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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   "Fit" in the eye of the beholder  

7/28/2012 13:30
Posted By:  - MESA, AZ  
Date Posted: 7/28/2012 13:30
   Now, I will preface this by stating I am NOT attacking those singles or couples who state openly that they would like to get together with "fit" people.

But I put it in quotes simply because I really can't figure out what that truly means, so I would ask of everyone else what they mean when they are openly seeking "fit" people, either in their profiles or in booty calls.

I guess I am saying fitness is relative, as I have known people who might appear fit in terms of being toned and "cut", but their level of physical "fitness" was a disaster, they were merely genetically gifted, while others (see for instance NFL lineman) , many who would not fit into that traditional idea of being "fit", but they nonetheless are certainly more fit than the average person walking the streets.

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