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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Rude SM  

2/28/2012 17:02
Posted By:  - LAS VEGAS, NV  
Date Posted: 2/28/2012 17:02
   I thought it extremely imperative to post this
                               1- to receive feedback from others and
                               2- that this behavior should not be tolerated!
A SM here on LL contacted me to meet. E-mailing, texting, and even talking on the phone for several weeks prior. Was supposed to meet on a specific evening after he arrived in town. His plane supposedly arrived 3 1/2 hours late. As I inquired if we were still meeting, I received reply of 'tomm'. Then no more communication at that time. Next evening-late- he contacted to see if I wanted to come join with a cpl. I said no. It was late and I was tired. Finally the next day we were going to meet. He wants to add SF/Cpl to the mix. (I like to meet potential new friends 1 on 1 the first time) but I agree (and also ignore my gut feeling about this whole situation) I know- MY bad! So I get there and meet the cpl (and thank God for them-awesome ppl) and he's running late. Then he's in the cab. Then he has to stop for condoms. Now it has become an hour since later from the time we were to meet. So I call and get voicemail. Right after receive a text 'Have fun'. I'm like 'Ur not coming?' and he says 'Can't do it.' (can't do what?!) WTF? Now I'm pissed tthat he is being so rude. And then the icing on the shit cake- he says 'he got a better offer'!!! REALLY? And that all happened maybe 15-20 min of him being on his way.
   Now 1st- If u make plans with ppl- give them some respect. Your time is not anymore valuable than mine!
    and 2nd- If u get a better offer- u can keep that to yourself! Cuz now u are just being mean & hurtful- like I'm not good enough?
So in addition to this SM acting like an ass & being a jerk, I want to add, that there are some SM's out there who whine about how it's so hard for them & all the misconceptions of the SM. But then u have one out there doing exactly what some expect.
Now don't get me wrong- I am an advocate for the SM. Have alot that are very good friends & playmates. But 1 BAD apple can spoil the whole bunch ( in some ppls eyes) And I know I won't be so easy to give someone a chance after this experience. Don't need it or want it.
In closing this , I also want to add (w/o pointing out who this jerk is)- I'm wondering if this guy really is who he says he is. He posts that he is in a professional occupation. I don't believe he is what he says. Also pics are questionable, and no clear face pic, even in private pics. Has been on here for several years, but no testimonials. Real Sealed- but I'd really like to know if anyone has ever really met and/or played with this guy!

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