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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The Game (mmff, cons, creampie, 1st swing)  

8/14/2007 16:55
Posted By:  - BEACHWOOD, OH  
Date Posted: 8/14/2007 16:55
   I never thought we would ever really do it—ever really have sex with another couple. But, we did! And, the world didn't come to a crashing end. In fact, our relationship is better than ever today, both in and out of the bedroom. And, it’s all because of a board game. Thank you Titillation!

We have known Cindy and Jim for several years. Because of our busy schedules and the distance between our homes, we are lucky to get together every six weeks or so. Whenever we go out together, we usually end up at one of our homes engaging in quiet conversation. Invariably the conversation ultimately turns to sex. Still, in the five years we have known Cindy and Jim, all that has ever happened is talk.

It was about two years after we first met Jim and Cindy that I realized I had a real lusting for Jim. I'll never forget that evening. Jim and Cindy had decided to spend the night at our house instead of driving home. The conversation had turned lightly sexual, as was often the case.

After we retired to our respective rooms, Ted and I started to fool around. As Ted was feeling me up, he started telling me how much Jim was admiring my ass and breasts. It was like my pussy was set on fire. I started moaning and rubbing myself against Ted. Then Ted started talking about what might happen if Jim and I accidentally met in the hallway on the way to the bathroom. He described Jim slowly approaching me from behind, lifting my nightshirt, and lowering my panties. My mind immediately pictured Jim stroking his hard cock and using it to penetrate my womanhood.

At that point, lust overtook me completely. I pulled Ted on top of me and inserted his cock in to my slit. Feverishly, I began rubbing myself against him, grabbing his ass, alternating between moaning and gasping for air. The waves of pleasure took hold and washed across my body. I felt as though every muscle in my body was quivering from a combination of extreme sexual excitement and complete emotional release.

After several seconds (it literally seemed like minutes), Ted spoke.

“Wow, that really got you off,” he said.

“Yeah, what was your first clue,” I responded jokingly.

Sadly, now that the passion had past, I felt guilty. I know it’s silly, but I felt as though I had just had an affair. I was immediately concerned about Ted’s reaction. To my surprise, he wasn't turned off. If anything, he seemed more excited than was normal for our sex play.

Still, I had to ask, “Does that bother you?”

“Of course not,” he replied, so matter-of-factly that it couldn't be a lie.

I was relieved.

“In fact,” he continued, “it was a real turn on for me. It has been a long time since you have been that animated with me in bed.”

It was true. It wasn't that Ted was unattractive. Ted’s brown hair had started to grey and forty was just around the corner. Still, his 5’ 10” frame remained reasonably firm and easily carried his 196 pounds. Nor was Ted a bad lover. I had been with several men before meeting Ted, and he was, without a doubt, one of the most compassionate and tender partners I'd known. It wasn't Ted’s endowment either. Ted was as long as most men I'd known and much thicker than any of them. It wasn't that Jim was particularly handsome. He was certainly good looking, but he was older and a little heavier than Ted. I admit that I have a certain thing for older men, but mostly what I found attractive about Jim was how different he was from Ted.

After sixteen years of marriage, Ted and I had become accustom to each other. Familiarity, they say, breads contempt. In the bedroom, familiarity has a certain security to it. However, it does put a damper on passion. Until that night, I really hadn't focused on how much of my sexual passion was tied to exploration and discovery. More than anything, my physical reaction had been driven by the thought of strange hands caressing my breast, strange lips kissing my neck, a strange cock penetrating my pussy, and feeling a strange body writhing upon mine in the throws of an orgasm.

That night changed things forever. Swinging fantasies became a mainstay of our sex play, and Jim and Cindy had a prominent role in many of those fantasies

I was surprised to learn that Ted was actually turned on by the thought of me fucking other men. For some reason, don't ask me to explain it, the thought of fucking me immediately after I've been fucked by someone else was a particular turn on. Sure, he liked thinking about fucking other women, but the thought of sticking his cock into another man’s cum in my pussy always seemed to always send him into orbit.

For my part, I was never completely comfortable with the thought of Ted fucking another woman. Sometimes I found it particularly erotic to think about, particularly when Ted was fantasizing about fucking Cindy. Maybe it was Cindy’s age; she is five years older than me. Or maybe it was the differences between us. She is shorter with narrow hips, dark black hair and small round breast. I have large hips, fiery red hair, and very large breasts. As I said, differences can be exciting.

All of this brings me to the game. For three years, Ted and I fantasized about having a foursome with Jim and Cindy. For the last year, we actively looked for opportunities to make something happen. However, we could never quite figure out how to bring up the topic with our close friends. While we were confident that Jim would be up for it (guys are generally up for anything), I was concerned that my close friend Cindy could never bring herself to let loose. We needed some way to test the waters and break the ice without it appearing threatening.

We started investigating games. Sadly, we found that the vast majority of adult games are designed for two people, not groups. Those group games that we could find were either obviously and overly about sex or titled in a way that we would be embarrassed to suggest playing them with our friends.

Then, one evening, Ted found Titillation. He discovered the web site (www.titillationgame.com) by accident, which is probably the reason we had not found it in the past. However, the game looked perfect for our purpose. We decided to take a chance and ordered the game.

Three weeks later, it arrived. Anxiously, we opened the packaging. We found a game board, a bunch of game cards, several playing pieces and some dice. At first, we were under whelmed. But, to be fair, we decided to give it a play. Boy, were we wrong. We quickly realized that the game’s combination of intimate questions, erotic activities and disrobing directions would be perfect for our purposes. We decided to invite Jim and Cindy over that weekend to test out the game.

It seemed like Saturday would never arrive. That evening, Ted and I prepared ourselves for what we were confident would be a night of sexual fun. To soften things up a bit, I had called Cindy a few days before and told her that some friends of ours had lent us a game. They insisted we give it a try. I warned her that the game appeared to be a little bit adult, but told her that I was hoping they'd give it a try with us. I was surprised when she not only appeared interested, but seemed eager.

When Jim and Cindy arrived, we quickly suggested that we enjoy the evening in. Cindy and I sent the guys out to get take out food.

While the guys were out, Cindy asked me about the game. I took out the box and showed her the board and the rules. She started thumbing through a few of the Forum cards. Forum cards ask questions that players must answer when they land on a Forum space during the game.

“Wow,” she exclaimed, “these questions are really interesting.”

“Yes,” I agreed.

“I'm getting hot just reading them,” she continued. “How does the game work?”

“Easy,” I said. “Roll the dice and move your piece. If you land on a Forum space or a Titillation space, you draw a card and do as instructed.”

“What about these spaces labeled ‘Get Naked’ and ‘Nude Fun’,” she asked.

“They work like losing a hand in strip poker. You remove one article of clothing. Also, when you pass the starting point on the board, like passing ‘Go’ in Monopoly, you get to direct someone else to remove an article of clothing. If you are already nude when you land on a ‘Nude Fun’ space, you draw a ‘Nude Fun’ card.”

She started thumbing through the Titillation cards. “These seem tame enough--massaging backs, sitting on laps, rubbing feet….”

She was still thumbing through the cards when the boys returned with the food. We put the game away while we sat down to eat. After dinner, we retired to our family room. I was surprised when, after about ten minutes, Cindy was the first person to bring up the game.

“Honey, I can tell that the game that Ted and Mandy have is right up your alley.”

“Oh really,” he replied, “how so?”

“It’s all about sex, perfect for a horn-dog like you,” she giggled.

“Do you want to give it a try?” I asked.

“Sure,” replied Jim as Cindy got up and headed to the breakfast table.

We sat down alternating boy girl. Ted opened the box and took out the board. Jim’s eyes opened wide when he saw some of the spaces on the board.

“Hey, what are the ‘Nude Fun’ and ‘Get Naked’ about on the board?” he asked.

Ted briefly explained the game. Cindy emphasized the part of the rules that provided that no player need do anything that they are not comfortable doing. We rolled to see who would start. As luck would have it, I had to go first.

I rolled and landed on a Forum space. I drew the card. “Have you ever faked an orgasm with your current partner?”

“Yes,” I answered truthfully.

“Really?!” exclaimed Cindy.

“You poor boy,” said Jim to Ted.

“You poor girl,” said Cindy.

“Hey, even the best pitcher has an off night sometimes,” responded Ted.

We all had a good laugh.

Next up was Jim. He rolled and also landed on a Forum space.

“The last time you engaged in fellatio, was swallowing involved?” read Jim.

Jim turned a slight shade of red. “No,” he said quietly.

Now it was Ted’s turn to tell Jim what a poor boy he was.

“Cindy, it’s only a little protein.” I commented.

“Yeah, but I've never developed a taste for it, if you know what I mean.”

Next up was Cindy. Her roll landed her on a Get Naked space. Jim seemed to delight in this as he prodded, “time to lose some clothes!”

By agreement, we were treating shoes together and socks together as one article of clothing. Cindy casually removed her shoes and passed the dice.

Next up was Ted. He rolled and landed on Titillation. “Pick a player card. Ask that player to fondle your ass for 30 seconds.”

“What is a ‘Pick a player card,’” asked Jim.

“These white cards,” responded Ted, as he took the top card reading it. “‘Any player selected by a majority of the other players.’ OK, whose it going to be,” he continued as he got up and presented his butt to the group.

“I vote Cindy,” Jim announced quickly.

“Really?” questioned Cindy.

“Yep!” Jim confirmed.

“What do you say, Mandy?”

“I have to go with Jim,” I responded smiling.

“Well, I guess I am out voted.”

“What do you mean, Cindy, you don't want to fondle my ass?” asked Ted in mocking despair.

“I didn't say that,” replied Cindy as she walked around the table, placed her palms squarely on my husband’s butt, and slowly rubbed it.

I felt a little tingle in my pussy as I watched her hands pass over and over my husband’s tight ass. She even ran her fingers along the crack down toward his balls.

“There, that should be about 30 seconds,” commented Cindy.

Ted was noticeably hard when he turned back around and sat down.

The next several rolls followed the same format. Sometimes we answered questions, sometimes we physically interacted with other players, and sometimes we removed clothing. As the clothing came off, the excitement level rose.

Sometime after Cindy lost her pants, Ted was directed to rub her calves and feet for thirty seconds. As his hands moved up and down her legs, Ted was squarely staring at the hairy triangle between Cindy’s legs now barely covered by a thin layer of cotton. I was certain that I could see a growing dark spot on her panties.

When Jim lost his pants, his boxers left no doubt about the degree of his excitement.

Cindy, down to just her bra and panties was asked to identify all of her past lovers. To my surprise and I am sure Ted’s, Cindy listed off twelve names.

Finally, down to my bra and panties, I landed on a “Nude Fun” space. Cindy looked like she was about to call it off. Before she could say anything, I quickly unfastened my bra and let my large breasts loose. I could feel Jim’s eyes center on my large nipples as they stiffened in the excitement and cool air.

“Do you like what you see, Jim,” I asked.

Before he could respond, Cindy answered for him. “You bet he does. He loves breasts, the bigger, the better.”

“That’s not absolutely true,” protested Jim. “I am an equal opportunity lover of breasts, big and small.”

Shortly after this, Jim drew a Titillation card that directed him to pick a player card and play with that player’s nipples and chest for thirty seconds. The pick a player card directed Cindy to identify the lucky recipient. I was certain that she would select herself.

“Mandy,” she announced.

Jim looked at Cindy for a moment and rose from his chair. I could see his erect cock poking around the hole in the front of his boxers as he moved towards me. My pussy was suddenly on fire as I stared at Ted, who was smiling ear to ear. I felt Jim’s strong hands cup my breasts and caress them lightly as his fingers danced over the top of my nipples. He moved his hands around them, alternating between a light touch and a small pull. When he was done, both of my nipples and breasts were standing straight out. I could feel a puddle in my panties, and I could smell the scent of my arousal.

The next major event occurred when Ted lost his boxers to become completely nude. He stood dramatically and turned his back to us. Then he slowly moved his hips back and forth as he slid his boxers down his hips. He continued to wiggle his tight ass back and forth as he slowly turned around. Then he fully faced the group. His cock was only partially erect, but even so its full girth was plain to see. Cindy’s eyes were locked on Ted’s member as he slowly took his seat.

“Well Mandy,” Cindy commented, “I can see why you spend so much time in bed!”

We all laughed.

Cindy was next to loose a piece of clothing. She was obviously nervous, but appeared determined to press on. She reached around her back and released her bra. Then she let it fall off her shoulders revealing two semicircular globes. I thought her breasts were beautiful although she was clearly unhappy with their size. Apparently sensing the same thing, Ted was quick to comment on their beauty.

“Wow, those are perfect!” he exclaimed.

A shy smile came across Cindy’s face. “Do you really think so?”

“Absolutely, can't you tell,” Ted responded glancing briefly at his lap.

Ted’s cock was plainly erect. I even thought I could detect a slight presence of pre-cum dripping on the head.

On Ted’s next turn, he drew a Titillation card that directed him to pick a player card and remove an article of clothing from that person. The pick a player card directed that he remove the article from Cindy.

I could tell that Cindy was now completely committed to the game. As Ted walked over to Cindy, his now fully erect cock was plainly visible. Cindy stood as Ted knelt before her. He slowly moved his hands up along the side of her legs, his face now only a few inches from her clit. Cindy shivered has his hands slide along the outside of her thighs and grabbed the waistband of her panties. Slowly, almost as though he was trying to memorize every moment of the event, Ted slid the panties off Cindy’s hips. Cindy had to slightly part her legs to allow the panty’s crotch to slide down. Cindy had a beautiful black bush. Her pussy lips were plainly visible through the hair. As the panties touched the floor, I could see that the crotch was completely soaked through. All this time, Jim was slowly stroking his cock through his boxers. I could tell that he was not as well endowed as Ted, but his shaft appeared to be curved significantly upward. Ted’s cock is straight.

Cindy sat down, and Ted returned to his chair. Shortly thereafter, I lost my panties. I could tell that Jim wanted to have as good a view of me as Ted had of Cindy. But, I decided to be a tease and removed my panties in a way that I didn't really expose my clit or lips.

Jim lost his boxers and we were finally all nude.

Shortly after Jim lost his boxers, I drew a card asking me if I ever imaged having sex with someone else while making love to Ted and to identify that person. I took a deep breath. I could see that Ted was a little nervous.

“Yes, who hasn't,” I announced. “For example, I've imagined having sex with Jim on a number of occasions.”

“Is he any good?” Cindy asked. I couldn't tell if Cindy was serious or just having fun.

“He always gets me off!” I replied.

“That’s more that I can say,” she retorted, laughing.

“Hey, what was it that Ted said, no one bats a thousand,” Jim interjected.

Play continued until Cindy drew a Titillation card directing her to sit on Ted’s lap. Ted slid his chair back from the table. I could see his cock head poking up from between his legs. So could Cindy as she made a big show of turning and sitting down.

“Oh, I think I feel something coming up,” she said wiggling her hips on his lap.

“You'll feel more than that if you keep it up,” said Ted.

“Promises, promises…,” responded Cindy.

Eventually, play returned to me. I landed on Nude Fun. This was the first time any player had landed on this type of space while nude. So, I got to draw the first Nude Fun card.

“Hey, I wondered what those were for,” commented Jim.

The card instructed me to strike six increasingly naughty poses for men’s magazines. The first three poses were standing and not too explicit. The third pose had me leaning over with my breasts dangling in front of me. For my fourth pose, I squatted down, so that my shaved pussy was clearly on display with my lips protruding down. For my fifth pose I got on my hands and knees and stuck my ass at Jim. Then for my last pose, I rolled onto my back and spread my legs wide apart. My vulva was gapping, and I know that my inner lips were clearly visible to Jim and Cindy.

“Wow, I'd buy that magazine!” Jim stated.

“I know what you'd do with it, too,” continued Cindy.

Play continued as we worked though more Forum cards and Titillation cards. Then Ted landed on Nude Fun. He looked at the card and then read it.

“Pick a player card. Ask that player to lick you wherever you'd like for 30 seconds. No one may remove clothing as a part of this task.”

Slowly, he drew the pick a player card.

“The player picked by your partner.”

All eyes turned to me. I looked at Cindy and tried to gauge her reaction. She looked nervous and excited. I then looked at Jim. He also looked both nervous and excited. I made a big show of thinking about my options.

Then, looking squarely at Ted, I announced, “Cindy.”

Cindy sat for a moment and then asked, “Are you sure Mandy?”


“What do you say Jim?” she asked.

“Go for it!”

Slowly she got up and walked to Ted.

“OK big boy, where do you want it?”

Ted stood up, his member at full attention.

Cindy nodded and knelt before him. Slowly, she stuck out her tongue and gently tickled the tip of Ted’s head. Then she worked her mouth down one side of his shaft and up the other making a big show of swirling her tongue over the head. Then, unexpectedly, she took his head into her mouth and swallowed him almost down to his balls. Then she came up smacking her lips and returned to her seat.

Ted was visibly shaken. Jim was visibly aroused. I was now certain that the gauntlet had been thrown and that I'd be taking Jim’s cock into my pussy before the evening was out.

Little did I know how quickly it would happen. On my next turn, I landed on a “Nude Fun” space and drew a card. I drew the card and saw that it was the first of the Group II Nude Fun cards. These cards direct a heightened degree of sexual contact.

This was the mother of all Nude Fun cards.

“Pick a player card. Leave the room with that player and participate in any activity that you agree on for 3 minutes. Return and tell the others what you did. Each player must return in the same state of clothing as they left in, but they may remove clothing as a part of the activity so long as it is put back on before they return.”

I read the card. Everyone was holding their breath. The pick a player card directed Cindy to choose my partner. Without hesitation she announced, “Jim, go to it.”

Now it was his turn.

“Are you sure, Cindy?”

“You bet,” she replied with a wink.

We left the breakfast room and went to the family room.

“What do you want to do?” he asked, plainly very nervous and very excited.

Not to be shy, I grabbed his cock and reclined back on the sofa.

“I want you to fuck me.”

“Mandy, I am so excited and primed that I may not last three minutes.”

The words penetrated me to my soul. I don't think he could have said anything that would have made me any hotter.

“Come fuck me hard. I want you to cum deep in my pussy.”

His cock was indeed very different from Ted’s. As he entered me, I could tell that it was not as wide, but I could feel the head rubbing the top of my vaginal shaft. I imagined him stroking my G-spot with his head.

I could tell that he was very excited and would not last long. He quickly set a rapid pace, fucking me harder and harder. I imagined his balls tightening. I urged him to orgasm, overcome with lust. It had been over fifteen years since my pussy had experienced a cock other than Ted’s. Both it and I were very much enjoying the moment.

After about two minutes, his body stiffened. I could feel his head pulsing within me as his cum splashed against my cervix. This released the wild animal in me. Crazed, I began rubbing myself against him, urging my own orgasm. I didn't have to wait long. Quickly and violently I came, running my nails across his ass.

We returned to the breakfast room.

“So, what did you do?” asked Ted.

“We fucked, of course,” I said in monotone. “Do you want to see his cum? It is dripping down my leg.”

The game was now forgotten.

“Absolutely!” replied Ted as he got down on his knees.

Cindy also came over to look.

“Wow, that was quite a load hun.”

“Yep,” said Jim. “She really drained my balls.”

That was when I noticed that Cindy was lightly stroking Ted’s cock.

“Well Jim, don't you think its Ted and Cindy’s turn.”


Cindy grabbed Ted’s cock and pulled him towards her.

“Take me from behind,” she said, getting on to her hands and knees.

Ted didn't need to be told twice. He positioned himself behind Cindy’s ass and slowly pushed his head into her vagina.

“Oh my God, he is big!” she exclaimed.

Ted set up a good rhythm, pounding Cindy fast and then slowly. Cindy buried her head into the rug, moaning loudly with every thrust. The loader she moaned, the harder Ted thrust. Ted continued to fuck her for a couple minutes, Cindy getting louder and louder. I could tell that Ted was really working to hold back his orgasm, wanting to please Cindy. Cindy started bouncing hard back against Ted asking him to grab her hips. As he laid his hands on her hips, Cindy asked Ted to talk to her.

“You are my slut,” Ted started out tentatively.

She moaned louder.

“You are my fuck toy,” Ted continued.

She moaned even louder.

“How does it feel to be fucked in front of your husband?”

She moaned even louder.

“Look, he’s getting off watching you being taken by another man. Can you feel my balls slapping against your clit.”

Cindy began writhing from side to side.

“Oh, you fucking whore. I am going to fill your pussy with my hot cum just like Jim did to Mandy!”

That did it. Cindy threw her head as she forced her ass hard against Ted. The muscles in her face tightened and her eyes rolled way back in her head. I could see her toes curling as waive after waive of muscular spasm passed along her back. It was the first time that I had ever witnessed a women cumming. It was completely animalistic, primordial even.

I knew that Ted wouldn't last long after that. I knelt behind him as he continued to ram his prick back and forth within Cindy’s cunt. I couldn't resist lightly fondling his balls and squeezing his scrotum. Suddenly, I felt him ram his body forward against Cindy’s ass as though his body had become possessed. He began moaning a deep and penetrating moan, and I could feel the muscles at the base of his cock begin to rhythmically contract. I imagined what was taking place then deep inside Cindy’s vagina, the head of Ted’s penis straining to reach her cervix. Small droplets of clear pre-cum giving way to a torrent of creamy, milky cum spurting out in evenly spaced intervals. It was simply the wildest feeling I'd ever experienced, feeling his cock unloading into another woman.

After the muscular spasms subsided, Ted withdrew his now partially erect cock. Cindy’s pussy was gapping before me covered in Ted’s cum.

I could tell that Ted was spent, but seeing Cindy’s pussy gave me an idea. I decided to take a chance. I began sucking Ted’s cock while Jim and Cindy sat back and rested. I could feel him get a little erect, so I decided to go a little bit further. I looked deep into Ted’s eyes.

“Honey, I have been a very naughty girl. Would you like to see how naughty?”

Without waiting for an answer, I laid back and spread my legs.

“Do you see it, honey? Do you see Jim’s cum all up in my pussy? Boy, he came hard all up and inside me. I was his extreme pleasure toy.”

It was working. Ted’s cock was really hard. I squeezed my vaginal muscles and forced a gob of Jim’s cum out of my pussy. It felt delightfully naughty as it trickled down the curve of my ass to the floor. I could see Ted’s cook twitch with excitement as a drop of pre-cum oozed from his head.

“Do you know what it felt like when he fucked me? His head slid into me. Boy was he rock hard when he entered me. Then he fucked me real hard. His head slid back and forth inside me. It was wild feeling his strange cock within me. I wanted him to cum in me. I wanted him to fill me with his cum?”

Ted was over me now.

“Am I your little slut?” I asked in a girlish voice. “Come on. Stick your rod in to me. Feel his slippery cum deep inside your little slut wife.”

His cock slid easily into me. I felt so wet. I could feel another gob of Jim’s cum leak out of me and slide up against Ted’s balls.

“Oh, you are so wet!” He exclaimed.

“It’s not me. It’s Jim…..or rather it is his cum. It’s all the way up in me. When he came, I could feel him squirt all the way up against my cervix. He squirted for quite a while he shoved his cock deep into me. Do you want to know how it felt when he came inside me?”


“It felt wonderful; his head pulsating against my walls, his cum splashing all up inside me….”


“…another man’s seed buried deep into my pussy.”

Ted came. He came harder than I can ever remember him coming before. He came so hard that his muscles twitched for several minutes as he lay across my body. I was a complete mess.

How did it end? Well, after I got towels, we had a drink and discussed what had happened. We all decided that we had a great time and that we weren't as jealous as we thought we'd be. We are planning to get together again in a couple weeks. Meanwhile, Ted and I are looking forward to playing the game again with another couple we know. Thank you Titillation.

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