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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Taking One for the Team - a simple test  

7/21/2012 16:07
Posted By:  - MESA, AZ  
Date Posted: 7/21/2012 16:07
   So seems like lately there have been quite a few references to "taking one for the team", with various parties weighing in about where they stand...so I present a scenario...

You know a couple, and while they are nice enough, and Mr. is hot to get in the panties of the female half of said couple, physically he just doesn't do it for you, and to act would probably amount to "taking one for the team".

Then your best lifestyle friends in the world get together with you, and you reference the previous couple, and the female half of your best friends launches into a 30 minute infomercial about how the male half of that other couple simply was the best sex she'd ever experienced, and he left her a sexually sated shell of her former self.

Now curious (and more than a little turned on), you relent, and damn if she wasn't right...he did things to you that they left out of the sexual handbook because they were too addictive or dangerous.

This same scenario could just as easily be applied to a female you found less than desirable, then found out WOW.

Now the question, how do you feel after the mind-blowing sex about dismissing this person out of hand in the first place?

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