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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The Best Fucking Vacation Ever!  

7/22/2006 12:58
Posted By:  - KEY WEST, FL  
Date Posted: 7/22/2006 12:58
You never really know about friends. We’d known Jack and Julie for three years and though we saw a lot of them we’d never gone anywhere with them. Their kids went to the same camp that ours did and one evening they suggested that we join them for a week on a cruise to the Virgin Islands on their 75’ sailboat. We didn’t take the invitation seriously, but Jack phoned Bill the next week and extended the invitation again. We were a little nervous. We’ve done a fair bit of sailing over the years, but a week on board with two other couples could either be a lot of fun or a disaster. We don’t take many vacations a year, since we both own small businesses and our vacation time was precious.

My husband is a pretty conservative guy. We’ve been married for ten years and though we both like sex it certainly isn’t the strongest thing in our marriage. I mean we still do it at least once a week, and we miss it if one of us is out of town, but after ten years its not exactly urgent. As time’s gone by we suffer from the usual role reversal; he wanted sex more in the early years of our marriage and I wanted it more now, but I had a good supply of battery operated friends and as I said, it wasn’t that big a deal.

We talked about the vacation invite for a few days before we agreed. Just in case, we developed a folder of all of the resorts in the area and checked a few for availability just in case things didn’t work out. We were really up-front with our friends. In fact we ended up telling them that we’d only be onboard for four nights and that we’d booked a hotel for the last three nights, also saying that we’d probably cancel the hotel if we were all having fun.

Jack and Julie were a great couple and in fact their similarities were almost cartoonish. Jack was only an inch taller than Julie’s 5’9”and they were both blue eyed blondes and they were both lean and well muscled.

Bill and I were more mismatched. Bill weighed close to 200 though he was a little over six feet. He wasn’t overweight but he had a solid muscularity and I was definitely curvy. Not plump, never more than an eight, but my boobs were definitely outsize.

We arrived at the airport to find Jack waiting for us. He explained that the other couple had cancelled at the last minute so there would be only the two of us as well as the Captain and the cook. The boat was gorgeous. I’m embarrassed to say that I hadn’t really thought that a 75 foot boat would be that large. This thing was huge and the cabins were beautiful.

We met the Captain, an Englishman named Roger who was about five years older than we were and the cook, also English, a girl of about twenty-five named Kathy. Though it was early evening we set sail to Leinster Bay and anchored in twenty feet of crystal clear water. The setting was paradise. There was a cooling evening breeze and Kathy brought a tray of cocktails to the cockpit. Jack and Julie invited both of them to join us for a drink.

They were both a little reserved, but soon Jack and Julie put them at ease. Soft reggae played over the ship’s system and we felt more relaxed than we had for years. Dinner was informal and then we sat around playing poker. The ship had underwater floods that attracted a variety of fish to the boat and after we enjoyed the show, we turned in early. The temperature was so balmy that we didn’t turn on the a/c in our room but opened the portholes and the deck hatch above our bed. We heard laughter and then giggling from the cabin next door and then we heard a slap on flesh and realized that we could hear lovemaking. Bill had just come out of the shower, clad in a towel and I held up a finger to my mouth.

“Listen. Somebody’s fucking.”

He said, “I think it must be Jack and Julie. I don’t think its that way between Roger and Kathy.”

We both listened and then we heard Julie say, “I saw how happy you were to see her. I’ll bet you can’t wait until she puts on a bathing suit.” We heard a grunt and a slap and then a male voice said, “I know just what you were thinking too, sweetheart and it didn’t have anything to do with seeing him in a bathing suit.”

There were more chuckles and then some deeper moans and then rhythmic slapping. It went on for a long time until we heard muffled moans. I looked at Bill. His towel was tenting.

“Do you think they were talking about us?”

I unwrapped him and went to my knees. He was completely hard. “You’d like to think so wouldn’t you?” I licked him up and down and then cupped his balls and then stretched them. He parted his legs a little so I could run my hands up and down his ass. I loved his cheeks. I pulled him out of my mouth and led him to the bed.

“Are you looking forward to seeing her in a bathing suit?”

He looked a little shocked. “I suppose so. I mean she’s a friend.”

I was feeling mischievous. “What if she’s not wearing a suit. Will it make you uncomfortable?” I crawled up his body so my pussy was at face level. “Would you stare at her pussy?”

He stuck his tongue out and I settled on it, my moisture flooding over his face. He licked up and down my slit, circling my hard clit. He pushed my hips back.

“How about you. Would you like to see another cock? What if it were her face here?”

Bill had never said anything like that and I started to shake as his tongue found my clit again. When I finished, I slid down his stomach until I felt his cock and then I felt him fill me. I pulled back up, felt him slip out, adjusted angles and pushed him into my ass. “Would you like to ass fuck her too?”

I slid up and down, feeling his fingers in me and I came again, and a few seconds later felt the vein in his cock pulse, shooting a load deep inside me.

The next morning I was up earlier than anyone else. I put a robe on and went topside. The sun was still low in the sky and there was no sign of life on the green shore. I saw that the bottom was clean white sand and the water was so clear that the boat looked suspended. I looked around and felt daring. Almost without thinking, I shucked off the robe and dove into the water. It wasn’t cold, but refreshing enough so that I gasped a little with shock. I settled into an overhand stroke and swam towards shore. When I arrived in the shallows I looked around, but no-one was there, so I just lay on the sand, enjoying the water and the sky. After about fifteen minutes I saw someone come on deck, but couldn’t tell who. I waved in case it was Bill and he wondered where I’d gone. He dove over the side of the boat and I realized as he was swimming towards me, that it was Jack. I had a moment’s panic, but then I figured what was the harm. A few minutes later and he stepped out of the water. He was naked as well, and he came to sit beside me.

“I’m glad you’re not wearing a suit. I didn’t think you were but we often go naked on the boat. I hope Bill doesn’t mind.”

I laughed, “I hope so too. I didn’t want to wake him by looking for a suit. I think I’ll head back.” I walked to the water, knowing that I’d have a big sand imprint, so I brushed it off. When I got waist deep in the water, I turned around to watch Jack. “Are you coming?”

I was happy, when he got up to notice that his dick was standing off his body a little. I was a little distracted and the next thing I knew a blinding pain shot through my foot. I shouted, “Oww.”

Jack raced towards me, dick swinging. I looked down and saw that I’d managed to step on a sea urchin. The pain was horrible. Jack reached me and said, “Can you swim back to the boat or should I get the dingy?”

I was furious with myself. “I’ll swim.” Indeed the pain once I was underway wasn’t that bad. It was only a few minutes before we were at the ladder. I hobbled over to my robe and shrugged it on, sitting back on the cockpit seats, my leg in the air. Jack shouted down to Roger to bring the first aid kit. Bill appeared on deck, wrapped in a robe, concern on his handsome face.

Jack said, “We’ve got to pee on it.”

I said, “What?”

Jack answered, “Pee neutralizes the toxin. Bill, pee on her foot.”

Bill answered, “Sorry I just went. Go ahead Jack.”

“I haven’t got any either. Roger?”

“Really, Jack.”

“It is a medical emergency.”

I couldn’t believe it when Roger unzipped. His cock was large, really large. He pointed it at my foot. “Hold it out.”

I saw Julie appear on the cockpit steps just as the stream of hot urine hit my foot. I looked at Roger’s cock. It reminded me of seeing a horse pee, the stream of his piss was huge. It wet my entire foot, and then he cut it off. The stinging went away almost immediately.

Julie said, “Sea urchin?” She grabbed a towel and wiped my foot clean, saying why don’t you come below, now that that’s done and I’ll get what I can out.”

The spines were in the ball of my foot and I hobbled into her cabin. “You swam to the beach?”

I said, “Yes, what a rotten thing to happen first day.”

“Oh it’ll be all right. We’ll get the worst of it out and put some antibiotic on. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

I sat in a chair in their stateroom while she bustled about getting supplies. She propped my foot up and my robe fell open. She looked up and said, “I’m so happy you were swimming naked. I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to go around naked. We usually do.”

“Doesn’t the crew mind?”

“No they’re very discreet, though I’ve seen Roger swimming naked before and Kathy sometimes goes without a suit if we’re sunning on the foredeck.”

She got to work cleaning the wound and then raised my foot to her mouth. “I’m going to see if I can suck out the worst of it.” She took the meaty part of my foot between her teeth and pressed, simultaneously sucking. The effect was painful, but quite erotic. “Good, I’ve gotten the big one. There’s just this little one left.” She did it again and then said, “I’ve got them both.” Now lay down on the bed and I’ll dress it.” She got a bandage, put some ointment on. She sat back and said, “There. You’ll live.” She patted my leg. “Your leg is all cramped. Let me rub it.” She rolled me over, put a towel under my leg and got some lotion. She had great hands. I felt her hands reaching higher and higher and then she said, “Doesn’t Roger have a huge dick?’

I laughed, “He peed like a horse.” I was starting to feel a little nervous as I realized that the entire morning, from the naked swim, to seeing Jack to having Roger pee on me and now Julie’s finger dangerously close to me, had aroused me. I looked down and I could see that my lips were wet and that Julie must be able to see.

She said, “We heard you two talking dirty last night.”

“We heard you as well. It was kind of nice.”

She slapped my leg and closed my robe. “Let’s get some breakfast.”

Surprisingly, when I stood on my foot, it didn’t hurt at all. I went to our cabin, showered, put on a suit and a sarong and went to the cabin. I was happy to see all the men do a little double take when they saw my top. Having big tits was fun sometimes.

We had a great breakfast and then the boys picked our next destination and the big sails unfurled and we were flying. I picked a trashy magazine and went to the foredeck. Half of it was in the sun and half in the shade from the big lapper that was driving the boat through the waves at tremendous speed. A big sunning platform had been built into the bow of the boat and was covered in fitted terrycloth. I lay down with a big pillow and started slathering on lotion. In a few minutes I was surprised to be joined by Kathy. She said, “I’m sorry, I thought you’d be naked because I saw you swimming this morning. I‘m not wearing a suit.”

I said, “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” I shucked off my top and bottom. She took her robe off and asked to borrow my lotion. It seemed natural to lean over and put lotion on her back. She was a fair blonde girl, probably with c titties and strong legs. She lay on her stomach and smiled at me. I continued down and rubbed some lotion into her ass. It was a nice butt. Just as I finished, Julie came up.

“Mmm, can you do me too, I’ll get you then.”

She lay down and I did the same to her; she had a muscled butt, and she spread her legs apart a little so I could see some pink. I made sure that no sun would burn her on her inner thighs.

She sat up and said, “Thanks.” I lay down and she started rubbing. She covered my back, and when she got to my butt she made it more of a massage than just lotioning. I felt her stretch my asshole as she pulled each cheek. When she did my inner thighs I felt her fingers brush my lips. Not just brush them but move enough forward so that I felt her knuckle against my clit. I started to get wet. I looked up to see Bill walking forward. I said, “Hey sailor, want to get some sun?”

There was room enough for both he and Jack and I turned over to watch them strip, safe behind my sun glasses. Bill was having a tough time controlling his cock and he flipped onto his stomach with indecent haste. Jack was a little slower and Julie shouted out, “Jack’s got a chub.”

“Can you blame me? Three gorgeous girls. I saw you rubbing Sabrina’s ass. I’ll bet you’re wet.”

Julie laughed, and I wondered if she was. Bill was quiet but I thought I should put some lotion on him before he burned, but Julie beat me to it. She motioned for me to do the same to Jack. I saw Julie doing to Bill exactly as she had done to me and I knew that he wouldn’t be turning over for a while. I sat and read. All three girls were now sunning their fronts, and we presented a complete variety of breast size. In fifteen minutes Bill obviously had mastered himself enough to turn over, but I saw that he was carefully not looking at Julie or Kathy.

Jack had turned over as well, and the two seemed completely relaxed. In fact, it was amazing. If you had asked me whether we would be sitting on a yacht naked, I would have told you that you were crazy. Jack started asking me about my store, and to tell you the truth I was a little pissed to leave my fantasy world and talk about reality, so I started putting lotion on my tits.

Jack continued the conversation as long as he could before he said, “You know that’s just rude. I was a master of my emotions before you started doing that.”

I saw that his cock had started filling. He started rolling over. Julie said, “Don’t you dare roll over. And you stay just as you are too Bill. After all its why Sabrina did it.”

I laughed and threw the bottle of lotion to Julie. “Your turn.” She didn’t have much titty, probably a b, but she had really long nipples. She pinched and pulled them and threw the tube at Kathy. “Your turn.” Kathy laughed and said, “You people are strange.” She gathered both breasts in hands and stoked them, pulling her nipples and then rubbing her breasts with the flat of her hand. She then leaned back and we saw her hand go between her legs. “Don’t want to burn there either.”

Jack and Bill’s cocks were long and bobbing. Bill’s was a little thicker than Jack’s but Jack’s had an intriguing upward turn. I wondered what it’d be like, but then I caught myself and said, ‘don’t be silly this is just innocent.”

The boys’ erections eventually went away and we all sat and baked. Kathy excused herself to start lunch and I went to shower. It seemed natural to walk naked to our cabin, though I did notice Roger’s eyes grow big when I stepped through the cockpit.

We had lunch and a nap and Bill tongued me to an orgasm. I returned the favor. We arrived at Road Harbor and cleared into the BVI’s and took a walk through the town, and then found an isolated bay for an afternoon swim. Of course we were all naked, and Julie persuaded Roger to join us. Kathy got in last, but soon we were all splashing around, playing grab ass.

That evening, Julie suggested that we all play strip poker. I’ve always been a lousy player, and was soon out and naked. I made sure I kept everyone’s drinks full. When Julie lost her shirt, I went to stand beside her. She surprised me by reaching over and pinching my nipple. I thought she was playing but she kept hold of it, rolling it between her fingers. I felt an electric shock down my legs and looked up to see Roger watching. I moved behind her and cupped her breasts, feeling her nipples willowy beneath my fingers. Roger lost the hand and his underwear. His cock was definitely on its way to an erection. He quickly sat. Bill was sitting with a pile of clothes beside his chair, but he’d lost heavily and was down to his underwear. The next hand saw him lose that and Kathy’s bra came off next. I moved behind her and felt the weight of her breasts in my hands, and pulled her nipples. She said, “Stop that or I’m going to make a wet spot.”

The hand continued and she lost her panties. She stood up and said, “I’m out. She moved her hand between her lips and brushed it across mine, “See what you did?” She smiled, “I’m going to bed.”

Roger stood up, and said, “I’m going to.” His cock was fully aroused now. He waved at it. It was huge, and a drip of pre-cum glistened on it. As he walked by Julie reached out and grabbed it, smearing the pre-cum on its end, “Thanks for playing Roger.”

We looked at each other and I got up. “Do you want another glass of wine?”

I didn’t feel like going to bed. The four of us were naked and both men were rampant. I got the wine and sat down. Julie sat next to Jack and ran her finger over his cock. She then leaned over and put the head in her mouth. I was shocked, a little, but curious. I reached for Bill and put my wine glass down. He beat me to it and took my breasts in his hands. I shifted onto his lap and he squeezed my tits. Julie looked up and said, “Wouldn’t you like to touch them Jack.”

“Well yes.”

“Do you mind Bill?”

Bill held them up. “No, they’re beautiful aren’t they?”

I felt myself gush and moved back in his lap, feeling his cock in the crack of my ass. Jack and Julie came over, and each took a breast. The sight of their hands on me, weighing me, then pinching and pulling me was driving me crazy. I moved up and felt Bill slide into me. God it felt good.

Julie, said, “Look Jack, he’s inside her.” They both went down on their knees to watch me move up and down on Bill’s cock. Julie pushed Jack back and lifted up his cock, letting me see it before she slowly licked it. I felt myself start to cum. I moved frantically on Bill’s pole. Julie told Jack to stand and she continued blowing him. I felt Bull start to erupt, but then Julie pulled away from Jack. She said, “Cum all over her big tits, Jack.”

Hot ropes of his cum started whipping my tits. I looked down to see myself covered in his cum and started cumming myself. It was probably the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. I saw Julie fingering herself and watched Jack’s face as I came. Julie leaned forward, looking up at me and licked it all off, sucking my nipples deep into her mouth and that set off another tremor.

I didn’t know what to say. It had been the most erotic moment of my life. Jack and Julie held hands and left the cabin. We followed, and went to our own cabin, but both couples left their doors open and we woke a little later to hear Jack and Julie’s wild sex.

When we woke next morning, Bill wanted to talk, but as usual he talked by asking questions. “Are you OK with what we did last night?”

“I had fun and I know you did.”

“Do you feel guilty at all?”

I paused. This was difficult. Was he asking me this because he wanted to know how I felt or did his question really reflect his own feelings?”

“Guilt’s a funny word to use for what happened last night.” I turned in his arms and looked at his face. He was relaxed, a lot more relaxed than when we left Dallas a couple of days ago. “When I was younger sex was all about finding a mate. And among our friends who cheat…” I paused twirling a knot of chest hair, knowing that he was thinking about his partner, who was having an affair their receptionist. “it’s also about mating, at least for women. But this, this was like using sex for recreation. I think it was a lot of fun, knowing that Jack and Julie were so turned on by us. I’d like to watch them fuck. I started stroking his cock with my fingers. “I can’t think its bad. It’s not as if it does anything other than make me love you more.”

“I’m glad you feel that way. If it’s OK with you I’d like to watch them too.”

I pulled back the covers and saw that he was hard. He’d come at least six times in the last twenty-four hours, more than in any night of the previous eight years of our marriage. I leaned down and grabbed him, looking up to see Julie in the doorway.

“Are you two at it again?” She walked in and sat on the bed. “Feeling OK about last night? I was worried that you’d have the morning guilts.”

I said, “We were just talking about that. That was the first time I think that I thought of sex as pure recreation. It was very liberating.”

Julie ran her finger down Bill’s leg, stopping just short of his balls. She ran her finger up them and then onto my hand, spreading the drop of moisture that had oozed out with the tip of her finger. She put it in her mouth. Bill’s cock jumped.

“How about breakfast?” she jumped up, “And then a swim?”

We had another fabulous breakfast and the boys broke out a small sailboat and went scooting off through the waves. We all cleaned up and then lay out on the cushions. Roger was in the engine room, saying something about an oil change. Kathy came to the front, took off her clothes and lay down. After a few minutes she said, “Listen, I want you to know that I found last night very frustrating. I’ve been wondering whether I should say this but I’m going to anyway. No more games like last night unless someone is going to fuck me.”

We looked at her, laying naked between us. Her nipples were hard. Julie squeezed lotion onto her stomach and started rubbing in lotion. She said, “Frustrated, huh?” She moved a hand between her legs and I saw her fingers disappear. Kathy moaned. “There, that’s better.” I leaned over and caressed her breasts. She looked at me and said, “Put your boobs in my mouth please.”

I leaned in and felt her soft lips around my nipple. Julie was working her fingers up and down her slit and I saw her clit pop up between her lips. Julie took a corner of the towel and wiped off the lotion and then put her clit in her mouth. Kathy’s hands started milking my tits, moaning as Julie worked her clit. She started drumming her heals on the mattress and I moved over her face. I had never had a woman touch me before, but I wanted Kathy’s tongue on me. She opened her eyes to see my pussy and grabbed my hips, sucking my lips in her mouth. Just as I started to cum I saw Roger walk into the cockpit. He could see my tits bouncing and then I saw him look down to Kathy’s mouth. I could see his cock twitch in his pants. He unzipped himself and started to stroke his cock. I came and lay back.

Julie looked up and saw Roger. “Come over here.” He walked over, his cock bobbing. She lay back down. “I don’t think its right for you to fuck us with the boys not here. So just shoot on our tits.” We lay down close together.

I saw the sailboat round the corner, but I wanted to see this. “Here come the boys you’d better finish soon.” His hand was a blur and he erupted over us all. I’d never seen so much cum. He put himself away before the boys were anything more than a sail on the horizon and we all trooped down to the shower in Julie’s cabin. I said to Kathy, “It’s too small for us all so you go first. You can lay on the bed, “ I said to Julie.

“I want to watch if you’re going to play.” Kathy said. Julie lay back, and I lay on top, my full breasts hanging like pointed udders over her hard, long nipples. Roger’s cum started dripping off me and I lowered my self to feel my wet nipples dance against hers. Julie started arching her back and I smooshed my breast against her and then dragged my nipples down her stomach. Her pussy was shaved. I lifted her legs up so I could look at it and then licked it top to bottom. Julie squealed and I plunged my tongue inside. I started feasting on her, pulling her lips with my teeth, nibbling her clit, and then starting the long motions that Bill used to make me cum. I looked up to see that Kathy had planted herself on Julie’s face and in a few minutes I was rewarded by seeing every muscle in Julie’s body tense as she erupted in a very noisy orgasm. I sat back on my heels. Within a few seconds Kathy was coming again and then we all managed to make it to the shower.

“Thanks, you two.” Kathy said, “My day will go a lot better now.”

We were drying off as we heard the dingy bounce against the hull. I said, “So how are we going to convince the boys that we want to have that big cock of Roger’s in our pussies?”

Kathy said, “Just you leave that to me. By the end of this evening they’ll think it fair trade.”

After lunch, we left the cove and motored the boat into a small marina, taking on a few provisions. We found another cove, and Roger made reservations at a beach restaurant where you told the owner how many would be dining, so he could send out to buy the fish from the local fishermen. Locals had set up a kettle band and we listened to music. We joined the other couples dancing and then we swapped partners. I danced slow with Roger and put my leg between his, feeling a cock that was growing. He looked down at me and said, “You’re quite a naughty girl aren’t you?”

I said, “You have no idea. Kathy tells me that she’s going to work out a trade so you can fuck Julie and I.”

“I always forget just how forthright American women can be.” He smiled at me and I could feel him lengthen. By the time we made it back to the yacht, we were feeling no pain from the local rum punches. Kathy took off her clothes and jumped in the water and in a few minutes, we were all splashing. We rinsed off at the shower on the transom and went below, wrapped in towels. The girls had slung their towels low on their hips, and I noticed that all of our nipples were hard. The air of anticipation was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

I said, “What game shall we play tonight?”

No-one said a word, until Kathy piped up, “I think we’ve had enough games. I’ve always wanted two men at one time, and these two are up.” She put one hand on each of Jack and Bill’s chests. “and I’d love an audience.”

She dropped to her knees and pulled their towels. Both men were already hard and she pulled them to her mouth, taking turns sucking their cocks. Julie and I put our towels in the center of the floor. Jack laid down and Kathy followed his cock. Bill turned upside down and put his mouth close to her pussy. She spread her legs so she sat down on his mouth. Roger sat between us and I took no time to peel his towel off. His cock was at attention and I wrapped my hand around his shaft. He was thick as two ordinary cocks.

Kathy had sat up and beckoned to Julie, whispering in her ear. Julie disappeared towards the cabin and Kathy switched ends, putting her pussy in Jack’s mouth and leaning down to suck Bill. He looked at me and I smiled and he saw my hand wrapped around Roger’s shaft. I looked into his eyes as I bent to put the head of Roger’s cock in my mouth. He grinned at me. I moved so that my pussy was facing towards Bill and then started working my way down Roger’s shaft. This was the first strange cock I’d tasted in ten years. Every vein and every ridge felt different and special. A little burst of pre-cum erupted on my tongue.

I looked up as Julie came back into the room, bearing a tube of lubricant. I sat back and watched as she liberally lubed up Kathy’s asshole and then moved onto Jack’s cock. Kathy shifted and Julie held up Jack’s cock and she settled slowly, grunting and sighing, “That feels so fucking good.” She leaned back on her hands, Jack’s cock all the way up her ass. “Come here Bill. Now put your cock in me and the two of you fuck me hard.”

Bill needed no second invitation. I saw her little pink pussy stretch around his cock and then the three of them were moving and settling into a rhythm. I turned back to Roger and replaced him in my mouth, coating him with my saliva. I then stood up, turned around and sat on his cock. My cunt walls stretched and I felt fuller than I’d ever been. I looked over at Bill. Julie had stayed with the group and her hands were everywhere, pinching the men’s nipples, sucking on Kathy’s. I saw her put a gloop of lubricant on her fingers and then move behind Bill. I knew her fingers were around his shaft and up his ass. I started bouncing, feeling the full length of Roger pounding my pussy and then I moved forward onto all fours so he could get full stroke. I felt my tits shake with the force of his pounding and then Julie was underneath, grabbing my moving tits, her hand around his cock and my pussy, pinching my clit. I felt an earth-shattering orgasm start and expected it was all over, but Roger just kept on pounding and Julie playing and within a minute I was cumming again. I heard Kathy cumming and then Bill and Jack started shouting and I knew they were shooting deep in her. That thought made me cum again. Roger was still pounding me and I could feel my tits starting to sweat. Would the man never blow? In the end I reckoned he was a freak of nature. The other party had collapsed and now they lay clustered around me watching me get the fuck of my life. I had passed the point of exhaustion, and now lay on my elbows. I had lost count of the orgasms that had shaken me. My whole world was centered around the sensation of this massive cock plowing my pussy. The longer it went on the more frequent my orgasms became.

Bill and Jack were now hard again and they stood in front of us, Bill being sucked by Julie who then went doggie and begged to be fucked. Finally, I felt Roger’s tempo shift and I reached behind to feel his balls. They felt massive and then he started cumming. I could feel hot liquid start squishing inside and he grabbed my hips, driving deep inside me, filling me, making me cum so hard that I forgot my name. When he pulled out I looked at my pussy wide and gaping, streams of cum down my legs. I gripped it closed and went to stand over Julie, letting the ropes of cum ooze out my pussy on to her back. Bill started rubbing them in and became so turned on that he started filling her.

I staggered over to a chair. Kathy came to sit down beside me. “You’ve got to try that. It was fucking wonderful.”

Roger and Jack were sitting on chairs next to us. Kathy said, “How about another round, old guy?”

Roger said, “I assume it was this old guy you were addressing young lady?” He held up a cock that even spent was like a python. She moved towards his chair and lifted it to her lips. “Mmm Kathy, I’m going to want some of you later.”

Jack twitched and I looked at him, “My pussy is still stretched.”

He grinned, “Who said anything about your pussy?”

I lay back, and he bought over the lube. “Lift your legs up.”

I did and felt the cool lube on my ass. A second later and he was deep inside me. I can’t say that I’ve ever been a fan of anal sex. It felt OK, but nothing spectacular, and then suddenly, as he pulled the head in and out of me it started feeling really good. Bill and Julie had finished and they came over, lying on either side of me. Julie said, “There’s nothing like a good ass fucking. She moved her hand over my pussy, dipping her fingers in and pulling out a little cum which she rubbed into my clit. Jack was getting into his rhythm now and my tits were shaking with the force of his blows. Julie walked over to my face and plopped down. I could taste Bill’s cum in her. Bill’s hand replaced hers in rubbing me and I could feel him moving his hand around Jack’s cock. Evidentially, he was getting a kick out of feeling another inside me. Jack pulled out and I was twisted into position.

“Are you guys both going to fuck me?” I asked. Bill just grinned and in a minute, I felt them both slip inside. My pussy was beginning to feel normal again, and the two cocks felt wonderful, rubbing together through my thin membrane. I started cumming again. Julie was standing in front of me and I grabbed her hips continuing to lick her cunt. Kathy was beside me and I could see the intense expression on her face as Roger reamed her with his pole. She was grunting and moaning and her sounds were driving my clit crazy. I started another round of continuous orgasms. Julie got off my face and went to watch Roger. Kathy was going wild, cumming all over his dick, but Roger was continuing his relentless pounding. Suddenly she pulled off. “I’ve got to see his cock go inside your little pussy.” The boys stopped moving inside me while we watched Julie straddle Roger’s back. We could see he lips stretch as he entered her.

“Oh my god, it’s pulling my clit into my pussy.” She started shaking while Roger bucked into her pussy. I could feel my guys starting to build towards a climax. I had cum enough, so I told them to pull out and come over Kathy and I. They sprayed in our mouths and on to our tits and then Jack did something I’ve never seen, but will never forget. He licked all of the cum off me. I had another orgasm when he cleaned my pussy.

Roger was still pounding Julie by the time we had finished. Kathy went over and started playing with his ass, more I think for Julie’s benefit than anything else. He grunted and poured into her. When he finally pulled out we could see her red hole and the cum that wa s flowing out.

We cleaned up the cabin and kissed each other good night. The next morning we cancelled our hotel reservations. By the time we docked, four days later, we were all completely relaxed. It was the best fucking holiday ever!

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