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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   saying that you are separated....makes it easier for men to meet women?   

7/29/2012 13:05
Posted By:  - LOS ANGELES, CA  
Date Posted: 7/29/2012 13:05
   So I was having this discussion with my husband the other day.  I play solo, he does not participate in my "hobby".

He knows and is aware and has given his consent for my playtime.  He does not attend, watch, or desire details.

I have been trying to encourage him to go out and meet other women to play with.  He tell me that unless he will tell women that he meets that he is separated and not married, they will not consider him.  I of course tell him all about the lifestyle and what I have learned from LL, etc.  i.e. everyone one here knows and is fine with it! He prefers to try to meet women while out and about.

My thoughts are that these women will expect a relationship (which is not really what he is offering), but he claims that he is at a dead end if he states that he is currently married. (also, I prefer honesty...but who am i to say).  If he says he is separated, it does not bother me, because I know that we are not separated.  I just don't want another woman to be potentially mislead and then disappointed.

Women, what are your thoughts?  Men, what has worked for you? How do you meet women aside from LL?

Mrs Lana      

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