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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Lifestyle Bucket List  

3/19/2012 07:38
Posted By:  - SUFFERN, NY  
Date Posted: 3/19/2012 07:38
   We recently saw a "Sexual Bucket List - 50 things to do before you die" that was more than a little ... vanilla.  Very ho-hum.  Anyway, it got us to thinking: what's on our Lifestyle Bucket List?  We threw together 20 or so items, some gender-specific, some tongue-in-cheek (pun intended) ... what would you add?

  1. Take your previous record for the most people you've had sex with in one day ... and double it
  2. Be able to debate the pharmaceutical merits of Viagra vs Cialis with a biochemist (see previous for justification)
  3. Introduce yourselves to a couple *while* having sex with them
  4. Convert at least one vanilla couple
  5. Learn how to successfully identify several different men (yes, your husband can be one of them) solely by the taste of their semen
  6. Learn how to identify your wife solely by her oral technique
  7. Teach your best friends how to identify your wife solely by her oral technique
  8. Go to a party and have sex with your own spouse (try it it's kinky!)
  9. Learn how to turn down an invite by your vanilla friends to "go hit the nudie bars" without smirking
  10. Bring three sex partners simultaneously to orgasm
  11. Figure out why all the girls you go down on at Desire taste like latex
  12. Try at least one thing you swore you'd never do ... and enjoy it
  13. Be a true gentleman to every girl ... especially if she's brushing your semen out of her hair
  14. Take one for the team
  15. Refuse to take one for the team
  16. Take on the entire team
  17. Learn how to give a blowjob without needing to reapply your lipstick afterward
  18. Finally remember the name of that Mexico resort you stay at every summer
  19. Tell your wife/husband "I love you" while they're having sex with someone else
  20. Give knee pads as a Christmas present and have it truly be a gift from the heart









































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