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Forum Category: Jokes, Cartoons and Other Fun Stuff
 Originator Date Posted 
   Littel Johnny  

5/10/2011 21:25
Posted By:  - YUCAIPA, CA  
Date Posted: 5/10/2011 21:25
   Little Johnny is walking by his dad's room and hears a god awful noise. He notices the door is slightly open so he walks in and see's his dad with his mom bent over the dresser with his dad banging the hell out of her. His dad looks over and see's little Johnny, gives him a wink and quietly motions for for him to leave and goes back to banging Johnny's mom. About a week later... Johnny's dad is walking by the bathroom and hears a god awful noise. Seeing the door is slightly open his dad walks in. He looks up and see's Johnny with his grandma bent over the counter and banging the hell out of her. His dad gasp's and asks Johnny what the hell he thinks he is doing! Johnny looks at his dad and says .......ain't so funny when it's your mom is it!!!!

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