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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   The Lifestyle Site, First Taste  

10/25/2007 17:38
Posted By:  - MENAHGA, MN  
Date Posted: 10/25/2007 17:38
   It's been some time since I've written anything erotic...but I'm in the mood and would love to share!

There was a time that my husband and I made love to just each other and were perfectly satisfied, but then came the knowledge that there was another lifestyle out there and we could be a part of it. This was what brought us to the world wide web and swinger sites such as COL, AFF and LL. My husband found and joined COL first, and as is typical of me, I was shy and uncomfortable at the idea of sharing an explicit sexual affair with my sweetheart and a stranger or strangers…at first! But the first time we played online, in video, while a single man watched on the other end...I was literally dripping with excitement:
We were in our home office and it was late, my man was caressing and teasing me. His hands sliding down my arms, across to the fullest part of my breasts, lightly pinching my nipples. It felt so incredible, intense pulses were throbbing in my clit, my whole vagina! I closed my eyes while we explored each others bodies...I was imagining the hands to be that of the man watching us. And the throbbing was taking my breath away, my hands were shaking, face flushed and the moaning couldn't be kept inside! Hands on my neck, pushing my hair aside, sliding down to my nipples again, rubbing, feeling, pinching. “Mmmmm…yes it feels ssooo good.” Hands sliding down, down to my pussy..the fingers were slipping and sliding over my clit, my hips rose from the chair and then fingers were inside. First one ….then another! Ahhh..I needed to be filled with the strong, stiff cock of the man in front of me! I begged for it, “Please, fuck me! I need your cock inside me…PLEASE, BABY, PLEASE!!”. He heard my desperation and came around to the front of the chair. He took hold of my hips, lifted them off the chair seat and slowly stretched his way into me..and my moans filled the room as he filled me.
(Every few thrusts I would have to peek at the computer screen to see what our male admirer was doing …and writing! He had his cock out and was stroking it in imitation of the strokes fucking into me. Even on screen, I could see his cock was glistening with the juices oozing out of his slit. And he had written; “Oh yeah, show me how you fuck her! Show me her wet pussy! God, that looks good!”)
My ass was covered in my own pussy juice and it was all over my baby’s cock and balls as he slapped against me….pistoning in and out of me…deeper, faster and faster! My pussy clenched his cock tighter, trying to hold him deep inside. As my spasming orgasm hit, the cock inside me couldn’t hold off any longer and came in a flood.
(On the screen, I could see his cum spurt up onto his own belly….big gobs of it hitting up high and slowly sliding down.)

That was my first taste of how intense it could be…and that was only online in video, I wanted to experience the real thing, a real swap with another couple. I wanted to see my husband touching another woman, see him please her the way he pleases me! And I wanted to be with another man, taste his cock and feel him fill my pussy! I even wanted to taste another woman, something I had never even thought of before…and it’s happened….I’ll have to tell you all about it….next time!

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