floor. 

"Your shy way of inviting me in here to do that?" I asked, completing her sentence for her then laying her back on the bed. 

Shyly she nodded "Yes." 

Slowly my eyes took in her nearly naked body and I admit I was taken slightly aback. Her body was a perfect mixture of softness and chiseled curves. She looked the way a real woman should look, in my opinion. Her hips were fuller than I had envisioned and her legs were even more toned than I had originally noticed. Her stomach was flat, but with a tiny bit of soft cushioning, that I found to be sexy as all hell. My hands maneuvered to her full, unquestionably natural C-cup breasts. Perfectly round areolas, slightly darker in color than her tanned skin, and quickly hardening nipples called out to me. Softly, gently I began to caress her as I massaged her beautiful tits. 

Taking each of her nipples between my fingers one at a time, I squeezed gently at first. Testing to see how much she wanted. To see how much she liked and how much pressure she could take. Her low moan and slight squirming told me exactly how sensitive her nipples must be and I couldn't wait any longer as I lowered my head to suckle them. Taking her right nipple in my mouth I squeezed and caressed her left one at the same pace my tongue was circling her right one. Softly, at first, but with growing intensity and volume, she moaned as my lips and tongue assaulted her right nipple while my hand kneaded, squeezed and softly pinched at her left. The longer I continued, the louder she moaned and squirmed on the bed. 

My left hand caressed the naked softness of her body. Moving from her stomach down to her thighs and back up, slightly brushing the outside of her moistening panties.

I lifted my mouth from her nipple and looked up at her face her eyes were closed, her mouth open slightly, and her breath was coming in short, quick gasps. 

"Do you like that baby?" I asked huskily, my mouth returning to her enlarged nipple. I squeezed her left nipple a little harder still, testing her limits. 

"Oh god, yes! Please don't stop, baby. Please don't stop. Yes! Squeeze harder. Pinch it. Yes. If you keep going just like I'll cum for your baby. You can make me cum like that. Make me cum! Please," she hissed. 

I continued my assault on her nipples as I listened to her words. I had never made a woman cum before from licking sucking and pinching her nipples, but Marty seemed on the verge of just that. The very thought of making her cum by playing with her breasts turned me on more than I can explain. 

"Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh my god....oh my god... oh my god.........yes. I'm cumming for you." 

Her body jerked and jumped as the waves of her orgasm hit and hit hard. I took my mouth from her right nipple and replaced it with my hand, squeezing, pinching and twisting as her orgasm continued. I wanted to watch her face as she came. Her beautiful green eyes flew open and rolled back, her mouth opened and she let out a guttural moan like I had never heard before. 

Slowly, as her orgasm subsided, her breath returned to normal, and her eyes, though a bit glazed, seemed to focus on my smiling face. She sat up and brought her mouth to mine. Our tongues were immediately seeking each other. Her lips were as soft and full as any I had ever kissed and her tongue felt magnificent on mine. Immediately my thoughts went to how amazing these lips and this tongue might feel on my cock. It hit me then that this was the first time I had ever made a woman cum without kissing her first. 

Our tongues danced together and felt her reach down with both hands to pull my shirt over my head. After she had removed my shirt, I dropped my hands back to her legs. My hands slowly drifted over her smooth tanned legs. I gently moved my hand across one thigh and over to the other. In doing so, I let my fingers lightly brush against her panty covered mound. I could feel the moisture which had soaked through from her orgasm. 

Her lips broke from mine and her tongue ran then ran down the length of my neck. A shiver rippled down my spine as I heard her say, "Stand up." 

I did as she ordered and she rolled off the bed and to her knees on the floor in front of me. Looking up at me, her eyes met mine and she teasingly rubbed my hardened dick through the outside of my jeans and cooed like a baby getting a new toy. She brought her mouth to my denim encased member and rubbed her lips against the material. My cock grew harder at this tease of what was to come. Marty proceeded to tease my cock, with her hands and mouth, through my pants for several moments. She even went so far as to run her tongue over the wet spot on my pants where my cock had leaked pre-cum. I could tell from her smile and giggles that she loved what she was doing to me. 

After what seemed like an agonizingly long time, she undid the button at my zipper, lowered the zipper, and pulled my jeans down around my ankles as I wriggled out of them. Fortunately, I had gone commando that night, and my stiffening cock sprung out fully hard just inches from her waiting lips. I say fortunately, because as much as she had been enjoying the teasing of my cock through the jeans, I think she would have teased even more had I been wearing boxers. Instead, she firmly gripped my cock at the base and she began to stroke it up and down. 

She flicked her tongue over the tip and I groaned. She ran it around the sensitive head of my swollen member and I groaned even more. Without missing a beat, her lips slid fully over the tip and slowly, delightfully slowly, she took me fully into her warm mouth. 

Instantly I realized from when I was kissing her that I had been right in my assessment of how amazing her mouth felt on my engorged member. Little by little she slide more and more of into her mouth until I could feel it hit the back of her throat. To my amazement, she tilted her head back slightly and the momentary blockage was removed! She took me all the way to the base of my cock shaft into her mouth and throat. Now I do not have the biggest cock on the planet, just a smidge over 7", but I had never had a woman suck me all the way to the base. Her nose nestled into my trimmed public hair as her throat clinched sensually around the head. 

I lost track of time as she slide her mouth up and down my cock. I was in heaven as this magnificent creature swallowed all of my manhood over and over. I watched as her head bobbed up and down on my cock, taking me all the way in to her throat. Holding me there for a moment, then all the way out.

Her beautiful green eyes looking up into mine with 5 of the 7" of my hardened dick in her mouth. Devilishly, she winked at and gobbled the last two inches once again. She was not shy anymore! 

I could have stayed just like that forever, with her mouth and throat wrapped tightly around my dick. I thought of how good it would feel to shoot hot cum down her throat. However, I wanted something else. I pulled my cock from her mouth and said as I held her chin, "I'm going to fuck you now Marty." 

Her breathing was heavy and she smiled wide.

"Doggy style baby," she asked, "please. I want to feel you slam your cock into pussy from behind." 

I grabbed my jeans from the pile on the floor and riffled through the pockets. You never know, when an opportunity might present itself so I always made sure to carry a couple of rubbers. I retrieved a condom from the pocket of my jeans and carefully rolled it down the length of my cock. 

Marty meanwhile got on all fours, her pussy fully in my view, and looked back over her shoulder at me. 

"Hurry baby, I need that big cock in me now." 

I was not going to hurry though. She had teased me and now it was my turn to tease her. Instead of sliding my latex covered cock into her dripping cunt, I knelt behind and sunk my tongue deep into her core. It tasted like heaven. It was like the softest velvet against my tongue. I slowly circled her clit and sopping hole with tongue. Marty wiggled and pressed back harder, mashing her cunt onto my face. 

"Ooooooooo, yes," she moaned. "Lick my asshole baby.......please lick my asshole," she begged, "I want to feel your tongue there." 

I gladly complied and began to rim her sweet puckered little asshole. Her grinding and moans were enough to tell me just how much she was enjoying the rimming I was giving her.

I felt, or rather I should say I sensed movement and realized I had left the door open. My gaze lifted and was shocked when I saw Linda, silhouetted in the darkness of the doorway. There was just enough light for me to make out her face and see her hand, buried in her panties. She made slowly circles on her clit, in time with my tongue on Marty's asshole. 

Our eyes met and Linda smiled widely and mouthed silently to me, "Fuck her." 

With Marty's face buried in the pillow to muffle her screams of passion, she wasn't aware of Linda's presence yet. I stood then and positioned my cock at the opening of her moist slit and began to grind against her clit from behind. Looking directly at Linda, I spoke to Marty. 

"Is this what you want baby? You want me to fuck you deep with this cock?" 

As I spoke these words, I slowly slid just the head of my cock into her pussy and Marty groaned. 

I saw Linda mouth "YES" as Marty spoke the word. 

"Yes, please don't tease me," Marty begged. "Give me all of that beautiful cock baby. Fill me with it. Pound me. Fuck me. Fuck me now," she pleaded. 

Linda then mouthed the words "fuck her hard," to me and I complied burying my hard cock to the hilt in Marty's dripping snatch. I could smell her sex as I pistoned my shaft in and out of her cunt. My hips smacked into the cheeks of Marty's ass, making them jiggle with each thrust. 

I watched Linda the whole time as I slammed my cock in and out of Marty's tight little cunt. Linda's hand was buried in her panties and I could tell she was fingering her pussy furiously. I noticed how she kept in time with each of my thrusts into Marty's pussy! 

I could feel my orgasm nearing. I think Linda sensed it also, as she backed away from her own orgasm a little. Her hand continued its' assault on her pussy. 

"Oh fuck. I'm gonna cum," I announced to Marty (and Linda!). 

Marty pulled her pussy off my cock rolled over on her back and pushed her lovely tits together. 

"Cum on my tits," Marty told me. "I want to feel your cum on my skin." 

That was all it took to completely push me over the edge. Quickly, I pulled the condom off my rigid cock and began to shoot spurt after hot sticky spurt of cum out of my cock and onto Marty's tits. The first blast of hot cum hit her right nipple with enough force to splatter a bit up and onto her chin. The second jet hit in between her breasts and Marty cooed with pleasure. 

"Oh yeah baby," she purred, "give me more," as I shot a third jet onto her burning skin.

Before the next explosive blast, from my water cannon like cock, Marty sat up and wrapped her lips around the head and sucked greedily. 

I could feel each following blast spring from my member into her sweet mouth. 

As my orgasm subsided, Marty continued to suck me, milking every last drop of warm jism from my balls. Her hands rubbed my cum sensually into the skin of her tits as if it were a priceless skin moisturizer. 

I looked up then to see Linda, weak-kneed, leaning on against the wall. She smiled at me and blew a kiss, the turned and walked down the hall towards the bedroom she shared with her husband. 

Shortly thereafter Marty and I fell into an exhausted sleep. 

As I slipped into unconsciousness one thought churned in my mind... Had I really just fucked this wonderful girl, lying curled up next to me, her breasts sticky from my cum, while Linda watch and fingered her cunt? 

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