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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Single Females and the couples that Can't Find Them  

7/10/2012 17:12
Posted By:  - VALENCIA, CA  
Date Posted: 7/10/2012 17:12
   This may already be posted somewhere but, I was just too damn lazy to search ;) 

So, we're beginning to wonder if all the sexy, game SF's have been abducted by aliens and the bastards just aren't gonna return em! OK so, we're not Greek Gods or Goddesses but we're not that damn ugly or uninteresting (says me, right? ;)). We're in good shape, don't drool when we drink or spit when we talk and definitely appreciated the benefits of soap and water, toothpaste and shampoo but, if we do find one, they don't respond or they do respond and want to meet but then disappear. Fair enough, not interested, busy, flooded with emails, whatever the case may be. Does anybody know if they exists anymore?

We have to hand it to the single guys, they may get a bad wrap (and I'm sure many for good reason) but they're game and ready. OK...OK, I guess since beauty is in the eye of the "beer holder" after a couple of drinks and a slight breeze most guys would fuck a snake if somebody would hold it's head... but STILL!! They respond and they follow up. Is anybody else having the same experience or have you experienced the opposite with single girls? 


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