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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   A true story...  

11/9/2007 07:24
Posted By:  - MINNEAPOLIS, MN  
Date Posted: 11/9/2007 07:24
   Sweet blissful sleep...floating. Silky sheets have welcomed me and as I drift away into a space that is so vast and black and calm my body takes revels in knowing this safe place and melts into the mattress.

It isn't often that I can drift so easily. But after a long week I am enveloped by comfort. Gratefully.

I have a gentle sensation of an arm moving. I have no strength yet I know it is moving...something cold. My wrist is feeling pressure and next the other. Moving...cold...constraint...a clasp.

I open my mouth ...to speak, to question, talk to myself to open my eyes. With a flicker and a moan my reality is clear. An enormous dick pressing on my parted lips, knees straddling my chest and cold fingers now pulling and twisting my nipples.

Moving out of the way is fruitless. My arms and hands buckled with leather cuffs to the headboard and a strong muscular body...twice my size ...anchoring me to the bed. His knees squeezing my ribs and I feel I am stapled to the bed.

Instinct is to turn...I can't turn. Instinct is to scream...I can't scream. Instinct to throw this weight off of me...I can't move my arms. And soon...without a distinct moment in time or space my hips start to rock. And, my legs start to part. My chest starts to heave. And I am moaning now...not in fear...but in carnal pleasure.

Pinch, twist and pull on them. My breasts are in ecstasy and I think I could cum with him massaging and then torturing them. My nipples are so hard under his touch they are starting to hurt.

With every pull there comes a thrust of his thick cock in my mouth. I can’t help but to find the crease his cock’s head with my tongue. Darting around, up and down, and settling in that ridged valley…ah, a delightfully sensitive spot: now he is whispering.

“Take it…but don’t make me cum. Take it!”

My hips are rocking without control. Knees are parted and my pussy is electrified waiting to be entered. Open and dripping, ready to be filled, “please, please, fuck me!” I beg in between thrusts. I’m so wet now, so ready. My clit feels engorged and bracing to explode.

“Ask me,” he says, pulling out of my mouth but still pulling and twisting my nipples. “Ask me nicely.”

“Please, please, fuck me. Fuck me now, I want you to.”

“Where do you want me to cum?” he says in such a low voice I strain to hear.

“Where ever you want,” I confess. “In my ass, in my pussy, in my mouth. I’m yours.”

“Good. Good girl.” His experienced enormous hand clamps down on my throat. I am truly powerless. To struggle with him is foolish because with movement I suffer. With movement I can’t breathe.

There is no hesitation. There is no guess. There is no concern. He rams his cock into me and I scream in anticipation of the pleasure and pain! He feels huge and I can see my stomach popping up every time he jams into me. With every thrust he pushes deeper…stretching me out from the inside.

I’m sweating now. Unable to move, my breathing is shallow …I can’t help but moan uncontrollably. More nipple pulling …with one hand on my throat and one hand gripping the gold nipple ring piercing my left nipple and pulling…just right.

“More, more…harder!” I can’t help myself. What air I can get in I’m releasing in moans. I can’t take any more. I’m begging, my clit is so excited I could cum with a wisp of air, a brush of his cock.

And then he stops.

I’m angry now. Maneuvering my body in ways unnatural, I find his throbbing cock with my hungry pussy and glide it in…hips rocking, uncaring now about whatever pain may follow. I’m insatiable…I need him fucking me regardless of anything.

His penis barely enters me but yet just enough to find the most important spot…there…there…there. Back and forth I rock. In and out. Dripping. Faster. Faster. So close…

My moans are fast and loud, pleading in raw desire until…

…the explosion. Every ounce of me quivering and shaking, cumming with such delight, such a release of energy!

But my moans are stifled; in a flash my mouth is full. Full with his enormous cock pumping my mouth and in moments his moans fill the room. His cum is down my throat, in my mouth, overflowing on my face and everything slows…

His stiff form laboriously softens and my chest and shoulders settle back into the softness of the bed. I’m overcome with release and the drifting feeling once again begins to blanket over me until…

Movement. Movement and firm sounds catch my ear. I’m aware now of my surroundings and of shadows washed by the darkness. A form emerges. And, as this one man abandons me, swinging his leg to the side it is clear another is taking his place.

Instinct once again emerges…but my breasts betray my insatiable desires. Overtake me, dominate me and whispering moans electrify the room…

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