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   Profile Option Idea and the "No Kissing" Rule   

7/20/2012 16:52
Posted By:  - VALENCIA, CA  
Date Posted: 7/20/2012 16:52
   Ok, I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of shit for this one but it's getting a little frustrating. I truly mean NO offense to anyone whatsoever. It's just something we keep coming across and wanted to mention and see what the community thinks.

When making your selection under the "The Type of Playmates We're Interested In" category on your profile, should the LL administration include an option like "Couples that are OK with YOUR Male Half Just Watching but Can't Participate" or something like that? The reason I ask, we've came across many profiles of very sexy, very attractive couples and SO many times they are only about girl/girl and the male half of THEIR couple playing with both girls but state that THEIR wife/girlfriend is not allowed to play with the male half of YOUR couple. So, they want to play with yours but you can't play with theirs! We don't get it and it's kinda frustrating when you do a search for couples looking for couples and then have to weed through the ones that really AREN'T looking for couples, it seems that they're expanding their options for finding girls by adding couples to this profile option.

The other one we don't get is couples that say the Mrs. isn't allowed to kiss the male half of the other couple. "It's too intimate" they often say! Huh? Hey, to each their own but we can't get our head around this one either. You can go down on me, I can go down on you, we can bang each other in every direction and position we can think of but...  Zoinks!! Like... don't kiss me on the mouth Scoob!! Seriously? I truly mean no offense to anybody! I'm sure there's a personal reason of some kind, we just don't get it! Isn't kissing one of the sexiest parts of the encounter, foreplay, flirting and a way to really gauge sexual chemistry? 

Oh damn! I'm sure this is going to piss some people off! I hope not because it's definitely NOT the intent. We'd just love it if somebody could help shed some light on these topics. 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Mr. First  

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