Guy sees an add for a talking dog for $20 so he responds and knocks on the door.
A fellow answers the door and he says I'm here to see the talking dog. Fellow says come on in he's over in the corner. Guy says can I go talk to him sure the fellow responds. He wks over and asks so you are the talking dog? That's right says the dog. The man says tell me a little about yourself. The talking dog says well I served my country by entertaining the troops in Iraq after that I came back to the US and moved to New York and took acting lessons when I got out of acting school I got a part in the broadway show Cats, which is kind of ironic as I'm a dog and all. After the broadway show finished it's run I came back out to the west coast and got a job writing for the Leno show. After living in Hollywood for awhile the lifestyle caught up with me too much partying and booze so I had to get out of there and I came back home and I've been back about a month. The guy says that's an incredible story! The dog nods and says that's right. He turns and looks at the dogs owner and says you want to sell this dog for $20?
The dogs owner says yes I do. the guys says why? the dogs owner says cause he's a fucking liar he never did any of that shit..