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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   I call it "The Secretary"  

10/24/2007 05:42
Date Posted: 10/24/2007 05:42
   I guess when you mix boredom with sexual frustration, this is what you get. Or at least this is what I get, a new hobby in the form of writing erotic fiction. So what do you think?


Picture this:

You're a secretary at an office downtown. You're wearing a black pin stripe dress suit that's conservative enough for the work place, but enough to show off your dangerous curves. You see me, dressed to the numbers in a dark gray suit. You watch me glide into the main office so entranced as I walk by you almost forget to say good morning.... not a good idea, considering I'm you're BOSS.

As you bring in my morning coffee, I discreetly notice your outfit and think, "Who let this sly little fox in on the fact that I have a weakness for curves and pin stripes? Is she wearing a corset or is she like and hour glass? If she is wearing one, then I'd also like to know who let her in on the fact that burlesque lingerie is one of my weaknesses too?". "Thank you. Before you leave, please take that folder to central files.". You see the manila folder on the table in front of my desk. It's quite shorter than my desk, thus you "conveniently" bend over to pick it up... just long enough for me to notice what "charms" lay underneath your skirt. Maybe you did it on purpose. Maybe it was all innocent on your part and I but asked you to do it just for a cheep thrill. What do you think?

That afternoon, I see you at your desk while everyone else is out to lunch. No one is there but you and me. As I look over your shoulder I ask what you're doing here. You tell me you're just working through lunch. I draw closer and closer to your shoulder. I'm nearly close enough to smell your perfume. It's rather intoxicating. Almost enough to make any weaker man utterly lose his composure. The feeling must be mutual as you lightly flip back you hair exposing your neck. Your hand floats down from the desk back to my leg.. "Uh, excuse me".... I was just reaching for a pen. You virtually scatter to gather yourself in a failing effort to spare yourself any further embarrassment. As I go back to my office you think, "Fuck, what the hell was I thinking?!! I'm sooo gonna get canned for this, I know it!!"

It's near quiting time and every one is getting their things ready to leave. You're doing the same, thinking things may have cooled down a bit since this afternoon. Your supervisor catches you before you leave and informs you that I'd like to see you this evening in my office...... "Damn... BUSTED!!!"

The hours drag on as you await seeing me. You sit at your desk not necessarily pondering what went on that afternoon. You can still smell my cologne in the air as if it were just spayed. You can still feel the warmth of my breath as it settle on your neck. You can still sense the massive erection I had when your arm brushed against my leg. You can..... JESUS, WHAT AM I THINKING, I'M SITTING HERE AWAITING MY DEMISE FROM THIS JOB AND ALL I CAN DO IS HAVE WET DREAMS!!!

The elevator chimes. You see me as I walk by. "You wanted to see me, Sir?"

"Please, have a seat in my office."

You sit nervously in front of my desk almost shivering. Not that I'm a cruel man, but even the smell of your fear is exciting. You're so nervous that I even doubt that you noticed when I locked the door behind us.

"Sir, please let me explain. I.."

"Hold on. I've been thinking about this afternoon all day too. It was a rather tormenting thought that haunted me during my share holders' meeting. Don't be afraid. I think we both know that there's something "magnetic" between us. Still, I'm taking a great deal even saying such a thing with the way lawsuits fly like sparrows going south for the winter. Still, I've a question for you."

"Yes, Sir?"

"Do you know how to be discreet?"

Feeling that you've caught my drift, you respond softly "..... Yes Sir, I do"

"Good..... now that we have that out of the way. I think it's time that we've settled our matter"

"How do yo mean Sir?"

"Come here and I'll show you"

You come over to my side of the desk. I turn you around and bend you over to smell that sweet perfume you wore to drive me crazy all day. I pull up your skirt to taste that sweet pussy you flashed to me that morning. As I saver the wet, succulent flavor with my tongue, your horny moans are like candy to my ears' insatiable sweet tooth. The skin on your ass cheeks turn red with both my finger nail trails as well as the minor bruising left from my hand as I spank your ass. Your hands clutch the front end of the desk as you brace yourself for more and more pleasure. I almost have to pry you off it to get you to turn over.

I sit you up on my desk and fondle you for the outside in. My thumb on your clitoris as my middle and index fingers dance over your G-spot. I slowly undo your blazer as it seems you'll burst out of it at any moment now. While tasting ou sweet lips, I can feel you getting so wet you drip on of the edge of the desk onto the floor. Your blazer opens to reveal you black bra with cups just barely holding down you spiking erect nipples. My tongue smoothly licks them both over the cups of your bra. You skin heats up with antici..................................PATION!!!

You slide off my desk squatting down to where your eyes are just below my waist level. Even though you touch it first before undoing my zipper, you need not your hands to tell that my erect prick throbs so hard it could break the very skin it's covered in. Your mouth envelopes it nearly whole. You take it so deep, I can feel my head being massage by the pendulum of your throat. It's taking nearly every inch of my fortitude to hold back my climax as you lips and tongue frolic over my shaft. I'm all the more tuned on by the site of my pre-cum mixed with your saliva drooling down your chin, to you neck, all the way down to your breasts.

I've had about all the foreplay I can take. It's time to show true metal now. I take you up by the shoulders and hoist you up to where I'll holding up your whole body from underneath your legs as you hang on with your arms wrapped around my neck. With no leverage assistance for the desk nor the window, I'm the only thing standing between your sweet ass and gravity. You're so wet at this point, I can feel your juices soaking up my balls as I fuck you like a rabid bull.

As my legs are burning out, I put you down and post you up against the wall size window. If some one from a shorter building would have a pair of hi-mag binoculars, they could watch your breath fog up the window from all of your hard panting with every grunt you voice out as I thrust inside of you. My hand is wrapped around your hair like a rough wrangler as I pound up against your sugar walls with my fleshy battering ram. You can still feel the sting on your hips as my pelvis punches harder and harder against the welts I had already left from smacking your ass.

My climax is drawing closer, and closer, and CLOSER.... until.....

I guide you to your need so you can catch the tsunami of pleasure with your mouth and gulp it down in pure satisfaction. I can see the smirk barely breaks your face while your lips stay wrapped airtight around my cock.

About 20 minutes later we're on our way to the elevator. "I'll have my car take you home if you'd like"

"Thank you sir"

The elevator door was but half an inch away from closing before we locked lips so hard that it almost hurt. I hoist you up again like I did in the office and drill my way inside you cunt like you cum was made of oil. What seemed like a lifetime in paradise only lasted but a few minutes as we gathered our selves before hitting the lobby.

The next morning all is as it should be. Everything is status quo. Until I slip a memo to you for a late meeting.... tonight.... don't be late

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