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Forum Category: Jokes, Cartoons and Other Fun Stuff
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   True Story  

9/2/2011 08:39
Posted By:  - ADELPHI, OH  
Date Posted: 9/2/2011 08:39
   Yesterday, in thick crayola chalk, this 19 y.o. boy (pretty diminutive actually) spent 2 hours chalking into an entire block of sidewalks the 100 reasons why he loved his girl. How fucking romantic. Amid the "the way we have fun doing nothing mush" were "your legs" "your breasts" "the showers we have together" "the way we make love" and a few more graphic things.

The kid and the object of his desire called me last night at about 1 am. Turns out my laziness in breaking the leash law on a dog that knows his shit and where to put it, led him to be a Good Samaritan, so I did not take it anywhere other than to sit the two of them down.

I asked her if the public declaration of his love for her had a happy ending. She blushed. I told the author of the roughly 3000 foot long note that it was great, but some selective editing would help. First, the issue was that he committed his love to the pavement on a school route hiked by parents and kids. Second, I noted the path was used as well by long term resident dog walkers, many who knew his gal's parents and regardless of the love shared might do well not knowing that the two hang from the rafters and... Third, I explained the law of fornication in Illinois and told him that it was a felony last I checked (now it could be a high misdemeanor).

Having a heart, I told him that if he truly wanted to practice his Hallmark skills, he could use the walk around the side of my house. This morning, I went out with a little OJ and walked the dog (on a leash this time). Indeed, the kid edited some of it including what was written in front of my house. The more tawdry portions? Well, the conveniently appeared on the walk to the back yard.

Kinda leaves ya feeling all warm inside doesn't it?


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