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Forum Category: Jokes, Cartoons and Other Fun Stuff
 Originator Date Posted 
   I think we all missed this swinger show on TV!!!!!!  

2/1/2011 07:20
Posted By:  - LAND O LAKES, FL  
Date Posted: 2/1/2011 07:20
   I know that All in the Family was the first show to have an episode with “Swingers” actually portrayed, but did we miss the most obvious one right under our noses???

I maintain and offer into evidence why I think the Andy Griffith show was the first swinger show on T.V.

• Andy & Helen, Barney & Thelma Lou, seemed to always wait for the other before making Saturday night plans. I think Ellie just wouldn’t take one for the team, and this is why Andy dumped her for Helen, the school teacher. And we all know how freaky school teachers are in bed.

• I don’t think there was a Chinese restaurant in Mt Pilot, I think there was an on premise club and once a month when there wasn’t a house party in Mayberry or Andy wanted some “strange”, it is where Andy & Helen went to get freaky. (Andy WAS in law enforcement so he would have to “party” out of town around strangers)

• Earnest T. Bass is about every bad trait of a single guy you could have, always showing up uninvited, not taking NO for an answer and breaking things.

• And you realize that Otis was locked up more times than Charlie Sheen has been to rehab, and yet none of this was ever on his record or he ever served more than 24 hours, so I think we have found the owner of the local party house. (cause all event planners will agree, running an event will drive you to drink more than normal)

• Aunt Bea and Clara, not bi curious, not bi comfortable, but scissor grinders from day one, with or without the Magic Elixir, but maybe the occasional threesome with Mr McBeevee, after all anyone who can make smoke come out of his ears, can also breath through them.

• And Floyd, poor Floyd, I will avoid my opinions on Floyd so this thread doesn’t get hijacked and turned into another bi male thread.

• And don’t get me started on the Darlins.

Just my thoughts and observations .


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