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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   For SFs: Dealing With Married Males   

5/9/2012 19:14
Posted By:  - FOLSOM, CA  
Date Posted: 5/9/2012 19:14
   I'm new and need advice from other SFs, I mean geeez they need a user manual or "Rule Book" on this site!
I have been contacted by several married men on here under a "couple" profile with NO permission slip and I also notice that they delete all emails immediately and they LOVE chat! Sometimes the profile will state that they play separately, sometimes not. Usually these men state that they don't need one since they are well known in the LL community here and may even host events from time to time, go on and on about how many male friends their wives have, they have been doing this for year, etc. Then of course, they always want to meet during their work hours with no contact on weekends or evenings. How does one deal with this? Why do you think some men in the lifestyle aren't more appreciative of having a spouse in it with them? ( those women are the damn unicorns!) And what do you usually do to screen out the married weasels? Who by the way, are the real problem on here, not the SMs. Any suggestion for dealing with this or general advice for a newer SF is welcome. I would especially appreciate alternatives to actually meeting the wife personally because if I'm not playing with someone, I really don't want to meet them, it's awkward for me and just not my thing. Plus, I can get laid lots of places without having to have someone else approve of me, it's too much investment into a married man for me, I am not comfortable with having anything other than a sexual relationship with them. Don't judge, we all have at least one rule that makes other people say "wtf?" Lol
Oh, and for the love of God, can we please not have the self promoting husbands or their wives posting about what a gentleman they are. I'm not talking about you, I'm seeking advice on dealing with shady situations and potential douchebags not handsome, debonair, hung, orally fixated gentlemen. And yes, I may have had a cocktail when I wrote this so lets not be anal and correct grammatical errors. ;)
Sarc is my second favorite "asm" let's not take any of this too personally.

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