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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Golf Lesson  

9/22/2007 11:56
Posted By:  - BOSSIER CITY, LA  
Date Posted: 9/22/2007 11:56
   It was a foggy week day
It would be her first golf lesson
The course was completely deserted
When we arrived
We rented a cart
She wanted to drive
I asked if she had ever driven Before
No she said
I offered to let her sit
No my lap
But much to my chagrin she declined
But maybe later
With a wink
We finally made it to the first green
After many attempts
And lots of laughs
We retrieved our putters
From the bag
She went first
The ball was quite far off target
As it zipped past the hole
And into the sand on the other side
I got another ball
And offered her some instruction
As she bent over the ball
I came up behind her
Leaning over with her
My arms
Sliding down the length of hers
My mouth
Right next to her ear
Despite my efforts
My breathing had increased
I began to explain
The principles of putting
When all of a sudden
I felt her firm round
Ass gently grind into
My already erect cock
I completely lost
All train of thought
I just kind of stammered for a minute
I heard her giggle
She looked back at me
And we both just laughed
After which I tried to continue
The lesson
And each time
She would
Give a little wiggle
And a little giggle
Needless to say I was lost
I finally just stood
Turned her around
And kissed her through an uncontrollable smile
We continued on to the next hole
It was so foggy u couldnít see past thirty yards
Our shots where both errant ones
Slicing hard right into the woods
I was so distracted I was happy to hit the ball at all
I offered to hit another but she was determined to find hers
So off we went with a jolt and her infectious laughter
I tried to get her to stop at the edge of the woods
But just laughed and
Bounded onward
Into what turned into a bit of a white knuckle ride
She finally stopped
Taking great delight in my grip on the cart
We started looking
And shortly she found one
She squealed with delight
Amazing how she made the simplest things
Exciting and special
But alas it was not hers
But she kept her treasure anyway
So the search continued
I told her I hoped
They would not come looking
For their cart
She said why
Well they may send the cops
Naww she said
Oh yeah
Cart theft happens all the time
Have you ever been arrested I asked?
NO!!! she said
I said yeah
Some cop would love to frisk you
She smiled and blushed a bit I think
I told her to
Turn around and assume the position
She said what?
So I said
You heard me lady
And I turned her around
I told her
To put her hands
On the back of the cart
She complied
I then
Placed my leg between hers
And began to force
Her legs apart
And tell her to
Spread emí
After she was completely helpless
I leaned forward
My chest resting on her back
I began to feel my way down her
Toned tanned arms
Down to her shoulders
All the while
Pressing my
Ever increasing
Bulge into her ass
Her powerless
To do anything
But take what ever
I chose to do with her
My hands worked their
Way down
To her shoulder
I could feel her back against my chest
Her breath increasing with every touch
My hands continued
To her back
Down to her waist
As they slide to her breast
She moaned a bit
I told her
She was in a lot of trouble
Stealing a golf cart
Was a serious offense
She said she was sooo sorry
She didnít know
She wasnít going to keep it
Well you will have to tell it to the judge maíam
I began to fondle her breasts
She feigned her surprise
And asked what I was doing
Looking for weapons maíam, with a smile and a laugh
Her nipples were so hard and erect
You could feel them through her shirt
I grabbed them
All at once
And pulled her back into me
As I thrust my hips forward
She grunted
From the force of the move
mmmmmm I said
I worked my way
Back to her hips
Telling her
For this kind of offense she would do some jail time
NOOOO!!! she said
I canít go to jail
There has to be something
We I mean I could do?
By now my hands were on her hips
My eyes transfixed on what lay between them
Her sweet round ass
She looked back over her shoulder
Seeing me leering at her ass
And she wiggled it against me again
Isnít there something
We could work out
I said
I donít think so ma'am
My hands
Worked around to her ass
My fingers groping
Kneading her flesh
Her head slumped
Her breathing increased
Her back expanding ever wider
She moaned
I slipped my hand
Between her legs
The warmth
From her swollen pussy could be felt
Not to mention how soaking wet
She had become
I could feel her legs trembling
I ran my hands down her thighs
Squatting down
Behind her as I did so
Till my mouth
Was mere inches from her ass
My hot breath
Could be felt on her
Ass as I leaned
Into her she
Arched her back
Giving me full
Access to her sweet twat
I opened wide
And covered her
With my mouth
Deep hot air
Onto her
Tasting her
Feeling her warmth through her panties
She was moaning
Continuously now
Please she said breathily
Letís work this out
Just the two of us
I pulled back
And started to
Kiss and lick
Her ass and her thighs
I asked her
What she had in mind
The barter system
She said
Through dry lips and
Deep breaths
So what do u have to trade?
For your freedom?
I said as I leaned in and
Started licking
The outside
Of her soaked panties
She was panting aloud now
I pulled her panties aside
For my first glimpse
Of her swollen clit
I spread my tongue wide
And flat
I licked the length of her slit
All the way to her ass
Oooh she gasped
My tongue then became
More pointed
As I began to sink it
Between her lips
As I reached the top of her clit
She began to grind
Her pussy my face
I licked her faster and faster
Darting my tongue in and out of
Her hole
She began to shudder
Her head flew back
Looking upward
She rose to her toes
As her entire body tensed
She came so hard
All over my face
Squirting more than I could possibly take into my mouth
Her juices ran down my chin to my chest
I stood behind her
And asked if she was ready to pay up
She was still riding the wave of her orgasm
As I quickly opened my shorts
Pulling my hard precum covered cock out
I put it against her swollen lips
With one thrust
I entered her completely
She yelled OMG!!!!
I could hardly stand it
I was pistoning into her
As hard and fast as I could stand
Trying desperately not to explode right away
My balls were slapping into her
Her ass moving as I pounded into her
FUCK ME!!! She demanded
I had her by the hair
Pulling her into me
As I rammed into her
Feeling my balls start to tighten
II pulled her upright
Turned her around
And began kissing her
With an intensity that can
Only be described as a hunger
She began pushing me around the cart
And down onto the seat
Through clenched teeth
Her breath was fast and deep
The look in her eyes was
Like nothing I had ever seen
She climbed atop me
Straddling my legs
Gripping my cock in her hand
Sooo hard it almost hurt
Guiding it into her
As she slammed her hips
Down into me
Fucking me hard
Pulling my hair now
Pulling my head into her breasts
I raised her shirt
And took one in my mouth
The other in my hand
The cart was rocking
Uncontrollably now
I could not stand it any longer
My cock began to swell
Her tempo increased
Her back arched
My balls tightened
As I exploded into
Her orgasmic pussy
She pulled my head back and kissed me
As she continued to ride me hard
My hot sticky cum filling her
Then both our juices flowing
Out onto my balls
And my legs
We just sat there
Kissing still inside her
Looking at one another
enjoying the moment
Trying to catch our breath
I am not sure how long we were there
But long enough for someone
To come looking for the cart

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