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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Be gentle with me...  

8/6/2014 12:11
Posted By:  - GLENDALE, AZ  
Date Posted: 8/6/2014 12:11

The key hit the door lock at 5:30 PM. Erica walked into the kitchen dropping bags along the way. It was clear that she was beyond upset. Not even a hug for the girls as she walked up the stairs to the bedroom. “Hey babe, what’s wrong??” Allan asked as he followed behind her. “Kiss my ass…!!! You know good and damn well what’s wrong.” She curled up with a pillow on the bed and cried… He tried to console her and coax an answer from her. “Don’t ever fucking touch me again! Do you hear me?? “Her eyes grew darker by the minute as the anger deepened inside her. The look on her face was incredible. He had never seen that passion inside in her before.


Allan knew what was wrong. They had always enjoyed a very active sex live, her libido was incredible. There was nothing she wouldn't try at least once. White sandy beaches, Desert waterfalls and the pool, it added so much to their relationship. Variety was truly the spice of life. The reality was that Allan was so completely stressed that it was now affecting the one he loved the most. The one he literally worshiped. He needed to fix this, fast.


Fifteen minutes later, after picking the bags up, he checked on Erica who was now sound asleep in the master bedroom. It was such a bedroom, so wonderful, so comfortable. They had made love there so many times that he could never count how many different times, different ways and new adventures that had been dreamed up. The one thing that made it so wonderful was that it is always incredible. It was always like the first time. Bedrooms mostly seem mundane, stoic. Not this one, it was built around the sensuality that existed within her. The colors were incredible.  Various shades of purple and gray, always perfectly matched. She put as much time into this room together as she did with her own body. She was a picture of beauty. She had a body that only Michelangelo could have sculpted.


The kids were quickly taken to Allan’s mothers just a few miles away. They were always happy to see her, and she loved them as much as her own grandchildren, she was the other angel in Allan’s life. She had saved him from so much as a child that he could never pay her back. She only had to push him and watch him go. She was just as proud of him as she was of her own children…


Returning to house, Allan climbed the stairs and slowly, quietly entered the bedroom…she laid on the bed with only a pink tank and black boy short’s on. “Damn” Allan whispered under his breath, she was so breathtaking… his heart raced as he neared her, “Don’t touch me” The sting was now much less harsh, the sob however, was still there. “I can fix it, I can do better” Allan stated. “Sure you can, you always said that it was just words, don’t listen, just watch me turn those words to action. So, I’m waiting for the action” was the last of the words. Allan stood and walked away.


“See, you’re so full of shit, you can’t even take care of it when it matters most” Erica snapped. Allan stopped, shut the bedroom door and walked into the bathroom. The hurt disappeared from Erica’s face. It was now replaced with curiosity. No lights, no noise, what the hell was he doing Erica thought to herself. Allan walked out of the bathroom and closed in on her and the bed.

He had four tubes in his hands, what the hell was in them she wondered. The dark room left the question unanswered.


Allan quickly set the mystery on the other side of the bed…Then he moved over her incredible body, sitting on her thighs…”I told you I’d fix this.” Allan started…. “Get the fuck off me.” Erica exclaimed. “No” was all that was said as he ripped her tank top off… emotion was now peaked. The comments, the mystery, the torn shirt now on the floor made her wonder what was next. “Listen to me, feel me, let me” Allan stated seductively. The mystery tubes were now in view as its contents poured from them. The warm oil hit her stunning body….Allan massaged as much of the oil into her body as he could, the rest ran onto the bed. Allan wasn't sure what kind of sheets they were but he knew she was going to be upset. Maybe…


The freshly poured oil was massaged into her body and she was clearly receptive to the warm, sensuous massage…The panties now off, and the rest of the oil on her now completely naked body. He kissed her passionately and held her beautiful face…”I love you. I won’t let my problems get in the way ever again. I will always talk to you.” he professed to her. He could never lose her, he loved her so much and he wasn't going down without a fight… or a kiss.

“You had better not! Do you understand?" You have always been different from the others, so loving and so affectionate. What Happened?” Erica asked. “I’m not sure, things changed when I bought handcuffs” Allan professed “What the hell are you talking about?? What hand cuffs” Erica quipped. Allan quickly grabbed her hands and put the cuffs on her.


The cold stainless steel was tight on her wrists. The anger was now gone from her face only to be replaced by curiosity. She looked over his shoulder to a small red light in the corner…”what’s that light in the corner?”“Nothing, don’t worry about it” was all he said as the top sheet was pulled off the bed. “Oops” guess that’s a bad sheet… Allan remarked. Erica went to sit up, Allan quickly pushed her down and wrapped a climbing rope around the hand cuff’s, keeping her secured firmly to the bed frame. “Let me GO!!” Erica demanded. “Nope, not going to do it. I wonder what I should do now? Hmmmm” Allan thought. “I think I’ll do whatever I want” and he grabbed the flat sheet from the floor. “Hey Honey, are these expensive?” Allan asked, “Yes, don’t trash them and LET ME GO!!!” Erica screamed. “Nope” was the only response.


“Rip" "rip" "rip” was heard as the bands of very expensive fabric was being torn from the sheet. Erica was now beyond pissed and said,”Your dead when I get out of this!! You trashed a $500 set of sheets” “When who gets out? You? Unless you are a fucking magician, you’ll never get out of that after what I’m doing next” Allan very calmly stated.


The fabric was quickly wrapped around her legs and to the bed frame. She was now quartered and secured to the bed, completely immobile and spread eagled. “So, are you going to get out?? Or are you willing to let me fix this?” before she could answer, Allan’s head and tongue was between her legs. No lingering kisses, no slow methodical seduction. He just went for it, and she responded in turn. Working her more intensely than ever before, he took each lip into his warm, wet mouth. Concentrating on her clit each and every time his tongue passed over her. ”Hmmm. I think I know what you’ll like. I’ll be right back” Erica’s voice changed from very upset to very happy in just the few minutes he was working on her.


Quickly returning to the bedroom he revealed what it was he went to the kitchen for, “Popsicle??” He asked. “What are you doing with that?” asked Erica…”Whatever I want” was all he said. The cold Popsicle was used as a marker of sorts. Tracing every line on her beautiful body, the Icy cold being replaced with his warm tongue as it moved over her breasts, nipples, and along her neck. He ran it over every part of her body. As it ran up her chin and over her lips  he simply said “Show me”. She licked it so intensely that it drove him crazy. Allan could only envision his cock in her mouth however, he couldn’t move, he was memorized by her actions with the popsicle.


 Allan quickly removing the last of his clothes then replaced the Popsicle with his cock. She licked as much as he would let her, as much of his big cock that she could. The feeling was indescribable. Placing the icy treat along the side of his cock, he felt like exploding. He wanted her to feel the same way. Head, hands and tongue were again between her legs. The Popsicle placed gently inside her, Allan slowly moving in and out as it melted. Moving the Popsicle faster, her breath started to become deeper and faster. From his position, he saw that she loved this new temporary toy, the alternating cold and warmth had an incredible effect on her body.


“I wish I had another mouth to put on you, to lick you, to taste you. You are so beautiful” were the first words spoken by either of them in many minutes. “Well, you don’t, and you’re doing fine. So start sucking up” Erica said. “Nah, I think I can fix that too!!” and he got up to find another piece of the fabric. This fabric became a blindfold. Wrapped around her head, now she couldn't see and couldn't move. Completely vulnerable, she wasn't scared though. She was mad at Allan but she still trusted him…


Lips, tongue, small bites…hard, fast hands worked her body. Kissing her beautiful lips and caressing her sweet body. Hearing the door open and close, she wondered how that could happen when he was right there the entire time. ”Are the girls’ home” she asked...”No, they're at my mom’s, why?” before the question could be answered, she felt another soft tongue on her body, “Who is that?” she quickly asked. “just me. Why”…Allan said. Erica responded, ”No, there’s two people here, I can feel two sets of lips” Allan simply replied,”Your crazy babe, it’s just me.” Both sets of lips found her body in unison, simultaneously working her. One on her breasts, nipples, neck and mouth, another on her inner thighs, between her legs, working attentively.


The lower set of lips now replaced with a big, hard cock, pumping slowly in and out of her. It was driving her crazy. She knew it was two people but could only hear one. It didn't matter, she didn't care anymore, and this felt so good, the feelings grew more intense as the cock worked her. She knew that was Allan, he was big yet still felt so great. As the other lips worked over her body she thought, "Who is this? Are the other lips man or woman?" Those other lips now kissed her softly, working tongues and lips each second, kissing her sweetly and softly. She continued to try and taste the lips, she was sure it was a woman. So sweet, so soft. The taste of the lip gel confirmed her thought and she quickly dismissed it because it was so wonderful.


Allan’s big cock was removed from her and quickly replaced by another toy, a bigger toy. The feeling was incredible as it seemed to move in every possible direction. The vibrations, alternating speed and intensity were incredible. His cock now at her lips, she took it greedily. Working all of it, sucking as much as she could, the cold still lingered somewhat. That cold, coupled with the vibrator, his cock, the other tongue, it was all becoming all so intense… She could feel it building, that incredible feeling….Allan’s cock became harder as he neared orgasm. As he did, he pulled out of her mouth and came on her breasts and her neck, such a huge volume, it was everywhere.  Allan laid there momentarily then moved to accompany the other set of lips pleasuring her.


Two tongues, two sets of lips, vibrator, and two warm bodies were more then she could handle… Erica’s moans were replaced with screams as she came. Her body arched and rolled as the orgasm continued… the restraints were barely keeping her in place, but they added to the intensity.  Allan laid next to Erica on the bed as she recovered from the most intense sexual experience she had ever had. So much mystery, so many new, foreign, feelings. Now incredibly tired, she drifted off to sleep.


Sunlight broke from the blinds as she heard giggles from down stairs. Looking around the now lit room, Erica was in shock. No sheets were destroyed, no oil stains, no red light, no handcuffs, nothing. What the hell had happened?? Where was the evidence of the best sex she had ever had?? She was now more confused than ever.


Going down the stairs she saw here beautiful girls, smiling and suddenly yelling..”Mommy!!!” They rushed to her. Falling to her knees and hugging them both very tight. “Hey babe, sleep well?” Allan asked from the kitchen. “Yes, but what happened?” she asked. “With what? You were out, I just made sure you were taken care of and I put the girls to bed” She approached him, his back was to her while he washed the breakfast dishes, she asked again what happened. He simply stated “I don’t know what you’re talking about” as he turned and looked her in the eye’s. She couldn't help but notice what was in his mouth. ”what is that in your mouth?” asked Erica. “A Popsicle stick” was all Allan said. She quickly embraced and held on to him, forever…

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