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Forum Category: Jokes, Cartoons and Other Fun Stuff
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11/6/2011 07:45
Posted By:  - CALABASAS, CA  
Date Posted: 11/6/2011 07:45
A company was looking to hire someone for an important position so they interviewed dozens of applicants and narrowed their search down to three Retired military people from different parts of the Country.


In an attempt to pick one of them, they decided to give them all the same question to answer within 24 hours, and the one with the best answer would get the job.


The question was: A man and a woman are in bed, nude.


The woman is lying on her side with her back facing the man, and the man is lying on his side facing the woman's back.


What is the man's name?

After the 24 hours was up, the three were brought in to give their answers.


The first man from the Navy , says, "My answer is, there is no answer."


The second man, from the Marines, says, "My answer is, that there is no way to determine the answer with the information we  were given.




The third one, a retired Air Force Master Sgt says, "I'm not exactly sure, but I have it narrowed down to two names.


It's either: Willie Turner or Willie Nailer.


The Airman got the job !


You gotta love us Airman

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