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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   No Hall Passes - Insecurity?  

8/4/2012 13:53
Posted By:  - MESA, AZ  
Date Posted: 8/4/2012 13:53
   OK, this one has the potential to get a little heated, so I'm asking up front to remember every single couple has their own take on what this "hobby" we all share is about.

But that being said, and simply asking the question, not judging the answers....do couples who don't allow for Hall passes or separate play have a degree of insecurity towards their partner or relationship?

Here's the logic, wrong as it may be...you are willing to have a sometimes virtual stranger have sex with your significant other, and supposedly there are no issues with security, as long as you are together, but for many, neither is allowed to go and have fun by themselves if they so choose.

Now, for the sake of the question, I will certainly acknowledge that going off with or meeting up with just anyone might be ill-advised and even dangerous...so let's just say in this case passes for people that you know and have played with very well...why no separate play?

OR, is it like condoms, EVERYONE says that's the way they roll, but in reality, people don't a lot more than they let on. Do many play separate a lot more than they let on, but for the sake of the larger crowd make it appear they don't?

also, as a disclaimer, yes, we play separate at times, and no, we are not saying it's the ultimate, because there are just as many pitfalls in choosing to go that route as with any other...sometimes more.

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