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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Five's Company - a short story  

11/10/2007 13:34
Posted By:  - WAILUKU, HI  
Date Posted: 11/10/2007 13:34
   So my friend Marvin on O`ahu tells me his girlfriend, Heather, has decided she's ready to join him in group play. As it turns out, I'm going to be staying at the Ala Moana Hotel for work within the next couple of weeks. And I've already been in touch with a married couple from Florida who will be in town at the same time. So we have the makings of a nice "little" gathering (actually, my biggest so far).

The couple from Florida arrives at my hotel room first. We had chatted a lot online, but hadn't exchanged pictures. So I have no idea what to expect. They're middle-aged white folks with dark hair. They are about average height and a bit overweight - and wouldn't necessarily meet society's definition of attractive. But as we hang out on the lanai and wait for Marvin and Heather, I take a liking to them. (I'll just call them the husband and the wife.) They're great conversationalists on a wide variety of g-rated subjects (and a few x-rated ones), and they seem to be comfortable with themselves. I'm starting to get intrigued by the wife, who has a cute laugh to go with her outgoing personality.

Marvin and Heather show up, and I'm stunned by Heather's casual beauty (in her pullover sweatshirt and jeans, both loose fitting). She's about 5-3, with medium-length light-red or perhaps sandy-blond hair, and big brown eyes. Her smile is shy, but you can see the anticipation and excitement in her eyes. She's in her early 20s.

Marvin, about 40, is tall (at least 6-3), lean, African American. He's also dressed casually (T-shirt, jeans, boots). He and Heather make an attractive couple.

Marvin and Heather sit on one bed, and I'm with the husband and wife on the other bed. We're all fully clothed, just talking story. Marvin immediately bonds with the married couple because they're all from the South - and strangely enough they're into renaissance fairs *and* BDSM. (Actually, I've discovered that there's a weird connection between renaissance fairs and the BDSM world - but that's another story). Heather and I feel a little left out, until we start a side conversation. We're both California natives, which gives us something to talk about. She's a nice girl, a touch nervous, but friendly.

The conversations roll on, and I'm starting to wonder if we all remember why we've gathered. Then there's a brief lull . . . and Marvin and Heather respond by falling back on the bed and kissing. The rest of us just silently watch for a few moments. But Marvin and Heather are starting to make a little noise, and we can no longer resist getting involved. Heather is on her back, and somehow without speaking we all decide that we will jointly go to work on her.

Marvin and the husband focus on removing her sweatshirt and bra. The wife and I are responsible for removing Heather's shoes, jeans, and panties. As the wife and I are taking off Heather's sneakers and socks, I quickly get rock hard. I guess I'm so excited partly because it's my first exposure to girl-girl play. Having a woman help me undress another woman is just incredibly arousing. And the anticipation in the room is overwhelming. Four people preparing to please one (submissive) person!

The wife has the honor of pulling off Heather's already-soaked panties (while Heather gently moans and writhes with obvious pleasure). Heather's pussy is already fully engorged, with her ample labia pulsing a pinkish/purplish tone. For a few moments, we all just gently caress and kiss her all over, with Heather continuing to moan and writhe, as we all quickly disrobe. Heather's sounds and movements are still mostly gentle, but you can sense she's about to lose control.

I decide that that smoldering hot pussy can't be left unattended for much longer. I slowly kiss my way up past her knee, to her inner thigh, and then start teasing her clit, barely brushing my tongue against it and circling around it. Meanwhile, she's starting to suck Marvin's cock, while the husband and wife are sucking Heather's tits. Somehow, we all position ourselves on one bed to allow enough room for each of us to do what we need to do.

Now, I need to focus directly on Heather's clit, and I slowly take it into my mouth, sucking firmly while licking gently, as she begins to buck. Her pussy smells so sweet, and I need a taste. I push her legs back (with some help from the others) and slide my tongue inside her gushing pussy. The wife reaches down to massage Heather's clit. And soon Heather is cumming all over my face. That apparently gets Marvin aroused, as he and I quickly change positions, and he slides his huge cock inside Heather's tight pussy, while she strokes me furiously. Her moans become so intense now that it almost sounds like she's crying. Marvin is talking dirty to her, asking whether she's enjoying all this attention tonight and can handle so much cock. She catches her breath enough just to quietly exclaim: "Fuck, yes! Oh, yes!"

The wife is now lying on her back next to Heather, and they're grabbing each other's breasts. After fucking Heather, Marvin moves over to fuck the wife. The husband takes over fucking Heather. The cries of both women are unbelievably arousing. Kneeling between Heather and the wife, I alternately suck the tits of both women. Heather's breasts are firm and big (perhaps a C cup), with pointy little pink nipples. The wife's D-cup breasts aren't nearly as firm, but are just as fun. She has large brown areolae and powerfully erect nipples. I get Heather to reach over and squeeze one of the wife's nipples for me, and I lick the swollen, pinched nipple as the wife yelps in ecstasy.

Soon, I find myself behind Heather while she is on all fours. I gently finger fuck her with my thumb, pressing down on her G spot. Then I have another taste of her succulent pussy (I can't resist when it's so close!). Finally, I slide my tongue up her tight little ass. She seems to particularly enjoy that new sensation (as do I). So I continue licking her ass while she again sucks Marvin's cock, which is now accented by two flavors of pussy juice.

Things continue to evolve from there, with the activity punctuated by frequent orgasmic exultations - sometimes with multiple people in synch.

Finally, after nearly two hours of experimenting with various configurations, we take a much-needed break and have something to drink.

As we casually chat about work, family, and sports (almost as if the debauchery we just experienced never even happened), I'm distracted by my continuing excitement. Heather's unbridled pleasure is what's making the night so special - along with our eagerness to take her to new heights. I'm so turned on my sounds of pleasure. And Heather's are just so pure and beautiful. (Her sounds of ecstasy are almost as lovely as those of the married woman who lived below me when I first moved to Maui. But that's yet another story.)

The break stretches on for a little while, and I wonder if the evening's festivities are over. But the husband starts to caress Heather as the two of them are one bed and rest of us are watching from the other one. He starts to finger her. He uses fingers from his right hand inside her - while using fingers from his left hand on her clit. Somehow, he hits *exactly* the right spots. Within just a few minutes, Heather has her strongest and loudest orgasm of the night, while the rest of us just watch in amazement. For a voyeur like me, that's a satisfying nightcap!

And seeing an average-looking guy like him and a hot young woman like her have so much fun together just reinforces my belief that an erotic mind is so much more important than any physical characteristics.

The party ends with heartfelt hugs and expressions of aloha.

I'm completely spent. But I still have a bit of trouble sleeping in the now-lonely hotel room. My mind is going a mile a minute as I consider where my new lifestyle has taken me so far - and where it will take me in the future.

By now, purely by luck, I'd had a threesome, then a foursome, and now this fivesome, all in succession. The next logical step would be to move up to a sixsome (or is it just called an "orgy" at that point?). Is that to be? Well, I am returning to Honolulu in just a couple of weeks.

To be continued . . .

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