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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   a massage fantasy I would love to fulfill  

9/4/2005 09:55
Posted By:  - MESA, AZ  
Date Posted: 9/4/2005 09:55
   Setting the mood. Music is playing, a Kenny G CD turned down
softly. Candle lights cascading all over the room. Shadows
flickering from the flames.

You start to remove all your clothing while I make the bed
ready for your enjoyment. Towel spread out. Oil sitting
conveniently close by. Then I watch you as you finish taking
off your bra and panties. Your form so eloquent in the candle
light. Your curves reflecting in the shadows.

Now laying you across the bed on your stomach. I now start
taking off my clothing as you watch me. First unbuttoning
my shirt, slowly, one button then the next. My chest becoming
bare as you begin to smile. Once all the shirt is opened,
I let it slide off my shoulders to the floor. Then loosening
my belt buckle and unfasten the snap. Unzipping my pants
you notice the nakedness under my jeans and your smile gets
bigger as you see my throbbing member come into view. Letting
my jeans slide to the floor and now I too am as naked as you.

Then picking up the bottle of oil, I begin rubbing a small
amount into my hands and lifting your leg so that I may begin
by massaging your feet. One and then the other. More oil
I get into my hands, they then go to your calves. Massaging
into them deep kneading rubs, up and down from your feet
to your knees. After both calves have been massaged and
oiled I move around the bed to your head. After I place more
oil into my hands, I lift your arm and let it rest on my hip.
You move it off my hip and wrap your fingers around my member.
I start rubbing your arms and hands. I massage deep into
your muscles. Up from your hand to your shoulder then back
down again. One arm then the other.

I then take your hand off my hardness and walk back to your
legs. I place more oil on my hands and begin rubbing your
legs, one at a time. I take your leg from your knee and run
both hands on it up your thigh to your pubic. I then massage
them back down to your knees and a little harder I massage
back up to your pubic this time running my hands over your
now wetness. Your juices now mix with the oil as I continue
down your other thigh to your knee. I put more oil on my hands
and begin rubbing back up this leg kneading your muscles
as I make my way up your thigh to your hot wetness.

As I am touching you with both hands, my fingers slip between
your lips and go a little way up inside you. Then I move both
hands down your legs. One hand on each leg as I massage down
to your ankles. I then take each foot into the air and rub
more oil into each one and gentle place it back down on the
I now move back to your head. My throbbing member only inches
from your face. You lift your head off the bed and take it
between your lips and gentle suck me into your mouth. I stand
close enough so that you can get it deep into your mouth,
then I slide back away from you and let it slip from between
your wanting hot lips. You lay your head back down. I add
more oil to my hands and begin massaging your shoulders.
From your arms into your spine I rub. My hands travel up and
down your back from your neck to the top of your cheeks. As
I rub down my hands slip to your sides and slightly under
you and I bring them up to where your breast are pushed out
on the sides and I massage the sides of each breast and along
your waist. Then my hands move back up your back hitting
each vertebra slowly then slide from one to the other until
I am all the way up to you neck.

I take my hands off your back and your turn your head so that
you are again looking closely at my hardness as you again
lift your head I step forward and it slips between your lips
and I push slowly deep into your mouth then back out and let
it drop from your lips.

I walk back to your feet. Putting more oil on my hands, I place
them on your butt. I massage each cheek hard and firm. My
hands going from your hips to your crack. I run my hands so
that my fingers slip between your cheeks as I move them up
and down your butt.. As I move down your crack, my fingers
brush over your tightness and then down to your wetness,
I then move them back up , this time with a little more pressure
as I pass over your tightness. I pout a little more oil on
my hands and massage your cheeks. This time both hands on
one cheek at a time. As I go into your crack, my fingers slide
up and down it and slowly one finger slips between your tightness
then back out.

I now have you turn over so that you are now on your back. While
I am still at your feet, I put more oil on my hands and begin
rubbing your feet up your calves over your knees and up on
your thighs. I have one leg spread from the other as I am working
on one at a time with both of me hands. As I move down your leg
back to your foot I slide my hands back up. As I reach your
pubic I massage the oil across your hair. and start down
the other leg. I put more oil into my hands and massage your
other leg to your foot. Then back up to your hair I massage.
My hands, both between your thighs, I spread your legs apart
and begin massaging your wetness. My fingers slip in between
your moisten lips and up inside your hotness.
I move my hands off of you and then I bend over. I slide myself
between your spread legs and place my lips over your wetness
and I slip my tongue across your throbbing spot and gentle
suck it into my mouth. I slide my tongue between your wet
lips and let it enter into your depths. I suck your lips into
my mouth, tasting your juices as they begin to flow out of
you. I then get onto my knees between your legs. I look down
at you as I watch your breathing hard with a smile on your
face. I lower my self so that my hardness is just over your
wetness and then let it slip between your lips. Slowly I
let it slide till it is buried deep in you and then slide it
in and out slowly for a few times. Then I pull out of you and
stand back on the floor and walk back around to your head.

After I have added more oil to my hands, I place a leg on each
side of your head and lean over so that I can begin massaging
your breast and pinching your nipples. I know how much you love your nipples pinched.
As I lean over, my member brushes against your
lips and you open your mouth and let it slide in. I Begin massaging
both of your breast and each nipple. Your nipples get harder
each time I take them into my finger tips. I feel your desires
as I massage your breast from your suction you are doing
on my hardness. I begin sliding in and out of your mouth as
my hands rub deeper into your breast and down your stomach
and across your oiled hair. My fingers slip into your wet
lips as my member slips further between your wanting lips.
My hands move back up your body. Across your stomach up over
your breast and then across your shoulders and down your
arms. My member slips out of your mouth as I back away from
your head.

Once again I move to your feet. Taking your legs and spreading
them apart as far as they will spread. I position myself
between your legs and lay my body across your oily skin.
I slip over your body getting my body oiled up. Our bodies
together, my chest on your breast, my lips on your lips,
our tongues start darting into each others mouths as my
hardness pushes against your hip. With just the right movement
it slips between your spread legs and brushes against your
throbbing spot. You move your body a little and it now aims
into your hot wetness. Once inside, I thrust up and into
you with one forceful thrust and it goes deep in you. As it
hit as far as it will go, you lift your legs and wrap them tight
around my hips pulling me hard on and in you and your arms
pull my chest harder against your breast and our lips suck
harder on each others tongues.

I begin moving my hips so that I begin to slide in and out of
you. Each move longer and harder. Each time a little faster
as I begin pounding onto you and deep inside you. Our bodies
moving faster together, I feel your body begin to spasm
with an orgasm as I push harder into you. Faster I pound you,
deeper it goes. Your legs tight around me, our lips tight
together as we suck each other in. I thrust into you deep,
beginning to feel my explosion building. Then with one
hard deep thrust, I stop moving and my cum starts flowing
deep inside your wetness. Your arms holding me tight as
you feel it gushing inside you. You feel the hardness enlarge
as the last spasm of my orgasm explodes in you. As I begin
to loosen on your lips, we kiss lightly, I kiss your face,
kiss your eyes, and kiss your neck. Then I lay lightly on
top of your wet and oily body as our breathing begins to regain.

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