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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   What's wilder?  

7/19/2012 21:45
Date Posted: 7/19/2012 21:45
Researchers say there are 14 steps to intimacy....

(1) eye to body (2) eye to eye (3) voice to voice (4) hand to hand (5) arm to shoulder (6) arm to waist (7) mouth to mouth (8) hand to body (9) hand to head (10) hand to breast (11) mouth to breast (12) hand to genitals (13) mouth to genitals (14) genitals to genitals

Being here, we have a much wider set of possibilities   

Recently, Mrs. Us2 and I were having a discussion about what activities are wilder than others.  

She defines wild as anything she wouldn't do - which I find fascinating!  For example - she's bi - so is going down on a woman wilder than going down on a man? She says no but I have to believe her vanilla  girlfriends would think so!   And while we've been in the lifestyle a while there are lots of things we haven't yet done - even in our groups there are lots of things which remain fantasies.

That conversation got me thinking about what others consider wilder...  we certainly have more than the 14 possibilities listed above 

And there's lots of things to think about -- MFM, MMF, FFM, Oral, fisting, squirting, dp, dvp, MMMF, etc. 

What say you?

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