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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Snow Day (Part 1)  

3/12/2007 07:45
Posted By:  - ENGLEWOOD, CO  
Date Posted: 3/12/2007 07:45
   A Hotwife Story...

He contacted us via another site and we referred him to LL. He's from the east coast so I didn't put too much into his message at first, because that's a solid 16 hours away. We did chat some, off and on – because I enjoy chatting with people online and I found him attractive.

He's a couple years younger than we are, yet is very mature and has his shit together. A well-built black man (for some reason I seem to attract them!) with a nice smile and other attributes I'll go into later. I didn't ever ask him for nude photos though, because I never thought it would go that far.

He's from the Midwest though – yet his hometown is still hours to the south of us. However, a few weeks ago he messaged us and said he'd be driving back home to visit family and would like to make a detour on his way. Some detour!

So we chatted more, got to know each other better – likes/dislikes and interests outside the bedroom. He and Mr. DSM (my husband) got along well online too – which is always important to us. Same as when we're meeting a couple or single female – both of us need to have a connection with the other person(s) or it just won't work.

Anyways, he was scheduled to arrive on the first Saturday in March. A few days before, he called me and said he had something come up where he needed to leave sooner and asked if he could come in on Friday afternoon/evening. That wasn't a problem. Then a days before, the friends he was supposed to say with in Illinois on his way out Thursday night had to bail on him, so he wanted to drive the whole way and be here Thursday night. I said that would be fine and would need to make arrangements for work on Friday. I was able to get my boss to allow me to work from home – despite the fact I didn't plan on working too much.

Well if you watched the news, you'd know the first weekend in March was a rough one in the Midwest. Iowa got hit rather hard and it made driving hard and impossible in many spots. Did that stop my new friend, nope. And, I'll refer to him as M from now on.

So, after dealing with closed roads, snow drifts, ice, and blizzard conditions – M finally arrived around 9 Thursday night. Conditions were horrible so we wouldn't be going out – but then again I didn't want to! He was exactly as his pictures showed and hugged me right away. He wanted to shower as he had been in the car for at least 16 hours. I took him into the bathroom and made sure he had everything he needed. I even made out with him for a bit first. A good kisser!

While he showered, I noticed I was rather damp and checked – I wasn't damp – I was literally soaked. Mr. DSM checked and said the same thing. I decided to go lay on the bed and wait for M to come out of the bathroom from his shower.

FINALLY, he did and didn't waste time joining me on the bed. Mr. DSM hung out in the living room, giving us time to get to know each other and get through those first awkward moments.

He came onto the bed slowly and began kissing me. We did this for awhile, just some mild foreplay. One of his hands began to wander and slipped inside my pants – he quickly found out just wet I actually was. He then started taking off my clothes, first with my shirt and then went my pants. M seemed pretty eager to get his face down between my legs. I enjoyed his tongue for a while and then he then flipped me over and we moved into a 69. I finally was able to get a good look at his cock and my, it was nice! I did my best to use my hands, tongue and lips to keep him throbbing and make him squirm – all while he was working magic on my clit with his tongue.

After all of this build up and teasing I was ready to feel his cock deep inside of me. He put it in nice and slow and gave it to me exactly how I wanted it. It didn't really take much time for me to cum all over his big cock. And wow, did I cum! He loved having my legs up in the air on his shoulders as he moved in and out of me. Eventually my muscles and reaction was too much for him and he released his pent up frustration.

M was pretty tired from the long drive so I let him attempt to get some sleep. I went out into the living room to check on Mr. DSM and see how he was doing. He wanted me pretty bad as I had been teasing him most of the day - so I hopped on top of him on the couch. Not to long later M emerged from the bedroom and I leaned over the back of the couch to take him in my mouth why I bounced up and down on Mr. DSM's cock. It didn't take him long to shoot his load inside of me as we were both still pretty horny.

Mr. DSM had decided that we were going to let M and I have the bed Friday night since Mr. DSM was supposed to have to go into work the next morning and needed to get some sleep. I then attempted to go to sleep but M must not have been that tired. He wanted to do me again….I wasn't going to complain.

Once I was done with M for the 2nd time….I headed back out to check on Mr. DSM….he had woke up from my loud noises so I took advantage of another hard cock. I turned my ass towards him and asked him to do me doggy style….HARD. He complied with my requests and made me cum several times, eventually coming himself.

I then attempted to go back to bed again with M. He still must not have been very tired because he wanted me again…..we fucked for a little while and finally passed out in the bed from sex exhaustion.

The next morning….I think M must have slept pretty good…since he was still hard and horny. Morning sex is always good with me and yet again, my orgasms outnumbered his with a lot to one.

After catching my breath, I checked my work e-mail as the storm was still brewing and I needed to see if I would even need to do the little amount of work I had planned to do. As it turned out and fortunately for my pussy – work was closed….YEAH! Mr. DSM's wasn't though and while he did try to go in, our road wasn't cleared and it was bad enough where he couldn't go anywhere. He decided to "work" from home as well – oh darn!

With this good fortune, I told the boys I'd make breakfast for taking good care of me the night before. After we ate, Mr. DSM had M help him move a TV antenna for our HDTV from the living room to the basement, as it was an eyesore. I took advantage of this time to get showered and pamper myself. A nice shower and fresh shave of my special parts that would be an important part of our snow-day fun – I felt clean and energized.

After the boys got through the shower themselves, we all relaxed on the couch and watched a bit of TV. The boys were on each end while I stretched out between them. I managed to give M's cock a few nice squeezes while teasing Mr. DSM's with my other and or foot. M was still tired from the drive and napped a bit on the couch while Mr. DSM and I watched TV.

A bit after he woke up, I began playing with him – pulling his semi-hard cock out of his pants and placing it in my warm mouth. It didn't take long for him to swell and I enjoyed feeling it grow and grow between my lips. I moved down in front of him, kneeling on the floor and asked Mr. DSM to grab the camera – to capture my oral skills for later memories. I don't think either of them was disappointed as I used every tool I had to drive M crazy – hands, tongue, lips and of course – putting it deep down my throat. This bitter snow day was starting to look good!

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of this story, it only gets better as I take on both Mr. DSM and M at the same time many more times!

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